Troubled singer Rihanna was seen dining alone at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica, Thursday. She was wearing a fitted black leather top. Rihanna made a fool out of herself during an interview with Oprah which aired last week. The 24-year-old Bajan said she thought singer Chris Brown loved her, even after he put his shoe on her during their spectacular fight in 2009. Now friends say Rihanna is lost and depressed, and she's weary of giving her heart to another man (or woman) for fear of being hurt. Her feelings are understandable, but if she knew the difference between love and dopamine she wouldn't have these problems.

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An infant boy who was abducted from a Pittsburgh hospital was found safe this evening.

WPXI reports that the missing newborn baby was found at 6 p.m. and is on his way back to Magee hospital to be evaluated.

According to police, the baby was found in downtown Pittsburgh on Fourth Avenue. A woman is in custody and another woman is being sought by police. The 2nd woman is believed to be driving a white Mercedes Benz with out of state tags.

The suspect abducted the 3-day old baby from Magee hospital as his mother was preparing to be discharged.

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A few parents fell out in the theater this past weekend when a gay character "came out" in the new children's film ParaNorman. One mom emailed me to get my readers thoughts on the movie industry introducing homosexuality into children's films.

The movie's producers hope to create a dialog about same sex relationships between parents and their small children after viewing ParaNorman. My opinion is that small children, 5-7 years old, have no clue what their parents are talking about when they attempt to explain 2 boys getting it on. It makes no sense to me why grown folks continue to force adult sexual situations onto small children.

Read the email after the break.

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Former Football Wives star Chanita Foster held a charity concert for her Beyond The Game Foundation at Park Tavern in Atlanta on Wednesday night. Proceeds from the charity will benefit a school built by the foundation in Africa, and to feed children in Africa. Chanita is very civic minded and generous with her wealth and her time. Kudos to her. Celebs in the house included R&B Divas stars KeKe Wyatt, Sylenna Johnson and Nicci Gilbert, RL from the group Next, former reality star Q, Real Houswives of Atlanta star Derek J, music producer Jazze Phae, and more.

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Alicia Keys' new album Girl On Fire is set for a Nov. 27 release. Just moments ago, the 31-year-old singer released the cover art for the album on her Twitter page. Keys looks stiff and matronly as she wraps herself in a black sarong dress with zippered sleeves from her neck down. She also tweeted a link to behind-the-scenes video which you can view after the break.

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It seems that most of rap mogul Jay Z's friends are either in prison or turning on him.

According to Page Six, Jay Z filed a lawsuit against his former personal chef, and head chef for the 40/40 Club, Mike Shand.

Jay Z hired Shand to run the sports bar's newly renovated kitchen after Shand cooked for Jigga and wife Beyonce on tour.

But after the health department shut down 40/40 earlier this year, Shand flew the coop -- taking his special recipes with him.

In court documents Jay Z's legal hounds argue that Shand's stolen recipes ended up “costing the club lost profits, loss of good will [and] alienation of clientele.” In other words, the club was hemorrhaging money (again) and Shand jumped ship rather than accept the blame for the latest failure.

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New York mayor hopeful Malcolm Smith took offense to rapper Lil Wayne saying he didn't like New York. Wayne, 29, made the snarky remark in a MTV interview that was published on

Smith spoke out in defense of the Big Apple, according to Page Six.

“I take strong exception to the words ‘I don’t like New York,’ ” said the ex-Senate majority leader in a Times Square news conference yesterday.

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Comments Off on Morning Glory: Nik Bey

Loyal reader Nik Bey writes:

Good morning Sandra,

My name is Nik Bey from Philadelphia and I'm a 40 year that just starting modeling...I know I'm on the "older" side of the game to start modeling but I enjoy being in front of the camera:) I would be honored if you would showcase some of my pictures and hopefully my Seasoned Sistahs that would like to model but afraid of their age would give it a try... CONFIDENCE IS KEY!

Have a wonderful day and keep up the good work! BTW...I can't get my day started without checking out

Be Blessed!

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Comments Off on Morning Glory: Mel Barchie

Loyal reader Mel Barchie writes:

Heyyyyy Sandra!! I have been a big fan of yours for about four years now! I waited at least two to become a follower of yours on twitter lol. My name is Mel Barhcie and I am an aspiring rapper/model from Memphis, TN. I would love to be featured in one of your Morning Glory post! I really want to thank you for giving women a platform to be seen on your site. I loooove you and I'm looking forward to seeing myself on the site :)

Twitter: @Mel_Barchie

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