Beyonce and Jay Z in the studio

A groupie posted the above photo of Beyonce and Jay Z in a studio with the caption, “This is who I’m looking at right now! Jay Z and Beyonce #Blessed to be here.”

The body language of Beyonce and Jay Z appears to be tense -- especially Beyonce, who appears to be cowering in her seat. It almost looks like Jay Z is chastising his wife. It's hard to tell what is happening from a photo taken when they are off guard.

Which is why the photograph has captured the imagination of fans. It is rare for fans to see an unauthorized photo of the notoriously secretive couple. In any case, the photo was snatched down within minutes.

One of the bloggers who saved the photo before it was scrubbed from the Internet is Toya, who writes that the photo was posted to Instagram and Twitter by a songwriter for Timbaland and Missy who bragged that Beyonce compared her songwriting skills to Missy and Ester Dean.

Sadly, the songwriter's career may be over. Beyonce and Jay Z frown upon studio leaks of any kind without their authorization.

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    • luVn_liFe…

      Sandra :hug: for you,Ya Doing to Much with TOO Little :|

    • MissGauzzz

      The body language of Beyonce and Jay Z appears to be tense — especially Beyonce, who appears to be cowering in her seat.
      Sandra girl I :heart: you but that chick ain't hardly "cowering"! :-D

    • spiceykay

      I'm not sure why they would get mad at someone posting it because it's not like they are doing anything illegal. Beyonce has that I'm in my own world pose.

      Roll Tide

    • cocoa49


    • Carmez79

      i guess we are looking at different pics bec they could possibly just possibly listening to a beat. having been in the studio and seen artists at work, it is very intense when you are making music. this is reaching

    • Ni ni

      That's right Jay z snd Beyonce. I mean who does this stan think she/he is...taking a picture of the royal family.I bet these Stans will stay in their place from now on :waves: to the songwriter. Beyonce was gonna compensate you well for for letting her take the songwriting credits.

    • iscream

      Is that pics of naked women on the wall? Anywho cute pic. They seem really into whatever it is they are looking at while enjoying a glass of wine. Whoever posted this pic I hope it was worth it.... Jay can get it :hump:

    • Anna

      Happy Weekend Sandra & :waves: to all. The pic looks like a married couple tryng to figure something out(together). Nothing more, nothing less.
      @ Diva. Your little Grandman(to steal someones word) is so adorable. I took my Grand to work w/me Saturday. I needed to make a few calls. Grand kept saying (while I was on the phone w/customers) "Gannie, I wannna talk". I gave her a high lighter, some paper, and a piece of candy from my candy dish to make her be quiet. LOL.

    • Sandra Rose

      I didn't even see the glass of wine @ iscream. Good eye :thumbsup:

    • Sandra Rose

      Awww, that's sweet! @ Anna. :)

    • Cha Cha

      REACHING :yahoo:

    • Smonae80

      Good Morning :waves: Sandy
      Ni ni
      Cha reaching ain't even the word when comes to Sandy stories on Bey
      :yahoo: She in the studio, new material & possibly another tour, can't wait :yes:

    • luVn_liFe…

      Morning Roses Smonea,how you do?

    • Smonae80

      Good Luvn, how was your weekend hun?

    • luVn_liFe…

      Quiet and UneVentful :thumbsup:

    • Fated4Greatness

      They say a picutre is worth a 1,000 words but I dont see nathing in this pic related to the write up lls

    • mrsloveleigh

      Sandra really. She's cowering? Not hardly

    • Hershey

      Which is why the photograph has captured the imagination of one blogger in particular, who is truly Beyonce's biggest fan :coffee:


    • OutsidetheBox