Bruno Mars’ Sisters Sign Recording, Modeling Deals

You may not know who The Lylas are, but you will. Short for Love You Like A Sister, The Lylas have the sound, and more importantly, the look that the record labels are searching for. In addition to signing a recording contract, the Filipina and Puerto Rican-American singing quartet also signed a modeling contract with Robinsons Department Stores.

The Robinsons Department Store ad campaign will launch later this year, according to ABS-CBN News.

Not content with being in the shadow of their brother Peter, better known as singer Bruno Mars, The Lylas are working on releasing their debut album in October.

The ladies are also philanthropists; oldest sister Jamie Hernandez founded the global charity group Mothers About Making Amends (Mama Earth) five years ago.

Robinsons is more than happy to contribute to Jamie’s charity. “They have a thing going right now if you spend a certain amount a percentage of the sales they have these reusable shopping bag and a part of the proceeds from that will be donate to charity and to Mama Earth,” Jamie said.

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    32 Responses to “Bruno Mars’ Sisters Sign Recording, Modeling Deals”

    1. 1

      Good for them! Hopefully there is talent included

    2. 2
      prynsexxx says:

      Oh. I can’t wait. :tea:

    3. 3
      KDub says:

      bruno =’s :snort:


    4. 4
      Bad Influence says:

      oh word?? not interested… :coffee:

    5. 5
      MochaT says:

      Hope they are talented. So tired of looks making people a celebrity!

    6. 6
      NaijaGal says:

      whatever happened to The Jets

      how did you know
      cause I never told
      you found out
      I got a crush on you

    7. 7
      Bad Influence says:

      @Naija :buttshake: i miss that song!

    8. 8
      BoogieNites says:


    9. 9
      BoogieNites says:

      FYI –>> per her usual, kdub cuttn up downstairs :lol:

    10. 10
      Bad Influence says:

      :yawn: its wack today…


    11. 11
      Ms. Everything says:

      Cute girls and I :heart: Bruno. He might be tiny and might have a propensity towards snorting coke off public restroom toilets but the boy has talent coming out his ears :yes:

    12. 12
      ELove says:

      and more importantly, the look that the record labels are searching for.


    13. 13
      brownskin A.K.A Creamy says:

      meunedo :waves: afternoon

    14. 14
      brown_skin83 says:


    15. 15
      Ms. Everything says:

      Oh and I’m pretty sure they have talent cause I remember reading somewhere that his whole family parents/siblings/uncles everybody used to perform together. That was one of the ways they made their living (if my memory serves me correctly which it usually does :D )

    16. 16
      yanibunny02 says:

      Meh.. :coffee: guess the news is gettin slow now..

    17. 17
      kingstonn says:

      they’re pretty. that’s all i got. :shrug:

    18. 18

      Bruno has looooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg paper…

      Long a they don’t sing in cursive like Joseline I’ll support.

    19. 19
      Ms.Fashion says:

      Sothey want to be THE JETS???? :shrug:



    20. 20
      BoogieNites says:

      Ms.E — those r the quintanilla’s, silly :lol: ! RIP Selena

      *pours tequila out for thaSR hermana, !Laker :grill:

    21. 21
      Ms.Fashion says:

      NaijaGal says:

      whatever happened to The Jets

      how did you know
      cause I never told
      you found out
      I got a crush on you


      We had the same thoughts!!


      You got it over him
      Honey its true
      There’s just you
      You must have been heaven sent
      Hearing me call you went
      Out on a Limb
      And your all that he’s not
      Just look what I got
      Cause you got it allllll

      All over himmmmmmmmmmmm

      :yes: My JAM!!!

    22. 22

      Well, we know they aint relying on their looks.

    23. 23
      Ms. Everything says:

      Lmao @Boogie no I swear it was his family too except in Hawaii… man hell… brb

      Aww RIP Selena

    24. 24
      NaijaGal says:

      MSFASHION :fistbump: I just :love: that song


      Tonight it’s been a year
      We met each other here
      Here I am all alone
      As thoughts of you go on

      Hear me crying out to you
      You said, “Never, never would I leave”
      Here’s a tear from me to you
      And maybe it will make you hear me

      I loved you
      You didn’t feel the same
      Though we’re apart
      You’re in my heart
      Give me one more chance to
      Make it real

    25. 25
      Ms. Everything says:

      Okay, so my memory semi- failed me for once :cuss:

      His father was a percussionist, his mama was a singer and dancer and his uncle did something performance related… the sisters weren’t included, but I was close :lol:

    26. 26
      rjk8 says:

      They’re BLEACHING!!! :coffee:

    27. 27
      ELove says:

      The Jets was DOPE Though… THEY were Hella “Funny LQQKING” But They had Some CUTZ Though (YUP…) :coffee:

    28. 28
      SuthernBelle4 says:

      they cute, but nothing to write home about :tea: but they do have the “look” so oh well

    29. 29
      AprilRain says:

      Congrats to these natural beauties! Don’t see any obvious plastic about them, so they must have singing talent!! I wish them the best and I hope this will be a great journey for them !

    30. 30
      MsDivaRo says:

      Loved the Jets! Rocket to you and You got it all were my jams!

    31. 31
      datsmdubya2u says:

      rjk8 says:

      They’re BLEACHING!!! :coffee:


      yeppers!!!!! :coffee:

      lookit all the love they get here

    32. 32
      LongLegged says:

      Can we forget about the Kardashians now?

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