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Broward County Sheriff

Rap music is not as lucrative as it used to be when record labels tracked album sales in stores.

Nowadays, music is sold via streams or downloads. The labels and the streaming services get their cut, while the rapper gets pennies on the dollar.

Most rappers return to what they know best — selling drugs to make ends meet.

Sukihana insists she’s not one of those rappers.

The 32-year-old single mother reacted to reports of her recent arrest on drug charges in Florida. The aspiring rapper, born Destiny Henderson, claims she’s not a petty drug dealer.

If you recall, Sukihana was arrested in Broward County, Florida for possession of ecstasy and codeine with intent to sell.

Police in Pompano Beach charged Suki with two counts of violation of Florida Statute 893.13. Both counts are first-degree felonies.

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On Monday, the rapper, also known as Suki with the Good Coochie, addressed the drug charges during a rant on Instagram Live.

“I don’t give a f*** what they said I had — I didn’t have a mutha******* thing, ho*,” she said in response to comments from her followers. “I don’t need to sell no f****** drugs, b*tch, I’m already rich.”

“I don’t do no mutha******* drugs, and I don’t sell no drugs. Like I said, I sell coochie,” she said, before declaring: “My charges getting dropped.”

She added: “You could be Oprah Winfrey, ho*! Y’all call my mutha******* name, I’m coming. Leave me the f*** alone!”

She didn’t sound very convincing. But she is capitalizing off of her arrest by selling t-shirts with her viral mugshot on the front.

Suki asked her followers to “show love” by purchasing her merchandise.

Photo may have been deleted