fanMAIL: Who knew Khalil Kain was on the down low?

And who knew that foine actor Khalil Kain was rapper Maino’s brother?

According to loyal reader Roger Moore from the UK, he follows both Khalil and an actor named Merwin Mondesir (pictured above left) on Facebook. Roger told me in an email that Merwin put Khalil on full blast on Facebook.

Let’s get this part out of the way first: yes, Merwin is out and proud. Some of you may know him as ‘Dre’ the bartender on the cancelled Noah’s Arc, cable TV’s first series with an all-gay cast.

Are you sitting down? Apparently, that foine azz Khalil is teh ghey. I know how you ladies feel about Khalil and I sympathize with you.

Read all the drama after the break!

The following are messages taken directly from Merwin’s Facebook page. I decided to post his messages without the responses from his facebook friends. But if you want to follow the conversation for yourself, his page is here.

Merwin Mondesir: Saw this human garbage on a milk carton the other day…

…there’s only one reason a good looking, decent actor like him would get left behind after “juice” while so many others suceeded, do the math.

…truly a lost soul… and i’m not one to call out ppl but he deserves no civility from me. One of the worst human beings i ever met… Now I can put it to rest!

…How’s buying drinks under my room # and forging my name at the hotel we were staying at while filming for three months simply because we had a falling out over an incident he started. That’s just for starters.

you know he’s Maino’s brother right… the rapper that went to jail for ten years for armed kidnapping and extortion. Must run in the family.

He had the nerve to tell me that the only reason Omar Epps has gotten all that work is because he’s a prototypical black man… hating much buddy!? and also that he was pac’s bitch on juice.

…so let’s see how he feels when someone does that to him. he broke the cardinal rule… After cock blocking, speaking ill about another in the biz that’s doing there thing is a no no, what happens on set stays on set. that’s the paparazzi job. being seeing that he is no longer an actor or atleast a working one… well her you go…

…he played himself playing someone named darnell… every role he does he is exactly himself just as a different character. what range!!! lolol. There’s more to acting than just being able to deliver lines naturally as you would in real life. don’t believe me, watch all his roles. If he played a UN diplomat he would still speak ghetto!

And i’m leaving out all the real asshole stuff he did out of respect for the craft.

…one last tidbit, with the exception of Renassance man, his only two other big films were Bones and Juice, both directed by Ernest Dickerson. you figure it out, can we say freebee!

…Ernest is such a sweetheart.


361 Responses to “fanMAIL: Who knew Khalil Kain was on the down low?”

  1. 1


    ok back to writin my paper

  2. 2
    VIBABY says:

    :blink: :yawn: He is still fine as hell……

  3. 3
    2thick4u says:

    Wow talk about calling somebody OUT!!!

  4. 4
    eastpointvet says:

    he do look like maino lol

  5. 5
  6. 6
    va_shawty says:

    Well dayum! Another one bites the dust…. :blink:

  7. 7

    Bones was a big film?????? *falls down on knees and shakes fists and the heavens above* :cryin: Ain’t nobody told me nothin!

  8. 8
    alexander says:

    sounds like a woman scorned to me

  9. 9
    ohso says:

    NOOOOOO not Maya’s husband :crying:

  10. 10
    whatdoesitmatter says:

    Come on now Sandra, stop lying to me!!!!! Now that is enough. I can’t take much more. You keep destroying all my fantasies. :wail:

  11. 11
  12. 12
    T.Y'z Cha Cha says:

    Forgive me but I dont see where it says that they were a couple or whatever. Believe it or not there are a lot of hetero men that are good friends with non-hetero men. Maybe Im in denial…What is it that Im missing. :shrugs:

    Maino and Knalil are some fine brothers!!!!!! :shrugs: Im gonna NEEED more validation on this one!

  13. 13
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    Well umm, I went to the FB page and I saw none of this. :shrug:

    Whatchu talmbout Willis?

  14. 14

    :crying: :wail: (insert shakes fists emoticon here)

  15. 15
    cutiechica says:

    I don’t post much, but I am so dissappointed. I always loved Darnell’s role on GF’s. I thought he made a really sweet husband. I never saw him as DL, and I thought I was a decent spotter of such things, LOL

  16. 16
    ggouch says:


    Bones was a big film?????? *falls down on knees and shakes fists and the heavens above* :cryin: Ain’t nobody told me nothin!
    YOU STUPID COLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rofl: :rofl:

  17. 17
    ggouch says:

    NOOOOOO not Maya’s husband
    Cracking up!!!!!!! CLASSIC!!!!!!!

  18. 18
    His_Mommy623 says:

    I’m definitely hurt over this *tears*

  19. 19
    daninicole says:

    Ok glad to hear that Suga, cause I showle went to FB page and saw no such thing!
    Umm, Sandra :waiting:

  20. 20
    Bird says:

    Sandra can you bold the section where he says Khalil is gay? I done read the whole thing and I don’t see it. But one things for sure this Merwin Mondesir character is something like a woman with all that ranting and raving about this man’s career and snitching about what he claims this man said about others. Furthermore the only people that went on to be successful from Juice are Tupac and Omar Epps. That film didn’t create a lot of stars. And I love Khalil as an actor. Thank you very much.

  21. 21
    Chgoprime says:

    Khalil and Maino are cuties and I see the resemblance now. I’m very confused AND lost I didn’t see anything indicating that he was a fudge packer.

    But ummmm Khalil. Let me get a 20 min ride on you face boo, that’s been my fantasy forever w/you boy…..

  22. 22
    T.Y'z Cha Cha says:

    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    Well umm, I went to the FB page and I saw none of this.

    Whatchu talmbout Willis?


  23. 23
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    Khaliloeron ‘Khalil’ Kain of chinese and african american descent and Jermaine ‘Maino’ Coleman do favor but I dont know about this one. How they mama nem gone be all creative with Khalil name and then name this other nicca Jermaine? Shyt sound suspect Ms Rose. #youneedmorepeople

  24. 24

    oh I was so bust cryin i totally missed that no where in the test did it say he was a butt bandit!

  25. 25
    T.Y'z Cha Cha says:

    Chgoprime says:

    But ummmm Khalil. Let me get a 20 min ride on you face boo, that’s been my fantasy forever w/you boy…..

    :thumbsup: ME TOO ME TOO

  26. 26

    And i still think Maino’s azz looks slow so they don’t resemble each other to me

  27. 27
    FloridaChick813 says:

    SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28

    Ma’am I’m gone need you to get a tan stat!

  29. 29
    Thando says:

    I see a future where we heteros will be fighting for our civil liberties, marching down streets and demanding equality, afraid to admit we like to play hide the sausage with a man etc…you get my drift.

    Nothing surprises me anymore! The end is nigh. It’s sad what people will do for fame. If it’s not taking it up the sewage pie it’s giving praise to the devil. Either way, they stem from the same tree (carpet munchers included)….

    Anyhow, it’s between them and God. No one’s checking for my fornicating a$$ so I shall remain silent on the bum banging and fanny sucking.

  30. 30
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    Chgoprime says:
    But ummmm Khalil. Let me get a 20 min ride on you face boo, that’s been my fantasy forever w/you boy…..
    :blink: LMAO!! Tell em how u really feel!!

  31. 31
    tintin1979 says:

    this is so childish.

  32. 32
    Thando says:

    *sewage pipe* not pie, oops

  33. 33
    ohso says:

    @Brown: I know this is off subject for this post but i was waiting for them Tiny vows….your impressions have me laughing and crying at the same time…kinda like how Kevin Hart makes me feel :rofl:

  34. 34

    Dammit! Fckin with yall I didnt finish my paper that’s due tomorrow, my last day of class that I just remembered today! DAYUM YOU SANDRA ROSE!

  35. 35

    Ohso I was tryin to finish this paper I forgot about that’s due tomorrow so them vows gone have to wait! But trust! They will come!

  36. 36
    ohso says:

    @Brown next time you see me on here let me know if you posted them…cuz a sister lurks Monday thru Thursday….The weekends me and my man lurk somewhere else :hump: #longdistancerelationship

  37. 37
    T.Y'z Cha Cha says:


  38. 38

    will do Ohso and you are sooo nasty and I loves it!

  39. 39
    ohso says:

    @Brown: Girl i love being nasty…the boo said he cant get drunk with me cuz i be trying all kinds of stuff out on him!!! Says he wouldnt let me do it sober :blink: you aint gots to lie Craig…

  40. 40
    Ashley says:

    oh well

  41. 41

    Ohso i have so many theories on that but it’s time for me to go! So we’ll chat another time!

  42. 42

    I hope none of the stuff you wanna try involves insertin objects in his lower regions?!?!?!?!?

  43. 43

    I’m so confused here…. the gay reference is (I’m assuming) where he calls him Pac’s bytch and at the end where he suggests he got two roles because the director is a sweetheart but why should I care??? And who is this other guy???

  44. 44
    OutsidetheBox says:

    Sandra I could have swore you said Maino was your nephew or something. :think:

  45. 45
    STAN4FL says:

    Learn something new everyday did not know Khalil and Maino were related. Damn, Sandra who isn’t on this gay/dl list you have in your possession?

  46. 46
    Man, I just don't care™ says:



    Watch this nigga “hurrup” and get him a “girlfriend.” Prolly be a bad azz yt hoe too.

  47. 47

    Oh yeah and there is nothing on that facebook page worth viewing

  48. 48
    shaybytheway says:

    Hail naw sandra! say it aint so!!!!! (i haven’t even read the story yet)

  49. 49
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    I was just on this other site and I’ll be damned if this chick that posts here, wasnt on this other site talking about how her and her damn boyfriend done broke up. I done had to hear about that shyt at least 50-11 times here on Why oh why do I have to keep hearing about this chick’s ex-man and her wack ass relationship problems all over the internet?

    Note to you lady: Nobody cares!! You’re making a fool of yourself.


  50. 50
    Musiqal1 says:

    OH.MY.Gosh smh

  51. 51
    msdanielle says:

    Are we to assume him running up the bill means they messed around? I’m confused.

    Oh, his name is not just Khalil. It’s Khaliloeron Kain, but I’m still unsure if they’re related.

  52. 52
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    OutsidetheBox says:
    Sandra I could have swore you said Maino was your nephew or something.
    Exactly…or at least her BFF Monica would be able to give her the real info on this, since she knows dude, instead of relying on doctored FB dialog.

    @Sandy, you know Raheem got the juice. He aint neva scared. You better leave him alone. LOL

  53. 53
    gypsyeyes says:

    I swear I think I just ruptured something with this comment. WTH!!??? That made my day/night.

  54. 54
    shaybytheway says:

    Man fugg Merwin ole crab in a barrel ass! He aint talkin bout nothing. And for all the calling out he doin, he sholl doin a lot of hatin too!

    It’s alright Khalil. I know you are all hetero man!

    he gone need some pics or something!

  55. 55
    gypsyeyes says:

    Please @sugarpie- stop it you are killing me cause I guess no one else is catching this shyt cause I know who/what you’re talking about.

  56. 56
    Man, I just don't care™ says:

    Khalil Kain tryin RAT NOW to get with one of the Kardashian sisters or they cousin or something. Or tryin to get with one of Amber’s friends.

    That nigga Merwin (is this that nigga’s real name?) prolly recorded and documented all kinds of chit so Khalil ain’t goin deny it. LOOOOOOL.

    This chit is hilarious.

  57. 57
    SangriaSugar says:

    Where is the “he’s gay reference” in all this hissing & spraying??

    :lol: @Sugar ;) I know who you talkin bout

  58. 58
    STAN4FL says:

    @ Gypsyeyes I’m catching it but scared to ask who?

  59. 59
    H-Townmama says:

    :rofl: @Sugar

  60. 60
    OutsidetheBox says:

    :rofl: @Sugar!!!!!

  61. 61
    Ms.kaylamomma says:

    Hey y’all.

    @Sugarpie Imma spank you! :rofl:

  62. 62
    Ms.kaylamomma says:

    I liked Flex as Maya’s husband better than this one.

  63. 63
    RedRobyn says:


  64. 64
    OutsidetheBox says:

    Sup Robyn! :waves:

  65. 65
    OutsidetheBox says:

    Robynnnnn *in my Trey from Waiting to Exhale voice* :lol:

  66. 66
    RedRobyn says:

    hey girlie.

    i wanted u to send me that fashion website you were tlkn bout in the other post. not fashion bomb

    my email poopie98 @ hotmail

  67. 67
    RedRobyn says:

    OutsidetheBox says:

    Robynnnnn *in my Trey from Waiting to Exhale voice*

    yeah that Robyn was cute too :lol:

  68. 68
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    I’m for real yall. Folks done created a monster on and now this said monster just wont shut da hell up. Its like somebody done fed this bish after midnight or something. :chickenhead:

  69. 69
    Ebony says:

    @ sugarpie leave sweetness alone. Sweeeeeeetnesss *faints* :rofl:

  70. 70
    Ms.kaylamomma says:

    @Ebony & Sugarpie But shouldn’t that conversation be reserved for your real life friends? Not people you never met on a blog #justasking

  71. 71
    Ebony says:

    @ ms kaylamomma obviously this unstable creature is a liar. Always making it seem like she was a bad bytch than she put her pic up and *crickets* :rofl:

  72. 72
    crzasallgetout says:

    :rofl: @ sugar!!! She’s “MR.ME TOO!!

  73. 73
    STAN4FL says:

    @ Ebony wow….. just wow.

  74. 74
    kwall says:

    According to loyal reader Roger Moore from the UK
    so let me get this skrait…so james bond contacted you with this mess? THAT roger moore?

  75. 75
    crzasallgetout says:

    @ EBONY

    :dead: I thought it was a guy.

  76. 76
    crzasallgetout says:

    Someone called her Sho nuff and it was a dead ringer. LOL

  77. 77
    His_Mommy623 says:

    :dead: I popped back in and heffas are CUTTING UP in here :rofl:

  78. 78
    VIBABY says:

    @crzasall You and everybody else…….

  79. 79
    Ebony says:

    @ crz she look like sweetness from roll bounce

  80. 80
    Divinebrown says:

    I just spit on my lip laughing uncontrollably at sugarpie….

    Did she really just read the shiet outta somebody?

    I betchu won’t say who. Lmaoooooo!!!!!!

    *michael jackson voice*

    youuuu aint bad, you aint nothin….

  81. 81
    kwall says:

    some…..body email me and tell me who the hail yall tambout… kwallace 577 at gmail dot com.

    i await.

  82. 82
    RedRobyn says:

    me too poopie98 @ hotmail

    i thought i knew at first but when yall said sho nuff :rofl: yall flipped the script. too damn funny

  83. 83
    STAN4FL says:

    @ Divine
    *big boi* Girlll Stop

  84. 84
    VIBABY says:

    @Kwall You know good and gotdamn well they talking bout choco….. :coffee:

    When Isc called her shonuff I think I fainted…..I blacked out…I swear.

  85. 85
    RedRobyn says:

    by the way i still think i know but i need somebody to confirm this mess. this chit is hilarious

  86. 86
    Ebony says:

    I’m talking about chico choco :coffee:

  87. 87
    mzvirgo78 says:

    Ya’ll ain’t right. :rofl:

  88. 88
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    See @ MKM, you aint slick… LMAO

    @Ebony, you a damn mess!!! You crack me up!

    @crza, hell yeah she is Mr Me Too!! Damn!!!

  89. 89
    Divinebrown says:


    Oooooohhhhh **** son! They don’t put it out there. I don’t read comments at other blogs like that. Except that one skinny girl every now and then.

  90. 90
    kwall says:


    yall heffas KNOW i am asthmatic. i had no idea who the hail folks was roasting @VI. yall know i am sloowwww sometimes. i done pieced it together now.

    that is what i get for not logging in some days.

    “you miss a day…you miss alot” wendy “queen of all media” williams

  91. 91

    :dead: :rofl: @Sugar, Gypsy, Ebony and the rest of y’all. Smdh but let me shutup before I get blamed for hijacking Sugars login and starting ish lol

  92. 92
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    lol @ Kwall, talking about “that Roger Moore”

    You be on top of your shyt ma’am

  93. 93
    Ebony says:

    @ divine oh **** son makes me think of marlon waynes in scary movie :rofl:

  94. 94
    Divinebrown says:

    *done* not don’t. *estupido blackberry*

  95. 95
    VIBABY says:

    @Kwall Check Isc and Divines comment in the TI is gay post…..them heffas said “Who’s the master!”. :rofl: I lost atleast 2 minutes of my life…..

  96. 96
    Divinebrown says:

    That’s exactly where I got that from!! Lmao!!!

    I say oh shiet son to every damn thing!!

  97. 97
    spongebobfan says:

    *spits out coffee* Sandra you are my fav blog, but you have gone too far!!!!

    whatchu talking bout willis???????

    i loved that man since juice!!!

  98. 98
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    LOL @ DB!! Who’s bad?? Errbody know who we talking about.


  99. 99
    SangriaSugar says:

    :dead: @Sugar, Ebony, MKM…I thought we was gonna keep that on the low :rofl:

  100. 100
    Divinebrown says:


    U cuttin up. I said…

    Whose the badddessssttt, meeeaannnest…mofo low down in nis town?

    That was my shiet son!!!

  101. 101
    STAN4FL says:

    @ Divine idk what was going ms. sugar just came in slamming doors had me scared to ask what happened?

  102. 102
    kwall says:

    lol @ Kwall, talking about “that Roger Moore”
    roger moore was the LAST believable james bond! after him they had a terrible one, an irish one (james bond won’t no DAYUM irish man…) and a BLONDE blue eye’d one….

    but sandra said roger moore from the UK…FIRST thing i thought was… “JAMES BOND contacted her with this shat? :wtf: ???” lmfao

    …..NOT the man might be gay, if he was related to maino…but that james bond was somehow involved… :rofl:

  103. 103
    VIBABY says:


    Catches bullets with his teeth? Niiigga pleeease…….

  104. 104
    spongebobfan says:

    ok ok… khalil is NOT gay… fantasy in tact.
    damn though, i always did want him in other movies, why didnt he blow up!!!???

  105. 105
    His_Mommy623 says:

    Im going right to heyul for sitting in here reading this ish!!
    sangria bew, ur obviously coming too!

    (as well as er’body else in this post)

    :dead: and gone….

  106. 106
    SangriaSugar says:

    Kiss my Converse will be cussing folks out tom :lol

  107. 107
    kwall says:

    Whose the badddessssttt, meeeaannnest…mofo low down in nis town?

    That was my shiet son!!!
    yall DO know that fuggin movie was actually ON centric not too long ago. that is why i almost DIED when i seen that shat said YESTERDAY…cause i WATCHED IT. like it was 1986 in this bish!!

    LOVED bruce leroy.

  108. 108
    Divinebrown says:

    @stan…she sure did, didn’t she? She must really be tired of it.

    Let’s just stay over here and watch from the sidelines. Lolol


  109. 109
    spongebobfan says:

    DAMN my man is 45 now!!!!
    :coffee: he can still get it…

  110. 110
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    @ SnagriaS, I aint say nothin. I was very discrete, LOL

  111. 111
    STAN4FL says:

    @ His even if I’m just reading it.

  112. 112
    His_Mommy623 says:


    yup cause ur reading and losing color in ur face just as I am!
    heffas got me turning blue I was laughing so damn hard…smh

  113. 113
    Shauny says:

    first of…SugarPie :rofl: I swear I fell the fvck out when I read that.

    now, I read and re-read (cause I thought I was slow) and except for the last sentence, also missed the gay part.

    Sandra did they ban you from “teh ghey” community or something? I swear I’ve never seen a more bitter gay person…you even beat Perez.

    IF he is Maino’s brother (they do resemble each other now that I think about it), add Maino to another ninja you need to worry about.

    Totally not relevant BUT is dating a yt dispel gay rumors? I didn’t get the memo

  114. 114
    Al-Ameera says:

    :dead: @ Sugar and Ebony. Please take your azzes to the kona for trying to kill us today.

    S/N: I still like Khalil as and actor and he looks damn good for 45. F what Melvin, Merwin or Meow is talking about

  115. 115
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    STAN4FL says:

    @ Divine idk what was going ms. sugar just came in slamming doors had me scared to ask what happened?
    Man, my bad yall. I was just irritated. Here I was, trying to enjoy my internet experience on another site, and this chick was all up and thru there, talkin about the same wack ass, pitiful stories. I could excuse this shyt from a young lady, but a old broad… :nono:

  116. 116
    Ebony says:

    For the record sugar never said who she was talking about. :rofl: so I’m going to act like I don’t know who she was talking about

  117. 117
    STAN4FL says:

    @ Divine
    I got @His can’t we just read it from the sidelines.

    Okay why did i just post this in the wrong post maybe i should put my :popcorn: away.

  118. 118
    Shauny says:

    :dead: and up in heaving :rofl: OMG!!!! yall have been cutting up!!! OMG just OMG!!! I don’t think I’ve laughed SO hard. Bad Ebony, VI, and crz..whew lawd

  119. 119
    spongebobfan says:

    @SugarPie… who? (im always LATE)

  120. 120
    crzasallgetout says:

    I could excuse this shyt from a young lady, but a old broad…

    :dead: You didn’t call her an old broad!!! I try not to comment as much anymore because of the e fights. SHe can’t be in her 40s though.

  121. 121
    kwall says:

    is she old? i wanna hear the story. somebody tell me her story please :cry:

    why is she so hated?
    why is she so pitiful.
    hail…why is she so old?
    why she look like a character from a bad 1986 movie?

    inquiring minds…wanna know.

  122. 122
    kwall says:

    :popcorn: as i wait on my skory….yep skory.

  123. 123
    Divinebrown says:

    Omg…..stilll goooinnnggg!!!! Lmaooooooo!!!

    Its okay mama! That’s how I felt about the resident Branch Davidian and the mindset of an inbreed earlier. I’m good now.

    But ummmmmm….you need to proteck yo chin cause I’m suuuurrrreee “Part 2 of her killin spree gon begin on yo ass” if some feelings get caught. Lololool.

  124. 124
    crzasallgetout says:

    Whhhattt Shauny? Sugar put it out there. LOL

  125. 125
    Shauny says:

    @kwall if you say The Last Dragon was a bad movie again we gone fight!!! You better recognize. Bruce Leroy was this shiznit

  126. 126
    crzasallgetout says:

    I don’t hate her…hell I don’t even know her. She just doesn’t seem to have the mindset of a woman in her 40s. JMO.

  127. 127
    STAN4FL says:

    yup cause ur reading and losing color in ur face just as I am!
    heffas got me turning blue I was laughing so damn hard…smh
    Girl, u r so right. I so sawry Ms. C

  128. 128
    VIBABY says:

    @Shauny I only came in here to get Ebony and Sugar went off……

  129. 129
    spongebobfan says:

    :popcorn: damn which blog should i start looking for clues at? why am i so intrested :rofl:

  130. 130
    Ebony says:

    @ kwall she’s a 40 year old woman who visits different blogs all day and leaves comments about being penetrated by packs of ni@@as

  131. 131
    kwall says:

    I try not to comment as much anymore because of the e fights.
    that is why i was gone forever and 15 days….after we dragged mullet and sandra let us back i been tryna be cool. but that heffa said something to me today on an earlier post…when we was roasting @redeemed77…telling me to “take something back”

    (in my TI ATL voice) LET’S BE CLEAR…i don’t never hit submit on anything i wanna recind. if i type it i MEAN that shat.

    redeemed is creepy like carrie momma. the got dayum END. i ain’t taking ish back..EVER…(as i move to the submit button)

  132. 132
    Shauny says:

    @Vi – girl, I haven’t laughed that hard in a minute. I luvs yall :rofl:

  133. 133
    Divinebrown says:

    This shiet remind me of East Side High.

    “Faiiirrrr Eaaassssttt ssiiiidddee”

    Ya’ll just willlddd

  134. 134
    kwall says:

    @ kwall she’s a 40 year old woman who visits different blogs all day and leaves comments about being penetrated by packs of ni@@as
    bye! :dead:

  135. 135
    spongebobfan says:

    Ebony says:

    @ kwall she’s a 40 year old woman who visits different blogs all day and leaves comments about being penetrated by packs of ni@@as_


    :shotsfired: @ who i dunno

    yall cold as ice!!!


  136. 136
    VIBABY says:

    Sandra where is the fall the fluck out emoticon? That bish Ebony….. :dead:

  137. 137

    @kwall :dead: and if she isn’t 40 she’s pretty close to 40 but Ebony got her description right but tomorrow she’s gonna be going off and I will have started this entire convo cause I’m a bible thrower and what not. I think I’m just jealous of her cause my life is boring and her’s is so great and she looks so much better than me based off that picture…

    I needed this laugh today so thank’s yall :rofl:

  138. 138
    VIBABY says:

    @kwall Meet me in the upper room……

  139. 139
    kwall says:

    @kwall if you say The Last Dragon was a bad movie again we gone fight!!! You better recognize. Bruce Leroy was this shiznit
    peep my earlier post. i said i loved HIM but let’s be honest…that movie prolly went double scrap metal.

  140. 140
    FloridaChick813 says:




  141. 141
    FloridaChick813 says:


  142. 142
    FloridaChick813 says:



  143. 143
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    I dont hate this chick either but the part that be irks me off is that she always want to start shyt with somebody over bullshyt. She just too damn old for that mess. A disgrace. Everything I dont want to be when I’m old. I’m saying, do you boo, but if someone disagrees with your comments or states that they dont like your wack, Mr Me Too stories, then handle it like a woman. I’m sure most of us have been involved in some type of hoeshyt, so I aint tryna judge. Just keep it cute boo. That’s Whoring 101. ;)


  144. 144

    :rofl: @143

    Seriously, yall have saved my children from a major ass whupping so I’m sure that they would be thanking you if they could log on and see what made mommy drop the belt and atart laughing

  145. 145
    His_Mommy623 says:

    Flo!!! :dead:

    bish u’s a gawd damn MESS! :rofl:

  146. 146
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    @ Ebony :dead: you are going to have to take care of all of my debt, now that you have sucessfully killed my ass.

    @Kwall, Not double scrap metal!! LOL

  147. 147
    kwall says:

    log the fugg OFF.

    i already TOLD you i am asthmatic. you insist on trying to kill me sis!!!

  148. 148
    crzasallgetout says:


    Phuck you Sugar!! :rofl: AND :dead: My side hurts. You making the woman sound like she has one foot in the grave.

  149. 149
    EJLOVE says:

    Where did it say he was gay?…i read the entire thing…

  150. 150
    STAN4FL says:

    @ His is Flo coming down there with us because she rolled on the floor more than 2x?

  151. 151
    crzasallgetout says:

    You= You’re

  152. 152
    VIBABY says:

    @Sugarpie ———————————-> HELL

  153. 153
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    @ EJLOVE, that’s the mystery. No one can firgure that out around here…

  154. 154
    Ebony says:

    I see dead people. I see you to Flo :rofl:

  155. 155
    OutsidetheBox says:

    I think Choc is living out her life because she got married young..? :shrug:

    No? #peacemaking
    @Robyn got it and will do!

  156. 156
    Daisy says:

    :rofl: I CANNOT with ya’ll :rofl:

  157. 157
    Shauny says:

    OMG…I just came back from the TI is dead post… :dead: Iscream just :dead:

    I will be making sure I log in tomorrow. I have a feeling there will be a lot of e-fighting.

  158. 158
    FloridaChick813 says:

    :rofl: @ His && Ebony

  159. 159
    crzasallgetout says:

    LOL Flo she’s going to get you because you’re on her “ROLL CALL SHOUT OUT”!!!

    “They like me, they really like me”

  160. 160
    Ebony says:

    @ Daisy get out of here. She going to blame all this on you. When you don’t do shyt :rofl:

  161. 161
    Divinebrown says:



    BUT :ROFL:

  162. 162
    STAN4FL says:

    @ Daisy everytime i see your name i automatically say Daisy Mae :shrug:

  163. 163
    crzasallgetout says:

    or Daisy and Ms.Everything…..or Rene

  164. 164
    Ebony says:

    There will be no e- fighting. She need to man up and let that shyt roll of her chest. She talks about people and how they look so……..,

  165. 165
    FloridaChick813 says:

    Dont get me wrong, chick is cool with me, but some of this HERE!!!


    and yes, I am the friend to laugh if you trip and fall on your face :rofl:

  166. 166
    Shauny says:

    @Ebony – no, Daisy and Ms. Everything the bible thumper :rofl: o.k let me stop. It’s all yall faults

  167. 167
    Daisy says:

    Is there any room left in heaven :rofl: :dead:

  168. 168
    spongebobfan says:

    yall bishs gonna tell me who yall talking bout. hint clue something!

  169. 169
    His_Mommy623 says:

    lawd OTB is up in here…hey shawty..

  170. 170
    crzasallgetout says:

    @ flo
    girl I’m kidding.


  171. 171
    Shauny says:

    @crza get outta my That’s what I get for reading the

  172. 172
    Daisy says:

    @stan everybody calls me daisy mae in real life and on twitter so its all good

    @ebony she loves blaming me for stuff and on the rare occassions I act a monkey I claim my stuff :yes:

    @shauny what up :wave:

  173. 173
    SangriaSugar says:

    Ebony says:

    @ kwall she’s a 40 year old woman who visits different blogs all day and leaves comments about being penetrated by packs of ni@@as

    DAYUM… :dead: I can’t take it…I havent laughed so hard in days!!!

  174. 174
    Divinebrown says:

    and what the fluck?? WHEN WE USED TO DO HOODRAT SHYT WITH OUR FRIENDS, WE GOT CALLED A CLIQUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    what the hhhhhaaaaiiiiiiiilllll happened to that?

  175. 175
    VIBABY says:

    Its all Daisys fault…… :coffee:

  176. 176
    spongebobfan says:

    ohhhhhhhh i just got it……..


  177. 177
    Daisy says:

    @sponge the name was given already more than once I do believe I am not speaking it :coffee: scroll back up though

  178. 178
    His_Mommy623 says:

    still dying over sweetness from Rollbounce :rofl:

    WHAT pic did I miss?

    basically @Flo…if its funny I laugh…and sweetness slayed me..

  179. 179
    kwall says:

    scroll up the answer is ^^^^

  180. 180
    Shauny says:

    @kwall :rofl: did you call Redeemed Carrie’s mother? “they’re all gonna laugh at you”

  181. 181
    Daisy says:

    @VI :nono: and :no: STOP IT I SAY :lol:

  182. 182
    kwall says:

    the name was given already more than once I do believe I am not speaking it.
    NOT…………she whose name shall not be spoken…………….



  183. 183
    Divinebrown says:


    I’m having flashbacks of the Amulet dragging….lmao!!!!!!

  184. 184
    Ebony says:

    Whose a mulet?

  185. 185
    Daisy says:

    @Kwall..and there you have it :lol:

    @DB that was a classic roasting :rofl:

  186. 186
    crzasallgetout says:

    @ His
    Is that you in the gravi?If so, you’re a cutie. no homo

  187. 187
    spongebobfan says:

    still dying @ pack of ni@@as damn that mel gibson :rofl:

    yall going hard like dj kaled. only e beef i had was with some cap locking basic bish

  188. 188
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    Yeah @ OTB. I can dig what you are saying and that’s why I usually ignore her. Thinking, maybe her newfound friends were just ribbin her up and whatnot. Didnt really bother me at first, but then, when I kept seeing the same garbage recycled from blog to blog…sheesh. Every woman has a limit.

    Thing is, everybody cant be smart a whip and whatnot. That’s not expected. Its when folks who arent so bright have these nasty ass attitudes. I’m sure everyone has dumb momments. I have a few each day. I think its just sad when someone with such expecience in life thinks its cute. Bottomline, dont tell all ur business and then be all uspset when folks talk about you. Keep some of ya bones in the closet, no?

  189. 189
    VIBABY says:

    @Divine You dragged mullet by her flapjacks tiddays…….

    @Daisy you’re gonna get blamed anyway……I’m gonna start calling you Obama.

  190. 190
    kwall says:

    @kwall :rofl: did you call Redeemed Carrie’s mother?

    Famous quotes from Carrie’s mama….

    “Go to your closet and pray, and ask to be forgiven.”

    “The raven was called sin”

    “I should’ve given you to God when you were born, but I was weak and backsliding, and now the devil has come home. Lettuce pray.”

    Now…. DON’T that sound like Redeemed?

  191. 191

    Why are yall still cutting up???? :rofl: :rofl:

  192. 192
    Daisy says:

    @VI :dead: Not Obama lol I am watching him now on the View

  193. 193
    His_Mommy623 says:

    :dead: @ crz I feel u and thanks. Yes its moi

  194. 194
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    Hey @ Daisy

    I made you a nick-name up while you were gone.

    Daisy F. Baby…You like? (The ‘F’ is for friendly)

  195. 195
    His_Mommy623 says:

    awww chit
    :dead: @ lettuce pray

  196. 196
    kwall says:


    I’m having flashbacks of the Amulet dragging….lmao!!!!!!
    we done dragged some folks on here but nothing not NATHAN will EVER compare to that day. EVER.

  197. 197
    STAN4FL says:

    @ Kwall like voldemort :ashamed: I so like harry potter movies. IDK about this other stuff but as newbie looking in she seems pretty cool to me. :shrug:

  198. 198
    SangriaSugar says:

    @His…Boo I have been told often that I will end up downstairs on the Welcoming Comittee…I don’t know why though :shrugs: I’m a sweetie!!

  199. 199
    Divinebrown says:

    She was begging someone to do it…@Daisy and VI. ahhhhhhhhhh, the good ole days. lmao!!!

    I”m trying to stay on Cassandra rose’s good side now.

  200. 200
    Ebony says:

    Who is amulet? :waiting:

  201. 201

    @Sugar that was the smartest thing I’ve read all day but to call her on that or offer up your opinion on what she’s put online for all to read for as long as the internet exists is to be an e-stalker or have an elephant memory or be all up in her business and is cause for her to call people bytches and what not but let someone do the same back and she’s ready to cry and show her ass

  202. 202
    Divinebrown says:

    Amulet is an old head that used to post here. She was alright sometimes and other times she would blast on folks. She called Barbie Ugly and it went from there.

    She said something about me and I snapped….lol. I got banned AFTER I apologized and everything.


  203. 203
    OutsidetheBox says:

    No I’m not @His :no:


  204. 204
    STAN4FL says:

    @ Divine
    Okay who is amulet? :waiting:

  205. 205
    kwall says:

    Who is amulet?
    this bish that used to get on everybody nerves. she too was a walking contradiction. she was raised with yt folks but didn’t know simple yt shat (songs, sayings, etc.) and then she was from the hoods of philly and she was called out by our muslim philly sista (where is she?) cause she didn’t know shat about philly NEITHER….in the end divine and another one of our homegirls bloggergirlz gave her azz a roastin to stand the test of all time…of all time!

  206. 206
    kwall says:

    i am convinced @197 that she crazy.

    db i don’t remember which post it was.

  207. 207
    spongebobfan says:

    oh yeah! damn i remember that about amulet!

  208. 208
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    You know what yall. I’m going to apologize in advance to this lady. She never really didnt anything to me. I just hate to see a bully run loose on folks. And yes, she is an e-bully, but be that as it may, e-bullies need love too. So with that being said, I’m sorry lady, really I am. We know not what you are going through. Instead of going this route that we’ve gone today, maybe we should all get together and give this lady an e-hug. Come on guys!!! :hug:

  209. 209

    @Ebony, she was a poster a couple years ago who would pop in a say the most random shyt, start stuff with other posters and then cry to sandra about cliques everytime somebody said something back. That was back in my lurking days but more than a few people got banned behind it and it was one of the best roastings I’ve ever seen on here

  210. 210
    Divinebrown says:

    ooooooooohhhhhhh hail yes KWALL, I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THAT.


    She LET her Secretary surf the internet. BBBIIISSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHH LET THESE NUTS….stop fuggin lyin.

    It was WRAP TIME when the PIC went up. lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. 211
    FreeToSpeakUp says:

    His what are u doing on here to late!!!! I saw Flo too

  212. 212
    spongebobfan says:

    Kumbayah my Lord…. Kumbayah……

  213. 213
    Ebony says:

    Well I’m not apologizing. That man called me names and told me to drop dead.

  214. 214
    OutsidetheBox says:

    @Sugar understood and in slight agreement

    Dish it out please take it. I talk about a lot of chit too so I try to keep in mind that’ this is FOREVER Internet surfing!

  215. 215
    FreeToSpeakUp says:

    OTB what the hell :lol: this is :snort: to yall for real

  216. 216
    STAN4FL says:


  217. 217
    kwall says:

    OMG…………………..i done found the old mullet got her azz roasted post. google bloggergirlz sandrarose mullet


    divinebrown, carameldrop and bloggergirlz.

  218. 218
    His_Mommy623 says:


    my son abandoned me and its too hot outside, so im just chylling inside the house listening to music and messing around online..

    chu doing here bew? :waves: lmao

  219. 219
    kwall says:

    it WAS a a deshawn snow post. i am in here reading that shat :dead: . January 2009. feels like yesterday!

  220. 220
    gypsyeyes says:

    Damn if only I didn’t tell anyone about this conversation going on in here this wouldn’t have happened. BUT HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    Too late @sugarpie, you have now come to the darkside.

  221. 221
    His_Mommy623 says:

    YES u are! :lol:

  222. 222
    FloridaChick813 says:

    #Bored @Free

    But I usually Never come on at night :shrug:

  223. 223
    FreeToSpeakUp says:

    Girl bored, nothing on tv

  224. 224

    @Sugar that’s nice of you, but I can’t and won’t. That bish came after me behind a comment I left her that was no shade and just a simple observation and does nothing but drag my name into shyt I have nothing to do with just because of that. I’ve been a bytch, supposedly I sent Man that email, I’m a bible thumper, I have a boring life, and no telling what else cause I’ve been staying away lately cause I don’t have time for e-bullshyt non stop plus me giving my opinion on how I feel about certain things said on here non stop everytime I say anything on here I’ve got her and others talking shyt about comments that don’t have a damn thing to do with them but they won’t do the shyt while I’m logged in, I’ll see it if I come back in a couple hours later or the next day in a different post. So yeah, no apology from me but good for you :hugs:

  225. 225
    ricanlbc says:


  226. 226
    FreeToSpeakUp says:

    Me either. How weird :rofl: we are nuts

  227. 227
    Daisy says:

    @sugar thats cute I likes :yea:

    @DB yes she was asking for it and yall went IN :rofl: I was mad when you got banned but glad when you came back

  228. 228
    FloridaChick813 says:

    Sooooooo @Free, guess this is like :snort: to you too! :lol:

  229. 229
    spongebobfan says:

    What happened to bird and KC !!

  230. 230
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    Damn yall gotta tell me where to find this mullet convo.

    @ Ebony, I feel you and I feel alot of other chicks that she has made angry cuz she can be a real penis at times, on the regular. But since she aint neva came for me directly, I almost feel sorry for her. po baby

    (LOL at you talkin about how HE called you name and told you to drop dead. This shyt is still funny. Right or wrong.)

  231. 231
    Divinebrown says:




    I see Diva Mama, BlackBarbie and Shay everytime I’m in Atl.

  232. 232
    His_Mommy623 says:

    :rofl: @ Flo

    @rican, no im in Vegas and in 2 weeks I wont be anymore lol


  233. 233

    :dead: @Gypsy see what you started :rofl:

  234. 234
    FreeToSpeakUp says:

    @ FLO

    I guess :ashamed:

  235. 235

    @Divine, ya’ll are the reason I’ve stayed coming to this site for so many years lol I was mad as hell when yall got banned

  236. 236
    gypsyeyes says:

    Gravi check!!!

  237. 237
    OutsidetheBox says:

    Hey free! I’m rebelling against the kids so I’m locked in my room lol

    Too slow on the phone tho :/

  238. 238
    FreeToSpeakUp says:

    OH, my dresses came today. I have to try them on, the material is really thin.

  239. 239
    dcwife1622 says:

    :rofl: :rofl:

    Nothing like working after hours…alone and reading SR…

  240. 240
    FreeToSpeakUp says:

    @ OTB

    Yea, I’ve tried on the phone too before, it’s a headache.

  241. 241
    SouthernPrincess says:

    yall are crazy…i laughed so hard i made that snort sound. yall know the one i’m talking about….lol

  242. 242
    FreeToSpeakUp says:

    Pajama Party :party:

  243. 243
    crzasallgetout says:


  244. 244
    Ebony says:

    Gypsy why

  245. 245
    gypsyeyes says:

    I said gravi check damnit!!

  246. 246
    His_Mommy623 says:

    :dead: again

  247. 247
    kwall says:

    i’m going to ATL in sept. and i done already called diva and im’d shay. i already talk to keely religiously. was supposed to go in july but i got a new gig. so now its gonna be on and popping in sept. i miss barbie too. i loved that chick. she was so dayum real!!!

    here are some classic tidbits…Jesus wept.




  248. 248
    SangriaSugar says:





  249. 249
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    @ Ms. Everything, I understand. I really do. I really been waiting on somebody to cuss her ass out but she needed more than that. She needed an e-dragging. I hate bullies. They always prey on people they assume are weak but won’t bust a grape with cleats on.

    @ gypsyeyes, you’re right. The darkside had been pullin me at the ankles. I tried so hard to play nice. :D Now you gone have 777, the scary guy, all up in here with that killuminati shyt!! LOL

  250. 250
    STAN4FL says:

    Excuse me, but whoever I am speaking with…Can I speak with Amulet? You know…Angry, militant Amulet.

    Make sure you get them silver dollar, flap jack saggy a$$ titties in the picture too! And that old school hairstyle they still rocking in Hershey, Penn!

    :dead: just :dead:

  251. 251
    Daisy says:

    @DB I heard yall had a good time back in June also it wasnt my thyroid I am pre diabetic (I know who knew) I go back to the Dr. Fri :cry: :sad:

  252. 252
    gypsyeyes says:

    What the hell did I do? That is one of my all time favorite movies.

    **backing out the room slowly**

  253. 253
    Divinebrown says:

    aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i am so weak at that damn pic!!!!!!!!!!! WEAK I SAY…

    @kWALL….DAMN IT!!!!!!!! I WAS JUST READING THAT POST HOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLEEEERIN! I feel sad because she wasn’t being herself that day and we just went innnnnnn!!

    i cannot look at that damn picture. :ROFL: :ROLF: :ROFL:

  254. 254
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    See @ gypsyeyes!! You ARE the darkside. Hell you say!! :dead:

  255. 255
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    I’m up here tryna squash the shyt (kinda) and you up and do this to MEEEE!!! What did I ever do to you GYPSY?? HUH? What did I do to deserve this pictue that just made my appendix rupture?? LMFAO!!

  256. 256
    kwall says:

    i told yall that post was just horrible. and me and coaretained kept telling her to HUSH but she WOULDN’T…then the fam just went IN. i was just dying. stop@250.

    @daisy i heard them heffas had a ball too! i was mad i wasn’t dere!!!! i ain’t been since goat’s birthday party last year. i am overdue.

  257. 257
    gypsyeyes says:

    Why iz im the darkside? But seriously though. She went in on me cause I asked her about her cycle.How do you PMS on ppl on an innanet blog? I mean damn!!! She is quite bi-polar and an old slore! She goes in on everybody everyday. Am I to believe that Black Panther 1970 Angela Davis picture that she had up was not an impersonation of ShoNuff? Who in the hell could she put that picture up after calling Renegade of all ppl ugly and think that she wouldn’t get clowned for looking like Buckwheat walking backwards though a blender?

  258. 258

    :dead @Gypsy why???? That’s all I can say is why???? :rofl:

  259. 259
    kwall says:

    xsxkjdskfdskjfkdfn,km m,vc mb,c nknkdfkn

    gyps @252………………..yeah back out the room slow and LOG off. just GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :kona: back out like that <<<<<<

  260. 260
    Ebony says:

    @ gypsy :dead: :dead: :dead:

  261. 261
    kwall says:

    where IS she at? choco? surfing e-harmony? (in my sanging voice…)

    “i knnnnow she it…i knowwwww she see it” :whistle:

  262. 262
    gypsyeyes says:


  263. 263

    @Sugar, you’re right and it’ll happen eventually. Somebody is gonna go off one day

  264. 264
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    Damn, she went in on you too!!! See, I was reaching way down in the bottom of my heart to find some sympathy for this chick but shyt she made this bed. I hope it lays good. But I had to share some of your quotes that had me rollin:

    “Am I to believe that Black Panther 1970 Angela Davis picture that she had up was not an impersonation of ShoNuff”

    “looking like Buckwheat walking backwards though a blender”


  265. 265
    Divinebrown says:

    @Daisy and Kwall… was alright! I love Atlanta!

    WE need to fellowship Weezy! MAKE SOME PLANS AND IM THERE. Got ME A brand spankin new 2011 so it’s nothing for me to get on the road since I got rid of my HOOOOOOOO RIDE!!!!

  266. 266
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    LOL @ Kwall talkin bout some e-harmony? She really writes her own jokes, dont she?

  267. 267

    On topic: WHATEVER…u either gay/dl…lesbo…or u sold ur soul to devil…illumanati

    Can they just be mad at each other? People put too much on FB

    Off topic: I’m so weak at the sidebar convo about “poster” who talkin bout thir relationship…somebody called her Shonufff. Woooooooooo laaaaawd. I always wonder what some people look like often they the most vocal about judging others….as if they don’t have mirrors

  268. 268
    SugarPieHoneybunn says:

    And yeah, I know she see it too!!! LOL, you wrong!!

  269. 269
    OutsidetheBox says:


  270. 270
    crzasallgetout says:

    Am I to believe that Black Panther 1970 Angela Davis picture that she had up was not an impersonation of ShoNuff”

    :rofl: wooooowww

  271. 271
    gypsyeyes says:

    @the rapist

    You are so right about how ppl look to deep into what is said. That is not the gospel and for that matter neither is this site. It’s all shyts and giggles but some ppl just get too personal and you have to let them know that shyt aint cool.

  272. 272
  273. 273
    STAN4FL says:

    @ Divine I know this was back in ’09 but for some of those comments you should still be :kona:

  274. 274
    Daisy says:

    @gyp I hate you so much right now in my *kelis voice* :rofl: I shant w/ your gravi

    @DB maybe next time I will hang when you come through. Kwall I will be in NC for Labor day

  275. 275
    gypsyeyes says:

    @ebony-so that killed you? the shyt that comes out of kwall and vi mouth don’t but the truth that I just spit killed you huh. Well since you are dead, tell James Brown that I said what’s up and why he wait until now to give Angela Davis a sign to let us know about their ‘LOVE CHILD’

  276. 276
    OutsidetheBox says:

    Gyp…therapist was agreeing no?

  277. 277
    FreeToSpeakUp says:

    OTB your phone is just too slow. T-Mobile right

  278. 278
    spongebobfan says:


  279. 279
    Al-Ameera says:

    Oooooooh ya’ll going to the :kona: down in the depths of he.ll, you too Ebie, even tho you aplogized :rofl:

    Ya’ll are cuttin up extra tonight and it is going to be an e-war tomorrow.

  280. 280
    VIBABY says:

    :dead: @ Gypsee Am I the meanest?!

  281. 281
    kwall says:

    Kwall I will be in NC for Labor day
    dag on it daisy! imma be in atlantic city for labor day…snuggled up to a slot machine.

  282. 282
    Al-Ameera says:

    @ Gypsy, You are a bad actor tonight, what happened to the sweet lady holding the baby :rofl:

  283. 283
    gypsyeyes says:

    @VI SHONUFF!!!

  284. 284
    EJLOVE says:

    Sandra, oh Saaaaaaaaandra, you in here? hey ma’ listen, PLEASE tell us why you HATE gay men more than hetro’s do? what HAPPENED?

  285. 285
    OutsidetheBox says:

    I’m so lost and slow… Not really slow, per se but just dipping and dabbin don’t even know what’s happening. :ashamed: #sorry

  286. 286
    kwall says:

    don’t play with me divine. imma plan and you best show up!

    shoooot i still GOT a who ride and be summaerrywhere! lol.

  287. 287
    gypsyeyes says:

    @Al- It’s all in fun. I don’t know that lady or her mustache. Sometimes I like to cut up and tonight was the night no matter who it would have been. I’m still the nice lady with the baby but I haven’t commented on anything in a while. I have been so busy but I swear they have gone in on Daisy and Rene and Ms.Everything. Had to pull out the heavy artillary.

  288. 288
    SangriaSugar says:

    Ya’ll got me laughing out loud and chit tonight…but I gotta go walk my dog…

    :goodnight: see ya’ll tom

  289. 289
    SangriaSugar says:


  290. 290
    OutsidetheBox says:

    AND I live out the way in the sticks! @free I’m on my house wireless tho AT&T but bootleg half ass tmobile -3G. :rolleyes:


  291. 291
    Divinebrown says:

    Now Kay….

    you knooooooow how I do. I will hop in my car in a heartbeat. OR a Southwest flight for 79 dollars. Lets plan something…I dont have anything else on my schedule after August until Miami in January.

  292. 292

    @Gyp…the moment I start raping people all don’t want y’all to complain lol u know my name ain’t no dayum “the rapist” put dat chit together “therapist”

    @OTB…yeah I was agreeing……I think…iono really lol I’m too busy laughing and trying to teach this GED class

  293. 293
    gypsyeyes says:

    therapist1911 says:

    @Gyp…the moment I start raping people all don’t want y’all to complain lol u know my name ain’t no dayum “the rapist” put dat chit together “therapist”

    @OTB…yeah I was agreeing……I think…iono really lol I’m too busy laughing and trying to teach this GED class
    Oh my fault babe!! I forgot that it was me that was gonna try and rape you and when I typed your name it came out that way. But for real tho, you can therapist me too!!! HEHE!!!

  294. 294
    Al-Ameera says:

    @ Gypsy, I know, mamita. I sure it was well deserve. But I’m about to fall out an die from the comments, just trying to save my life

  295. 295
    jazi65 says:

    kwall says:

    OMG…………………..i done found the old mullet got her azz roasted post. google bloggergirlz sandrarose mullet


    I actually sat here and read that entire post…omg my side hurts :rofl:

  296. 296
    gypsyeyes says:

    I’m sure tomorrow I will be all kinds of shyt but I will not take it personal because I don’t know her or anyone that decides to join her. It’s all in fun.

  297. 297

    @Gyp….leave the money on the nightstand lol

  298. 298
    SnootyPooty1 says:

    Divinebrown… Hey lady nice to see you around these parts…..

    OMG I remeber the amullet post that was way too funny..

    Hey HIS, OTB, Flo, Kwall and Daisy!!!!!!!!!

  299. 299
    Say It Aint So Joe says:


  300. 300

    Due to AirTran’s wack azz delays and chit I was not able to participate in this roasting…I think y’all had it covered though… :rofl: :rofl:

  301. 301
    pointhimout says:

    did i miss something? it sounds like he’s calling him out for basically stealing. where is the same sex belly smacking confirmation from this actor?

    the guys on noah’s arc were fine though. most of em. i love how most of them tried to claim they str8. really? like ur wife or girl dont mind you kissing and licking all over a guy on a show? bullsnit.

  302. 302
    Cinnamon Kisses says:

    Yall know im hella late…..I stay on cpt time……….BUT all yall bishes is WRONG…….. :rofl: I swear fo GAWD……….. Divine :champ: she roasted mullet azz……. hail I don’t even have to go back…..I memba Divine said she had the mouth like predator…..detatch……… Divine …. I was :rolf: atchu!! @ Kwall……I shoulda been sued you for all the times I fell the hell out ova u……and Sugar>>>> to the left…………:dead: just dayum dead…..and that goes for many of yall azzez!

  303. 303
    Lemondrop says:

    Ebony says:
    @ ms kaylamomma obviously this unstable creature is a liar. Always making it seem like she was a bad bytch than she put her pic up and *crickets*

    Ebony I’ve been lookin for you ever since that day you said “did ***** post his picture…”
    My work internet was banned that day (and Im for real)screamin, laughin and cryin at you!

    I really thought that was just a bad pic of Lenny Kravitz.

  304. 304
    LaTechGrad02 says:

    :dead: lemondrop. :dead: at this whole thread, LOL.

  305. 305


  306. 306
    iscream says:

    :rofl: I wonder if Ms. “I hate lurkers” was lurking watching with all her :cosign: where’s the crew that’s always holding her down, egging her own to tell those *excuse me while I laugh* “date” stories?

    When the going gets tough….

    I haven’t laughed this long on Sandra Rose in a long time… Thanks to all who made it possible.

  307. 307
    gypsyeyes says:

    Good Morning SR peeps. Off to school. Hold it down until I get back. PPPEEEAAACCCEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  308. 308

    R.I.P. Julius Carey!

    Gypsy your are soooooo messy!!!!!!!!!!

  309. 309
    Nika405 says:

    Wow just wow! Somebody needs to come in here and clean up all these dead bodies. It should be real interesting when Sweetness and the rest of her skate crew shoes up.

  310. 310
    Nika405 says:

    *shows* couldn’t see for all the tears lol.

  311. 311
    crzasallgetout says:

    all her where’s the crew that’s always holding her down, egging her own to tell those *excuse me while I laugh* “date” stories?

    When the going gets tough


  312. 312
    Silhouette says:

    :rofl: :wail: :dead: @ this post!

  313. 313
    mzvirgo78 says:

    all her where’s the crew that’s always holding her down, egging her own to tell those *excuse me while I laugh* “date” stories?

    When the going gets tough

    It’s a DUUURRRRRTTYYY Game. :rofl:

  314. 314

    I expected better from yall!

  315. 315
    Carmez79 says:

    he sounds like a scorned man. i dont take scorned men/women rants credible. but khalil is still so fine gay or not. i see the resemblance in him and maino

  316. 316
    yvonne79 says:

    I’ve been slaving all week and come back to this! :rofl: Woooooooowwwww!

  317. 317
    OutsidetheBox says:

    So wait, who is the crew?

  318. 318
    Destinee says:

    On NO say it ain’t so! I would by this time say “Sandra, why you always trying to call someone out on being homosexual”, but in this case I am just SHOCKED! Not Raheem! :shocked:

  319. 319
    Choco says:

    Wasn’t my type anyway so who cares! Funny story tho

  320. 320
    iscream says:

    Oh I forgot to add.

    Khalil is NOT gay. He dated his TV co star Mya. I think they were even engaged. I’ve never heard of him and Manio being brothers. I know Manio is from BK. I know ppl who grew up with him. I’m going to inquire about that.

  321. 321
    Choco says:

    So gay men don’t date females????

  322. 322
    Mother Jefferson says:

    My head hurts after reading all that foolishness. Dude is just hating. I need to hear more about the alleged gaiety! :gay:

  323. 323
    iscream says:


    I’m not around enough to remember names (or I wouldve mentioned them) but she isn’t talking to herself. There are people who inquire and pump their fist about the same things people in here were laughing at. Where were the people who was telling her how hawt her new gravi was when people started clowning it? I see you Tried to defend her somewhere in here but that was lost in the shuffle of giggles and laughs.

  324. 324
    iscream says:


    I’m done. That’s to easy to even respond to.

  325. 325
    Lemondrop says:


    :koolaid2: <—— Rum & DIET coke (its my day off it aint too early)

  326. 326
    Choco says:

    Can’t even be mad at you

  327. 327
    Lady_L says:

    :cosign: @#31

  328. 328
    pinksghetti says:

    I didn’t know him and Maino were brothers, though I seem a similarity both being fine and all. He’s a nice looking guy and it is rather surprising if this is true.

  329. 329
    OutsidetheBox says:

    @iscream I wasn’t trying to defend her gravi…I was just giving my opinion on her age and position/thought process in life. I could be dead wrong (it happens often :lol: )

    She said she was feeling “Angela Davis” and that’s why she snapped the pic; I agreed. It was a “throwback look,” but I LIKED it.

    Choc goes back and forth with pretty much everybody, me included (and I def. didn’t agree with the name calling and tom’bout people “ugly” and chit- that’s for the birds but I digress..) that’s why I asked who was the crew..? I thought I missed a post or something, but the crew is just the folks who big-upped her gravi?

    But you are not saying anyone who shows interests or responds to what posts is “crew”? And is that what we expect from each other? “Stick-ups”?? These all my e-rounds whether they like me or not (I see you @Ardent :lol: ) but if somebody wanna go to calling a bish ugly and all that :shrug: Hey, it’s all subjective. If they wanna stick up for me, thats nice. But if they dont wanna get involved in the fukkery, I can totally understand that too.

    Chit was funny tho. I was sufficiently buried deep. Just like we like it here.

  330. 330
    Sheena215 says:


  331. 331
    Sheena215 says:


  332. 332
    Tink Tink says:

    :rofl: cant….breathe…. :dead:

  333. 333
    Shauny says:

    Yall still at it :rofl:

  334. 334
    Lemondrop says:


    ***Puttin on my hater hat****

    To my Co- Workers (cuz I know yall right here)office #401-B gon call ya hook up in IT so he can restore my internet services…I dont wanna get to callin folks out when I return on Monday so be prompt.

    Thank you and enjoy your day ladies.

  335. 335
    Lemondrop says:

    I am ALWAYS in lurk mode, crackin up at yall and normally I dont get up like that.

    Im just sayin if you build ya self up to be a BAC shouldnt the picture reflect that?

  336. 336
    crzasallgetout says:

    What’s BAC? Bad Azz Chick? serious question.

  337. 337
    Lemondrop says:

    ^^^^ Yep

  338. 338
    OutsidetheBox says:

    “Im just sayin if you build ya self up to be a BAC shouldnt the picture reflect that?”

    You have a yard stick to measure? Not being snarky but I think Morris Chesnut is a handsome man, lots of women here dont agree.

    Some of us think Kelly Rowland is pretty, everybody else “equine” :shrug:

    I feel you though. Def. :lol:

  339. 339
    Lemondrop says:

    But Morris Chestnut, Kelly Rowland and myself arent on here day in day out tappin their/my yard stick…ya feel me?

  340. 340
    OutsidetheBox says:

    I feel you. :lol:

    And that’s exactly why I don’t rag on folks looks :lol:

  341. 341
    Lemondrop says:

    EXACTLY my point………..

  342. 342
    iyonah says:

    So this confirms FB is just as messy as Myspace was and Twitter is becoming :coffee:


  343. 343
    Choco says:

    :rofl: at all yall petty azz hating skeezer yep Eharmony, Lover and whatever I else I choose to do y so concerned stick to your obvious shallow lives I mean for real tho all day on SR and then yall coward ass bishes see me up in this piece and can’t say nothing then – Fall back yall haven’t heard It’s a good thing to have HATERS- :bow: and :clap: yall lonely azz UGLY HOES in here on a BLOG after work hours talking about CHOCO WTF is wrong – EMPTY AZZ :chickenheads: SMDH but Loving the attn all the same WOOOOOWWWW and the loneliness in your lives where are your men, chidren and friends – oh well Ladies continue to live vicariously thru me

    @OTB – thanks BOO girl STRANGE all of it to me I guess I’m in HIGH SCHOOL all over again when I’m dealing with the Shabby Raggedy UGLY TRICKS!

  344. 344
    Choco says:

    Oh and trust I will continue to be and do me yall some pressed azz starving bishes-I feed my dogs premium dog food yall alley cats need to right back to that ALLEY – OH NO MATTER WHAT ANY OF U SAY I STILL THINK I’M THAT Baddest CHICK- FUK U

  345. 345
    FreeToSpeakUp says:


  346. 346
    STAN4FL says:

    @ Free can have some :popcorn:

  347. 347
    Nika405 says:

    @Sweetness boy boo! It took you all damn day to to figure out 340 out of 346 comments was about you and you posted in here. We #ontothenextone

  348. 348

    Still calling folks ugly huh???? Self confidence is a great thing but yours is bordering on delusional. Whatever though

  349. 349
    Choco says:

    Still calling folks ugly huh???? Self confidence is a great thing but yours is bordering on delusional. Whatever though
    Yeah I am but what can you really do about it-For real tho you questioning me like that’s gonna stop me- Nahhh boo it won’t

  350. 350
    Daisy says:

    I CANT BREATHE :rofl:

  351. 351
    Ebony says:

    Choco says: Whose the one and only master? Ebony says: I am *starts glowing*

  352. 352
    Choco says:

    Sweety I don’t play or talk to little ugly girls with hammer toes so you can have the sandbox all to yourself today!

  353. 353
    Ms. Thickness says:

    Ebony says:

    Choco says: Whose the one and only master? Ebony says: I am *starts glowing*


  354. 354
    LaTechGrad02 says:

    @Ebony, LOL!! Going home to watch that movie.

  355. 355
    Choco says:

    Girl don’t bother with her she don’t even have a pic up of herself and with a name like Ebony I can tell she’s less loved and liked! EFF IT I got three more hours- let’s GO

  356. 356
    Ebony says:

    @ Chico bringing up my toes :rofl: that’s all your azz got? Your dyck must be stuck to your leg readjust you attitude and try again :waiting:

  357. 357
    VIBABY says:

    Not dyck sweat……..

  358. 358
    Ms. Thickness says:


  359. 359
    FreeToSpeakUp says:

    I really can’t believe this is still going on :yawn: I checked a post the next day a few times and saw when the coast is clear there are a lot of things said when any “said” person isn’t around.

  360. 360
    Nix says:

    I don’t have the time to read all of the 359 posts before mine but in case no one cut and pasted this from Merwin’s facebook page, he said:

    ” Just for the record… (because this is my period on the issue unless the bitch ass in question decides to test me… probably will because he’s delusional) I have never claimed to be “out” or Gay or whatever and never once said Khalil Kain is a homosexual.”

    He never said that Khalil was gay neither does he profess to be gay just because he played on a gay TV Show. He did say that Khalil bangs white girls though.

  361. 361
    PDiva2127 says:

    Dang now that you say it, him and Maino do look a like.

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