Celeb Style: Sean Combs and Bu Thiam (Def Jam VP A&R)

From UpscaleHype.com:

Rap Mogul Sean”Diddy”Combs was spotted out at the BET Awards After Party at Mansion Elan in Atlanta Georgia, which was hosted by himself and Rick Ross. Diddy was seen standing on furniture in a pair of Christian Louboutin Louis Flat Spike Sneakers ($1,095) in black suede alongside Akon’s brother Bu Thiam who was wearing the same pair, but in a taupe colorway. Which colorway do you like better?

I saw the ladies version of these shoes in Neiman Marcus at Lenox Mall yesterday. I’m not feeling them at all. They look like cheap high tops with studs on them. But I guess they’re paying for the name.

By the way, the young brotha on the bottom left of the picture with Combs is Interscope Records exec Shawn “Tubby” Holiday. He is a longtime reader of this blog and he took note of you ladies constantly mentioning him in the comment section in certain posts.

Tubby knew that you ladies were feeling him or you wouldn’t waste your time commenting on him. Well, recently, Tubby decided to undergo a life changing procedure to help him lose weight because he knew that carrying around all that extra weight wasn’t good for his health.

Last night I talked Tubby into writing about his experience for my blog. Check for that post soon.

Here is Tubby posing with his artist Keyshia Cole back in the day.

Here’s Tubby posing with his artist Keri Hilson at the Belvedere Vodka BET Hip Hop Awards 2010 party at Ventanas Rooftop in Atlanta. Tubby dropped almost 80 lbs since the procedure! Doesn’t he look great?

There are more pics from the Belvedere Vodka BET Hip Hop Awards 2010 party at Ventanas Rooftop in Atlanta after the break!

Photos by Prince Williams/ATLPics.net

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Photos by Prince Williams/ATLPics.net


45 Responses to “Celeb Style: Sean Combs and Bu Thiam (Def Jam VP A&R)”

  1. 1
    kingstonn says:

    look at Rose Nyland with Tubby. sigh. :coffee:

  2. 2

    Is he gonna have to get a tummy tuck?

  3. 3

    :shocked: at Eboni

  4. 4
    dcwife1622 says:

    He favors Guru(RIP) in the picture with Keri Wilson… :D

  5. 5
    LadyLew says:

    WOW! at those ugly arse sneakers and Tubby. He looks nice!

  6. 6
    Anna says:

    The pic of Keri and KC are pretty. I don’t know who Tubby is.

  7. 7
    OutsidetheBox says:

    Fly sneaks!

    And the chocolate “guest” with Keri is beautiful!

    I like Keri’s face, and clothes. I hate her hair! :mad:

  8. 8
    LadyLew says:

    oh and Rasheeda is beautiful

  9. 9
    Choco says:

    Tubby looks good…

    Keri’s hair she remind me of SideShow Bob

    Sneakers are cute in both colors

    Rasheeda is really pretty to me but that SHIM she took a pic with is Grizzly Looking

  10. 10
    Cocoabana says:

    I was about to say Keyshia looks good! OLD pic.

  11. 11
    Necelove says:

    I like Tubby and his family! Their my facebook friends. I’m sure he has a lil more to lose in certain areas. But he looks nice.

  12. 12
    Kitrina says:

    So the ladies just couldn’t have Loubitans to ourselves, here comes the so called masculine rappers with there version. All those studs look like they are for 12 year old girls

  13. 13
    Cinderella says:

    I’ve got nothing but I don’t like studs or rhinestones on men.

  14. 14
    aqtpie says:

    What posts? Tubby does look good though!! I don’t like any of those sneakers!!

  15. 15
    iyonah says:

    Tubby Congrats … Hope your able to maintain and are much healthier.

    I like Keri’s hair! Those sneakers are U-G-L-Y and so is the price.

  16. 16
    ELove says:

    Keri LQQKS like a DRAG-QUEEN in these Pics (Just Being Real Here…)

    DAMN, You must have X-RAY Vision… HOW can you see her face through ALL THAT DAMN Pancake MAKE-UP !!! :lol:

  17. 17
    heavn_sent says:

    Did Kingstonn call Keri Rose Nyland???? :rofl: Girl, whatchu know ’bout the Golden Girls???????? Getcho young butt :kona:

  18. 18
    ysoserious says:

    Those sneakers aren’t worth a tenth of what they cost. I’ll Bedazzle your favorite Chuck Taylors for less than $100. :thumbsup:

    RE: “Tubby”

    Who? :coffee:

  19. 19
    FreeToSpeakUp says:

    Rasheedah please give those red bottoms a break! At least on film :coffee:

  20. 20
    kingstonn says:

    @heaven, i have every season on DVD. I :heart: that show! :lol:

  21. 21
    ggouch says:

    Dear Kerri, I think you are a cute girl and if Ashanti can make an album and pretend to have a voice then why the hell can’t you? is what I say!!! But in the meantime: HIRE A STYLIST!! because in that area you are an EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HATE the blond hair too…see what you have driven AMERI to do????

    Dear Ebony: isn’t this why we are taught to always have a little black dress on hand…your outfit is a perfect example of why that rule of thumb is timeless…….Hate your whole outfit and you should have taken more time to stuff your stretch marks into your tight as pants better……and WTF!! the shoes??? no words…just a blankstare for the SCUFFY SHOES!!!!!!

    Buying ties and matching handkerchiefs in the airport giftshop is a NONO!!!!!!

    Dear LLoyd: Dear Tubby: It looks like what ever you are doing is working….it’s ok…you can start to shop for new clothes now……getitboi!!!!!

  22. 22
    Sandra Rose says:

    kingstonn says:

    look at Rose Nyland with Tubby. sigh. :coffee:

    LOL! :rofl:

  23. 23
    Iblondon says:

    Keri is a perfect example when trying to be different goes wrong. I’m all for the sista’s doing something other than the long indian hair, but sometimes it’s needed. Who is Meka Means, I only hear about her on this blog?

  24. 24
    ysoserious says:

    Just took a closer look at the pics…

    Why does it look like Rasheeda has a little hairy happy trail leading from her mini muffin top to her hooha? :blink:

  25. 25
    Choco says:

    Llloyd I can not stand!

  26. 26
    miko says:

    that negro gonna have hella loose skin now from that gastric procedure…i think i see some that he’s tryin to hide under that sweater :blink:

    good for him though…i guess

  27. 27
    Al-Ameera says:

    Love Rasheeda but what does she have on?

  28. 28
    MissHarlem says:


  29. 29
    kingstonn says:

    @Al, she got that entire outfit off the mannequin at Forever 21. :coffee:

  30. 30
    Nika405 says:

    I bet tubby has a lot of loose extra skin #ewwwww. Next up full body tuck then shirtless SR Monrning wood post.

  31. 31
    CFREE says:




  32. 32
    LilMissRed says:

    cute shoes..if ur 8 yrs old IMO

    Tubby looks nice- good for him! :yes:

  33. 33
    MissGauzzz says:

    glad for tubby… i wish he would tap jazzy pha on the shoulder and sign him up for the “procedure”… :coffee:

  34. 34
    BigDapDog says:

    Now why does Keri Hilson look like Beyonce’s mom, Tina? She looks horrendous. Please stop flucking with that dang hairstylist, she is making a clown out of you.

  35. 35
    BigDapDog says:

    Ok, I am mad at Rasheeda and Eboni, Eboni please put on a shirt under that jacket the next time you choose to wear it. Just in case you lift your arms so we don’t have to see pregnancy battle scars. Also, those shoes look like the clogs I wore in high school and I have been out for 15 years. Rasheeda, I loved your outfit until I saw the full length pic of those pants, girl old navy is for casual clothing not for events.


  36. 36
    Elle_Brooklyn says:

    @BigDapDog I was just about to say Keri Hilson looking like Beyonce… LMAO… Man trying to imitate good ole’ Creole especially with that bright red lipstick…… NOT GOING TO WORK BOO….. :coffee:

  37. 37
    CFREE says:

    MissGauzzz says:

    glad for tubby… i wish he would tap jazzy pha on the shoulder and sign him up for the “procedure”…

    I like Jazzy Pha Big, it goes with his boisterous personality :shrugs:
    for some reason if he was skinty he wud be hella annoying #MO

  38. 38
    Elle_Brooklyn says:

    Lloyd the suit is really nice if it were the grammy’s and even if it was I still would not have you embarrass yourself with that $5.00 belt and Hawaiian Tie with that stripe shirt like seriously! :no: Yes for everyone that is saying those Christian Loubitin’s (SP) screams gay.. Yes because my GAY homeboi brought him a pair same as puff for pride weekend…. :blink: Rasheeda just give it up your like 45…… which you look 21 which is great, but if you have not made it mainstream by now……. Then it’s not ever going to happen and being famous overseas don’t count either….. :whistle:

  39. 39
    speaknoevil says:

    is that Tubby from Columbus, Ohio?

  40. 40
    speaknoevil says:

    No never mind lol

  41. 41
    Destinee says:

    Eboni Elektra…shave your stomach!

  42. 42
    Val says:

    keri looks a horrid mess with that hair… those clothes… that look

  43. 43
    ysoserious says:

    Okay, I just realized that my comment #24 I meant Eboni not Rasheeda.



  44. 44
    shona1 says:

    OMG, Kerri looks just like that crazy azz doll on the movie Dineer for Scmucks! HAAAAAA Hillarious Baaaby ( In my Ms.Kerri voice)Sorry Kerri I still like ur music.

  45. 45
    Taboo01 says:

    Diddy needs to stop his mess. What grown behind man you know wants to wear something else another man is wearing…Lovers did that back in the days. He might as well come out the closet…I could use a sugga diddy!LOL

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