Earlier this week I posted exclusive pics from the set of Swizz Beatz’ new music video for "Coolin" featuring rapper Eve and Sean "Diddy" Combs' 12-year-old son, Christian. One of the other kids in the video is the 11-year-old son of a former male supermodel. Can you guess who the former male supermodel that many of us assumed was Teh Ghey is? No cheating!

Click the link to see who he is!

Dad is Tyson Beckford! According to BlackCelebrityKids blog, Jordan Beckford's mom, April Roomet, styled her son in a limited edition Christian Louboutin backpack and a pair of high priced Dre Beats headphones ($299).

Swizz tweeted a pic of the customized Christian Louboutin limited edition backpack from the set of his music video. I wouldn't buy this backpack, but it's cute for kids and grown men who still act like little boys.

Images source: RTNY, UH, BCK



    HEY SANDRA MISSED YOU in chit... :coffee:
    SO what I miss?

  • candibfly

    dang i didn't even know he had a kid :shrugs:

  • KayCeiSoul

    Who did Tyson have this cutie with?

  • KayCeiSoul

    Jinx Candi!

    I didn't either.... :shrugs:


    Having a kid doesn't exclude you from being gay...Clay Akins... to start.

  • candibfly

    lol @jinx

    i too wonder who the bm is.

  • chibytex

    He's by some white girl. She's a stylist for video groupies. They had a show about her and the "modeling" agency they belong too. I can't remember the name of the show though!

    Morning Family

  • yvonne79

    I come back to THIS? :yawn:

  • KayCeiSoul

    Morning Chi! :waves:

    That's Jill in your Gravie? Cute!!!

  • chibytex

    I remember Tyson doing a cameo on the show. The yt girl was saying that Tyson rarely ever saw his son.....and strangely she was STILL in love with Tyson. Tyson didn't seemed to concerned. He seemed very fem on the show. I think Tyson likes it both ways.


    Yvonne!!! Candi :hug:

  • Chocolatedymand1

    she was on that show Candy Girlz, about Video chicks

  • chibytex

    Morning Kay!
    And yes that Jilly from Philly! The one and only!

  • rockstar

    lots of men out there with kids that refuse to admit they're :gay:

    his son is cutie though

  • chibytex

    @ Chocolate!
    Yep that was the name of it. Candy Girlz! The show was aweful!

  • Anna

    That back pack looks like it was made for a female or one of the shims on RHOA. :offtopic: Sean Garret will be on Wendy today.


    I knew it was Tyson's seed. I think that is his child by the YT stylist.

    Morning Ya'll Happy FRIDAY :waves:

  • jazi65

    Wow I would have never guess Tyson..and he still looks zestier than a italian hoagie.

    sry swizz but that backpack is ugly.

  • 2012

    that nigga swiss is one highly ugly ass dude

  • 2012

    Anyway, morning to all ye cubicle concubines.

  • chibytex

    I remember in college I had Tyson's pics all over my dorm. On the ceiling and everything. Now the thought of him makes me wanna :hurl: And after seein them pics of him stripping for some men at a strip clubn all hope was lost! Dude is a :homo:

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dm7yAWpX1Mc RatchetFree

    I watched that show!! She shole was in love with him!! She meant to say Tyson doesn't see me enough!

  • aqtpie

    Awwwh he is such a cutie.

    @chibytex- I love the pic, is that Jill?

  • free

    tyson USED TO BE sexy as hell but he zestier than a lemon peel right now.

    i remember that hot *ss mess show candy girls and the yt bm. i was like, damn, HER? i was surprised to hear he wasn't an involved dad and he seemed to acknowledge if i remember correctly. he said he was busy w/ his job.

  • pinksghetti

    Cute kid! I knew it was Tyson after you said male model, cause what other black male model is there (that we know of)? That bookbag Swizz has is ugly but some rich people love to buy overly priced unattractive things.

  • lexdiamonz

    KayCeiSoul says:

    Who did Tyson have this cutie with?


  • Daisy

    I watched the show on E Candy Girls and Tysons baby mama was on and Tyson indeed did make an apperance w/his son she was still in love w/Tyson and wanted another baby.

    Jilly from Philly has a new song feat Eve

  • Aprilbaby

    candibfly says:

    dang i didn’t even know he had a kid
    I remember his baby mom was on that show Candy Girls. White chick I know she wasn't one of the video models though. They only had one season it was pretty lame.

  • Mr.BluPhi

    that back pack is fiyah

  • vjackson

    Try harder next time Sandra. What other black male model would anyone know? Plus, just because Tyson has a kid doesn't mean he ain't the ghey. I've known several gay men that have fathered children. It's hardly unusual. I swear sometimes you're the dimmest homosexual person I've ever known (of). (BTW, I'm not saying Tyson is or isnt...)