Teena Marie, known as ‘Lady T,’ died suddenly in her sleep last night at her Pasadena, CA home. Teena’s daughter, Alia Rose, found her body. Ms. Marie was 54.

The body was transported to the L.A. County Coroner’s office where an autopsy will be performed today to determine the cause of death.

Hours before she died, Teena Marie tweeted this on her Twitter page: Sarah Vaughan “May You never grow old, and may I never die”…

According to TMZ, Teena had a seizure earlier this month, and friends say she had been in and out of the hospital recently.

Marie was nominated for a Grammy four times. Her first top ten hit was “I’m Just a Sucker for Your Love.” She was best known for her classic hits “Lovergirl” and “De Ja Vu (I’ve Been Here Before)” – a song about reincarnation.

According to the Atlanta Journal: “The R&B legend revered and fully immersed herself in black culture — and in turn was respected and adored by black audiences.”

“Overall my race hasn’t been a problem. I’m a Black artist with White skin. At the end of the day you have to sing what’s in your own soul,” she told Essence.com in an interview last year while promoting “Congo Square.” That album would turn out to be her last.

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    Really sad news. RIP Teena :(

  • Nika405

    So young. Sending blessings to the rest of her family.

  • http://myspace.com/necee518 yvonne79

    A truly talented woman! She will be missed. My heart goes out to her family, friends and loved ones. May God be with you during this time of transition…..

  • http://www.amazon.com/gotta-make-Heaven-going-thru/product-reviews/1448656729/ref=sr_1_1_cm_cr_acr_t iscream

    Funny I have been able to not shed a tear about this till right now. Seeing her there with her daughter and reading that Erie tweet. :(

    I know Teena was one of your faves Sandra. I remember you did a music post on her not to long ago.

    Yes, Ms. Teena Marie was a great one (and if people don’t know who she is please let google be your friend.)


  • http://clarkcars1.com/newandusedcars.aspx?MakeID=45 Ace

    RIP Ms. Marie….

    sad day…and the tweet..is very haunting…just hours before her death…

  • http://www.amazon.com/gotta-make-Heaven-going-thru/product-reviews/1448656729/ref=sr_1_1_cm_cr_acr_t iscream

    Where’s Al? She’s a stan…

  • Eb

    RIP Lady T :heart:

  • http://chokolatemilk.blogspot.com Choco

    Another Legend Gone :pray: for her and her loved ones really sad news…

  • Dawn

    Super sad, I wanted this to be another twitter rumor! Her daughter, Alia Rose sings like a bird and sounds just like her mother…

  • lexdiamonz

    man that is soooo sad people you have one life LIVE IT!! there are no “do-overs”

    RIP Teena that girl had a beautiful voice

  • mrsloveleighwilliams

    Wow…she will be missed. One of the best. I listen to some Teena Marie almost daily

  • SouthernPrincess

    Really sad. I pray that she rest in perfect peace and may God be an arm of comfort around her family and loved ones

  • http://www.amazon.com/gotta-make-Heaven-going-thru/product-reviews/1448656729/ref=sr_1_1_cm_cr_acr_t iscream

    Do you all remember the Martin episode when him and Gina had a fight and he was home singing Fire and Desire and Gina walked in and sang Tina Part.


  • KrayZKat

    When I heard about this last night, I thought it was an Internet hoax. Sadly, it wasn’t. I grew up listening to Lady T, and still, thankfully, have all her albums.

    I remember seeing Teena’s story on “Unsung.” I feel so sad for her daughter having lost her mother one day after her 19th birthday. They had such a close relationship. My heart goes out to her daughter and the entire family.

    Thank you, Teena, for leaving us with such a collection of wonderful music and memories, especially “Fire and Desire.”

    RIP Teena!

  • Natasha

    This is devastatng news. Lady T will be greatly missed :-(

  • jazzyiest

    Sad, sad news. I heard this on another site earlier and was crushed. This was truely unexpected.

  • Natasha


  • jazzyiest

    @ Ace

    But i will say you looking very Jazzi in your new gravi…


    *From the Lakers Game post*

    Thanks for the compliment hun and no, I don’t want Dimpz to castrate you so I’ll ride solo in my own ish. Hahaha! Congrats on the purchase BTW

  • jazzyiest

    And that’s spooky how people seem to know when they’re about to die. That tweet says so little but says so much. WOW!

  • http://twitter.com/jaysreallife Jay Bee

    Lord give the family strength and comfort…

    wow LIFE is so undetermine…I have to say I thought she was black all these years, (her voice & skin)!

  • CWhatsHerFace

    Jesus, be a FENCE. Only you know when it’s time to go home! RIP

  • LilNancyDrew

    “If I were a bell, baby I would ring, tell the whole world that you are my everything”. You are loved always. Thanks for giving me the gift of your music.

  • miko

    sandra i saw all that ish u was talkin last night on twitter about this… smh…

    rip! she was b4 my time though. i don’t know not one of her songs

  • flsun99

    Very sad news. She had such a beautiful voice.
    I do remember that Martin episode too @ Iscream; it was priceless!

  • http://www.amazon.com/gotta-make-Heaven-going-thru/product-reviews/1448656729/ref=sr_1_1_cm_cr_acr_t iscream

    What was Sandra saying on twitter :shrug: I didn’t see anything but a fan who didn’t want to believe that one of the great’s were dead.

    People were getting real nasty about it. I heard that people were going in on Kym Whitley and others for saying it was a lie. Maybe because they didn’t want to believe that. I think She and Kym were friends. Very sad.

  • pointhimout

    black folks loved some teena marie, always and forever. but the lady was bad as hell, so you had to give her props when she sang, solo or with rick james. beautiful daughter.

    the tweet is very ironic. on her daughter’s twitter page on xmas night, she tweeted she’s going to sleep now, or tired as hell or something to that effect. who knew she’d wake up the next morning to this after mother tweeted “….may i never die.”

  • MissHarlem

    Damn I was hoping this was a rumor last night SMFH. LADY T thanks for your gift of music and that voice. That damn tweet is too much :no:

  • pointhimout

    Lil duval, for those of you who follow him and find him comical, he tweeted teena marie and asked her if she was dead. I didn’t think anything of it one way or the other. it’s nothing I would’ve done, rumor or not.

  • http://www.amazon.com/gotta-make-Heaven-going-thru/product-reviews/1448656729/ref=sr_1_1_cm_cr_acr_t iscream


    Hey *waving* I just had to google that episode. I see TV1 will be airing her episode of unsung tonight. I hope they post it online because I don’t have tv1 :(

  • Al-Ameera

    Wow, she was my favorite singer of all time. I met her when I was in 6th grade, have been to a zillion shows and have EVERY album by her, whether it be original, greatest hit, compilation or whatever.

    Can’t even say RIP cuz I still want to be in denial about this.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXA9qqJRChU YSoSerious

    When my sister told me about this last night I was really shocked and saddened.

    Teena is one of the the greats and one of my favorites. Her and her incredible voice will truly be missed.

    Morning everyone. :waves:

  • http://chachellasplayground.blogspot.com/?zx=979f097e05f327d8 ChaCha

    Aww man… My mother was devastated. Teena was on constant rotation in our household.. RIP Lady T.. you will be greatly missed :bow:

  • jazi65

    Another beautiful soul has gone home. RIP Teena. My prayers go out to her family.

  • wiggy2272003

    Haven’t been here in a minute wish it was different type of event that prompted me to check out Sr.com.

    A true artist in all senses of the word. The word icon is used much too loosely these days, Mary Christine aka Teena Marie is worthy of the word. Peace and blessings be upon her family, and thankfully we have her music forever and hopefully will here the sounds of Alia Rose soon.

    Love the new to me look on the site Sandra. Hope you’ve been well.

  • flsun99

    @Iscream thanks for the heads up, I will make sure to watch it tonight. RIP Lady T. So sad!!!

  • http://chachellasplayground.blogspot.com/?zx=979f097e05f327d8 ChaCha

    Didn’t she have another older daughter or was that a rumor?

  • pinky2083

    Wow, this is super sad!!!!!! I love her.

    @Miko, girl I can’t believe you’ve never heard any of her music.

  • Chgoprime

    Teena we loved you girl. I never had the pleasure of seeing her perform live, my sister did. When I called my sister to give her the news she cried her eyes out! Teena was really loved and embraced by our community. You will be missed girl….

  • SouthernPrincess

    I must give Roland Martin credit, he reached out to her publicist and manager to get an official confirmation before speculating…I think he was the first newsperson to “confirm” the story.
    Before that it was just tweeter “rumors”

  • Dawn

    Sandra was only doing what any person with common sense would do which is wait until a credible source verified the information. People RT lies ALL the time on twitter! Ms.Teena Marie was the “Ivory Queen of Soul” for sure! She had true tslent, no auto tune, no gimmicks, just a true artist vocally and she was a great instrumentalist.

  • http://chachellasplayground.blogspot.com/?zx=979f097e05f327d8 ChaCha

    I also read that her daughter just had her 19th birthday on Christmas… thats got to be tough..Be strong Alia Rose!

  • wiggy2272003

    Iscream, do you know what time the unsung will be on? I’ve already seen it, but want to set my tivo now to have permanently.

    btw, nice to see a familiar face(gravi).


    She was awesome ,amd will be missed !!!

  • http://www.amazon.com/gotta-make-Heaven-going-thru/product-reviews/1448656729/ref=sr_1_1_cm_cr_acr_t iscream

    @ Wiggy

    At 9 and Midnight (ET)

  • NunyaBizniz

    RIP Miss Teena. You will be missed.

  • roni990507

    RIP Ms. Teena Marie.

  • MzDetermined

    So Sad…RIP Teena Marie a True Legend!

  • http://clarkcars1.com/newandusedcars.aspx?MakeID=45 Ace

    *goes off to do some work until a HAPPY :newpost: is put up*

    tired of people dyin…depressing…

    RIP Ms. Marie…


    Lenny Kravitz comments on Video about losing Teena Marie

    “…I Just want to say Teena that, I will always love and respect you. Thank you for being my friend.”

    Currently in Paris, Lenny Kravitz recorded this heartfelt personal message a few hours ago in memory of Teena Maria who tragically passed away yesterday.

    “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Teena. She took me in when I was around 16. I was just a musician on the streets, I was living from pillar to post. She took me in, she gave me a bedroom, she fed me, she cooked for me, she took care of me. She gave me instruments to play, she took me to all her recording sessions. She took me to concerts, she nurtured me and helped me to become who I am.”


  • wiggy2272003

    Thx Iscream, sorry you don’t have tv one, good channel. My sister doesn’t have it either, back when it first aired I called her to tell her how good it was. We were talking on the phone, yesterday and she was mentioning parts of the episode. So I just called her and was like how did you see the unsung? She said the whole episode is on youtube in three parts. I just checked and it’s still there,if you they don’t air it online.

  • candibfly

    RIP :pray:



  • PAHairston

    Hello All. RIP Teena Marie, RIP. She was a white, soulful singer who was accepted by us, unconditionally, cause that white gal could sang! When it comes to white folks, generally, we are an accepting race. Why? Cause we got soulllllllllllllllllllllllllll! Peace.

  • RemieBaby


    When I seen this yesterday on FB I did not believe it! I was hoping it was just a rumor.
    R.I.P. Teena
    You are singing with the angels now.

  • aqtpie

    R.I.P. Mrs. Teena Marie “I can’t love anymore” My prayers goes out to her family, friends and fans, especially her daughter!!!

  • Brownsugar1908

    RIP Teena “Lovergirl” Marie.

    I thought she had a son and daughter. I saw her Unsung when it came on awhile back. I’ll be sure to watch tonight. I wasn’t aware that Teena helped Lenny get started.

  • intensemocha


  • mgrimesii

    R.I.P Lady T

  • BigCityGirl

    I never was a FAN of Teena’s just couldn’t get into a white girl trying to be black…but I know she will be missed by many….RIP….

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7MJXRIqU7E&feature=related YSoSerious


    Teena wasn’t “trying to be black”. She was just her soulful self.

    Was Bobby Caldwell trying to be black? What about Christina Aguilera? Black folks don’t have a monopoly on being soulful the last I checked.

  • wiggy2272003

    Along that same way of thinking, Tracy Chapman, and black artists outside of of r&b, soul or hip-hop, rap are “trying to be white”? Me personally I judge music on it’s musical quality and nothing else but thats me. If I got into personal issues or qualities of artists, it would be slim pickings of artists to choose from..

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7MJXRIqU7E&feature=related YSoSerious

    wiggy says:
    If I got into personal issues or qualities of artists, it would be slim pickings of artists to choose from..

  • West Coast Chick

    RIP to the baddest white chick that ever touched a mic.. :bow:

  • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    West Coast Chick says:

    RIP to the baddest white chick that ever touched a mic.. :bow:

    :clap: :(

  • pinksghetti

    I saw it last night on Facebook and was hoping it was a mistake & someone must have it wrong but then I looked on the internet and it was true. Its scary how so many legends have passed away recently. “Lovergirl” is one of best songs of all time. And she had so many other great songs (“Square Biz”, “Fire and Desire”). She had a great song with Faith Evans a few years ago that should have went to #1. Every time I think of skating a a small child “Lovergirl is the song that I remember. It’s so sad for her daughter because they were really close.

  • GeminEyez

    May Ms. Teena Marie R.I.P., I personally am in love iwth Oh La La. Its on of my favs of all time.

    Thanks for opening up your registration Sandra! :)

  • Starr

    I had Oh La La playing last nite after I heard. So sad.

    Teena was before my time, but i Loved hearing the music around the house. So sad, we’re losing a lot of legions mann

  • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    GeminEyez says:

    Thanks for opening up your registration Sandra!

    No prob :welcome:


    That 1st pic gives me chills, u could tell her and her daughter was close. I can’t even imagine how she’s feeling right now. RIP Lady Tee! Gone waaayyy 2 soon and will never be forgotten!!!!!

  • juicypeach01


    U will be truly missed….when I was younger I was told I sound just like you…R.I.P

  • Bosstown


    WOW so sad to hear that she is gone. Will treasure her music because it is timeless and classic. RIP Lady T.

  • rockstar

    i’m so heartbroken right now. I can’t imagine how her daughter must feel..i’ve been loving her since I was young and my sister and her friends use to skate in the streets to I need your lovin, behind the groove and square biz..very talented singer, songwriter, musician..matter of fact my sister made her children go see Teena back in like 2006, because she said they needed to experience a real artist and not that bull they listen to everyday..Teena you will be missed and I pray her daughter finds comfort in knowing her mother was so well loved.

    R.I.P. Teena…now everyone together..EVERYBODY GET UP!!!!



    R. I. P. Teena. Your music is extraordinary! You will be missed.

    BTW, thanks, Sandra, for opening registration

  • xcal86

    Teena was a small chic, only 5ft tall. But her talent was 10x that. A Rick James protege she was… I recall that duet they did on BET Awards back in ’04.

  • Brownsugar1908

    I know the Falcons and the Saints are playing right now, but the Unsung with Teena Marie is on TV one.


    Rest peacefully. Your songs will continue your legacy.


    RIP to Teena Marie, she will be missed. I enjoy listening to her music and may her legency live on.

  • Brownsugar1908

    I was just re reading her last tweet. I think she knew she was going to die soon. May you never grow old and may I never die. It could mean that she doesn’t want her music to grow old and the last part “may I never die” could mean that she doesn’t want her legend and what she brought to the music world will never die?? I don’t know. I’m just sad for her beautiful daughter.

  • wiggy2272003

    Rockstar says “R.I.P. Teena…now everyone together..EVERYBODY GET UP!!!!

    Love it! And Snatched it, now my facebook status!

  • Qluv85

    RIP Teena. Oooh La la la was my fav. A true soul sister.

  • xcal86

    This is amazing! For those not aware of Teena’s vocal prowess check out this vid in 1990. She sings “IF I Were A Bell.” None of these lip singing chics can do like this these days… but she did. WOW!!