Beyonce Knowles Super Bowl XLVII Halftime

Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime performance was so hot she caused a power surge that knocked out half the lights in the Superdome!

Okay, I'm kidding. But the lights did go out for about 30 minutes at the start of the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl in New Orleans. With the Baltimore Ravens leading the hapless San Francisco 49ers 21-6, Jacoby Jones of the Ravens returned a kickoff for 109 yards and a touchdown to give the Ravens a 27-6 lead over the 49ers. That's when the lights went out. The stadium was still buzzing from Beyonce's halftime performance that left everyone gasping for more!

Watch the performance after the break!

Kelly Rowland DC Pepsi Super Bowl


By definition, a halftime performance is a show-stopper just because the game's on hold, but Beyonce's turn at Super Bowl XLVII took that up a notch. Starting with "Crazy in Love," the recent survivor of the inauguration lip-sync frenzy charged through a red-hot medley made even hotter by her outfit. Indeed, Beyonce even risked a wardrobe malfunction by ripping off part of her leather-and-lingerie number before getting into her real groove. As rumored, former Destiny's Child mates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland joined Beyonce for a brief (very brief) reunion during the 12-minute spectacular, which left pretty much everyone needing a cold shower. Lip what?

Beyonce Knowles Super Bowl XLVII Halftime

Photos: Christopher Polk/Getty Images North America and Mark Humphrey/AP

  • kingstonn

    auntie.. you're being nice! she did a great job tho! :yes:

    did you see Keyshia Cole's shade? :hahaha:

  • LittleBigMouth

    Alright Mrs. Carter! That crotch shot though Sandra? You just have to throw some kind of shade...

    And yes, Keyshia tried it, but she was right. Michelle is so out of place in DC, it's painful to watch sometimes.

  • Donna del Gatto

    Bey did good, I just wasn't impressed with the song choices...oh and at the end everyone at my house was saying how they were tired of seeing her whip her hair all over the place over and over again... :lol:

    The outfit was hawt tho, and it was nice seeing Kelly there :yes:

  • Black Daria Secret

    Anyone catch how Michelle and Kelly's microphone was turned down way low and B's was not? This was intentional lol. Anyway, Kelly looks great.


    I thought the performance was so so. I liked it, but wanted her to sing more. She sounds very hoarse to me these days. When she sang live at the press conference, and tonight. Just doesn't sound like the Bey we all know and love.

  • RegyBery

    Y doesn't it show halo?

  • jazi65

    wig swinging + gyrating + licking finger & having kelly(who looked fabulous) & michelle yanked off before we could enjoy them = same old beyonce :shrug:

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    :shock: That pic though :shock: damn

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    Those pics weren't shade :shrugs: that's what she was popping up there all through the entire show :tea: I bet she a dead Fawk by the way :coffee: dessert sand <<< :hahaha: Just had too lol

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    But how Kelly and Michelle Mics was on 3 and Bey was on 10 :rofl: lmao

  • 100% usa made!

    This game was crazy. I feel do sick over it. Oh and Bey and em did great.

  • ninamosley

    wowzers at that third pic! I loved the show! I danced right along with bey!
    kelly's thighs looked great!

  • 100% usa made!

    Sandra you got my Hubby over here going crazy over that bottom pic of Bey :rofl:

  • Sakeena

    wig swinging + gyrating + licking finger & having kelly(who looked fabulous) & michelle yanked off before we could enjoy them = same old beyonce

    Last I checked Destiny's Child weren't the ones asked to do a half time show.

  • jeniefrumdabloc


  • San

    Yep give Bey her props

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    I wanted to see more DC :shrugs: hell I saw beyonce routine over and over and over again :sad:

  • San

    N why was Michelle there smh

  • RoseBud83

    illumiati was doing a ritual.

    beyonce is such a good role model for mothers and young girls everywhere with her leg up like that and twerking half naked on stage.

    her and gay-z are bloodline to the illuminati,thats why they have so much "power" in hollyWEIRD. they got the sheep brainwashed

  • PumpkinsMama

    Kelly :love: When did she get so um, er "juicy" ? :rofl:

  • San

    Here it goes... Ridick

  • DoNotDeleteMe

    Beyonce did good. However, something was off. I felt that she was playing it safe because she had to sing live without a backing track. The high energy was not there. She looked beautiful though and it put a smile on my face to see them all together. Michelle seemed as though she was having a great time on stage and her confidence was intoxicating. Kelly was blah to me. She did not seem amped like Michelle. I guess when you have so many hot collabs on the chart, you kind "get over" being used. I know the consensus is that Kelly and Michelle need Beyonce rather than Beyonce needing them. That may be true for Michelle. But I really feel that Kelly has found her niche and just like their last album Destiny Fulfilled when Beyonce was like, "Here kiss my arse...I am going straight solo." Kelly is now saying, "Girl, I guess I can help you out one last time." The crowd took to the three of them together moreso than Beyonce on stage solo. At the end of the day, Beyonce did look stunning on stage! :applause:

  • LSLH

    Poe Michelle, she tried. That po baby couldn't do the Single Ladies dance. Bless her malnourished heart.

  • DownBottom

    Ya'll are still in here? :yawn: Hey, what are these Kelly pics? I just saw Bey telling her and Chelle to exit...left :kona:

  • DownBottom

    Bless her malnourished heart.
    FUgggggggggggggu uuu @LSLH Omg....yall are on one :rofl:

  • Unshakable

    @Kingstonn - It's good to see your font again.....for a minute, I thought it was vacationing with Jimmy!!

    @Pumpkin - I thought the exact same thing when I saw Kelly....she was never "super skinny," but I didn't know remember her being that thick. Maybe she's getting some "motivation" from her man. :yes:

    @LSLH - Okay, so you peeped that too? Regarding her size, maybe it's Michelle's genetics or her personal preference. However, when you see the side profile of all three ladies, Michelle's is the only one that looks like you could grate cheese on her ribs. :shrug:

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    :stop: all of Kelly albums suck azz

  • Unshakable

    @Topic - Regarding that first pic, Tigga did it better. If Beyonce is going to cock that leg up like a dog on a fire hydrant, she better take notes on Tigger's natural agility. #helpful :rofl:

  • Unshakable

    @Jenie - What about her singles? Do you like them?

  • Adair

    I thought she did a great job. Not really sure why people expected anything different though. She does not have any new material out, so what was she supposed to do differently? Everybody knows the 'Crazy in Love' and 'Single Ladies' routine (as redundant as it is); however, it probably would have been a disappointment to some people to change it. Some people wanted to dance along with her in their living room. Lol. As the saying goes-"can't please everyone."

  • Unshakable

    @Jenie - Your feline is channeling Grace Jones something fierce!! :hahaha:

  • DownBottom

    :blink: Not seeing the "thick" that ppl say Kelly is...she's always had a nice toned shape, but I wouldn't call that thick per se :shrug:

  • Unshakable

    @DB - If you look at Kelly when she first debuted with Beyonce's Fetus and look at her now, it seems that she may have put on a little weight. Not in a bad way; she's beautiful with it. Just seems she was slimmer in the earlier days of Beyonce's Fetus. #helpful/jmo :hug:

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    Ushake I was going more with the Lord of the rings :rofl: Night night you guys, will font tomorrow afternoon. I have to work on another damn paper :mad: this professor trying to kill meh with these papers :crying:

  • DownBottom

    Hey @Unshake are u unpredi/mirs? :lol: @beyonce's fetus

    :hi: @Jen, aren't you doing phd? Do great my friend! :wink: #muchisrequired

  • Unshakable

    @Jenie - Not Lord of the Rings!! And good luck on your paper! :hug:

    @DB - No ma'am....I'm just me....plain and simple. :kiss:

  • PumpkinsMama

    Beyonce's Fetus??? :dead: I think im getting sick :crying: GN Ladies

  • DownBottom

    :hi: GN @pumpkin @Unshake, Ok, a lot of new fonts so didn't know if u were font from Christmas past :ghost: :lol:

  • Unshakable

    @Pumpkin - I hope you feel better.....however, I can diagnose you right now. You have what's called "Monday Syndrome." My life experiences (in lieu of empirical-based evidence) indicate that it's a condition that many suffer from. From my viewpoint, the prognosis is grim. Hope this lifts your spirits. :hahaha:

    My fee - In the words of the great Shirley Caesar song, "No Charge." Ain't God just a whole world of good? :yes:

    On a serious note - I do want you to take care of yourself and feel better mami!!

  • PumpkinsMama

    Lmaooooooooooooo @ Unshake :rofl: Unfortunately I think it's legit, im fighting the is bish tooth and nail!!! Took 6 Echinacea today and lots of Vit C. See my gravi for the REAL reason I can't "go down" the Beast will eat me alive, or i'll catch an ACS case :hahaha:

  • Smonae80

    I just loved it Beyoncé did her thing

  • KayCeiSoul

    Same ol' same ol'.

    She is an entertainer. She does not err on stage. She can sing. She can dance. She wears a leotard (what is it...going on 4 or 5 years now?), She tosses her hair. She gyrates. She oozes sex-appeal (for those attracted).

    I don't understand the kudos for something that she consistently does over, and over, and over.

    The look, the moves, the music... all of it is what she has BEEN doing.

    I'm not knocking her - she's a great entertainer. However I was not impressed. JMO. :coffee:

  • MIAmixtapes

    I found the performance borderline boring.I liked the intro and the outfits then was like how many times have I seen this.Her feet bleed sn rehearsals so that we could be entertained yet I was not.
    I think Madonna performance last year was amazing.She was actually dancing and i enjoyed the song selection.

  • SugarPieHoneybunn

    She did good. Not GREAT like it was hyped up to be, but better than some I done seen. #friendly

  • Jdore

    It was good to see Kelly on stage with her tho. I wish LaToya would've been on stage too. But Beyonce's performance was just ok. Besides the special effects I feel like I could've YouTubed her actual performance. *runs from Beyonce Stans*

  • kahmmillion

    SMH. Her cr0tch is always on display. For someone so "talented", her "talent" should speak for itself....not letting random people view your ovaries.

    I didn't see anything special - I've seen much better...including JHud at the SB. She did the same thing she always does. Her weave was extra dry and tacky. Her outfit, or lack thereof, was extremely unclassy.

    Call me a hater if you want, but if you people would stop worshiping this broad so much, you will see through her BS.

  • newmom87

    I'm confused, she said she didn't have time to properly practice for the inauguration for this. She just did her usual performance :shrugs: same songs, same choreography, same ad libs everything, I expected something different from what I saw. Kelly and Michelle were nothing more than featured dancers. You could barely hear them.

  • Crickett

    Loved it, watched it 3 times already. Beyonce giving her all, the smiles, the eye contact, the fans- she likes to act out and I like it. She is worth the $50mil Pepsi gave her. I think JayZ and motherhood brings out the beast in her, she's seemed way more confident. Can't nobody touch her, she may not be MJ but she can give Janet a run for her money. If I want to hear somebody "sing" I go to church, I want to be entertained and that girl ran that stage.


    :cosign: @ CRICKET!!!!!

  • Destinee

    Beyonce' did it last night!! Go Bey!

  • West Coast Chick

    Beyonce had the best half time show Ive seen in a gooooood minute! she shut the house down- literally! Kelly is so damn fine- DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!

    BTW: good game RAVENS!!! they killed it in the first half! the 2nd half was kinda scary- but a win is a win :lol:

  • West Coast Chick

    Loved it, watched it 3 times already. Beyonce giving her all, the smiles, the eye contact,
    _____________________ she was givin some serious J-LO eye fucking- wasnt she????? :lol: #lovedit

  • West Coast Chick

    I think Beyonce did better than Madonna did last year, imo