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Scottie Pippen’s daughter Taylor Pippen says her father never wanted to meet her after she was born. The Chicago Bulls Hall of Famer has 8 children by multiple women.

Two of his children have passed away, according to Basketball Network.


Pippen, 58, is dating a woman young enough to be his daughter. But he has declined to meet his own daughter.

The 6X NBA champion sowed his seeds in multiple states where he traveled with the Bulls on the road.

Pippen initially denied paternity for Taylor, his child by ex-partner Sonya Roby.

The Bulls legend was eventually forced to provide for Taylor financially, but he never wanted to meet her.

In a 2016 interview, Taylor, 30, said she doesn’t know her father personally.

“He never wanted to meet me. He decided that it [would be] like that, and I prefer not to think about the matter too much,” Taylor told Spanish outlet El Mundo as translated by

Taylor’s mother was a model when she met Pippen. Sonya gave birth to twins – Taylor and Tyler on July 20, 1994. However, Tyler died nine days later at Mercy Hospital in Chicago.

Although Pippen was granted visitation rights after the court gave full custody of Taylor to Sonya, he refused to have a relationship with his daughter.

“I was born and raised near Chicago, you can imagine how many questions I have been asked about my father,” Taylor added. ” I know how much my last name weighs. I know that people expect a lot from me, but, after all these years, I have learned that Pippen is just that, a last name.”