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Tamron Hall was overcome with emotion as she recalled the morning she dropped off her son Moses for his first day of school.

On the Wednesday, September 14 edition of "Tamron Hall," Tamron cried as she reflected on her unforgettable morning: dropping her three-year-old son Moses off for his first day of school.

Sharing a video of the monumental moment, Tamron said:

"I'm about three seconds away from breaking down crying... my baby went to school today. I need a moment. "I am finally crying because this morning, we rushed to school and then I ran over to do 'Live with Kelly and Ryan.' So I only had three minutes to say 'Bye. Mom will be back.' I left him."

She continued:

"So I haven't had a full moment to process it, and so he started crying because he's the only new kid in the class. So, he was crying, I couldn't cry in front of him. Stephen [her husband] is in the back, like - I'm like, dude, it was crazy."

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After sharing a clip of Moses counting to 30, a tearful Hall jokingly added, "Listen, I don't know how you people do this thing called parenting."

Watch the video below.

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American pop singer Lizzo won her first Emmy Award for Outstanding Competition Program for her Amazon Prime Video series "Watch Out for the Big Grrrls."

Lizzo broke down and cried during her acceptance speech. "When I was a little girl, all I wanted to see was me in the media," she said.

"Someone fat like me. Black like me. Beautiful like me. If I could go back and tell little Lizzo something, I'd be 'you're gonna see that person, but, bitch, it's gonna have to be you!'"

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Lizzo posed in the press room after accepting her Emmy during the 74th Primetime Emmys at Microsoft Theater on Monday in Los Angeles, California.

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Lizzo wore a glamorous red Giambattista Valli Haute Couture tulle gown to the Emmy Awards. She was styled by Jason Rembert.

Watch Out for the Big Grrrls is a reality television series in which 13 plus-size women compete to be dancers for Lizzo's 2022 tour.

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After the awards show, Lizzo and her boyfriend headed to Craig's for a celebration.

Maciel-Ngre / BACKGRID

Lizzo's gown got stuck as she entered her van. Her boyfriend helped free the gown without damaging it, while Lizzo had a firm grip on her prized trophy.

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Gina Torres is a character actress best known for her roles in 9-1-1: Lone Star, Law & Order, Bones, Suits, Gossip Girl and Riverdale.

While TV viewers assumed Torres was Black or mixed race, the actress insists she is Cuban and she doesn't identify as a Black woman.

In a roundtable discussion with other Latinas on MSNBC, Torres complained that she is only offered roles playing Black women because of her dark-skin.

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"There was no place for me as a Latina, and then as a Black woman - I didn't identify as a Black woman, because for me it was cultural. Because, of course, I present Black, I am a Black woman. I am also Cuban. When you're here in the United States and they ask you to be in a box, and you don't fit into the box... culturally, it was different. It was not one that I identified with."

Torres, 53, said she was forced to pass as Black to get acting jobs. She had to learn to live as a Black woman to survive in Hollywood.

"To work, to survive, it was something I had to learn. To then learn to be whatever Black was and then feel like I was alienating that other part of myself... it just kind of became a jedi mind trick to keep myself from just being sad all the time about not being able to fully experience and express the entirety of myself."

Torres won an ALMA Award and Imagen Award for her work. However, she said she was not always comfortable with her success because she was living a lie.

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Megan Thee Stallion makes a cameo appearance in the TV series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episode 3, streaming on Disney+.

Jennifer Walters (portrayed by Tatiana Maslany) is a single, 30-something attorney by day, who transitions to a green 6-foot-7-inch super powered Hulk on her free time.

In one scene, Megan retains Jennifer as her attorney. After signing documents, Megan and Jennifer twerk in her office.

"Oh, you are way more fun than my last lawyer," Megan tells her.

"I will kill for you, Megan Thee Stallion," Jennifer says. "Dial it back," Megan responds.

One YouTube commenter wrote:

"There was a team of writers who wrote this. A team of directors who directed it. A team of actors who acted it. A team of editors that edited it. And through that whole process, not once did they say 'what are we doing here?'"

She-Hulk was created by writer Stan Lee. She first appeared in The Savage She-Hulk #1 comic book.

Watch the video below.

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A homeless woman who appeared in A&E's Beyond Scared Straight as a teenage delinquent was found dead in a vacant house in Victorville, California on August 26.

"Upon arrival, deputies located Ashley Tropez inside the house, suffering from traumatic injuries," the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department said in a press release Saturday. The press release didn't disclose the cause of Tropez's death.

Tropez, 24, was squatting inside a vacant house with another homeless woman, Alexis Call.

Call, who was reportedly in a relationship with Tropez, was arrested and charged in Tropez's murder.

Call, 24, is being held at the High Desert Detention Center. She appeared at a bond hearing on Tuesday.

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Tropez was just 17 years old when she appeared with other troubled teens in the Emmy-nominated series, which ran from 2011 to 2015.

The young gang member appeared on the show for allegedly "fighting, getting in trouble and selling weed."

Tropez spoke about her experience on the show a year later. She said it didn't change her life.

"I'm still the same person," Tropez said at the time. "I just be everywhere, from friends to family's houses. Just chilling."

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Bow Wow is launching a new dating series on BET after pitching his idea to the Black Entertainment TV channel.

The new dating series, titled After Happily Ever After, will be produced by Bunim/Murray Productions and will debut this fall. The show will ask exes and divorcees to play matchmaker for their former partners.

"This unique series is created for men and women looking for their second act love story while taking into consideration that they are often still entangled with their exes because of their history, their children, and their extended families," said Bunim/Murray President Julie Pizzi. "On After Happily Ever After, ex-couples who genuinely loved each other can now work together to give their ex another shot at finding a life-long partner."

The eight-episode series will be filmed in Kentucky and will feature celebrity guests who recently broke up with their partners.

In each episode, Bow Wow will throw a singles party with the ex-spouses or partners so they can pick and choose who will be a suitable partner for their exes.

The exes will invite the contestant to move into the house with their former spouse or boyfriend for 48 hours to see if there is a love match.

At the end of the 48 hours, the former spouse or ex-boyfriend will decide if they will continue to date the person their ex chose, or if he will dismiss her and allow his ex to choose someone new for him.

The series marks Bow Wow's first return to BET in 8 years.

Question: Will you tune in to watch After Happily Ever After?

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Actor Tony Dow who played Wally Cleaver, the older brother to Jerry Mathers' Beaver on TV sitcom "Leave It to Beaver," has died in a hospice. He was 77.

Dow was diagnosed with terminal cancer in May 2022.

Dow's death was initially announced on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

The Facebook announcement was deleted when Dow's wife of 42 years, Lauren Shulkind, said he was still alive in a hospice.

On Wednesday, another death notice was posted on Facebook: "We have received confirmation from Christopher, Tony's son, that Tony passed away earlier this morning, with his loving family at his side to see him through this journey," the post said.

The message continued:

"We know that the world is collectively saddened by the loss of this incredible man. He gave so much to us all and was loved by so many. One fan said it best - 'It is rare when there is a person who is so universally loved like Tony.'"

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ABC Television

"Leave it to Beaver" began airing in 1957 and ran until 1963.

Dow was born in Hollywood, California. He won the role of Wally Cleaver in a casting call with very little acting experience.

After the series ended, Dow appeared on other television shows, including My Three Sons, Dr. Kildare, Adam-12, Love American Style and The Mod Squad.

Dow served in the National Guard in the late 1960s

He reprised his role as Wally in a television movie and in "The New Leave It to Beaver".

In the 1990s, Dow revealed that he suffered from clinical depression after being typecast as Wally, and being unable to find work as an actor.

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An Iowa weather station has apologized after a racial slur was aired during a local Weather Channel TV broadcast.

The graphic containing the n-word went viral on Twitter after it "accidentally" aired during the Des Moines-based Weather Channel's "Local on the 8s" segment Thursday.

"I've blurred it, but I'm pretty sure you can figure out what it said," tweeted journalist Matthew Keys.

The graphic read: "Hello Des Moines, This is your weather my N----s."

The reaction was swift on Twitter. However, the Weather Channel denies that the racial slur originated with the station.

"This did not originate with us, and we are in the process of investigating it further," a spokesperson told Keys, in a tweet.

One television news expert backed up Matthews that the mistake originated with TWC.

"TWC has computer units at cable headends to produce the local on the 8s, and a rogue cable employee must've messed with the files and caused it to say that," wrote one Twitter user.

TWC has since deleted the slur and apologized for the incident on Facebook.

"A graphic during the Weather Channel cable network's 'Local on the 8s' presentation in Des Moines last evening included a racial slur," the post read. "We removed this graphic as soon as we learned of it. This did not originate with us, and we are in the process of investigating it further. We apologize to our viewers."

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"Stranger Things" star Noah Schnapp (right) says his character Will Byers is gay and in love with Mike Wheeler (played by 19-year-old Finn Wolfhard).

In the past, when rumors circulated that Schnapp's character was gay, the 17-year-old actor said Will's sexuality was up to the audience's interpretation.

However, in an interview with Variety, Schnapp said it's "100% clear" that Will is gay and in love with Mike, who is heterosexual and dating a girl.

Over the last 2 seasons, Stranger Things has hinted at Will's sexuality. In the last season, the script strongly hinted at Will's struggle with his sexuality and his feelings for best friend Mike Wheeler.

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Via Insider: "In episode eight, Will gives a pep talk to Mike (Finn Wolfhard) about Mike's girlfriend Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) during a car ride. Will then cries silently while staring out of the window, making it clear that he's talking about his own feelings for Mike while disguising them as Eleven's feelings.

In a recent interview with Variety, Schnapp said that the car scene "solidified" the fact that Will is in love with Mike and doesn't know how to express that feeling."

LGBT+ groups praise Netflix's efforts to increase visibility of LGBT+ characters in its programming. It is part of an overall Hollywood effort to increase LGBT+ visibility to 40%.

In other news, Schnapp has apologized to singer Doja Cat for publishing her private TikTok DMs asking him to hook her up with his 29-year-old co-star Joseph Quinn.

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50 cent took to social media to respond to people wo say Mo'Nique never shows her appreciation to him for resurrecting her TV career.

Some people believe Mo never thanks 50 Cent because they've fallen out. Mo' made headlines last week over a contract dispute with fellow comedian D.L. Hughley.

50 Cent brought the feisty comedienne back to television after she was blackballed for allegedly being difficult to work with.

He cast her in a minor role in the upcoming second season of BMF on STARZ. But fans say she's not showing her gratitude toward 50 Cent.

On Friday, June 3, 50 Cent shared a video featuring Mo'Nique praising the hip-hop mogul and saying she chats with him offline.

"I want to talk right to our baby, from one black woman to that beautiful, pure-hearted black man, and let me be clear, I'm saying Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson is a pure-heart," Mo’Nique said.

"So when y'all get to talking about 'Oh 50, you next,' that's a man, that's a king. He's of pure heart, and he's principled. See we have conversations offline, and people got to saying, 'She ain't thank 50, she ain't say nothing to 50.' We don't have to have our relationship online. And that brotha ain't said nothing when people tried to turn that thing into something ugly that it was not. So, again, for you brotha, Curtis, we love you."

Fiddy captioned the video:

"I love you guys to. let's progress at a pace they haven't seen before. Work like we gotta make up for lost time. The best way to get back at anyone you feel did you wrong is to do good"

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Sherri Shepherd dropped the first trailer for her new daytime talk show, Sherri, which replaces "The Wendy Williams Show" time slot.

In the trailer, Sherri promises to take viewers "behind the scenes, on the road, in the studio, rehearsals, interviews and so much more."

The former "The View" co-host assured viewers that her show won't be Wendy Williams 2.0.

"This is my time. It is my lifelong dream to have my own show and it is finally happening," she said.

Debmar-Mercury, the production company behind "The Wendy Williams Show," also produces Sherri. The production company fired Wendy after she "stopped showing up to work" amid personal and health issues last summer.

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Sherri's show will be a "comedic take on pop culture and entertainment, celebrity interviews and real people," according to an insider.

The show is executive product by Sherri's bestie, Jawn Murray.

"I can't wait until I return to New York to host the show and merge everything I love... pop culture, talk, entertainment and comedy," Sherri said previously.

John Lamparski/WireImage

Meanwhile, Wendy has given up hope of ever returning to her purple chair. She is currently shopping a podcast deal for $100 million.

A judge recently handed Wendy a victory in court against Wells Fargo bank. The court is giving Wendy and a court-appointed guardian access to her $3 million in funds.

While Wendy is happy to have access to her funds, she is not happy with any court-appointed guardian other than her son, Kevin Hunter Jr.

"Please be advised that Wendy is not in agreement with the appointment of a financial guardian by the court. Wendy has been very clear that she does not want a financial guardian to tell her what she can and cannot do with her money," her attorney La'Shawn Thomas told Page Six in a statement Friday.

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Controversial YouTube influencer Kevin Samuels appeared on last night's episode of "Atlanta" titled "Rich Wigga, Poor Wigga,".

The episode, directed by Donald Glover, features Samuels and comedian George Wallace grilling a biracial high school student who is passing for white.

Aaron's father is Black, but Aaron identifies as white.

Samuels plays a wealthy philanthropist named Robert S. Lee, who offers to pay college tuition for all Black students in addition to renaming the high school after himself.

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Hoping to get college tuition to Attend Arizona State with his white girlfriend, Aaron goes to a gym where Lee (Samuels) is holding auditions to authenticate students' Blackness before paying their tuition.

Samuels, Wallace, and other elders test Aaron's knowledge of Black culture to prove he's Black.

Aaron is asked to "name six things that mix with Hennessy" and explain "why The Five Heartbeats broke up."

Samuels and Wallace ultimately agree that Aaron isn't Black and he storms out. Aaron plans to build a flamethrower and burn his high school down that night.

When he arrives at the school, he sees Nigerian student Felix, who was also told he wasn't Black enough by Lee. Felix has a flamethrower, too, and he also plans to burn the high school down.

Aaron tells Felix he is not really Black because he has a "culture to pull from" and "country to go back to."

After arguing, they chase each other around the school with their flamethrowers. Felix tries to shoot Aaron, but the police arrive and one cop shoots Felix.

Samuels arrives at the school in his bathrobe. "My school," he says, as he surveys the damage from the flamethrowers.

Samuels walks over as Felix is loaded into an ambulance and says "You really wanted that scholarship, didn't you, boy?"

He then hands Felix a tuition check and tells him that "getting shot by the police is the Blackest thing a person can do."

Watch the video below.

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ABC's rap drama "Queens" showed so much promise after hip-hop stars Brandy Norwood and Eve signed on in 2021.

"Power" star Naturi Naughton completed the dream team. Then Eve announced her pregnancy and took a break from filming, though she did appear in the series finale.

Their efforts weren't rewarded. "Queens" only managed to draw 1 million viewers and a 0.2 in the all-important 18-49 age demo.

ABC announced the series was canceled last week.

"Queens" centered around four middle aged hip-hop stars struggling to recapture their fame in their 40s after reuniting '90s group the Nasty Bitches.

Twitter users reacted to the cancellation over the weekend.

One user wrote: "Bummer!! Wanted to see where it would go next!! #QueensABC..."

While another tweeted: "#QueensABC was not cancelled because it was bad, it was cancelled because the pacing of the show was break neck speed. It made it so hard to watch."

A third person wrote: "Well this is the worst news I got today. #queens #queensabc."

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Will Smith's slap incident at the Oscars has brought back memories for many celebrities and public figures.

In an in-depth Apple docuseries, NBA legend Earvin "Magic" Johnson recalls a time when he wanted to slap radio host Howard Stern for joking about his HIV diagnosis.

In 1998, Johnson hosted his own talk show, "The Magic Hour," which was canceled after just three months.

The show was intended to fill the void left after "The Arsenio Hall Show" was canceled in 1994.

Johnson said that one of his most vocal haters at the time was Howard Stern. So Johnson's producers booked Stern for an appearance on his show.

Stern insulted Johnson by accusing him of "trying to talk like the white man" and suggested he "talk Ebonics."

"I'm Blacker than you are," Stern told the Lakers legend. "I'm the Blackest Black man you'll ever meet." Then Stern uttered the ultimate insult: "At least you had fun getting AIDS."

Johnson reacted calmly - just as Chris Rock did when Will Smith slapped him decades later.

Johnson told Stern that he had HIV, not AIDS.

"I wanted to say something and hit him at the same time — on air," says Johnson. "I was mad when they booked him, but there's nothing you can do. When people look for ratings, this is what happens."

Johnson added: "I've never put myself — or HIV and AIDS, or my race — in that position again, ever again."

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Wendy Williams shared a video on Wednesday, demanding access to her funds at Wells Fargo Bank.

In the video posted on her new Instagram account, Wendy accused others in her inner circle of trying to obtain guardianship over her.

Wells Fargo froze Wendy's account containing $3 million after her former financial adviser, Lori Schiller, claimed she was mentally unfit.

"My thing is that I've been asking questions about my money and when I begin asking questions about my money, suddenly Lori Schiller has got no response regarding my money. I want my money. This is not fair," she said.

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Wendy accused Schiller of colluding with the bank to block her access to her funds.

"Wells Fargo has no questions and answers regarding my money. This is not fair. And Lori Schiller and Wells Fargo has this guardianship petition about keeping me away from my money," she added.

"This is not right and this is not fair," she repeated.

Wendy also accused her former manager, Bernie Young, of using her credit card to pay a lawyer to file for guardianship over her.

"I know for a fact that Bernie Young used my American Express card to hire an attorney to file a petition against me. That was done with my American Express card," she said.

According to reports, Young filed for guardianship "as she suffers serious health problems."

Speaking directly to Young, Wendy said, "You're no good and this is not fair at all."

Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Wendy's ex-husband, Kevin Hunter Jr., filed a lawsuit against Wendy's former production company Debmar-Mercury seeking $7 million after they canceled Wendy's daytime talk show.

According to sources, Wendy planned to bring Kevin back as her manager once she returned to the purple chair. However, insiders say the show was canceled because producers didn't want to work with Kevin.

Watch the video below.