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Update: The New Orleans Pelicans have cut ties with NBA star Zion Williamson amid his baby mama drama.

Zion is still a Pelican – on paper – but the organization has “offered” his services to any team that wants him, according to

“It’s surprising to me how out there it is in the league that the Pelicans are discussing Zion business,” said NBA insider Brian Windhorst. “I want to be very careful about the word ‘offer’ because that word is a dangerous word. I’m not sure the Pelicans have ‘offered’ Zion to anybody, but every day that passes over the past five or six days, I hear different discussions the Pelicans have had that implies they are going to make Zion available.”

Windhorst added: “There is no relationship between Zion and the organization, and minimal relationship between Zion and his teammates, from what I understand.”

The Pelicans apparently distanced themselves from the superstar forward after Zion announced that he was expecting his first child with an adult film star.

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Now three more adult film stars have come forward to say he fathered their children, according to MTO News.

“The women, two of whom are African American and the third is White, have lawyered up – and are preparing to get a large settlement from the South Carolina baller who currently plays for the New Orleans Pelicans. The woman we spoke to explained, ‘We’re all pregnant, and we all want compensation.'”