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Claudia Jordan dismissed an Internet troll who claims she's sleeping with prolific breeder Nick Cannon.

A social media user who appears to have insider information claims that the media maven is sleeping with the promiscuous media mogul.

It all started when Jordan was online discussing Cannon's claim that 80% of industry women have foul feminine odor.

A follower responded to Jordan, writing "The funniest part is Fraudia having so much to say about Nick but he had her too soooooooooo...."

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Jordan quickly clapped back, saying "umm no the FAWK he didn't. I love how a bird who ain't even brave enough to show her own face on IG feels froggy enough to lie on a real name. Check that real quick goofy."

Normally, celebrities ignore social media trolls - unless the troll says something that hits too close to home.

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If there's any truth to the tea, Cannon will be the one to spill it.

He recently welcomed his 8th child, and he's not shy about revealing his future baby mamas.

Jordan has a colorful history with industry men and athletes herself. It's not too far fetched to believe Cannon is bedding her too.

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Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi's newborn son, Legendary, needed respiratory support after he was delivered by a midwife during a natural home birth this week.

The baby boy is Bre's first child and Nick's 8th by five women.

After announcing his birth on Instagram, Bre, 31, revealed that the home birth was documented in a new vlog on YouTube on Monday.

Bre explained in the caption that "baby had a long crown caused by a nuchal hand (hand up by ear), so he needed a little respiratory support" from her midwife.

"I noticed he wasn't crying," she wrote.

Bre is seen nervously cradling the newborn before a piercing cry escapes from his lungs. "Finally baby cried," she said. "Best sound I ever heard."

"This was the most limit pushing/painful moment yet completely empowering and beautiful," Bre wrote at the conclusion of the vlog. "The intensity of birth takes over your whole body. I swear I was pushing so hard, screaming and crying I started to break, I started doubting I could do it. I kept saying, 'Why won't he come? Get him out.'"

"At a certain point, I had left my body," she adds. "I didn't remember a lot of my birth until my team sat with me to process my birth, which I felt was sooo healing and helpful," she continued. "I can't thank them enough and my amazing partner who showed the f* up for us. We love you so much."

A worn out Nick is seen by her side. He looks like he hasn't slept in days. In one photo, Nick cut Legendary's umbilical cord.

Bre captioned the photo gallery:

"I did it. An all natural unmedicated home birth. This was the most humbling / limit pushing yet awakening and completely empowering experience. I can't thank my team enough for delivering my son safely. This experience has changed me forever and I couldn't of asked for a more amazing and supportive partner. Daddy showed the f up for us.. I couldn't of done it without you. I can't believe he's here."

Watch the video below.


Bre Tiesi gave birth to Nick Cannon's 8th child, a boy, reported. Bre announced the natural home birth in a series of photos on her Instagram page on Monday.

One photo shows the exhausted 31-year-old model holding her newborn son while Nick cut his umbilical cord.

She captioned the photo gallery:

"I did it. An all natural unmedicated home birth. This was the most humbling / limit pushing yet awakening and completely empowering experience. I can't thank my team enough for delivering my son safely. This experience has changed me forever and I couldn't of asked for a more amazing and supportive partner. Daddy showed the f up for us.. I couldn't of done it without you. I can't believe he's here."

Bre also documented the childbirth process in a YouTube video.

She wrote:

"I have documented my pregnancy, natural induction, labor, delivery as well as more information and resources for doulas midwife's and hypno birthing. It's Real RAW and I hope It helps anyone considering an unmedicated home birth."

The baby is Bre's first. Nick confirmed he is expecting three more babies in 2022.

Bre married former NFL star Johnny Manziel in 2018 but they separated in 2019.

Watch the video below.

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Nick Cannon tried to pull a fast one on his fans by posting photos of a fake proposal to baby mama Bre Tiesi.

The aspiring rapper shared images of a diamond ring on Instagram Thursday along with a photo of the couple embracing.

He captioned the post: "I said I would never do it again but... Finally doing what the world wants me to do..."

Cannon was a trending topic on social media as fans were convinced he proposed to the mother of his 8th child. But the proposal was staged to promote his new single "I Do."

"I Do" is off of his latest album, The Explicit Tape: Raw & B.

Cannon's followers left over 8,000 comments under the post.

One follower asked "Which one is this? We can't keep up."

The father-of-8 is expecting a child with Tiesi any day now, and at least 5 more unborn babies with 5 women.

Nick was only married once - to Mariah Carey, the mother of his first set of twins. They tied the knot in 2008 and divorced in 2016.

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Elon Musk confirmed he is a father of 10 after the news broke that he fathered twins with one of his top executives in November.

The Tesla CEO, 51, reportedly fathered twins with Shivon Zilis, 36, the director of operations at Musk's brain-machine interface company Neuralink.

Musk's second set of twins arrived just weeks before he welcomed a child with Canadian singer Grimes via surrogate in November 2021, according to court documents obtained by

On Wednesday, Musk tweeted: "Doing my best to help the underpopulation crisis. A collapsing birth rate is the biggest danger civilization faces by far."


Nick Cannon, a father of 8 himself, tweeted: "Right there with you my brother!"

Cannon, 41, was ecstatic that Musk is catching up to him by fathering multiple children out of wedlock.

Musk and Zilis filed a petition in April to change the twins' last names to his.

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Cannon is currently father to twins Moroccan and Monroe, 11, with ex-wife Mariah Carey; son Golden, 5, and daughter Powerful Queen, 19 months, with Brittany Bell; and 13-month-old twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir with Abby De La Rosa.

His son Zen, by Alyssa Scott, died from a brain tumor in December.

Cannon is expecting his 8th child with Bre Tiesi any day now. And 5 more women are allegedly pregnant by the "Wild 'N Out" host.

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Nick Cannon's children may be friends, but the father of 13 says not all of their mothers get along.

The "Wild 'N Out" host rapped about his baby mama drama during an appearance on Power 106 FM, saying, "But what is a ring but really a band? I got you for life, and I'll always be there. All of my children will always be friends, even if their mamas not in agreeance."


The proud dad is expecting his eighth child with Instagram model Bre Tiesi. Five more women have stepped up to say they are carrying his unborn children.

Cannon, 41, posted the video on Instagram with the caption, "A message to all of my kids."

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Alyssa Scott shared the video clip on her Instagram Story with a mindblown emoji. Scott and Cannon's 5-month-old son Zen died from brain cancer in December.

Abby De La Rosa, who shares 1-year-old twins Zion and Zillion Heir with Cannon, says she is "cool" with him having "many" kids.

"Children are a blessing in whatever capacity that may be," she told her Instagram followers in a Live on Tuesday.

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The 28-year-old DJ, who is expecting Cannon's 9th child, said she is "not looking for anyone to understand or agree" with her modern family.

Bre Tiesi, 31, agreed, telling the "Know for Sure" podcast co-hosts that she is not in "a cult" and that the moms are "respectful" to each other.

"This is just us," Tiesi said. "What you do outside of that is what you do outside of that. Everything is respectful. Everything is honest."

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Nick Cannon has one less mouth to feed. Jessica White, his ex-girlfriend, is denying rumors that she is pregnant with his 11th child.

Rumor had it that four women were carrying his unborn babies, and that Jessica was one of them.

"Understand this! No I'm NOT pregnant," she wrote in a since-deleted post on Instagram.

"I am a great creative force who's focus is on business. Stay the hell out of my uterus because it's invasive and disgusting especially to someone who has fertility issues. Nothing will get in the way of this moment for me as a female director and artist. I do not belong apart of tabloid flutter. I love, and I am brilliant on my own."

She added: "Now go watch the movie Nick Cannon trusted me to write and direct for him. And go stream RAW&B creatively directed by me! Please stay focused on my greatest."

Fans began speculating after Nick posted the cover art to promote his upcoming EP titled Raw&B.

The cover art - appropriately titled "The Explicit Tape" - features Nick sitting between Jessica's open thighs.

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His post prompted social media users to speculate wildly that Jessica was pregnant with Nick's 11th child.

In April, Jessica took to social media to express her desire to get pregnant again following a miscarriage.
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This week, Nick, 41, confirmed his ex Abby De La Rosa is carrying his 9th baby. Bre Tiesi is due to deliver his 8th child next month.

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Nick Cannon says he fell victim to "a little vagina" because he was depressed after losing his 5-month-old son Zen to a brain tumor in December 2021.

On Tuesday's episode of the Angela Yee's "Lip Service" podcast, Nick said he was depressed after the loss of his son.

He said his harem of baby mamas felt sorry for him and offered him "a little vagina" to lift his spirits.

"I got depressed with the loss of my son," he said. "The thing is, everybody saw I was so down. So everybody was like, 'Let's just give him a little vagina, and that's gonna cure it all.' I fell victim to it because I was in a weak state."

Nick, 41, said he "started f-king like crazy ... right before Christmas" which defeated his whole purpose of being celibate.

"I was probably celibate for a month and a half strong... I was trying to do it... I was dealing with a lot."


Nick admitted he is expecting multiple babies this year, including his 8th child with Bre Tiesi (right) and his 9th baby with Abby De La Rosa, with whom he already has twin sons.

According to reports, Nick is also expecting babies with ex-girlfriends Lanisha Cole, Jessica White and Alyssa Scott, the mother of his late son Zen.

"If you thought the numbers I put up in 2021 was big, wait until 2022," Nick told Yee. "If you thought it was a lot of kids last year..." he said before trailing off.

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Nick Cannon admits he has multiple children on the way this year. The father of 8 is expecting at least 4 more babies.

During an appearance on Angela Yee's Lip Service podcast, the media mogul confirmed he is expecting more than three children this year.

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Angela asked, "It says you have three babies on the way, is that true or false?"

He responded, "When you say 'on the way', what count are you at?"

He continued, "If you thought the numbers I put up in 2021 was big, wait until 2022... if you thought the number was big last year."


Nick is expecting a child next month with Bre Tiesi, and three children with ex-girlfriends Jessica White, Lanisha Cole, and Alyssa Scott.

Additionally, his baby mama Abby De La Rosa took to Instagram last week to announce she is pregnant. The mother of Nick's second set of twins hinted that she might be pregnant with her second set of twins.

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However, on Tuesday, she announced she is expecting her third baby to arrive in the fall - and she confirmed she is not expecting twins this time around. The DJ and entrepreneur took to Instagram to answer a few questions about her pregnancy.

Abby told her supporters that she will soon be a mom of "three under two." Abby also explained why she decided to have her sons, Zion and Zillion Heir, with Nick, even though he was already a father of six at the time.

"It's not money," Abby insisted. "It's not money, you guys, at all... Like I didn't have twins with this person because he was famous. We were genuine friends, we connected. It was cool."

If the reports are true, Nick will have welcomed a total of six babies in 2022. He recently booked an appointment for a vasectomy, but apparently declined to go through with the procedure.

In a recent interview with Men's Health magazine, Nick said:

"I love my children. I love the people that I'm involved with. People even often ask, 'Are you gonna have more, you gonna stop?' I'm like, those are questions that I don't, I don't really even sit around and think about. I'm just walking in my purpose and trying to be the best father and best provider I could possibly be."

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Nearly a year after delivering Nick Cannon's second set of twins, Zion and Zillion Heir, Abby De La Rosa announced she's pregnant again!

In an Instagram post on Friday, June 3, Abby shared a photo of herself relaxing on a bed in front of letter balloons spelling out the word "BABY."

"IM PREGNANT," she wrote in the caption, "Another set of twins?!"

She added that she'll be "posting all the exclusive content and answering the questions ya'll are dying to know" on her OnlyFans page. She also showed off her baby bump in a zebra-patterned dress, asking fans, "How far along do you think I am??"

The news spread quickly to Twitter, where fans congratulated Abby and wished her and Nick a healthy birth.

The father of 7 is preparing to welcome his 8th child with Bre Tiesi. has lost count of how many unborn babies Nick has fathered in 2022 alone.

In a recent interview with Men's Health, Nick defended his decision to replenish the Earth, saying, "I've seen where people believe a traditional household works, and [yet] there's a lot of toxicity in that setting."

"It's not about what society deems is right," he added. "It's like, what makes it right for you? What brings your happiness? What allows you to have joy and how you define family? We all define family in so many different ways."

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Demond "The Legend" George is best known for fathering 33 children with multiple women. He took offense to social media users saying his pull-out game is weak.

Demond went viral this week when he posted a new photo that showed 24 of his 33 kids (he said 9 of his kids were missing from the photo).

He captioned the image:

"The LEGEND The LEGACY WILL LIVE FOREVER ... I want thank my kids mothers for helping me make dis day possible I want thank Rushelle Leonard & Emmalee Ja'Shay Carraway Mecie Okra & Uncle Billy Jackson Nana@ Tammy LaNell Miles also Kortlyn Nycole for staying & helping with my kids thanks Nykedra Kedrapooh Haggerty for our photo shoot & being understanding with 9 missing it still turned out good I'm truly blessed ... with nine other children missing [sic]."

Social media trolls had a field day taunting him. Demond ignored most of the clownery, but he drew the line at trolls saying his pull-out game is weak.

Demond posted a video that answered one question: how he supports his children.

During his rant, Demond pulled a thick wad of cash from his pocket and yelled "I'm still that ni**a with 30!"

He also addressed the claim that his pull-out game is weak: "My pull-out game ain't weak, I just don't pull out!"

CAUTION: The video below contains excessive profanity.

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Future Hendrix cleared his busy schedule to attend his adopted son Jaiden's high school graduation recently.

Jaiden took to Instagram to share photos from his graduation on Tuesday. In one photo he holds his high school diploma while posing proudly with Future.

In another photo, Jaiden posed with his mother.

Even though Future has 7 or 8 other kids, he accepted the responsibility of raising another man's son.

Future also spoke at Jaiden's graduation party.

Prince Williams/

In 2017, Future posed with Jaiden (far left) and four of his biological children, including Future Zahir Wilburn, his then-3-year-old son by Ciara Wilson (2nd from right).

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Nick Cannon delivered a brand new Range Rover to baby mama Abby De La Rosa after someone keyed her other Range Rover.

Nick had a brand new fully loaded matte black Range Rover delivered to the mother of his second set of twins.

Abby, 31, took to her Instagram Story to thank Nick for the thoughtful gift.

"Got the sweetest delivery yesterday! Y'all already know a hater keyed my range - this time around [baby daddy] wanted them to hate harder!! Thank you Nick for the insane upgrade [crying emoji][white heart emoji]."

Abby is mother to Nick's identical 11-month-old twin boys Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir.

Nick recently said the mothers of his 7 children don't have to get along.


Allegedly, he is expecting four more babies with Bre Tiesi (pictured right) and ex-girlfriends Lanisha Cole, Jessica White (pictured below) and Alyssa Scott, mother of his late son Zen Cannon.

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Nick, 41, also revealed he enjoys intimate relationships with all of his baby mamas except Mariah Carey, mother of his first set of twins, Moroccan and Monroe.

The media mogul said his 6-year failed marriage to Mariah convinced him that he's not built for marriage.

Nick appeared on the "It's Tricky with Raquel Harper" podcast, where he revealed he will never settle down with one woman again.

"It depends on what you call marriage. Getting the government involved? Nah. We can go have a ceremony somewhere," he said. "Why would the government be involved in your love life? That seems so bizarre to me. It's really a business and to bring business and love together, that's a tough one to get involved with.

Rich Polk/FilmMagic

He said his marriage to Mariah was "one of the greatest experiences of my life," adding, "And for that to come to an end as well, why would I go back if I couldn't make that work out right?"

Nick said, if he ever tied the knot again, "I'd have to be presented with something I've never seen before in order to go back to something like that. I did my best in this space, and now I feel like there's a new journey in my life. I'm not going to backtrack and put myself in that situation again because it doesn't get better than that."

Nick previously revealed he booked an appointment for a vasectomy consultation. He didn't say if he went through with the procedure.

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Kodak Black will welcome 4 bundles of joy in 2022. But he still has a ways to go to catch up to Nick Cannon, Future Hendrix, Chief Keef and other rappers who can field baseball teams with their spawn.

Kodak will welcome his fourth child with a Detroit fan who posted a photo of her growing baby bump on Instagram.

Kodak gifted her with a brand new Mercedes Benz truck with a red interior as a push gift.

The Florida rapper already has three children by three baby mamas. The babies were all born in 2022.

Kodak explained his rush to replenish the Earth in an Instagram Live interview two months ago.

"It's always understood, if I'm dealing with a person, I'm never gonna lead them on and make them feel like we're in a relationship if we not, you hear me, I already let you know what I got going on in my life and so you gon make the decision if you want to deal with me or not, I aint gotta lie to nobody."

Kodak's baby mamas are all educated, successful women who just got with him for the child support.

Maranda is a real estate agent, mother is an exotic dancer from Miami. And the third pregnant girl is attending beautician school. It isn't clear what his 4th baby mama does for a living.

Kodak might want to follow Nick's lead and get a vasectomy before the groupies start lining up.

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Flavor Flav publicly acknowledged the 3-year-old old son he fathered with a former manager. The rapper still has a long way to go before he catches up to Nick Cannon.

According to TMZ, the boy's name is Jordan and he will now bear his dad's surname.

The boy's paternal grandparents tell TMZ their daughter, Kate, used to be Flav's manager for a few years.

Flav, 63, reportedly denied the child's existence for 3 years until he recently had a change of heart.

Hollywood To You / BACKGRID

Jordan's grandparents tell TMZ, the "Flavor of Love" star submitted his DNA sample which verified he is Jordan's father.

According to TMZ, child support and a custody arrangement have been established. The paperwork has been filed to give Jordan the family name, Drayton.

Kate, who no longer works for Flav, will begin collecting child support from the father of 8.