Unemployed reality TV star Evelyn Lozada was spotted strolling on the beach near her home in Florida on Friday. Lozada, 42, wore a cap pulled down over her forehead to hide the scar from a headbutt delivered by her soon-to-be ex-husband Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, 34.

Both Lozada and Johnson lost their jobs on a reality TV show as a result of the unscheduled fight.

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A disturbed 19-year-old woman was arrested and charged with kidnapping and other charges after she abducted a 3-day-old boy from a Pittsburgh hospital Thursday.

Breona Moore grinned for the TV cameras as she was led away in handcuffs by police. Moore is charged with taking 3-day-old Bryce Copeland from the maternity ward of Magee-Womens hospital Thursday afternoon -- reportedly to prove she was pregnant to family members.

Police discovered Moore hiding in a stairwell in an office building near the hospital after an intense search of buildings and cars. The infant was recovered at an undisclosed location after Moore's family members called police to report their suspicions that she may be the kidnapper.

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A 17-year-old girl who was reported missing two years ago escaped from a home in Washington Park, Illinois this week, according to news reports. The girl who is now 17 told police she was held against her will, beaten and repeatedly raped for 2 years by a man and his mother. The girl told police she gave birth to her captor's child (who is seen being carried out of the home by members of a SWAT team).

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A gunman opened fire on New Yorkers and tourists as they prepared to enter the Empire State building's observatory deck Friday morning.

According to news reports, the gunman was killed by police officers after he shot at least 10 people in front of the Empire State Building around 9 a.m.

Officials said two people are dead, including the gunman, and 9 others suffered gunshot wounds and other injuries related to the shooting. Police aren't clear if the shooting was a dispute between two people, but police say there is no link to terrorism.

The gunman, who is described as white, was armed with a sawed off shotgun, according to law enforcement.

The mass shooting renewed calls for gun control after the recent mass shootings in Colorado by a deranged college student who ordered thousands of ammunition online.

Proponents of gun control say guns should be taken out of the hands of citizens who are not in the military or law enforcement.

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Troubled singer Rihanna was seen dining alone at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica, Thursday. She was wearing a fitted black leather top. Rihanna made a fool out of herself during an interview with Oprah which aired last week. The 24-year-old Bajan said she thought singer Chris Brown loved her, even after he put his shoe on her during their spectacular fight in 2009. Now friends say Rihanna is lost and depressed, and she's weary of giving her heart to another man (or woman) for fear of being hurt. Her feelings are understandable, but if she knew the difference between love and dopamine she wouldn't have these problems.

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An infant boy who was abducted from a Pittsburgh hospital was found safe this evening.

WPXI reports that the missing newborn baby was found at 6 p.m. and is on his way back to Magee hospital to be evaluated.

According to police, the baby was found in downtown Pittsburgh on Fourth Avenue. A woman is in custody and another woman is being sought by police. The 2nd woman is believed to be driving a white Mercedes Benz with out of state tags.

The suspect abducted the 3-day old baby from Magee hospital as his mother was preparing to be discharged.

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A few parents fell out in the theater this past weekend when a gay character "came out" in the new children's film ParaNorman. One mom emailed me to get my readers thoughts on the movie industry introducing homosexuality into children's films.

The movie's producers hope to create a dialog about same sex relationships between parents and their small children after viewing ParaNorman. My opinion is that small children, 5-7 years old, have no clue what their parents are talking about when they attempt to explain 2 boys getting it on. It makes no sense to me why grown folks continue to force adult sexual situations onto small children.

Read the email after the break.

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Former Football Wives star Chanita Foster held a charity concert for her Beyond The Game Foundation at Park Tavern in Atlanta on Wednesday night. Proceeds from the charity will benefit a school built by the foundation in Africa, and to feed children in Africa. Chanita is very civic minded and generous with her wealth and her time. Kudos to her. Celebs in the house included R&B Divas stars KeKe Wyatt, Sylenna Johnson and Nicci Gilbert, RL from the group Next, former reality star Q, Real Houswives of Atlanta star Derek J, music producer Jazze Phae, and more.

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