Celebs Out & About: Jay Z and Beyonce, Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy

Jay Z and Beyonce

Rap mogul Jay Z, 42, patiently explained the difference between a free throw (in basketball) and a free kick (in soccer) to his clueless wife Beyonce. The singer looked so lost as she sat at court side with Michael Strahan, Nicole Murphy, and other celebrities for the much-anticipated match up between the thuggish NY Knicks and Jay Z’s Brooklyn Nets at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Monday. Jay Z’s Nets won the showdown by a score of 96-89. The Jigga owns a miniscule percentage of the former NJ Nets, which gives him bragging rights over other NY area rappers.

Jay Z wearing retro Air Jordan IVs

Jay-Z wore retro Air Jordan IVs while dribbling at court side before the start of the Nets vs Knicks game at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn last night. The coveted retro Jordans in the black/cement colorway were reissued on Nov. 23.

Jay Z and Beyonce

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    25 Responses to “Celebs Out & About: Jay Z and Beyonce, Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy”

    1. 1
      Keesh says:

      Lovc them blue heels on Bey

    2. 2
      Tainted_Love says:

      Morning Auntie and Fam!

      I just love these two!

    3. 3
      lovezoe says:

      Whew! Morning peeps. My baby still under the weather. We went to the doctor and got him some antibiotics. Had to see one of the doctors I am not as fond of. Other than that, things going pretty well.

    4. 4
      luVn_liFe... says:

      good Morning Sandra
      Ms.Rose sometimes you do too Much . .
      the Thuggish NYs SMH
      Although i am not a Beyonce stan,Thats rather harsh to go in on her,of her little Knowledge of sports.many People men and women Know nothing bout sports or Certain ones for that matter.

    5. 5
      Tainted_Love says:

      @lovezoe Aww. Hope you little one feels better soon

    6. 6
      luVn_liFe... says:

      Zoe,I hope your at least doing well Inspite of.Its seems lilzoes been battling his illness Quite sometime,NO?

    7. 7
      Hershey says:

      Rap mogul Jay Z, 42, patiently explained the difference between a free throw (in basketball) and a free kick (in soccer) to his clueless wife Beyonce.


      Sandra PLEASE let Beyonce be great! :rofl:

    8. 8
      lovezoe says:

      Tainted- Thanks boo!

      Luvn- Yes. About two weeks. The doc office kept saying just use a humdifier and saline drops. Just a standard cold. Next time, I will insist he be seen or take him to urgent care. I have not had a good night sleep in over a week.

    9. 9
      Trendsetter says:

      Morning Roses

    10. 10
      SassySandra says:

      I like Beyonce with bangs…that’s all… :coffee:

    11. 11
      Afiya says:

      I like this couple and glad Jayz team won last night, big boost for Brooklyn!

    12. 12
      missmiami says:

      @ lovezoe ooooohhhh chile I remember those days so I know how you feel. So glad they are behind me. But yep doctors used to tell me the same thing. Running a hot shower and standing in the bathroom in the steam did more than a humidifier. Good luck

    13. 13
      Rolo says:

      They are just so cute together. Love me some Jay n Bey.

    14. 14
      Sandra Rose says:

      good Morning luVn_liFe :coffee:

    15. 15
      Sandra Rose says:

      @ lovezoe: It sounds like a little cold. As long as baby isn’t running a fever, he’ll be okay. :)

    16. 16
      luVn_liFe... says:

      I hope he gets better soon,I Know the toll a sick baby takes on a parent :hug:

    17. 17
      Diva says:

      :wave: good morning Roses!!!! There is a :newpost: Halle baby daddy got his face dusted and not with face powder :rofl:

    18. 18
      VDot says:

      I like them together.

    19. 19
      iyonah says:

      Yaaayyyy — glad the Nets won and Bey and Hov look :happy:

    20. 20
      iyonah says:

      Good Morning too :waves:
      :yahoo: :yahoo: Happy Tuesday!

    21. 21
      lovezoe says:

      Miam-That’s what we did. A humidifer is like 30 bucks when a shower is free.
      Sandra- He has a bronchial infection.

    22. 22
      Smonae80 says:

      Bey looks so purty here with her hubby

    23. 23
      missmiami says:

      @ lovezoe u aint never lied. Those things are expensive and dont work. My daughter would have bronchitis and asthma and we started giving her albuterol treatments. I could go on and on.

    24. 24
      GAGIRL87 says:

      Sandra, Sandra, Sandra :no: just petty!!!

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      OutsidetheBox says:


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