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A Houston man was killed the day after he cashed a $7,000 settlement check and posted the money on social media.

Kwana Bunkley, 20, was fatally shot on Saturday in northwest Harris County after he posted the settlement money on his social media account.

Brandi Telfor believes her son was set up and killed for the money he was carrying.

“My son, that was my everything,” Telfor told KPRC 2 in Houston. “Kids are going to be kids but that was my life man,” Telfor said.

Telfor said her son was riding in a car with his girlfriend and the shooter when he was killed. But Telfor stopped short of saying his girlfriend set him up.

“My son, his girlfriend, and the shooter, and he was shot in broad day. and I guess [the shooter] told the girlfriend that he would kill her if she didn’t take him where he needed to go,” Telfor said.

The Harris County Sheriff’s office told KPRC 2 they were actively searching for the shooter and that Bunkley’s girlfriend is not believed to be involved.

The family is asking anyone with information to contact Houston police immediately.

“Please anything helps, anything helps,” Telfor said. “I’m still trying to process it myself.”