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Two strippers from Atlanta were followed home by 2 men who robbed them at gunpoint after they worked at a BET Awards after-party in Los Angeles.

The robbers stole $10,000 cash, stripper clothing, purses and their cell phones.

Surveillance video shows the two women arriving to their Airbnb exhausted after working hard all day. The gunmen snatched their bags which contained cash and stripper clothing. They also stole the ladies’ cell phones, leaving them with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

The victims were reportedly targeted and followed home by a robbing crew. Strippers in Atlanta and New York have also reported being followed home from strip clubs and robbed of their hard-earned cash.
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A popular Atlanta dancer was fatally shot in the back seat of an Uber after she was followed home from a Buckhead strip club recently.

The dancers are usually set up by other strippers who know exactly how much money they’re carrying.

Women make easier targets for male robbing crews. Dancers, in particular, are known to carry large amounts of cash.

One Twitter user wrote: “That crazy smh. People so lazy they steal from people that work for a living so sad man. 10k so wrong smh. Hope they find them.”

Another person tweeted: “Yep, robbers and schemers always go after single working women.”

A third person wrote: “Y’all young people gotta start google the area where y’all getting these Airbnb’s when you go to these events out of town them wolves, be everywhere.”