Kordell and Porscha Stewart

This should come as no surprise to my loyal readers.

An inside source tells Black Media Scoop that Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members Porsha and Kordell Stewart cooked up their fake divorce drama after realizing they would be axed from the show. Only in reality TV can a man have an “estranged wife” who still shares his bed.

From Black Media Scoop:

The insider, who works closely with the Atlanta Housewives says, “Porsha found out that she was NOT going to come back on the show – and both her and her husband [Kordell] desperately wanted to stay on the Housewives.”
The insider continued, “So they figured if they created a FAKE DIVORCE, like NeNe did – it would be enough drama for them to be asked back.” The two still live together and the insider says “they are very much a married couple.”

Apparently that mess worked. A Bravo exec says Porsha was officially axed off the show but after all the divorce drama… both Kordell and Porsha were asked back.

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