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Tom Cruise skipped his youngest daughter Suri Cruise’s 18th birthday celebrations on April 18.

Suri is Tom’s daughter by his ex-wife, actress Katie Holmes. Suri’s childhood seemed to be a happy one. She grew up in New York City where she and her famous parents were pursued by the paparazzi everywhere they went.


Suri was a daddy’s girl, but her parents parted ways when Suri was 6. Katie and Suri left the Church of Scientology. Katie and Suri were excommunicated and Tom was forbidden from speaking to either of them again.


“Katie was deemed a Suppressive Person and Suri, by extension, Potential Trouble Source,” former leading Scientologist Karen De La Carriere told


“Tom cannot engage or connect with his own daughter. In Scientology, it is Scientology first; family priorities come low down in the order,” Carriere added.

A “Suppressive Person,” is someone who does suppressive acts against the Church and are deemed enemies by church members.

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A Potential Trouble Source is a step below a Suppressive Person. It means someone who is linked to a Suppressive Person and can potentially cause trouble for the church.

Tom’s former security detail, Brendan Tighe confirmed Carriere’s claim.

“Basically, when it comes to Scientology thinking, there is a disconnection policy. When it’s applied rigorously, there is no room for emotion,” he said. “So long as Suri sides with her mom, there will be no contact with her dad.”

In addition to Suri, Tom has a daughter named Isabella and a son named Connor. Both Isabella and Connor are lifelong members of the Scientology Church.

Other famous Scientologists include actors Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.