The Obama administration is racing to limit the damage from what some are calling the "most damaging disclosure of secret documents in decades."

According to online reports, 220 secret documents -- part of a cache of a quarter-million American diplomatic cables -- were uploaded to the Internet late Sunday night by, an international organization of journalists and others dedicated to revealing secret documents from anonymous sources and leaks.

According to the NY Times, the disclosure of the cables is sending shudders through the diplomatic establishment, and could strain relations with some countries, influencing international affairs in ways that are impossible to predict.

The White House said the release of the “stolen cables” was a “reckless and dangerous action” and warned that if released in full, some of the cables could disrupt American operations abroad.

The cables, which document communication between the State Department and some 270 embassies and consulates around the world, reveal, among other things, the bargaining that went on between Obama and the world to accept prisoners from Gitmo.

Emptying Guantanamo Bay was at the top of Obama's list of priorities when he took office in 2009. Freeing the terrorists ranked even higher on Obama's list than providing relief to homeowners as he'd promised on the campaign trail.

When American diplomats pressed other countries to resettle detainees, they became reluctant players in a State Department version of “Let’s Make a Deal.” Slovenia was told to take a prisoner if it wanted to meet with President Obama, while the island nation of Kiribati was offered incentives worth millions of dollars to take in Chinese Muslim detainees...

Another revelation, that Saudi donors are the chief financiers of Al Qaeda, comes as no surprise. The 9/11 terrorists were bankrolled by Osama bin Laden, the Saudi billionaire who founded Al Qaeda.

The White House warned, “We condemn in the strongest terms the unauthorized disclosure of classified documents and sensitive national security information.”

About 11,000 of the leaked documents are labeled "Secret," but none are marked "Top Secret," the government's most secure status.

  • YSoSerious


    From what I've seen, Obama doesn't have anything to worry about. :coffee:

  • StillASassyOne

    Sandra- I know that your distaste of Obama & his administration has reached a fever pitch here lately...but if this was all that was in the documents (or the juiciest pieces you chose to report), what is the big deal?

    None of this is information that wasn't known, or at LEAST heavily thought to be true....especially with Saudi financing Al Qaeda. I mean...who didn't see that one coming?


    I see they had Hillary tryna do damage control

  • Jay Bee

    #note2self: The American people are never government "Top Priority"

    Wake up! catch up!

    "The got money for wars
    but cant feed the poor" 2pac

  • proberson07

    they have the unedited version of these cables in the UK's guardian newspaper. I suppose I will have some interesting reading after finals. One thing that Sandra did not mention or acknowledge is that this proves that the Obama administration is aggressively engaging in intelligence gathering, diplomacy and behavior that will ultimately lead to the stability and safety of American security and current hegemony. So thanks for the post Sandra! You are certainly the wind beneath Obama's wings!

  • proberson07


    From what I’ve seen, Obama doesn’t have anything to worry about.

    i agree... but there are 250,000 documents so only time will tell. oh, and good morning all! :)

  • NunyaBizniz

    Dan Brown will make an awesome book about this story. That's the only way I would care fot this BS :yawn: