On the Set: Usher makes out with young chick on set of new video

Crooner Usher was spotted sexing up a LSLH chick in his new video filmed in Queens, NY yesterday. Usher did a convincing job of pretending to be attracted to a younger woman instead of women old enough to be his mother. At least his Cougar girlfriend has nothing to worry about. That’s the benefit of dating a man who didn’t successfully navigate the Oedipus complex in his childhood.


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    i might be just old enough to be Ursher’s type :coffee:

  2. 2
    MzDimplez1123 says:

    I hope it’s more believeable than his Trading Places video was. :coffee:

    IONO what happened to Ursher, it’s like a Succubus just stole ALL his swag. :wail:

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    TruGemini says:

    Welp, I went through the pics twice and he failed to get my juices flowing. But then again, I’ve never thought he was sexy…that flat nose and that chimpanzee / preemie baby head :no:.


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    2bme says:

    Heard this was for a video in which Usher is singing in spanish, supposedly with a group called Aventura?? So it would make sense for her to be “spanish” or LSLH..he has to appeal to the masses, and darkskinned latina’s seldom make the cut…oh heeey Auntie! :waves:

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    mrsloveleigh says:

    I would say Usher don’t have time for these silly young broads but he did marry a sily old broad

  6. 6
    mrsloveleigh says:

    Dimpz I love that you said succubus!!! Pure comedy!

    Yeah he fell off. he can get it back though

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    eastpointvet says:

    what song is this for?

  9. 9
    GAGIRL87 says:

    I wonder what’s the name of the single and what it sound like :thinking:

    :whistle: Usher’s Seduction

  10. 10
    CivilEngineer says:

    What is he making a video for? :shrug:

  11. 11

    i aint been feeling him for real tho since the “Burn” album :(

  12. 12
    lite coffee says:

    Usher the performer can still :hump: He has succeeded in making it all about the music and not about his personal life, so kudos to him.

  13. 13
    Eb says:

    USherman makes fist pumping jersey shore music now so I wonder what this song sounds like.

  14. 14
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    2know the ledge says:

    like ursh music but he needs to go sit down somewhere. since he found bieber live off that money. he will never top confession album.

    Good afternoon sr

  16. 16
    GAGIRL87 says:

    @ Fayla :hug: and :waves:

  17. 17
    GAGIRL87 says:

    @ 2know that Confessions album was HUGE I don’t think he can top that album either… :coffee:

  18. 18
    Tainted_Love says:

    Usher needs to have a seat! I love him but he is getting old…he needs to just sit back and make money off Beiber

  19. 19

    @knowledge wasn’t it tho? it seems that all artist have an album they can’t surpass..

  20. 20
    2know the ledge says:

    @gagirl I think he is trying to and keep up with the taste of the young bucks and he had his moment and he is in music history far as confessions album. go be happy with your cougar and son’s and bank of that bieb paper.


  21. 21

    GAGuhl..whatchu got in a size 8.5..@brenden got my size wrong the otha day :coffee:

  22. 22
    2know the ledge says:

    @fay cconfessions was that fiyah it still get’s bump in the truck and the crib when I’m in my poetry mood. Love me some MJB but that my life cd is tops she has some good one’s by my life is that ish!

  23. 23
    MzDimplez1123 says:

    HEY FAY! :wave: Lotta Nada. Trying to get through is horrible ass movie. :wail:

  24. 24

    Fayla aka JuicyFruit says:

    GAGuhl..whatchu got in a size 8.5..@brenden got my size wrong the otha day

    What’s your email hun????

  25. 25

    I haven’t been feeling Ursher’s music since Confessions. :shrugs: Confessions was the chit, indeed. :yes:

  26. 26

    :lol: what movie Dimpz?
    @knowledge i hate to, but i agree! & i lubs me sum MJB :yes:

  27. 27

    *tries real hard to care but I don’t*

  28. 28
    SamYell JacksEm says:

    *wonders if I ever had a rnb cd that I liked as opposed to just a couple of songs from an artist* :think: Donell Jones? :shrug: Musiq Soulchild :thumbsup:

  29. 29

    Awesome I loved Where I Wanna Be

  30. 30
    SamYell JacksEm says:

    Can you hit a high note Brown?

  31. 31

    @Unpredictable (damn we gotta shorten that ish :lol: )
    liondashs06@ yahoo

  32. 32
    Ms. Everything says:

    Usher has never been sexy to me so :shrugs: BUT he is coming into his own as he ages I’ll give him that

  33. 33

    AHHHHHHHHHH <<<<< Minnie Ripperton

  34. 34
    trenee says:

    is he coming out with another album, because i’m sick of the songs from ray v ray.

  35. 35


    A guy here gets arrested for mowin his yard at 430am and said he’s done it at that same time for 10yrs because he has to be to work at 6am
    He said the only reason he was arrested was because he was black and not because he started arguin with the popo!

  36. 36

    Correction: “It’s only against the law because I’m black”

  37. 37

    :rofl: @Luscious. WTH mows their lawn at 4:30 in the morning?

  38. 38
    Ty says:

    I agree Tainted. Who is checking for Ursh these days :think: Too old for the youngins and doesnt appeal to the grown and sexy?

  39. 39
    MzDimplez1123 says:

    @ Sam…Is Wayne sposed to be ET in your gravi? :blink:

  40. 40
    SamYell JacksEm says:

    @Dimpz :hug: Yeah, Baby’s pushing the pedal. It’s supposed to be like the E.T. shot.

  41. 41
    Lady_L says:

    Haven’t really cared for him or his music since “Confessions”

  42. 42
    Lady_L says:


    I can’t stand you for that gravi!!! LMAO…

    see I’m a Bey fan with a sense of humor!


  43. 43

    It’s been 100 plus degrees here so he was just tryna beat the heat!

  44. 44


    It’s been 100 plus degrees here so he was just tryna beat the heat!

    :hahaha: I hate that I love you so much. :lol:

  45. 45

    or maybe it should be “PREEMIE-DYCK” as in Man…….

  46. 46
    Ty says:

    LOL @ Lady I am glad u have a sense of humor. Sometimes it gets crazy in here but people must understand that this site is pure entertainment and makes the workday short.

  47. 47
    Ty says:


    or maybe it should be “PREEMIE-DYCK” as in Man…….
    :rofl: :dead:

  48. 48

    Sometimes those e beefs be hella funny tho!

  49. 49
    Ty says:

    U aint lying Brown…where is FeFe :rofl:

  50. 50
    LadeeA says:

    OMG he’s so :yawn:

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