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New court documents detail rapper PnB Rock's final moments before he died in Los Angeles on Sept. 12.

Charging paperwork shows the aspiring rapper and his girlfriend arrived at a Los Angeles restaurant before his killers got there.

The documents contradict an earlier report that the suspects were waiting in a vehicle outside the restaurant when the rapper arrived in his Bentley.

In the criminal complaint filed Thursday, Sept. 29, prosecutors say a "man in a red shirt" was outside the restaurant when he saw PnB Rock walk inside. The unidentified man noticed that PnB Rock was wearing expensive jewelry.

Prosecutors said the man lurked outside Roscoe's until Freddie Lee Trone arrived driving a black Buick Enclave. Trone parked, walked up to the man in red, and spoke with him near the entrance to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. He then returned to his car and drove off while PnB Rock was still inside the restaurant.

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Meanwhile, Trone's 17-year-old son "armed himself with a handgun" and put on a mask, prosecutors say.

Freddie Lee Trone dropped the teen off near the strip mall where Roscoe's is located. The teenager approached Roscoe's, passed the man in red, and went inside. As he entered the restaurant, the man in red left the area.

The teen then approached the table where PnB Rock was eating with his girlfriend, Stephanie, and pointed the gun at him. According to prosecutors, the teen said, "Give me all of your jewelry, now!" He then shot PnB Rock in the chest while the rapper remained seated at the table. As PnB Rock fell to the floor, the teen allegedly shot him twice more in the back, prosecutors said.

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He then turned to Stephanie and yelled, "Show me your hands! Give me that shit right now! I swear to God! I shoot you in the head!" He snatched her watch and then grabbed PnB Rock's jewelry.

Freddie Lee Trone drove into the parking lot outside Roscoe's as his son rushed outside and hopped into the car. They fled the restaurant, and parked the car several blocks from their residence, prosecutors alleged.

They later burned the car to get rid of evidence.

Police say father and son are members of the 87 Gangster Crips. Rock was allegedly robbed and killed because he did not "check in" with gang members who control the territory around the restaurant.

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Two men have been arrested in connection with the armed robbery of a Brooklyn preacher during a live-stream sermon in July.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead and his wife were robbed of $1 million in jewelry at his rented storefront church in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn on July 24.

Live-stream video shows the bishop lay on the floor, raise his hands and say "Yo! All right, all right, all right" as three armed men entered the church and approached him. The suspects pointed guns at Whitehead and his wife, who was holding their infant daughter.
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Whitehead was accused of staging the robbery as a stunt to draw attention to his ministry on Remsen Ave. near Avenue D.

On Wednesday, the NYPD announced Juwan Anderson and Say-Quan Pollack, both 23, were arrested in their Brooklyn homes. A third suspect is still at large.

"I'm extremely happy," Whitehead told the NY Daily News at an initial hearing for the suspects at Brooklyn Federal Court on Wednesday.

"My wife was crying when she heard the news. We're waiting for the last one to be arrested so we can move on with our life," he said.

"This was turned around from me being a victim, to a villain, and today, you know, God gave me and my family a victory," he said. "Because the tabloids and everybody has been talking about the narrative of the 'bling' pastor, and he had to have something to do with it."

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A teenager and his mother are in custody in the murder of aspiring rapper PnB Rock (right) at a Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in South Los Angeles.

The 17-year-old boy was arrested early Tuesday in Gardenia, police confirmed to Variety.

Also arrested was the teen's mother, Shauntel Trone, 38, on suspicion of accessory to murder, LAPD Capt. Kelly Muniz told the Los Angeles Times.

Police are still searching for the teen's father, Freddie Lee Trone, 40, who is believed to be the getaway driver.

Police say father and son were sitting in a car in the restaurant's parking lot when PnB Rock and his girlfriend, Stephanie, arrived in his Bentley on Sept. 12.

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Rock, 30, and his girlfriend were eating lunch when the teenager approached their table and demanded his jewelry.

Words were exchanged and the teen shot Rock multiple times before robbing him of several gold and diamond chains. The gunman also demanded property from Stephanie before fleeing out a side door and hopping into a waiting vehicle driven by Trone.

There are unconfirmed reports that Trone worked at the restaurant as a part-time cook.

Police say father and son are members of the 87 Gangster Crips street gang. The restaurant where Rock was fatally shot is in 87 GC territory.

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It is a sign of respect for rappers to "check in" with gang members before venturing into their territory while wearing diamonds and other valuables.

TMZ reports that Trone and his son burned the getaway car in an effort to destroy evidence.

Trone was released from jail a month before the shooting.

The LAPD says Trone "should be considered armed and dangerous. If you see him, you are urged to call 911 for immediate assistance."

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A 17-year-old has been arrested in the murder of aspiring rapper PnB Rock. Los Angeles detectives made the arrest early Tuesday.

The teenager was arrested near Gardenia, multiple police sources told NBC LA.

An arrest bulletin released by LAPD Wednesday described the second suspect, Freddie Lee Trone, as "being involved" in the murder.

The bulletin made no mention of an earlier arrest, according to NBC NewYork.

Cops say Trone is still at large, and should be considered "armed and dangerous."

The rapper was fatally shot at a Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles restaurant on Sept. 12.

PnB Rock, real name Rakim Allen, was eating lunch with his girlfriend when a man approached their table and demanded his custom jewelry.

Words were exchanged and the man shot Allen multiple times. The gunman robbed Allen and his girlfriend of several gold and diamond chains and fled out a side door into a waiting vehicle.

Police did not say whether Trone is the gunman or the getaway driver.

Allen, 30, was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

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Police urged the public to contact 911 if you see Trone or have any information on his location.

Allen is best known for his 2016 single "Selfish." He routinely flashed money and custom diamond jewelry in photos on Instagram.

Instagram blogger DJ Akademiks posted an interview with Allen that was done a week before Allen died. In the video, Allen discussed an attempted robbery incident in Los Angeles.

Watch the video below.

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An up-and-coming female rapper, a native of Memphis, was gunned down after she posed in Instagram photos with real cash.

Police say aspiring rapper Lotta Cash Desto was shot and killed during an armed robbery in Houston, Texas early Saturday.

Desto, real name Destinee Govan, was driving a Porsche SUV with a 20-year-old female passenger at around 2:30 a.m. when a 4-door sedan pulled alongside the SUV at a red light.

Police say two men hopped out of the car and exchanged gunfire with Govan, 25, who was shot multiple times and robbed. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The female passenger was transported to a local hospital with a single gunshot wound.

Police say officers found Christian Isaiah Williams, 24, in a nearby parking lot suffering from a gunshot wound to the abdomen. He was transported to a hospital, where he was charged with murder, according to Fox26 News. He remains hospitalized.

Police say evidence left at the crime scene linked Williams to the double shooting. The second gunman is still at large.

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Govan was known for her collaborations with mentor Lil Uzi Vert on her rap songs "Lunchroom" and "Vegas."

Govan often posed in Instagram photos with real cash and diamond jewelry - mimicking her male counterparts who routinely pose with prop money on social media.

Police issued a warning to aspiring rappers who mimic their famous counterparts on social media. Posing with real cash on Instagram can get you killed.

Criminals know the difference between real cash and pristine prop money purchased on Amazon or

Watch the video below.

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The Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles in South Central Los Angeles reopened for business 24 hours after rapper PnB Rock bled out on the floor from gunshot wounds.

Police say PnB Rock, real name Rakim Allen, was fatally shot while eating lunch with his girlfriend at the restaurant on Main and W. Manchester Avenue around 1:20 p.m. Monday.

Police say the 30-year-old rapper was approached by a lone gunman who demanded his expensive jewelry.

Words were exchanged and the gunman opened fire before robbing the victim and his girlfriend. The suspect fled the restaurant through a side door and hopped into a waiting vehicle.

Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said police are investigating whether the gunman was tipped off to Rock's location by an Instagram post.

Police said the gunman arrived in a vehicle moments after Rock's girlfriend, Stephanie Sibounheuang dropped their location in an Instagram photo of her plate of uneaten chicken and waffles.

"While they were eating, at least one suspect approached them with a firearm and demanded the victim's property," LAPD Capt. Kelly Muniz told reporters at a press conference Tuesday. "At this point there was some sort of verbal exchange, we were not able to obtain audio in the investigation. Then, the suspect shot the victim several times. The victim then fell to the ground and the suspect took some items from the victim."

A restaurant employee tried to administer aid to the dying rapper.

"I ran in to see what was going on and this dude got shot three times in the chest," he said. "I start putting pressure on the hole that was closest to where I thought it would kill him. I did the same thing on the chest."

Rock was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

A week before he passed, Rock spoke with Instagram blogger DJ Akademiks about armed robberies by brazen gunmen in Los Angeles, which is soft on crime.

"It's so common," Rock said, before describing a botched robbery attempt for his jewels. "I never got robbed. Ever in my life."

"I ain't gonna say never. I don't like saying 'never.' I'm not superstitious, but I haven't been robbed... I'm not gonna put myself in those situations because I know what happens in those situations," he said.

Watch the video below.

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Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said an Instagram post may have led a gunman to the location of aspiring rapper PnB Rock.

The 30-year-old was robbed and fatally shot while eating lunch with his girlfriend, Stephanie Sibounheuang, at the Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles on Main and Manchester in South Los Angeles just after 1:15 p.m. on Monday.

Chief Moore said the gunman approached Rock and demanded his jewelry soon after the rapper's girlfriend tagged their location in a since-deleted Instagram photo. He was shot multiple times and died at a local hospital. Sibounheuang was also robbed but uninjured.

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He "was with his family — with his girlfriend or some kind of friend of his — and as they're there, enjoying a simple meal, [he] was brutally attacked by an individual who apparently [came] to the location after a social media posting," Moore said.

Sibounheuang is the mother of one of Rock's two daughters. He reportedly chastised her in the past for sharing their location on social media.

Chief Moore said police are investigating whether his girlfriend's IG post led to the shooting. Moore said Rock was targeted for his gaudy jewelry. The gunman is still at large.

A coalition of civil rights leaders asked the city of Los Angeles to offer a reward leading to the arrest of the gunman

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"It's critical that our community and its leadership not accept the cold-blooded murder of Rapper PnB Rock who was murdered in front of his children and their mother," Najee Ali, Director of Project Islamic Hope, said at a press conference on Tuesday.

"We can't allow these types of crimes to continue with indifference as if this is normal and it's nothing we can do about it. We can do something about it. We can cooperate with law enforcement and turn the killers in."

So far, police have no leads in the case.

Watch the video below.

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Rapper PNB Rock was fatally shot by an armed robber inside a Los Angeles Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles restaurant on Monday, Sept. 12.

The aspiring rapper was best known for his 2015 single "Fleek" and 2016 single "Selfish", which peaked at number 51 on Billboard.

The LAPD confirmed to Billboard magazine that a man was fatally shot at the restaurant on Main Street and Manchester Avenue around 1:15 p.m. PT.

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Rock, real name Rakim Hasheem Allen, was at the restaurant with his girlfriend, who posted his location in a now-deleted photo on Instagram.

A short while later, an armed robber approached Allen and attempted to rob him of his jewelry before shooting him.

Drill rapper King Yella posted graphic video of the aftermath of the fatal shooting on his YouTube channel.

Los Angeles police Capt. Kelly Muniz said the robber fled the fast food eatery after the shooting.

"He shot the victim and ran out the side door to a getaway car and then fled the parking lot," Muniz said.

Muniz said the 30-year-old rapper was targeted for his jewelry.

The Philadelphia native told Paper Magazine that he dropped out of high school to pursue a rap career. He said he was inspired to be a rapper after listening to Drake's album Take Care.

Allen's father was murdered when he was three years old. He is survived by two minor daughters.

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Boosie BadAzz (L) responded to allegations that his teenage cousin killed a popular Chicago jeweler in Houston.

Duke the Jeweler (R) was shot dead in a parking lot after attending rapper Boosie's concert at the Arena Theatre in southwest Houston on Sunday night.

He was robbed and killed after winning $100,000 from J. Prince Jr. in a high stakes dice game following the concert.

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J. Prince Jr. (black t-shirt) is the CEO of Mob Ties, and the son of Rap-A-Lot CEO James Prince Sr.

Off-duty officers who were working at the concert found Duke suffering from gunshot wounds in a parking lot at 7326 Southwest Freeway at 11:40 p.m. They began CPR but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Multiple spent casings were found near the body.

Boosie was called out by fans for not providing security for Duke during his stay in Houston. Then, on Thursday, rumors spread on social media that Boosie's teenage cousin robbed and killed the jeweler.

Boosie denied the accusations in an Instagram Live post on Thursday. He denied inviting Duke to Houston to place an order for custom diamond jewelry.

"Aye, the Internet, y'all got us f-cked all the way up," he said.

"We met that dude Duke the Jeweler the night before; we was gambling. The next day, dude followed us to the concert. When we left out the concert, we were under the garage. Dude went to his car by himself and walked down to the parking lot. That's when somebody tried to rob him and killed the dude."

Boosie continued:

"What the hell my 19-year-old cousin going to try to rob and kill somebody? We getting money, man. We getting f-cking money, that ain't our steelo. As a boss, I ain't letting it go down like that, man. This dude finna make me a piece [jewelry]... so y'all need to kill that."

Watch the video below.

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Chicago's Duke the Jeweler (R) was robbed and fatally shot after winning $100,000 in a dice game with J. Prince Jr..

Sources say Duke was ambushed and shot as he walked to his car after winning the money from J. Prince (in black t-shirt below).

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He was robbed of his jewels, cell phone, and his winnings during the shooting.

Duke entered the high stakes dice game after attending a Boosie Badazz concert in Houston, Texas on Monday night. According to sources, he was invited to Houston by Boosie who ordered a custom diamond studded chain from Duke.

Duke reportedly wore $1 million worth of his own jewelry to Boosie's concert. He flossed his pricey jewels in videos on Instagram before and during the Boosie concert.

In a video posted on his Instagram account, Duke counted thousands of dollars while Boosie and others looked on.

Boosie later explained what happened to Duke in his Instagram Stories on Tuesday.

"We was in the garage. He must have walked outside to the parking lot. We was in the garage. We heard the shots. Like they was far away in the parking lot. He must have went to his car or something, bro. Dude was going to make a piece for me, too. Damn. We had a concert last night. Sh-t must have happened when everybody was walking to the car."


Fans called Boosie out for not providing Duke with security during his stay in Houston.

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Duke is the second high-profile jeweler to be killed this year. Detroit-based Hutch the Jeweler was shot and killed during an apparent robbery attempt on June 3.

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Washington Commanders rookie running back Brian Robinson is recovering from surgery after he was shot during an armed robbery on Sunday.

D.C. police released images of the two juvenile suspects who are believed to be involved in Robinson's shooting.

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D.C. Police Department

Police say the teenagers approached Robinson as he was leaving a business on the 1000 block of H Street NE. They brandished handguns and attempted to rob him.

Chief of Police Robert Contee told reporters the teens tried to steal Robinson's white Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat.

"What has been reported to us is that they may be between 15 and 17 years of age," Contee said.

Robinson fought with one of the teens and wrestled his gun away from him. The other suspect shot Robinson twice in the buttocks and knee.

Both suspects fled and jumped into a blue sedan that was reported stolen 2 days earlier. That car was later found abandoned in Prince George's County.

"The suspects fled the scene in a vehicle without obtaining any property. The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries," D.C. police said in a news release.

Robinson's Hellcat, which was not stolen, was towed away from the crime scene late Sunday night.

A reward of $10,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects.

Robinson updated his Twitter followers on his condition Monday: "Surgery went well! Thanks for the prayers! God is great!"

Watch the video below.

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A member of well-known alternative rap group Nappy Roots is recovering after he was kidnapped and shot following a robbery outside his business in Atlanta.

Police say two armed suspects robbed a patron at a local brewery owned by Nappy Roots on Northside Drive Wednesday.

The suspects then attacked Scales, a rapper and co-owner of the Atlantucky Brewery, who was walking to the parking deck with the patron.

Police say Scales was beaten, forced into his own car and driven to his home. Once in Hapeville, Scales, whose real name is Melvin Adams, was shot once in the ankle as he fled to a neighbor's home for help.

He was taken to a local hospital and is in stable condition. The two suspects fled in Scales' car.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Fellow Nappy Roots member and brewery co-owner Skinny Hughes said Scales is "safe and recovering."

"I am certainly relieved that my business partner and brother Scales is safe and recovering," Hughes said in a statement. "We would appreciate it if the public would allow us some privacy over the next week while we re-evaluate the situation, as this is an ongoing investigation. I assure you that we will share the outcomes, as the police department allows. But know for now that Scales is safe and recovering."

The robbery and shooting is the latest incidence of violence involving celebrities and pro athletes in Atlanta.
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Police are investigating a string of home invasion robberies at celebrity homes in the area.

Pop singer Mariah Carey's mansion was burglarized while she was on holiday in Italy with her boyfriend, Brian, and her twins, Monroe and Moroccan, several weeks ago.

Celebrities and movie studios are considering leaving Atlanta as the crime rate spirals out of control.

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A woman is suing Bishop Lamor Whitehead for allegedly stealing her life savings. Bishop Whitehead is pictured above with his wife Asia K. DosReis-Whitehead.

Pauline Anderson is a former congregant who claims Whitehead fleeced her out of her life savings, according to court documents obtained by the NY Daily News.

Anderson, 56, says the flashy Bishop promised he would use her money to buy and renovate a house for her. Anderson said she asked the pastor to buy the home for her because she had a low credit score.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Instead, Whitehead allegedly disappeared with her $100,000 and never followed through on his promise.

Whitehead told her by text that he is "a man of integrity and you will not lose," according to her lawsuit.

After multiple unreturned phone calls, Whitehead text Anderson saying that the $100,000 check she gave him in 2021 was not as an investment, but a campaign donation while he was running for Brooklyn Borough president.

"And for the record anything that was given to me is a Donation unless it's attached to a contract!" Whitehead allegedly wrote. "I was making investments that's what I do!"

Anderson says Whitehead purchased a $4.4 million mansion for himself in an upscale New Jersey suburb, while telling her that he couldn’t repay her $100,000 life savings.

Whitehead was allegedly robbed of $1 million in jewelry while delivering a sermon at his church in Brooklyn, NY on Sunday.

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Police released surveillance footage of three masked men seen entering the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries in Canarsie around 11:14 a.m. Sunday.

In live-stream video inside the church, Whitehead dropped to the floor, saying "Alright, alright, alright," while holding his hands in the air.

Whitehead claims he and his wife were robbed of $1 million in jewelry, including a Rolex watch. The suspects, who arrived on foot, fled in a white Mercedes Benz.

In video posted on his Facebook page, Whitehead described how one of the suspects "put the gun to my back" and "had the gun in my 8-month-old’s face."

"They took my watch, took my jewelry, took my bishop’s ring, took my wedding band ... They took my bishop's cross, and then I had chains underneath my shirt," he said.

The Bishop is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the capture of the suspects.


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A flashy New York City bishop who was robbed at gunpoint during a worship service says pastors should be allowed to arm themselves.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead and his wife were robbed of $400K in jewels while delivering a sermon at his church in Brooklyn, NY on Sunday.

Police said three armed men burst into the church around 11:15 a.m., and "displayed firearms and demanded property" from the 44-year-old bishop and his wife, 38.

"When I see them come into the sanctuary with their guns, I told everybody to get out, everybody just get out," Whitehead recalled in an Instagram video posted after the robbery. "I didn't know if they wanted to shoot the church up or if they were just coming for a robbery."

Video of the assault went viral on social media and aired on local news outlets. In the video, Whitehead can be heard saying, "all right, all right," before putting his hands up and dropping to the floor.

The gunmen fled in a Mercedes Benz, police say. They are still at large.

Guns are banned in NY, but that doesn't stop criminals from getting their hands on one.

Whitehead is known for his flashy persona, custom jewelry and loud tailored suits.

In May, Whitehead negotiated the surrender of a murder suspect, then drove the suspect to a police precinct in his tricked out Rolls-Royce.

Andrew Abdullah, 25, was wanted in the fatal shooting of Goldman Sachs employee Daniel Enriquez on a Manhattan-bound Q train.

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Police arrested two more suspects in the brazen daytime robbery and murder of aspiring drill rapper Moneygang Vontae (top left).

Nayson White, 25, and Allen Algarin, 23, were arrested in Georgia and extradited back to the Bronx Wednesday to face charges.

The arrests were announced on Thursday, according to the NY Daily News. The two suspects were originally arrested on a misdemeanor gun possession charge in McDuffie County, Ga., on June 29, police said.

Vontae, real name Avanti Frowner, 27, was attacked and shot multiple times in a Bronx pharmacy by four males who robbed him of his cash and a signature nameplate and chain.

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"He look like trouble," a pharmacy employee told NBC, referring to Vontae. "I saw that he had a lot of money. They looked like they [were] fighting or arguing, I don't know. I saw that one of them had a gun. I went back there to the pharmacist screaming, 'We have to move, have to move, because he have a gun, he have a gun!'"

The employee said Vontae begged for his life. "He said, 'Please, please, we can talk, we can talk."

Disturbing surveillance footage shocked viewers and went viral on social media.

On June 23, police arrested River Jones, an 18-year-old college student, and charged him with murder and gun possession.

Police suspect Jones (pictured top right) is the trigger man who shot and killed Vontae senselessly after robbing him.

Two more suspects are still at large, police say.

"They don't need to be on the streets no more – ever!" Vontae's dad, Roger Frowner, 56, told The NY Post. "If they kill somebody in broad daylight, inside of a store, they are treacherous."

Watch the video below. CAUTION: Video contains disturbing imagery.