R&B sensation Beyonce Knowles is pictured arriving at Harrods store in London's Knightsbridge section as she films an edition of 'Life Stories' with Piers Morgan today. Her appearance at Harrods caused quite a scene. The British bobbies (policemen) had to beat back the Bey Stans who surged forward hoping for a chance to touch her weave. Maybe Bey is hoping that the British media can do for her what they did for Kelly Rowland.
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Pop icon Madonna was seen leaving the Ritz hotel to take a trip on the Eurostar in Paris, France with her boyfriend Brahim Zaibat. I don't know much about him, but I do know they won't be together for long. Everybody but Madonna can see it. Notice the queens chuckling at them in the background?

Everybody's talking about Kelly Rowland's performance on the 2011 BET Awards last night. But many are asking themselves where was this Kelly Rowland all these years?

One writer for the Atlanta Post thinks he knows the answer: she was a victim of her former manager Mathew Knowles' anti-competitive management style.

Salem Aster writes that Knowles was simply more interested in boosting his daughter to worldwide fame -- and he did that by suppressing Kelly's now obvious talents.

Obviously, Beyonce needs no explanation. She is fierce, she is driven and she has the success to match her passions. Nobody is doubting that. However, why is it that Kelly’s talents had to be downplayed for the sake of Beyonce’s success? Economically, it doesn’t make sense.

For some reason, (I’m assuming) Papa Knowles thought there wasn’t enough room for more than one Destiny’s Child member to gain success in the music marketplace. If he did indeed steer Rowland’s career away from success, then he was engaging in anti-competitive practices.

Thew writer notes that, since Kelly "broke ties with her former manager" she is now seeing much more success than when she first became a solo artist. Since the Atlanta Post is a business magazine, I wonder if the writer is hinting that Kelly can sue Mathew?

Meanwhile, over the weekend, her former bandmate, Beyonce, made history as the first female performer to headline at the Glastonbury music festival in 19 years. :yawn:

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If you're an aspiring writer and you are considering writing a book in hopes of obtaining riches, be careful what you ask for. There are many hidden fees buried deep within book contracts that you may not be aware of if you (or your attorney) don't go over that contract with a fine tooth comb.

The emergence and growth of social networking websites such as Twitter.com and Facebook has given book publishers new sources of revenue by fleecing unsuspecting authors.

Shanae Hall, who authored the book "Why Do I Have To Think Like A Man?", writes:

Good Morning Sandra,

My name is Shanae Hall, I am the author of the book "Why Do I Have To Think Like A Man?" This was the book that gave Mary Harvey the courage to speak up. I'm sure you remember. Anyways I am writing you because I need your help putting our publisher (Farrah Gray publishing, who has also published Don Lemons, flavor flav and a few others books) on BLAST!! He has refused to pay us a dime or give us our rights back to our book, prior to the law suit we requested that he sign back our rights to us and that he could keep the money that he stole. Initially he agreed to do so, but later backed out of the release agreement. The primary reason for this law suit is because he billed us $92,000 for tweets and facebook fans that he said we acquired because of the book. When proof of expenses paid were requested of course nothing was sent over to back these extraordinary charges. And second because our royalty statements were grossly inaccurate and incomplete. We currently have a law suit pending in Los Angeles that he doesn't want to be served the paper work for (I have attached the law suit paper work as well as the fee sheet proving the bill for tweets and Facebook fans, and [?]) . As my mother/co-author Rhonda Frost explained to him. "You are stealing from two single mothers we are not going to let this go away w/o a fight." Thank you for helping me/us put his lying, want to be a celebrity, fraudulent ass on blast.


Supporting documents


This section gives a voice to those in the industry who feel they have been wronged by certain industry execs, celebrities or companies.

Please note that you must provide evidence in the form of canceled checks, pictures, documents, etc., or your Blast will be rejected. This Blast is not intended for the public to air their grievances with private citizens.

The email author is solely responsible for the content of the email.

As always, we give the parties on Blast the opportunity to rebut the complaint by emailing us at sandra @ sandrarose.com (remove the spaces).

Not everyone was impressed with last night's program that BET put together for its 2011 BET Awards. After watching the awards show, Dr. Boyce Watkins, who calls himself a hip hop insider, sat down at his keyboard and pounded out a post titled "BET Has Officially Become the New and Improved KKK".

In his post, he compared BET -- which is run by the white-owned media conglomerate Viacom -- to the Ku Klux Klan, and he accused Viacom of using BET's powerful reach to cause and affect a holocaust within black America today.

"The Ku Klux Klan has been regularly criticized for encouraging violence against African Americans and terrorizing our community. But the truth is that the Klan doesn’t have much power anymore," he writes. Dr. Boyce suggests that Lil Wayne and other hip hop artists who don't know their history are "encouraging black men to shoot one another, to abuse or murder women, to consume suicidal amounts of drugs and alcohol and to engage in irresponsible, deadly sexual behavior."

Dr. Boyce was most particularly disturbed that BET chose to heap accolades upon ex-con Lil Wayne, as opposed to, say, Kelly Rowland who rode the charts to international fame with her smash hit "Motivation":

...the executive committee for the BET Awards made the interesting decision to give the greatest number of award nominations to Lil Wayne, the man who said that he would (among other things) love to turn a woman out, murder her and send her dead body back to her boyfriend. Oh yea, he also that he would kill little babies, have sex with every girl in the world, carry a gun on his hip and “leave a nigga’s brains on the street.”

As a result of the platform given to Lil Wayne and other hip hop artists who form the "corporate armies" producing "weaponized genocide" against black people -- BET, he writes, has succeeded in killing "more black people than the KKK ever could."

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Chris Brown doesn't care what any of you think. The troubled singer won the BET 2011 Fashion Disaster Award hands down for this outfit. I died laughing!

The concept behind singer Mary J Blige's frock started out well. But the design crashed and burned shortly after leaving the drawing board.

Actress Nia Long was simply glowing last night. But I am of the opinion that pregnant women shouldn't walk red carpets. There's nothing you can style them in that doesn't resemble a car cover.

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Kelly Rowland hammered the final nail into Beyonce's coffin tonight with her breathtaking perfomance on the 2011 BET Awards at the Shrine auditorium in Los Angeles Sunday night. Kelly made everyone forget that her former bandmate was supposed to skype her performance from Glastonbury in the UK. Kelly's live performance of her international hit "Motivation" with Trey Songz had the audience fanning themselves and begging for more!

Here are just a sample of the tweets that lit up my Twitter.com timeline last night after Kelly's sizzling hawt performance!

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If there's one thing awards shows know, it's that the viewing public is very gullible. That's why they pull stunts because they know you'll fall for it. Case in point: a chick named Tiffany Green won the opportunity to present BET's Viewer's Choice Award during the 2011 BET Awards last night. Instead of announcing the nominees for the award, she squints at the teleprompter and then says "Chris Brown?" Then she feigns total confusion and says "Rihanna?"

Terrence J pretends to save her by grabbing the mic and announcing that rapper Drake was the actual winner.

Please... nobody could be that dumb! They would never send a totally unprepared audience member to do a cold reading during a live broadcast.

The key is to watch Terrence J's face as she calls both names. Clearly, he was in on the joke that nobody thought was funny.

As publicity stunts go, this one was pretty transparent.

But how about Rihanna's dumb azz falling for the stunt and even thanking Drake for picking up HER award?

Thanks Drama Dupree for the video!

Image source: Twitter

The 2011 BET Awards are in the can. And while most of Twitter.com is buzzing about BET's shameful attempt at a stunt gone horribly wrong, everyone else is talking about comedian Kevin Hart's off-the-cuff "Househusbands of Hollywood" skit, starring Hart, aka Little Trick; Bobby Brown (aka Da King), Nelly (aka The Juice Man), Anthony Anderson, Nick Cannon and Tami Roman as Little Trick's wife. I still don't think Kevin Hart is funny at all.

Parts 2 and 3 after the break!

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College Park police are asking for the public's help in identifying two men seen running from the area of a double homicide at the Yorktown Condominiums on Yorktown Drive just after 11:00 p.m. Saturday.

Police say 19-year-old Devonta Stembridge and 16-year-old Dion Davis were shot by two unknown gunmen who may have been sitting in the backseat of Stembridge's car.

The teens were unresponsive when paramedics and detectives arrived at Yorktown Condominiums in College Park around 11:15 p.m. Both teens were pronounced dead at the scene.

A resident in the complex saw two males running from the area of the car after hearing gunshots.

“This was a cowardly act for you to do this. This was a senseless crime,” Tomesha Simmons, Stembridge’s cousin, said as she and other family members gathered at the home of his grandmother today.

“We’re hurting, his mother is hurting. She’s hurting, please come forward and tell, tell anything you know,” Simmons said.

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According to the NY Times' fashion writer Cathy Horyn, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade was perched in the front row today at Yves Saint Laurent show in Paris, France. She said he was "as friendly as he could be." But it was the snapshot above of Dwyane and her description of his attire that piqued our interest. She said, "I loved the splashy effect of his scarves against his light blue suit."

Splashy effect? Scarves? Light blue suit? She could have been describing Clay Aiken instead of the manly star guard. Is it any wonder that other bloggers have drawn their own conclusions that Dwyane Wade has tipped on over to the other side?

Isn’t he fresh off a break up with Gabrielle Union? Perhaps between that and the loss of the championship has caused him to wander around looking extra. As a single father, I’m sure he doesn’t have time to dress his self.(SARCASM) Obviously, he was dressed by a stylist. This suit is light blue. Yes, I said light blue and I don’t know about you guys but this looks suspect. Perhaps I’m reaching I tend to date guys in white tees so maybe I’m jaded.

Photos: Splash News Online and Cathy Horyn/NY Times