This is a friendly reminder that the world is scheduled to end tomorrow.

According to radio preacher Harold Camping's latest prediction, "Rapture 2.0" will begin just after midnight tonight in some parts of the world. It isn't clear when the Rapture will reach the U.S.

In an announcement on his Family Radio Network website, Camping said the world will end -- for sure -- on October 21st, as God unleashes fire, brimstone and deadly earthquakes, though not necessarily in that order.

Some of you might be skeptical, but it is strongly suggested that you get your affairs in order... just in case.

According to the AJC, Timothy Lloyd, pastor Oakhurst Church in Decatur, is taking the latest Doomsday prediction seriously. Well, sort of:

"I am working on my sermon for Sunday," he said with a smile. "I have compassion on the folks who get fooled by this stuff because life is tough and these predictions give people a glimmer of hope. It gives folks a solid sense, an assurance of where things are going, because they can actually point to a date on a calendar."

Tennis star Serena Williams doesn't understand what all the fuss is about her hair on the blogs. Besides the fact that she wears a ton of weave, it is highly unlikely that any scalp abnormalities (such as alopecia) would show up through all of that Yaki. But Serena is extremely delighted that her name is once again on your lips. Serena was spotted as she arrived at BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood, CA, last night.

Toni Braxton's sister, Towanda Braxton, visited the set of BET's 'The Game' yesterday in Atlanta, where she posed with director Bille Woodruff. Woodruff directed the first episode of the upcoming season of 'The Game' yesterday.

We just received word that Towanda's sisters, Tamar and Trina Braxton, stars of "Braxton Family Values", will chat live Exclusively with readers during a Ustream video session next Wednesday right here on! Tamar and Trina will take your questions and they will give us the scoop about the upcoming season of their reality show! Anyone can view the Ustream session, but Tamar and Trina will only take questions from registered SR members. So stay tuned for more details!
Photo: LGM Consulting, Inc

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Ten New Birth Baptist Church parishioners lost more than a million dollars after investing in a company endorsed by Bishop Eddie Long, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday in DeKalb County state court.

The suit charges that in October 2009, Bishop Long held a 3-day investment seminar at which he introduced City Capital Corporation's then-CEO, Ephren Taylor to his congregation. Church members were encouraged to invest their hard-earned cash in the company, attorney Jason Doss told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

"I am responsible for everyone I bring before you and what they say," Long said at the seminar, according to the lawsuit. "The gentleman that I am going to bring before you is an ordained minster. That gives me great pride to bring him for you."

Long was probably aware of the impending litigation when he uploaded a video to YouTube on Feb. 2, 2011 pleading with the investment company to "do what's right" and return the invested money with interest.

He claimed neither he nor the church benefited financially from City Capitol Corporation.

But both the church and Long were compensated for their roles in soliciting the investments, the lawsuit contends.

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According to a press release, Ciroc sponsored a meet and greet for rapper T.I. at the ultra-chic Philippe Restaurant in Manhattan on October 17, 2011. Celebrities guests included Super producer Swizz Beatz, Young hip hop star J. Cole, BMX superstar Nigel Sylvester, Los Angeles Lakers Derek Fisher, New York Giants Deon Grant, rap icon(?) Jadakiss and many others.

T.I. was dressed casually in AKOO jeans, Air Jordan sneakers, a fleece hoodie and his favorite iced-out Audemars Piguet watch (around $100k). During the affair, guests received signed copies of Power & Beauty along with a lavish gift bag courtesy of AKOO Clothing.

“We’re happy and extremely proud of T.I.’s newest achievement adding novelist to his repertoire and seeing him grow into this multi-talented and inspiring individual,” said Jason Geter, Co-founder of AKOO Clothing and CEO of Grand Hustle Records.

Geter is pictured above, 2nd from right, with L-R: Grand Hustle's Mel Testamark, Swizz Beatz, and AKOO's Jeff Belizaire.

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Yesterday, First Lady Michelle Obama told iVillage that Barack Obama doesn't like when his daughters watch the reality TV show 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'.

Now the Kardashian clan say they are shocked and dismayed at the presidential insult.

The Kardashian clan says they were completely blindsided when Michelle Obama revealed that Barack doesn't like when their daughters watch their reality show ... insisting the President has them pegged all wrong.

The K-squad is telling friends ... they read Michelle's new interview with iVillage ... in which she said, "Barack really thinks some of the Kardashians -- when they watch that stuff -- he doesn't like that as much."

We're told the Kardashians were "surprised" by the news ... because Obama personally told Khloe he thought "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" was a "great show" when they met last year.

In fact, the Kardashians believe Sasha and Malia could actually LEARN something from the show ... because it features girls in real-life situations facing real-life problems ... health, relationships, the whole gamut.

According to online reports, Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has died of wounds inflicted by NATO forces in his hometown of Sirte, Libya, where he was hiding out this morning . He was 69.

Gaddafi once famously praised U.S. President Barack Obama for being a fellow Muslim, and he adored Condoleezza Rice, calling her a "darling black African woman."

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Jay Z's new artist, Bridget Kelly, is being referred to as an Alicia Keys clone. The artist joins Willow Smith and Alexis Jordan on Jay Z's RocNation Records, and she follows in the footsteps of JZ protege, Rihanna.

Bridget's voice is so reminiscent of Alicia Keys that she replaced Keys during Jay Z's live performances of "Empire State of Mind". But does the music industry need another LSLH Alicia Keys clone?

Kelly's EP, titled Every Girl, dropped online today. The 1st single off the EP is "Seek & Destroy, written by The Dream and produced by Shea Taylor.

The track listing and download link for Every Girl are below.

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Thanks to the hip hop community, luxury brand MCM (Mode Creation Munich) has seen a huge resurgence in consumer interest in its products.

For a limited time only, the NY flagship store is offering 10% off on the new Visetos Series Pony Collection for MCM. These gorgeous bags featuring cognac monogram canvas and pony hair hybrid will make you the envy of your clique!

This offer is valid starting Monday, October 17th through Sunday, October 23rd.

Email Gabriella or Eva at with any inquiries about this special offer or call the store at 212.832.2626.

Images: MCM Worldwide

As we told you on Monday, Rihanna's music video for her current single "We Found Love" would premiere this week. The music video highlights Rihanna's disturbing tendency to cling to unavailable men such as Chris Brown and Matt Kemp. Then when these men predictably abuse her (verbally or physically), instead of moving on with her life she blames them for her own inadequacies and spirals emotionally out of control.

Meanwhile, Rihanna's successor, singer Miranda Brooke (pictured above), held a meet and greet for New York's music industry yesterday. Unlike Rihanna, Miranda is a talented singer who has a long, promising career ahead of her.

Watch Rihanna's music video after the break.

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Loyal reader Jan'Net B. emailed us to point out the fact that the late singer Marvin Gaye's wife also faked her pregnancy. Here's an excerpt from TruTV:

The couple had failed to conceive a child so in 1965 had faked a pregnancy, with Anna wearing maternity clothes and Marvin bragging about the upcoming birth. On her due date they adopted a son they named Marvin III.

The ruse was planned by Marvin, apparently shamed by the lack of manliness that adoption might imply. Source

Ja'Net also sent along a clip purporting to show different angles of Beyonce from that infamous Australian interview. But as Ja'Net pointed out, the video shows nothing that we haven't already seen. Here's what she wrote:

"P.S. I've read some readers posts stating that you won't post the video where they "prove" that Beyonce is pregnant provided the different camera angle shots. That was pure comedy, which they should have never produced. That video showed NOTHING! It was for ratings where they claimed that all angles were blocked, and the way that they confirmed her pregnancy was by the "fact" that she was "glowing."

Please read the rest of Ja'Net's email after the break!

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Yesterday we told you about Beyonce attending a children's birthday party with her hubby Jay Z in Brooklyn. According to the NY Times gossip column Page Six, Beyonce's fiercely loyal bodyguard, Julius, shooed away one mom who tried to take a photo of her. Well, one of the party goers was able to sneak a pic of the singer off guard.

Here's a question for you moms: do 5 month pregnant women normally sit with their backs hunched over like that? Is her poor posture safe for her fetus (if there is one)? So many questions...

Image spotted on RWS

"Basketball Wives: LA" cast member Gloria Govan recaps BBW LA, episode 8, in case you missed it.

Regarding Jackie Christie's apparent obsession with all things Draya, Gloria writes:

It’s nice to see Jackie, who has been in the game for so long, take Draya under her wing and show her the ropes in terms of business. But things take an UGLY turn when Jackie’s gossiping becomes tiresome. Her constant rant about Laura is becoming overwhelming. Why she doesn’t just approach her and talk to her about it is immature and childish. Their problems could have been solved ages ago if Jackie would tell Laura how her feelings were hurt, but instead she dances around it and vents to everyone else.

While Gloria and Matt Barnes are in the Bay area for their sons' Christening, Gloria muses about getting married to the Lakers bench player. But she wisely decides to wait until he's done sowing his wild oats. Back in LA, Govan dons sexy lingerie for a photo shoot, and Matt is so turned on he takes a bite out of her butt cheek.

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Rihanna's bank account is $1 million lighter after she settled a lawsuit with celebrity photog David LaChapelle for stealing his ideas in her music video.

In his lawsuit, LaChapelle cited raunchy scenes in Rihanna's “S&M” music video which were direct copies of his provocative pictures.

In July, a federal judge agreed with the celebrated lensman, saying the lawsuit had merit and could proceed through the courts.

Rihanna and her lawyers collapsed like a house of cards and quickly agreed to a financial settlement.

Jaret Keller, LaChapelle’s publicist, confirmed Rihanna had settled the case but declined to comment further. He said, “David is happy with the settlement.”

“I like RiRi,” said LaChapelle earlier this summer. “This is not personal, it’s strictly business. Musicians commonly pay to sample music or use someone’s beats and there should be no difference when sampling an artist’s visuals.”

Good for him! Now maybe Rihanna will stop trying to be like Beyonce and actually hire a video director with some talent and creativity for her music videos.


Rapper T.I., more commonly known as "Tip" to his friends and family, visited the ladies of The View yesterday while in New York on a book tour. T.I talked about his post-prison life and his book, Power & Beauty, which hit store shelves yesterday.

The interview went about as you might have expected:

SHERRI SHEPHERD: "In 2007, you spent 7 months in prison for buying machine guns. Then you were released. Then 9 months later you were sent back to prison for another 10 months, because it was reports that there was..."
T.I.: "Eleven..."

SHERRI SHEPHERD: "11 months... it was reports that there was ecstasy in the car that you were driving."
T.I.: "Yup."

SHERRI SHEPHERD: "What happened then?"
T.I.: "What happened? Well, uh, I was pulled over and ecstasy was found in the car I was driving."

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