Terrence Tusan

Howard University running back Terrence Tusan was shot and killed during a home invasion robbery that went horribly wrong.

Tusan is a suspect in the home invasion that left 2 people dead and 2 injured.

Police say three men, including Tusan, broke into a Denton, TX apartment about 5:30 p.m. Sunday. The three men exchanged gunfire with the occupants inside. Tusan and an accomplice, 18-year-old Jakobi Dmon Gipson, were killed in the gunfight.

Gipson was shot inside the apartment. Police found Tusan's body outside in the parking lot. The third accomplice got away on foot. Police are still searching for him.

2 of the apartment's occupants received non-life-threatening injuries and were treated and released from a local hospital. They have since moved out of the apartment.

Tusan was a senior on the Howard University football team in Washington, DC. He was in Texas visiting family during the holidays.

“He was a good kid,” Clarence Nevels, Tusan's former coach told the Record-Chronicle. “He had good grades and was just down at AT&T Stadium for Thanksgiving Day Madness Youth Football speaking to students about believing in themselves."

Nevels added: “Right now, you Google or look up Terrance Tusan and all you see is robbery. You have to wonder, what would be the purpose to throw his life away?”

Friends say Tusan did not have a criminal record and he was not known to do drugs.

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    What? WHAT??? Rest in peace, lil buddy. Damned shame. Crying shame.

  • The Pearl!

    I mean, so he was torn between sports and thug life? Man! Just a shame!

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    God bless his family :sad:

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    My condolences to the families involved. It seems suspect though. :think:

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    Wow. See that's what I keep telling my newphew, Bobby Shmurda got these kids out here in these streets thinking they can have success and still be doing hood ish - I told him gon he gonna be shmoneying :dance: his way to jail or a graveyard

    So sad may he rest in peace, hate to see kids with potential throw their lives away over dumb ish

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    Damn. Yes, why would he throw his life away! Literally! So sad.

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    God bless his family
    Welcome Back :party:

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    Isn't it though? This is just sad all the way around. What was the motive for this? How were your holidays?

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    :no: How SAD. A shame

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  • Time to Waste


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    How are Mother and Father Dub? He keepin his presha down? Seaux mannie, mannie questions!
    My parents are good. I'm blessed they still here. Just said that today. But on everything, they are WORRISOME as HAIL. Somebody stole my mama radio out her car so she has LITERALLY been sitting on her patio the past two nights :eek: Trying to catch who did it. And my deddy. :oldman: He acted so UGLY on the eve of Jesus birthday. :no: He almost got PUT OUT OF HIS FAMILY care home. Over a pack of Kool's! The nurse called me and I had to get on the phone and tell him to STFU and have a SEAT. Gonna call the next morning like can I still come eat today? :shrug:

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  • free

    Had a friend who died this way. They were trying to fake an invasion with the occupant for insurance purposes but didn't count on somebody else being there with a weapon when they busted in.

  • pointhimout

    home invasion suspect Tusan was shot and killed while committing a crime. A senior in college and this is what you're doing? SMH condolences.

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    :smh: i don't know why ppl even try it in texas knowing that homeowners are more likely to be armed and ready for dat ass.

    my condolences to the family. :(

  • GWU

    “He was a good kid.” <== I'm confused. Good people be robbing folks now?

    Poverty sucks. Being poor sucks. But prison or death is a hell of a lot worse.

    Even if he never made the NFL, he was walking away with a degree. Unless you're parents are rich EVERYONE is poor in college. Tough it out. This BS though. . .