According to LA Fox News affiliate, Fox 11 News, the fake Rick Ross is ready to settle with the former crack dealer whose name and image he hijacked for his own financial gain.

"Freeway" Ricky Ross says the former corrections officer, whose real name is William Leonard Roberts, has made millions exploiting his name and image.

In an interview two years ago, after he finally came clean about his former life as a prison guard, Roberts denied ever knowing who Ricky Ross was when he assumed the name of the former crack dealer.

Now that the real Ross has filed a $10 million lawsuit against him, Roberts quickly changed his name to "Ricky Rozay" and he's anxious to ante up some cash to settle the suit.

But Ross wants the lawsuit to proceed through the courts. He told Fox 11 that the fake Ross has made millions using his name and it's "too late in the game" to settle now. He also wants 50% of Robert's royalties.

  • Ebony


  • Ebony

    I didn't know Rick Ross changed his name :coffee:

  • talkingwithtami

    Why was the reporter at the end trying to be so sincere! #Dramaforratings

  • MizzLeelee

    LOL at the reporter, "It's too late in the game." I didn't know rick ross changed his name. No wonder why diddy kept sayin ricky rozay at the BET awards...smh

  • ryand91

    Wow, $10 million and royalties. Yeah the guy used your name, but did you write half of the lyrics? Nope!

  • His_Mommy623

    Oh okay.... :coffee:

  • blackdiamondthemodel

    He's dry old and crusty .... is his real name is RICK ROSS? He's asking for a ridiculous amount of money. I would give him 9 cents and tell him his name ain't worth a dime!

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    ROFLMAO! I can't understand how Rich Ross "Rozay" (LOL) even has a career. He can't rap, he's a living joke and the ladies sure as hail ain't checkin for that nigga.

    I just can't figure it out.

  • iciaantica

    I can definitely understand him wanting money for the use of his name. Anyone that knows anythingh about Rick Ross knows that when Rick Rozay first came out he made songs related to things that Rick "Freeway" Ross did...but I personally don't believe that he deserves any royalities because he didn't sit there with a pen or pad...but he should def be paid for the use of his name!

  • LadyJustice *\o/*

    Im confused =/

  • Redeemed777

    @Man, I just don't care™ #8

    It is called selling one's soul to diddy ( satan's agent ) for riches and fame.

  • mizzdallas

    Ricky Fake lies caught up with him and now he has to pay heffty price bye being someone else! smdh #whenkeepitrealgoeswrong

  • Al-Ameera


  • therapist1911

    If I was the judge I would kick the case out of court. That's like suing someone for selling you a HOT flat screen TV.....u not even legit so how u tryna be compensated

    The name is synonmous with criminal activities so he wouldn't get a dime if I was the judge

  • purplexxe7

    He can't be serious. Hello people! Have we 4gotten that 98% of these rappers emulate "fantasy"....they are "Entertainers" and nothing more. U would be surprised how many of them are actually educated and come from 2 parent family homes. Ex: Plies, Lil Jon, Irv Gotti,lil flip 2 name a few off the top of my head. Unlike in the 80's, it is nothing more than a gimmick. If U are going 2 expose 1, expose them all. Far 2 many rap about what they have seen via someone else's experiences and not of thier own true being. And that my SP Family is capitalism at it's finest. Mr. Ross would do better at lecturing the youth on what not 2 do than 2 exert all his energy on this mess :rolleyes:

  • M_promp2


  • therapist1911

    Wait do every celebrity sale their soul to the devil? Is that the pre-req?

  • OutsidetheBox

    I cant believe y'all sitting up in here talking bout a drug dealer should be paid for something...a snitching drug dealer at that.

    Take this fool to court so the judge can throw it out.

  • therapist1911

    Cosign! OTB!

  • cocoa49

    i don't know about this suit. The real Rick Ross may lose and the fat nasty looking fake Rick Ross just might win this one. He should have taken the settlement. But it goes to show you How fake the "fat sloppy looking Rick Ross is"

  • Lady_L

    Can someone use my name so I can get some money:coffee:

  • Anna

    Lady_L says:

    Can someone use my name so I can get some money:coffee:
    LOL. Google you name, I am sure you can find someone to sue.

  • Ms. Everything

    Normally I have zero respect, sympathy or concern for drug dealers of any capacity (or fake drug dealers) but a couple years ago I did some research on Freeway and he seems to have changed and does counsel people on not following in his footsteps and has also shown remorse so I think he's justified in his lawsuit. I mean your name is your name, for better or worse and Fat Ricky not only stole this man's life but his entire life story. I know most rappers nowadays lie but he took it too far, he even took his look. Basically, the man is a con artist and stole this man's entire identity, left out the part about him getting set up by the govt, cooperating with prosecuters(which come one now let's be real, if it's gonna get you less time or spare you the death penalty, most of us would snitch too) and going to jail and made millions of it. Not to mention that Freeway was speaking to younger people trying to keep them from going down the same path, while the fat identity thief is glamorizing the shit that got him locked up and making a profit off of it. He deserves to get sued. I can't understand how people still support and listen to the man knowing every word that comes out his mouth is a lie. Other rappers have taken on the names of mafia figures and what not, true but not to the extent that Fat Ass did and most of those guys were dead and couldn't fight back but Rick Ross can and should. @Therapist, if I were the judge I wouldn't throw the case out because it's a case of identity theft, it's more than just a name. He took the name, the look (bald head/fluffy beard), and the background and life story of this man who was still alive and profitted off it. If the judge rules in Rick's favor, than that would set a precedent allowing for the families of alot of the other high profile criminals who's stories have been twisted and used to create a rappers lyrics and whatnot to sue. Which means that maybe these educated, suburban spoiled brat kids will stop claiming they're so hard, from the hood and making it seem cool for kids to grow up and be a thug when they themselves aren't thugs. Now I wouldn't give the money to an inmate by any means, but that man has a family who could benefit from a portion of that money not to mention the good that could come if that money was mandated for charity. So @Therapist if I was the judge I would rule in the favor of the original with 1/3 of that $10mil going to him and his children and the remainder of it going back into the communities in LA destroyed by the crack epidimic. Those areas are still torn up and could use that money to build parks, clean up the streets, renovate homes, build schools and fund programs to keep kids out of gangs, off of drugs and off the streets. I would also make Rick Ross do PSA's telling kids that the life he raps about is far from the life he lives and encouraging them to do better than him. With the right lawyers and the right judges, this case could do a lot of good for a lot of people who need it so OTB it's way more than just an ex drug dealer suing for his name sorry if I'm rambling, I'm typing fast cause I gotta get out the house

  • renegadesince1985

    :clap: Well I for one am just happy to see Officer Ricky get his shyt handed to him...Fake azz thug...You don't have to rap about drugs, violence and thug shyt to sell records...look at corny azz Drake!


  • Val

    so that is why he changed his name ... :think: he looks pretty stupid following diddy around anyway...pure comedy at its finest!!!

  • Negrito

    Everybody who's into hiphop know that everything about Rick Ross is fake but the fans don't really care. His whole image about being a former hustler is just a lie. All he does is lying and everybody knows that. Nothing happened two years ago when he was exposed the first time when he tried to deny that the pic of him as a C.O was fake. We all know Rick Ross is an actor, pretending to be the Real Rick Ross and not just the lyrics he puts out, but he also wants to look like him with the beard and everything.

    The real Rick Ross shouldn't get any money though. It doesn't make any sense that a former criminal should be getting paid cause some rapper thought his lifestyle as a drug kingpin was cool and decided to pretend to be like him.

  • MandaPanda0408

    Fuckery and might I add Coonery @ it's finest :coffee:

  • ELove


  • Ms. Everything

    @Negrito, many lawsuits aren't neccesarily about the money that can be made off them but the legal precedence that they set for future cases. If the real Rick Ross wins this case the judge can mandate that the money be given to charity, to rebuilding of the communities, to paying off any victims in Rick Ross's original court cases, etc the money would not neccesarily be going to him specifically which is why I'm in full support of this case. Rick Rozay, Fat Ass or whatever his real name is needs to be taught a lesson, period. What he did was wrong and the real Rick Ross was and probably still is working to keep young men from following in his footsteps and here comes the fired CO taking his image, name and previous life and making big money off it while simultaneously promoting the criminal lifestyle to his fans who are mostly youths. I can't understand why no one else can see how wrong both morally and legally that is. If he were anyone else but an ex drug dealer everyone would likely be in support of this but you guys can't see past this mans crimes 30 some years ago to get to the bigger picture of what could happen if this case is won. This case could set the stage for honesty and accountability in the music industry and stop these guys (and women) from looking through the history books finding a crime story or criminal that's notorius and appears cool to idiots and turning themselves into that person on stage, promoting real life crime and violence as their own to kids who are idolizing these frauds and turn around and actually try to live the lives these artists say they live when in actuality they are far from hood and have never done any of that shit. That money if given to charity and benefit the kids affected by the garbage that's going out through the airwaves. And this has actually been going on for quite awhile before the lawsuit was filed so its not about money for an incarcerated drug dealer. The real Rick Ross has done several interviews where he's expressed disapproval and asked the fraud to stop using his name, life and image. He's also stated in interviews that he has written several letters to him asking the same. The lawsuit was a last step but its about more than money here

  • SugarPieHoneybunn

    So is Irv Gotti going to have to pay the Gotti family too? Is Flo-Rida going to have to pay the state of Florida? Is MC Hammer going to have to pay the inventor of the hammer? Is T.I. going to have to pay for those two letter he used out of the alphabet??

    Man this is pure de bullshyt. This studio gangster shouldnt have to give this retired snitch no damn money. He didnt have a problem being looked up too and emulated when he was out there in them streets sellin dope and gettin nicca killed. Fck that ben-gay rubbing has-been gangster!! Rawse!!

  • Ms. Everything

    @Sugar, you can't be serious.. that fat ass wanna be thug stole this mans complete past image down to the bald head and fluffy beard and his name while he was still alive. He didn't even have the decency (or common sense) to steal somebody deceased's image so he wouldn't get caught up so easily. People have been successfully sued for much less. This man may be an ex drug dealer but he's also reformed and repentant and works with youth to keep them from making the same mistakes he made and to turn their lives around which is more than can be said for the fake Rick Ross who's music is in direct contradiction to what this man is trying to do with his life now. And it's not about the money because he asked numerous times through letters and interviews that have been published asking Rick to stop using his name and image. It's only now 3 or 4 years after this started that he's resorted to suing so the "ben-gay rubbbing has been gangster" is actually right in this vs the fat ass on the verge of a heart attack wanna be gangster William

  • dmgeorge

    All I can say is Dayum. This is just like when Outkast got sued for using Rosa Parks name in a song without getting her permission. You guys can say what u wanna say about his past, bottom line is it doesnt matter. Rick Rozay was wrong for using his name, life, past, etc to sell records. It would no different if someone impersonated you, your life and even looked like you and made money. You would be mad as hell. The only reason people on here are saying he shouldnt get any money is because he was a drug dealer. His past life doesnt matter. People wasnt talking that same ish when it was Rosa Parks. Wrong is wrong no matter the person or background. Does he deserve all what he is asking for, no but I do think he should be compensated fairly. I mean come on people, he even stole the bald head and beard...dayum...he couldnt even have some originality and come up with a different look! SMDH! I :cosign: with Ms. Everything.

  • Platinum68

    Ms Everything I totally agree with everything you said..Half these guys out here have to imitate becus they wished that they could have really been a gangster but knowing they really are a bunch of fakers.. Yes the Real Rick Ross deserves anything that the courts will allow he probably would do more for the community than Ricky Fat Rozay would do... and where in the world did he get that name from...Rozay...lmao..Get another life or maybe yours Ricky Rozay..oops i forgot who wanna hear how you were just a turn key

  • pointhimout

    half the royalties? and the real ross is still walking around with that type request? dude come on now.


    Ricky Rozay knew good and d@mn well who Freeway Ricky was! He's the type that glorifies that type of activity "The real Norieaga, he owe me a hundred favors" are in one of his songs so he he wanted that rep so he would have some damn street cred! You expect people to believe that you just picked that name out of the blue and had no idea who he was???? Yeah right!

    That's the same with Murder Inc. if anyone one from the real Murder Inc were still alive they would probably sue too

  • aqtpie

    Leslie Pridgen "Freeway", betta shave that beard!!!! IMO the fake Rick should have to pay something, but not half. His debut album came out in 08-06 & his C/O picture was released in 07-08, so everybody knew after then his a$$ was fake. I'm just not buying he made money SOLELY because of his name (likeness) & fake a$$ background, he sold records after people knew he was a fraud. Either way the real Ricky Ross has personality rights & deserves something!!!

  • LilMissRed

    Ha Ha! Boy stop! 50%.. I wouldnt pay him the time of day! get outta here w/dat!

  • meanNsurly

    Why is "Freeway" just now trying to sue Ricky Rozay for money? He's been out for awhile now! "Freeway" gets the sideye by trying to get some money especially as much as 50%. No Maam.

  • free

    we ain't talking about kotex or proctor and gamble or anything....

  • winenroses

    I don't see what the big deal is about Officer Ricky using the name

    Rick Ross. Officer Ricky probably adopted the name while the real one

    was Inmate 523661, or some ish. O.R. 'bout figured dude ain't using it

    so I might as well. Rick Ross is just looking for a big payday. He

    should have saved some of that dope money from back in the day.

  • Thomas Perkins

    So glad the rapper won, in all the raps I have ever heard I have never ever even thought about freeway Rick!
    He beat that case and I really hope and believe he will beat the alleged kidnapping charges.
    He rap is strong inspired me to buy my first iPhone and not just one but two!!! ????
    I hope Apple helps him with any legal costs if he needs it and if they don't I may just sell my iPhone and never ever buy another iPhone!

  • Weeaboo Trash

    -trash rap fan

  • Mind Games

    The guy is flexible in his skills not a fan of his love raps per se but his skills has put a lot of cash in his pocket for an ex-security guard.

  • dubc73

    I think it's kinda f'd up that Rosay didn't want to give the real Rick Ross anything. But, on the other hand, the real Rick was asking for 50% of the profits...really nigga. smh

  • Johnny Rotten

    phukkin waterheaded ifonin peace oph shet

  • Thomas Perkins

    The real Rick Ross that made it to the top should be the man that everyone loves and respects not some high rolling criminal that destroyed his own people with dope he got through "The Man" the only thing he deserves is to be spit on and shunned by the people he destroyed.
    It's so backwards in the black community till it ain't even funny! Most worship loosers and those that play by the rules get dogged out.
    We gotta pull our heads out our rear-ends get it together people!!!
    Hehehehehe how does a drug dealer a looser a thug gain any name recognition in the courts let alone in the streets by the same people he's killing off?

  • Thomas Perkins

    I would have gave him the middle finger ? to be quite honest. He did his thing and didn't come back and sue him for selling dope to black people and so I see a Mexican stand-off.
    The thug is a hater that lost it all in my eyes and he deserves to loose even his street cred.
    You get caught you go to the penalty box and start all over again without anything tied to what you had.