Racial tensions are escalating as the presidential election draws closer. Across the country, anti-Obama vandals are stealing Obama campaign yard signs by the thousands. In Lubbock, Texas, vandals have gone a step further by shooting up the familiar red white and blue yard signs.

“There have been problems before but it’s gotten really out of hand,” Lubbock Democratic Party Chair Kenny Ketner told Lubbockonline.com. “The quantity of signs vandalized and stolen is already out of control, and now the type of vandalism has crossed a hateful line.”

“Over half a dozen of the larger signs have been stolen, vandalized or shot,” said Ketner. “And as of about 1 a.m. this morning we can add hate to the list.”

Ketner encourages residents to call the police, even if officers are slow to respond to calls about stolen yard signs.

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Over the weekend I received angry emails from readers concerned about photos of actress Zoe Saldana wearing a nappy afro wig and dark makeup in her role as the late jazz singer Nina Simone.

The 34-year-old 'Colombiana' star was chosen for the part from a list of dark skinned singers and actresses who were more qualified for the part.

Fans of Nina Simone have begun circulating a petition in hopes of garnering enough signatures to present to the filmmakers.

"Playing Nina Simone could be one of the more definitive roles as far as biopics go–it’s not that Saldana a talented actress, but it’s hard to imagine there isn’t another Black actress out there who couldn’t evoke a better Nina," writes Hellobeautiful.com.

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Rapper Lil Wayne was invited to sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" during the seventh inning of Game Six of the NLCS between the San Francisco Giants vs St. Louis Cardinals at AT&T Park on Sunday. Weezy wasn't bad at all. He did surprisingly well. Also this weekend, I bumped into Weezy's daughter, Reginae, and her mother, Toya Wright, inside Jeffrey shoe boutique at Phipps Plaza. Reginae is a sweetie pie! She even helped me pick out a pair of shoes. Reginae has good taste! :)
Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images North America

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Beyonce and Jay Z are used to getting their way. But the celebrity couple lost a trademark battle to protect the name of their firstborn child, Blue Ivy.

Beyonce and Jay Z didn't want anyone benefitting financially off their kid's name. They were planning to launch a line of Blue Ivy dolls, t-shirts and coffee mugs and they didn't want any competition. But the NY patent office sided with a wedding planner who had the Blue Ivy name before Beyonce and Jay Z thought of it.

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Actress/singer Jada Pinkett-Smith has coined a new term for stepchildren. In a tweet she sent out over the weekend, Jada referred to her stepson Trey Smith as her "bonus-son." Imagine being a child whose stepmom refers to you as a "bonus."

Websters defines a 'bonus' as "Something that is welcome and often unexpected that accompanies and enhances something that is itself good."

Moms, such as Tameka "Tiny" Harris (pictured above), happily accept their men's children as their own. In the caption under the above photo, Tiny tweeted: "Damn my boys look good!" Tiny does not draw a distinction between her biological son, King Harris (front) and her stepson, Domani (in red jacket). They are both her sons as far as she's concerned.

Similarly, Tiny's husband, Tip Harris, refers to her daughter, Zonnique Pullins, as his own.

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Comments Off on Kandi Burruss invites you to be a part of her live audience

Loyal reader Sean V (Kandi's producer) writes:

Hey Atlanta,

Please come out & join Georgia's Own Kandi Buruss, Star of Bravo's Hit TV series 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' as she embarks on her new solo Bravo Series, THE KANDI FACTORY. Come out for the Taping of a live performance this Monday (today) at Opera 1150 B Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309. Doors open at 6pm. Show starts at 7pm.

Comments Off on Morning Glory – Maternity: Tara James

Loyal reader Tara writes:

Hi Sandra,

My name is Tara James, I'm 26 years old and I live in California by way of Austin, Texas. I'm currently working full time and studying to be an EMT with the hopes of moving to Atlanta in 2 years with my family. I am a faithful reader of your blog! I visit your site several times a day just to make sure I'm keeping up with what's going on in the industry.

I always see the beautiful women in your morning glory posts and I was feeling froggy so I decided to jump :) Attached are my photos for your Morning Glory post...These aren't like the typical pictures that you post as I am 8 months pregnant with my first (and last) child.

When I was younger, my mother owned an African clothing store and I thought it would be nice to dedicate this shoot to her. They're also totally different from the mundane maternity photos that you would probably see floating around. To be featured in your Morning Glory section would be a huge honor! Thanks in advance for the consideration :)


Tara James

Update: Tara writes:

Thank you so much for choosing me to be apart of your Morning Glory section! I really, really appreciate the love. Lol! I can't stop smiling and posting the link anywhere I can. People will get tired of me by the end of the day...Thank you so much!

Oh and if your LA readers ask, the wonderful photographer was Samuel Dawes. His website is www.studioartistre.com and the talented makeup artist was Ms. Brandy Edwards. Her email address is BillieLuxBeauty@gmail.com.

Thank you again for everything...Now I can get back to reading your other posts :-)


Tara James

Ladies, submit your photos: If you think you have what it takes to be considered for a Morning Glory post, email your best studio quality photos and bikini shots to sandra @ sandrarose.com (remove spaces).

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Here is another sad sign of the times we are living in. This home video features a St. Louis mother exposing her breasts and dancing in a lewd sexually suggestive manner in front of her two young children. The woman's young son encourages his mother's raunchy behavior as another woman can be heard laughing off-camera. "Look at this booty," says the boy pointing at his mother.

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3 years ago, when former NFL player Bob Whitfield still owned his Atlanta recording studio, his ex-wife Sheree Whitfield had her hand out for more cash after she ran through the $900K lump sum he had already given her to support their 2 children Kairo and Kaleigh.

At the time, Sheree was starring in 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' and she had a fake baller image to uphold.

It's now 3 years later and Whitfield, who lives in California, is crying broke despite receiving a very generous retirement check from the NFL every month.

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Actor/director Tyler Perry has the same problem that RuPaul was faced with when he peaked in the late 1990s: RuPaul was a drag queen who wanted to be taken seriously.

As an artist you never want to stray too far from your comfort zone. Once you alienate your fan base it's difficult to win them back. With that being said, Perry, 43, suffered his worst box office opening ever with his latest movie, Alex Cross.

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British singer Adele gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, according to news reports. The 24-year-old multi-platinum singer and her partner Simon Konecki welcomed their son Friday night. Mommy and baby are healthy, and Adele is said to be "ecstatic" and "over the moon" with happiness.

Adele's sophomore album, 21, sold over 25 million copies worldwide. The album's theme of heartbreak and despair resonated with lonely women everywhere. Adele used her break up with her then-boyfriend as the inspiration for 21 which was released in January 2011. 21 earned Adele 6 Grammy awards, including album of the year.

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  • Rapper The Game is no stranger to controversy. With every album release The Game pushes the envelope of respectability and morality. The Game's latest album cover is already stirring debates among the religious set on social networking websites.

    On the west coast rapper's 5th studio album titled Jesus Piece, Jesus is portrayed as a gang banger with a red bandana covering his face. The color red signifies the Bloods, a violent west coast gang that The Game is known to be affiliated with.

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  • A Twitter user uploaded these cell phone pics of singers Chris Brown and Rihanna partying together in LA Saturday night. In one pic, Brown appears to rub Rihanna's belly. And, in another pic, the lovebirds appear to kiss.

    Brown, 23, dumped his long-suffering girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, for Rihanna after the dated secretly for over a year. A source close to Rihanna's camp tells Sandrarose.com that Brown and Rihanna will make a "Surprise announcement" after RiRi's album drops Nov. 19.

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    NFL legend Deion Sanders likes 'em young. Bossip spoke to Deion's latest conquest, Aleea Stanton, who happens to be the daughter of Angela Stanton, the woman who made all those wild accusations about Phaedra Parks.

    Aleea Stanton, who was 18 when she met Sanders, tells Bossip she met the former football star through Twitter.com in 2011.

    “I got a DM on Twitter from a guy saying, ‘Hey I’ve got a friend that wants to meet you.' I said, ‘Ok, cool who is it? He says ‘Deion Sanders,' and I said ‘Who???’”

    Aleea said she had to Google Prime Time to see who he was.

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