Former rapper and aspiring media mogul Queen Latifah recently sat down with Sister 2 Sister magazine's Jamie Foster Brown for an in-depth interview. We love Jamie, but her interviews can be tedious at times. Jamie always plays it safe and she never asks the right questions, such as "Let's discuss those rumors about your break up with your longtime lover, Jeanette Jenkins."

Queen Latifah did touch on her love/hate relationship with social media, saying "It can be very overwhelming, but it can also be great for business."

As for her stance on bloggers, in particular, the 44-year-old executive producer of VH1's "Single Ladies" stopped just short of calling bloggers bullies.

"The thing about social media is there are a lot of people who felt voiceless," she said. "Now, they have a voice, and some people will just say anything for shock value."

While viewing blogs and tabloids alike as marketing tools for her business, Queen Latifah also despises the intrusion into her private life, which as every celebrity should know comes with the territory.

Queen Latifah: I look at it as a business tool more than anything. If I wanna let people know what's going on with my life at that time then I will, but... If I want to let them know what's going on with something new that I'm doing it's an easy way to let everybody know what's happening. But as far as how, sorta, tabloid it can be, or how malicious or untrue, I don't really worry about it, honestly, because I live my life, myself. I actually am Dana Owens [laughs], aka Queen Latifah, so it doesn't matter to me what somebody is writing or printing. It doesn't really affect me because I know what's true about me and what's not true.

When asked if she was still working on her weight, the Queen also danced around that subject.

"I am who I am and I kind of stay at a certain region," she laughed.

Queen Latifah said:

I'm there to have fun and I wanna taste the food, and I want to try things. That's how it is! I just try to keep things balanced and try to get some exercise in to keep my body feeling good. I try not to obsess about it 'cause I really don't wanna be one of those people that are so obsessed with what they look like that they just aren't focused on anything else going on in life. To me it's more about health. As long as I feel healthy and I feel good and all my vitals are great, my cholesterol is low, my blood pressure is normal? [laughs] Everything is fine, you know. I go get my regular doctor visits like every person should. And I take care of myself in that way.

This would have been a great opportunity for Jamie Foster Brown to mention the fact that Latifah has lived for years with a woman who markets herself as a "celebrity personal trainer" to the stars.

Jamie could have asked Latifah something like, "So how's that relationship working out for you?"

  • Ididntreallymeanit

    Wasn't she doing weight watchers at some point?

  • Daisy

    She was doing Jenny Craig or Nutri System at one point and time

    "The thing about social media is there are a lot of people who felt voiceless,” she said. “Now, they have a voice, and some people will just say anything for shock value.”


    :cosign: :preach:

  • SnootyPooty


  • Ms. Everything

    Snooty I don't think she's ashamed I think she just lives her life and doesn't feel the need to broadcast it at every single opportunity. I mean it's her business not ours so why do we care whether she is or isn't? I honestly think she doesn't give a damn what people think about her life especially since she's been doing this for years and it hasn't affected her negatively yet

  • Redeemed777

    I've come to understand why the Lord does not force anyone to accept him. When I think about, we have two EXTREME choices:

    1. You either choose to obey the Lord's commandments, and go to eternal paradise or
    2. You either choose to do you, and suffer your fate later.

    A 5yr old can tell you in his sleep, the better choice. It's a natural common sense choice:

    you either wanna die eternally or live eternally

    you can live how YOU want to Or you can live according to God's Word, so yep! I understand it now!

  • lacountrygirl

    So.... she is admitting she is a Lesbian? Not that it matters... I just don't like grey areas :coffee:

  • Carrington

    Why do people feel the need to "out" someone who clearly has no desire to be out? I think you'd be on the winning end to bet that Queen is a lesbian, but if SHE isn't ready to share that with the world, who are we to kick that closet door open for her?

    I hate when people say, "she/he needs to be who she/he is and stop lying" - maybe who Queen is to YOU is an entertainer, and what happens in her bedroom ain't your fukkin business, no?

    What happens in Queen Latifah's bedroom is of no consequence to me unless I'm fukking her. If she feels the need to keep what happens on her mattress between her and the person she's on that mattress with, why do people think it's OK to continue to probe? The same people who think Queen Latifah owes it to them to say who she's lickin' and stickin', are the same ones who would cuss your a$$ out if you asked them how much they make per hour.

    It's funny that gay people came out when they were ready, when they were mentally, financially, and socially ready, but the minute they come out, they forget that they had to get there, so they think it's their job to drag someone else out, whether that person is psychologically, or socially ready to do so.

    Some $hit just ain't up for discussion, get over yourselves.

  • ELove

    @Ms Everything
    If SHE Really didn't give a DAMN then It's very SIMPLE...
    Two Words ---> NO COMMENT :yes:

    Then Say "Next question Please"... And her Sexuality doesn't concern me Either because Her Puzzy don't make me Want To SNIFF :coffee:

  • Ms. Everything

    Elove - Has she ever made an actual statement on it? Cause I don't remember her saying one way or the other. I like the way she goes about her business, does interviews but keeps her personal life out of her business life. I don't even remember a real journalist ever asking the question to begin with :shrugs:

  • therapist1911

    I agree with Ms. Everything & Carrington.

  • datsmdubya2u

    @ Carrington



  • iscream

    If and when she comes out all the headline will say is.. oh, we already knew. Just like with past celeb's who have "come out" the thrill is in the chase. So, if she wants to continue to be chased she'll continue to ignore it.

    Neil Patrick Harris played a convincing straight man in the Smurf movie even though I did keep thinking he's gay... :shrug:

  • Ididntreallymeanit

    @ Carrington I agree

  • ELove

    @Ms. Everything
    Don't remember the Actual publications or the exact dates of the interviews BUT she's been ASKED Directly about her Sex-Life (JUST LIKE All celebrities are...) and She would answer with "Person" and "Individual" instead of "Him/Her" or "He/She" ... AGAIN "NO COMMENT" would've been much more Suffix (SEE John Cusack for Reference...) :coffee:

  • Ms. Everything

    Answering no comment to a question of whether or not you're gay is just another way of saying yes :coffee: If and when she's ready, she'll say it but no one should be asking her anyway. That's one of those questions that's just ridiculous... I mean I would never walk up to someone I met and say hey are you gay? Certain things just go too far imo and I highly doubt any reputable paper or reporter asked her about her sexuality but let me google it

  • ELove

    I FEEL that celebrities shouldn't share ANY PERSONAL Information with the public (ZERO!!!) Because when you share a Little they will ONLY WANT MORE from Them (Real)

    NO ASPECTS of their PERSONAL LIFE should be up for discussion but YET Celebrities WILLINGLY tell some of the Personal Business THEY would like YOU To Know (Regarding Their Personal Life) and WONDER Why they get hounded for MORE

    They Foolishly put themselves to THIS Trick-Bag -- IMO :yes:

  • ELove

    @Ms Everything (Comment #15)
    YOU can't be Serious... These Celebrity interviewers are Ridiculously RUDE & are ALWAYZ asking Celebrities the MOST Ridiculously Personal Questions W/O Any F-ing SHAME (WORD)

    YOUR Sensibilities (And MINE...) have Absolutely NOTHING to do with the Ethics of Celebrity-Gossip type Interviewers... Please let's not try and Interject REAL Morals-n-Ethics when speaking of this Hollyweird Celebrity World because they aren't Comparable At All :coffee:

  • IsaiahsMom

    I'm an die-hard hair weave wearer, so I can make this argument. Hair magazines and the storyline from the cover above KILL ME when they have pictures of artist/performers/actors/whatnot that wear hair extensions/wigs, etc., paired with articles about how to do you hair so that it can look fly. They even go so far as to have the person photo in a salon chair as if they are teaching others how to get flawless-long hair. Yeah--I know how. I go down the Hair Store, get me some 27 silky-straight 12in length and keep it moving. That's exactly what Mary J, Rihanna, Janet, Beyonce, etc., did too! I also hate when these same "models" model hair color for the major hair product lines. HELLO! Beyonce's color is that 'vibrant' because they dyed it that way before it even reached her head NOT because she used Loreal, or some ish like that.
    Okay y'all--I feel better. Thanks for letting me vent.

  • IsaiahsMom


    Anywho--King looks good here! :bow:

    Hey everybody!!!!

  • Ms. Everything

    Elove you're right there, these gossip reporters don't give a damn about ethics I completely :cosign: there... BUT just cause they do it doesn't make it right imo (and only my opinion)..

    I googled it though and found two articles with somewhat respectable magazines where her sexuality came up, one in Upscale and one in Essence and in both she basically said it's no ones business and she doesn't have to confirm or deny anything. I feel you on the personal lives of celebs but just because they open up in certain areas doesn't mean they are obligated to open up about every aspect of their lives and some things should just be private

  • Ms. Everything

    :rofl: @Isaiahs Mom but I feel you lol... I don't wear weaves (anymore) but for me it's just like the makeup commercials where their covergirl/loreal looks flawless and perfect when the truth is they've got makeup artists using professional grade makeup. I know a few makeup artists and none of them use anything on clients that can be bought in a drugstore

  • ELove

    @Ms. Everything
    Just TWO Huh (Hmmmmmm...) Well Queen is YT Hollyweird Big-Time Now (Has been SINCE that "Chicago" Role) The others just became part of the Internet-Disposal Then (IT HAPPENS) :coffee:

  •!/Birdshu Bird

    Why people keep saying she's in when she's out? There is no need for her to keep talking about it. If Jeanette is good with being hidden then so be it. That might be the question I'd ask. Something like, "We know when celebs of your caliber are in long term relationships. They do interviews together, they go to events together, they walk the red carpet together. How does Jeanette feel about you guarding your private life so feircely that you don't acknowledge her as your life partner publicly?"

    I'm sure many have tried to ask, but she is so guarded the question never makes it to the light of day.

  • Sandra Rose

    Bird says:

    How does Jeanette feel about you guarding your private life so feircely that you don’t acknowledge her as your life partner publicly?”

    Jeanette is wayyy out of the closet. But you're right: I hear Jeanette feels some kind of way about never being publicly acknowledged by her lover. She loves the fact that everyone already knows but she would like to be acknowledged and walk red carpets together. I feel bad for her :(

  • RoderickXYZ

    SnootyPooty says:

    Sandra Rose says:
    Jeanette is wayyy out of the closet. But you’re right: I hear Jeanette feels some kind of way about never being publicly acknowledged by her lover. She loves the fact that everyone already knows but she would like to be acknowledged and walk red carpets together. I feel bad for her

    So if Latifah were to publicly proclaim her lesbianism then people like you Snooty and Sandra would claim that she's trying to push the gay agenda and as for Jeanette being out of the closet her profession allows her more leeway than acting does Latifah.

    Even though it sounds stupid directors don't want to put an openly lesbian or gay in role where they play a heterosexual because the audience wouldn't find them believable.

  • Feline Feminine

    I think I've stated this before on SR, but everyone pretty much KNOWS that she is a lesbian...she doesn't NEED to "come out" of the closet...

    She also is big on avoiding those pushers of the gay agenda. A few years ago the gay mafia (as Sandra puts it) were trying to force her to come out of the closet during the People's Choice Awards or else they were threatening to boycott her work. That in and of itself is insulting because it's no one's business either way. I think she would be just as comfortable living her life just as privately if she were a straight woman. :shrugs:

  • ELove

    YOU have a Very Valid & Factual point because those directors are some STR8 Sum B-I-T-C-H-E-S (MF-ing Real...) And would squash any chances she had of Potential Roles as a STR8 Female Thus significantly eliminating $10 Million Checks she's BEEN USE to Cashing :yes:

    And regardless of the FACT that us astute individuals know what's up... So many of the General population STILL Don't have a Clue because They're the TYPE that won't believe ANYTHING Unless it comes from that Person's Mouth... EVEN if it's a COMPLETE LIE (Word) :coffee:

    @Mamacita :thumbsup:

  • SnootyPooty

    I personally could careless but when you go out of your way to create a diversion from the truth I have issues. After she did set it off she lied so Much about being a lesbian I use to see queen at Michelle zzz peanuts club in cally all the time hugging and kissing on females so miss me.

  • SnootyPooty

    If you don't want people in your business neither confirm or deny!!!!!!!!

  • GAGIRL87

    Um Sandra maybe YOU should think about doing a lil interviewing on the side or are you scurred lol :thinking: it's cool when your typing behind the scenes some of the ish you wright wouldn't fly face to face... :nono: I still love you Sandy :coffee:

  • MrUnapologetic

    Why do we care if Latifah is gay or not? Why is that so important for us to know and have her admit? Contrary to the opinion of most having her come OUT of the closet is NOT going to change anything for anyone in the gay community, but it will hurt HER career. Latifah not a white woman... She doesn't have the Ellen/Rosie O'Donnell privilege. Latifah's demographic is the black community and once the black church learn she's a lesbo they will smite her! Everyone knows that black people - especially black church folks - are some of the most homophobic human beings on the planet. I think she's better off never-EVER admitting shyt! Anyone who has an inkling of dicernment knows what time it is. Does it really need to be confirmed?

  • free

    who styled her for this cover? the queen is usually on point but....