Former heavyweight boxing champ recently lost his sprawling $10 million dollar mansion to foreclosure. The 54,000 sq. ft. Fayetteville, Georgia mansion sold at a loss for $7.5 million on the courthouse steps on March 6, according to

According to his senior advisor, Holyfield was "confident that an amiable agreement" would be reached so he could stay in his home that was fit for a king. But he lost that fight. So today was moving day.

A loyal reader snapped a pic of Holyfield's prized 1984 Corvette secured to the back of a tow truck rolling down Jonesboro road just moments ago. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my spy spotted eight huge 18-wheelers parked on the property. Moving men were busy loading the trucks with Holyfield's worldly possessions.

There's no word on where Holyfield is moving to.

My reader initially thought the IRS was cleaning Holyfield out. But the towing company, Rhino Auto Towing, are in the business of transporting, not repossessing autos to relieve tax liabilities.

The mansion was snapped up by JP Morgan bank which held the mortgage. A portion of the sale will go toward Holyfield's $250,000 tax bill to the IRS.

Holyfield owed more than $14 million dollars on the house -- plus $2500 in foreclosure costs. The mansion boasts 109 room and sits on 235 acres which includes 2 private lakes and a baseball field. The crib even comes with a designer address -- Evander Holyfield highway.

In addition to numerous close calls with foreclosures in the past, Holyfield still owes $320,000 in late child support payments. He is no longer a heavyweight contender but, according to Wikipedia, Holyfield has at least 11 mouths to feed.

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      Damn! 109 rooms?! Living well beyond his means.

    • luVn_liFe…

      Sucks for him!

    • Sandra Rose

      The blog will be down for about 30 minutes. Just a heads up. :pc:

    • datsmdubya2u

      Sandra Rose says:

      The blog will be down for about 30 minutes. Just a heads up.


      :cry: Twice in one day? OH THE HUMANITY! :dead:

    • Bella’s Master

      mic check 1-2-1-2

    • ItsIce

      Hol up.
      109 rooms?
      He must have some serious sleepovers.

    • tammyrozay

      lol at mean while back at the ranch.
      wow holyfield blew through so much money you would think with all the money he had he would make sure he would always have a roof over his head.

    • Audacious2

      Damn shame. He should've ask Creflo for some of that $8-Million donation back.
      Didn't this house once have a big brass/gold-plate dome on top?
      He got any sense he would take his baby-making self to HSN or QVC and start selling some grills or brownie-pans. I hope he's doing right by his brood of little Holyfields.

    • mszladyb

      I drove by there a few times and it is HUGE. It should be a lesson learned in what vanity will get you.


      man, i been to a ton of parties there and it is a marvelous house.. Its sad all the money he made he didn't just pay the house off.. big dummy.... he needs all those rooms for all those kids he has... :haha:

    • Nhere

      The entire fam would have to live there mama side, daddy side, cousins and all.

      IRiS has been coming down hard on black folks, watch yourself and take notes. :coffee:

    • Secret

      No one should get a house with so many rooms in it. You dont know who or what is lurking there. Yeah, I have a morbid mind.

    • Redeemed777

      Can someone be kind, and please direct me to this verse in the Bible:

      ''A fool and his money are soon parted''

      I can't find it, and somebody said it is not in the Bible.

    • Ni ni

      lol@nhere...i bet there were parts of that house they hadnt been in years. I couldnt rest with all those rooms. I'd be scared to go to the kitchen at night. Like Secret said no telling who or what (i.e. Spooks) is in there.

    • missmiami

      :no: was disappointed by HHAtl tonight. Mimi is pitiful

    • AirForceGirl

      @Redeemed777 says:

      Can someone be kind, and please direct me to this verse in the Bible:

      ”A fool and his money are soon parted”

      I can’t find it, and somebody said it is not in the Bible.


      That is not scripture...that is a quote said by Thomas Tusser (sp). :yes:

    • ELove

      @BK2ATLMAN :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

      Maannnnn THAT Crib is Madd-Tight Though (YUP...) :coffee:

    • charleybrown

      Damn Shame! :shrug:

    • brownskin A.K.A Creamy

      oh, Im not surprise, they all do stupid ish, why is it :shrugs: I cant figure that out either. I just can't :no: anyway Morning

    • BoogieNites

      testing. testing. 1, 2.

      is this thing on ? :hi:

    • Mother Jefferson

      When the checks stop coming in :coffee:

    • free

      when it was first built, he WAS afraid to stay in it at night. he had a friend live there with him, lol.

      waay back in the day, he said that he deposited funds from each fight into his children's trust fund so the kids should be taken care of.

      it'll be funny if the ex-wife still lives in the original house next door to this one.

    • NaijaGal

      Even if he had paid it off, he would still owe 6 figure taxes every year...and therein lies the issue with some of these folks...they build these million dollar(s) homes and forget every year you still got to PAY YOUR TAXES...then add his child support yikes

    • !*LaKErCHiC@*!

      morning.. is this thing on! :waiting: I HAVE A FEELING IT WILL BE DOWN SOON :wail:

    • Tainted_Love

      Smh! A fool and his money....

    • Mother Jefferson

      I hope Sandra has paid the light bill for July :coffee:

    • GAGIRL87

      Uggghhhhh I can't stand his nose *screams* :cuss: Some of this people quote on quote "rich" people need to take classes on how to maintain your wealth b/c this chit here I can't :no. If I ever get rich I wanna be well prepared :yawn: Morning all :hi:

    • GAGIRL87


      missmiami says:

      was disappointed by HHAtl tonight. Mimi is pitiful


      Joseline is hilarious she can't talk for chit :rofl:

      MiMi'S voice is soooooooooooo f.ucking annoying too me!!!!!

    • cheeks8683

      Why do folks feel like they have to go alllllll out when they get a big check or 2? I'm paranoid as all get out when it comes to big purchases. I tend to think of the future and if by any chance I hit some hard times if I could still afford to maintain the lrge ticket item (ie car, house, etc). When I hear 109 bedrooms all I ca think about is how high my electric bill would be during the summer months and Christmas holiday when my house would suddenly turn into a hotel...

    • brownskin A.K.A Creamy

      the system was never set up to keep black folks rich, and never to give them wealth. :coffee: