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A dress code is part of the NBA’s Code of Conduct for a reason. NBA stars are expected to conduct themselves like men and dress professionally during so-called “tunnel walks” before games.

A viral video shows Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony “Ant” Edwards walking out of the stadium after sweeping the Phoenix Suns 4-0 on Sunday.

Fans are upset because Edwards is dressed like a thug, not a multi-millionaire NBA star.

Edwards’ behavior sparked an intense debate about the meaning behind “acting Black” on social media.

Some fans were upset that a multi-millionaire is still walking around with his pants sagging.

While others defend Edwards, saying the Atlanta native is only 22 years old.

One person wrote: “Bro he 22 man, what was you doing at 22, I’m sure it wasn’t being the headline of a 5 billion dollar organization.”

But the NBA may have the final word if Edwards doesn’t clean up his act. He’s already being compared to Grizzlies star Ja Morant — which is not a compliment.

Check out some of the comments from a Manosphere message board below.

“What was so wrong with how he walked out?? There’s a difference in acting ignorant and displaying aspects of your culture while being a professional. What was he supposed to do walk tight assed in a B line straight out the stadium… young king just showed out!!! The real problem is NBA, soft a$s generation and the media worried about more than they should be, trying to start issues. If he’s not the new face of the NBA because he walk or dress how he wants so be it… long as he not displaying guns online and dating underage chicks…”

“I did a lot of dumb sh-t at 22, but walking around with my pants hanging off my a– wasn’t one of them. And I grew up in the same kinda environment that he did and probably worse.”

“There are far too many young black men hiding their brilliance and dumbing down how they speak and act for the approval of peers and young women in their circles. For those of you who have grown up speaking a little more proper than others, you already know what I’m talking about. For a culture that begs the world to love them, they sure have some sh1tty ways about how they accept and treat one another.”