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Dr. Zachary Okhah, aka “Dr. Zach,” is allegedly struggling to book BBL patients after Ms. Jacky Oh’s untimely death on May 31.

Jacky, real name Jacklyn Smith, 32, was found deceased in her Miami hotel room after undergoing “mommy makeover” surgery at Dr. Zach’s clinic.

Dr. Zach is still seeing patients, but his patient workload has reportedly dropped off since the mother of three died.

In a recent Instagram video, Dr. Zach reassured potential patients that they have nothing to worry about.

“Yes, my name has been in the tabloid media and understandably sensationalized given the circumstances,” he said. “I want to clarify certain facts that have not been reported and are public knowledge,” he continued.

“As many of you know firsthand, my reputation in Miami for safety is exemplary. I am not willing to operate without exception on any patient if my preoperative protocols for medical clearance are not wholly met. That means another physician of the patient’s choosing examines the patient and verifies that patient’s fitness for surgery are in conjunction with other tests and labs that I request. This is a standard protocol to ensure all aspects of a patient’s health are medically considered.”

Dr. Zach went on to say he has operated on 2,000 patients “which is roughly six thousand hours in the operating room.”

He said his medical license “remains active and unrestricted” in the state of Florida, and he is “in good standing with the Florida Department of Health.”

Despite Dr. Zach’s reassurances, some Instagram models say they plan to book their BBL procedures at other clinics.

One former patient said Dr. Zach’s office called her regularly prior to her BBL procedure. But after the procedure, the calls abruptly stopped.

Watch the video below.