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New court documents detail rapper PnB Rock's final moments before he died in Los Angeles on Sept. 12.

Charging paperwork shows the aspiring rapper and his girlfriend arrived at a Los Angeles restaurant before his killers got there.

The documents contradict an earlier report that the suspects were waiting in a vehicle outside the restaurant when the rapper arrived in his Bentley.

In the criminal complaint filed Thursday, Sept. 29, prosecutors say a "man in a red shirt" was outside the restaurant when he saw PnB Rock walk inside. The unidentified man noticed that PnB Rock was wearing expensive jewelry.

Prosecutors said the man lurked outside Roscoe's until Freddie Lee Trone arrived driving a black Buick Enclave. Trone parked, walked up to the man in red, and spoke with him near the entrance to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. He then returned to his car and drove off while PnB Rock was still inside the restaurant.

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Meanwhile, Trone's 17-year-old son "armed himself with a handgun" and put on a mask, prosecutors say.

Freddie Lee Trone dropped the teen off near the strip mall where Roscoe's is located. The teenager approached Roscoe's, passed the man in red, and went inside. As he entered the restaurant, the man in red left the area.

The teen then approached the table where PnB Rock was eating with his girlfriend, Stephanie, and pointed the gun at him. According to prosecutors, the teen said, "Give me all of your jewelry, now!" He then shot PnB Rock in the chest while the rapper remained seated at the table. As PnB Rock fell to the floor, the teen allegedly shot him twice more in the back, prosecutors said.

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He then turned to Stephanie and yelled, "Show me your hands! Give me that shit right now! I swear to God! I shoot you in the head!" He snatched her watch and then grabbed PnB Rock's jewelry.

Freddie Lee Trone drove into the parking lot outside Roscoe's as his son rushed outside and hopped into the car. They fled the restaurant, and parked the car several blocks from their residence, prosecutors alleged.

They later burned the car to get rid of evidence.

Police say father and son are members of the 87 Gangster Crips. Rock was allegedly robbed and killed because he did not "check in" with gang members who control the territory around the restaurant.

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A man wanted in the Sept. 12 murder of aspiring rapper PnB Rock was arrested in Las Vegas on Thursday, police say.

Freddie Lee Trone, 40, was taken into custody by an FBI-led fugitive task force at about 1 p.m., a spokesperson with the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed.

Trone was charged earlier in the day with one count of murder, 2 counts of second-degree robbery and one count of conspiracy to commit robbery, the District Attorney's Office said.

His 17-year-old son, who was arrested Tuesday, was also charged with murder and conspiracy to commit armed robbery.
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The teen's stepmother, Shauntel Trone, 38, was arrested Tuesday and charged with one count of being an accessory after the fact. She pleaded not guilty at her arraignment on Thursday. Shauntel and Freddie Lee Trone are married.

The teenager made an initial appearance in juvenile court and was ordered to return to court next month. He is being held in the juvenile jail without bond.

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PnB Rock was eating lunch with his girlfriend, Stephanie, at a Los Angeles Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles restaurant when the teen approached their table and demanded his custom jewelry.

Words were exchanged and a scuffle ensued. The teen allegedly shot Rock multiple times in the upper torso and robbed him of several gold and diamond chains. Rock was pronounced dead at a hospital. He was 30.

Freddie Lee Trone is believed to be the getaway driver. He was released from jail about a month before the shooting. Police say both father and son are members of the 87 Gangster Crips street gang.

Rock was allegedly killed because he failed to "check in" with gang members who control the territory around the restaurant.

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Two men have been arrested in connection with the armed robbery of a Brooklyn preacher during a live-stream sermon in July.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead and his wife were robbed of $1 million in jewelry at his rented storefront church in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn on July 24.

Live-stream video shows the bishop lay on the floor, raise his hands and say "Yo! All right, all right, all right" as three armed men entered the church and approached him. The suspects pointed guns at Whitehead and his wife, who was holding their infant daughter.
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Whitehead was accused of staging the robbery as a stunt to draw attention to his ministry on Remsen Ave. near Avenue D.

On Wednesday, the NYPD announced Juwan Anderson and Say-Quan Pollack, both 23, were arrested in their Brooklyn homes. A third suspect is still at large.

"I'm extremely happy," Whitehead told the NY Daily News at an initial hearing for the suspects at Brooklyn Federal Court on Wednesday.

"My wife was crying when she heard the news. We're waiting for the last one to be arrested so we can move on with our life," he said.

"This was turned around from me being a victim, to a villain, and today, you know, God gave me and my family a victory," he said. "Because the tabloids and everybody has been talking about the narrative of the 'bling' pastor, and he had to have something to do with it."

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A teenager and his mother are in custody in the murder of aspiring rapper PnB Rock (right) at a Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in South Los Angeles.

The 17-year-old boy was arrested early Tuesday in Gardenia, police confirmed to Variety.

Also arrested was the teen's mother, Shauntel Trone, 38, on suspicion of accessory to murder, LAPD Capt. Kelly Muniz told the Los Angeles Times.

Police are still searching for the teen's father, Freddie Lee Trone, 40, who is believed to be the getaway driver.

Police say father and son were sitting in a car in the restaurant's parking lot when PnB Rock and his girlfriend, Stephanie, arrived in his Bentley on Sept. 12.

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Rock, 30, and his girlfriend were eating lunch when the teenager approached their table and demanded his jewelry.

Words were exchanged and the teen shot Rock multiple times before robbing him of several gold and diamond chains. The gunman also demanded property from Stephanie before fleeing out a side door and hopping into a waiting vehicle driven by Trone.

There are unconfirmed reports that Trone worked at the restaurant as a part-time cook.

Police say father and son are members of the 87 Gangster Crips street gang. The restaurant where Rock was fatally shot is in 87 GC territory.

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It is a sign of respect for rappers to "check in" with gang members before venturing into their territory while wearing diamonds and other valuables.

TMZ reports that Trone and his son burned the getaway car in an effort to destroy evidence.

Trone was released from jail a month before the shooting.

The LAPD says Trone "should be considered armed and dangerous. If you see him, you are urged to call 911 for immediate assistance."

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Cardi B lashed out at Twitter sleuths who dragged PnB Rock's baby mama, Stephanie, for dropping his location the day he was killed.

The 30-year-old aspiring rapper was fatally shot at a Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles restaurant on Sept. 12.

Los Angeles detectives arrested a 17-year-old boy in Gardenia early Tuesday, and charged him with murder.

An arrest bulletin released by the LAPD Wednesday described the second suspect, Freddie Lee Trone, as "being involved" in the murder.

Cops say Trone is still at large, and should be considered "armed and dangerous."

Police sources say Trone is the teen's father and his getaway driver.

After PnB was killed, hundreds of sleuths took to Twitter and accused Stephanie of dropping their location in an Instagram photo of a plate of uneaten chicken and waffles.

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Cardi B, a reputed Bloods gang member, scolded Black Twitter for jumping the gun early on in the investigation.

She retweeted a post by @Glock_Topickz that noted the father-son robbing crew were already in the parking lot when Rock and his girlfriend arrived in his Bentley.

"Told y'all... Yall must not know how the hood moves," Cardi tweeted on Wednesday. "Y'all owe that girl a apology for the shit y'all put her through knowing that she saw her baby dad die in her face... Social media investigators YALL SUCK!!!!"

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A 17-year-old has been arrested in the murder of aspiring rapper PnB Rock. Los Angeles detectives made the arrest early Tuesday.

The teenager was arrested near Gardenia, multiple police sources told NBC LA.

An arrest bulletin released by LAPD Wednesday described the second suspect, Freddie Lee Trone, as "being involved" in the murder.

The bulletin made no mention of an earlier arrest, according to NBC NewYork.

Cops say Trone is still at large, and should be considered "armed and dangerous."

The rapper was fatally shot at a Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles restaurant on Sept. 12.

PnB Rock, real name Rakim Allen, was eating lunch with his girlfriend when a man approached their table and demanded his custom jewelry.

Words were exchanged and the man shot Allen multiple times. The gunman robbed Allen and his girlfriend of several gold and diamond chains and fled out a side door into a waiting vehicle.

Police did not say whether Trone is the gunman or the getaway driver.

Allen, 30, was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

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Police urged the public to contact 911 if you see Trone or have any information on his location.

Allen is best known for his 2016 single "Selfish." He routinely flashed money and custom diamond jewelry in photos on Instagram.

Instagram blogger DJ Akademiks posted an interview with Allen that was done a week before Allen died. In the video, Allen discussed an attempted robbery incident in Los Angeles.

Watch the video below.

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TMZ has obtained surveillance footage that shows Ludacris' manager, Chaka Zulu, being jumped by five suspected gang members outside his Buckhead, Atlanta restaurant on June 26.

The footage shows Zulu pulled his gun first and fired at his attackers, including Artez Benton, 23, who died from a gunshot wound to the chest.

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Zulu, 52, turned himself in to the Fulton County Sheriff's Office on Sept. 13. He was charged with murder, simple battery and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

The footage shows the five suspected gang members arriving in the valet area and make their way inside the restaurant.

That's where the video starts. Zulu gets into a heated argument with Tre'mon Robinson, one of the suspected gang members who was told to leave the restaurant because they didn't have reservations.

During the argument, a man named Corey Crawford (wearing red sneakers) is seen retrieving something out of a vehicle. A source directly connected to the case tells TMZ Zulu's legal team believes Crawford got a gun from the vehicle.

Zulu and Robinson tussled after Robinson chest bumped him. Crawford and Benton rushed over, and Crawford sucker punched Zulu from behind.

Benton is seen punching and stomping Zulu who is on the ground.

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Zulu's female assistant (wearing orange shirt) began punching Benton, but Robinson punched her in the face, knocking her to the ground.

That's when Zulu pulled his gun and fired, hitting Benton once in the chest. Zulu fired a second round which grazed another man in the leg.

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At the same time, Crawford ducked between 2 cars at the left of the frame. He opened fire three times hitting Zulu once in the back.

Zulu stumbled out of the frame and collapsed on the ground.

Crawford and Robinson were not charged with any crimes.

On Monday, Zulu's attorney, Gabe Banks, spoke with Shelley Wynter of WSB Radio's Word On the Street.

Banks told Wynter that Benton and the other gang members "actually attacked Zulu from behind and continued to beat him down, punch and stomp him while he was in a defenseless posture on the ground. That is undisputed."

Banks confirmed that the Atlanta Police Department obtained arrest warrants and charged Zulu. And that Fulton County DA Fani Willis did not charge Zulu with any crimes.

Another insider told that Zulu will not take a plea deal from Willis. His case will go to trial.

Watch the video below.

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The Chief Operating Officer of Beyond Meat was arrested on Saturday for eating a man's nose.

Doug Ramsey reportedly bit off a piece of the man's nose during a road rage incident after the Arkansas Razorbacks football game.

According to USA Today, Ramsey became enraged when the victim tried to pull in front of his SUV and bumped his front tire with his vehicle in a parking garage.

Ramsey reportedly punched the man repeatedly and bit his nose, "ripping the flesh on the tip of the nose," according to the police report.

The occupants of both vehicles got out and tried to separate the two combatants.

Police arrived to find two men with bloody faces in the parking garage. Ramsey was charged with terroristic threatening and third-degree battery. He was released Sunday on $10,000 bond.

Ramsey was named COO of Beyond Meat in December 2021. Prior to that he worked three decades with Tyson Foods.

Beyond Meat is a meat alternative that uses plant-based meat substitutes to mimic the taste of meat. The company stock is down 75% since the start of the year.

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A Brooklyn preacher who was arrested for manhandling a woman in his church on Sunday defended his actions in a new video.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead and the woman, Tarsha Howard, were arrested after the video went viral on Sunday. Howard was charged with trespassing and disrupting a religious service.

The bishop was released with no charges.

According to Whitehead, a woman walked into his church and began heckling him during his Sunday sermon.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage

As the woman walked past him, the bishop grabbed her by her neck and shoved her out the front door.

Whitehead joined "TMZ Live" on Monday to explain his side of the story. He released a new video that shows a different angle of the incident.

Whitehead says the new video shows the woman heading directly for his wife and 10-month-old baby before he grabbed her.

Bishop Whitehead said he never choked the woman, he simply directed her towards the front door.

The woman later released images showing light scratches on her neck.

Watch the videos below.


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Fulton County Sheriff, Instagram

Surveillance video that surfaced online shows the events leading up to the shooting incident involving Ludacris' manager Chaka Zulu.

Chaka, 52, and two other men were shot during a scuffle outside Chaka's restaurant and lounge in Buckhead on June 26.

Artez Benton, 23, was killed when Chaka allegedly discharged his weapon in self-defense.

IG blogger Shanae Hall posted the surveillance video on her Instagram page.

The Fulton County prosecutor's office charged Chaka with murder and other crimes on Sept. 13. No one else was charged.

Hall says Chaka was attacked by five men who waited for him outside his Apt 4B restaurant. Sources say the men were refused entry to the restaurant, where reservations are required to get in.

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The video shows Chaka's hands around a man's neck (first circle). Hall says Chaka was restraining the guy to prevent him from pulling his gun.

As Chaka restrained the guy, another man approached Chaka from behind and sucker punched him. Then all 5 men began stomping him. The video doesn't show the shooting.

The video aligns with what Chaka's attorney, Gabe Banks, told Channel 2 Action News in a statement.

Hall writes in the video caption:

"I pray that @atlantapolice and @fultoncountyda can see that they made a mistake! Men lie woman lie, the footage doesn't lie! Chaka Zulu was trying to prevent the situation from escalating, and the four men decided viciously attack him.

Artez Benton, the young college graduate that was shot by Chaka can be seen straddled over Chaka punching him in the face, while the other men stomped him in the head and kicked him.

HOW CAN HE BE CHARGED WITH MURDER WHEN HE WAS BEING ATTACKED & shot in the back by the big guy in the video? HOW??"

Watch the video below.

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Arrest warrants provide more details into the shooting incident involving Ludacris' longtime manager, Chaka Zulu, that left another man dead in June.

According to warrants obtained by Channel 2 Action News, Chaka Zulu, real name Ahmed Obafemi, was charged with murder, aggravated assault, possession of firearm during commission of a felony and simple battery.

Zulu, 52, voluntarily turned himself in on Sept. 13 after learning of the arrest warrants.

In separate interviews with police, Zulu claimed he fired his gun in self-defense when he was attacked in the parking lot of his restaurant and lounge in Buckhead on June 26.

Prosecutors say Zulu "knowingly and intentionally did commit the offense of murder, shooting Mr. Artez Benton in the chest with a firearm".

Benton was pronounced dead at the scene. His family retained high-power attorney Steve Sadow to represent them.

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Celebrities including Keri Hilson (pictured with Chaka); Bow Wow, Lil Jon, Busta Rhymes, Tyrese Gibson, Kandi Burruss, and former Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed were among hundreds showing support for Zulu on social media.

Prince Williams/

Strangely silent is La La Anthony (pictured with Chaka) who reportedly was at Chaka's restaurant the night of the shooting. According to rumors, the fight was over La La, who is a longtime friend of Chaka Zulu's.

Sandra Rose/

Chaka Zulu and his son are pictured with the late rapper Tupac Shakur's mother Afeni Shakur at the grand opening of The Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in Stone Mountain, Georgia in 2005.

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Fox 5 New York

A Brooklyn preacher was arrested after he lay hands on a woman who disrupted his Sunday service live-stream.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead grabbed the woman by her neck and shoved her toward his security after the woman called him a scammer and other choice language.

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The woman, Tarsha Howard was also arrested and charged with trespassing and disrupting a religious service.

Both Whitehead and the woman were released from jail.

According to reports, two women walked into Whitehead's Canarsie church and began heckling him.

Footage from the Bishop's lives-stream shows him dressed to the nines in a tailored suit while the women can be heard heckling him in the background.

Whitehead spoke in tongues as the women continued to yell. He then advanced towards them and asked them to leave his church.

As one woman walked past him, he grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and shoved her hard.

He later explained that she was walking toward his "baby" and he felt threatened. He said he was forced to protect his family.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage

The flashy preacher made headlines earlier this year when he claimed he and his wife were robbed of $1 million in jewelry during a sermon at his church in April.

He recently filed lawsuits for $20 million against two YouTube bloggers who ridiculed him in their videos.

Whitehead sued DeMario Jives and Larry Reid for defamation and slander in New York earlier this month.

He accused the two vloggers of slandering him and calling him a drug dealer and a scammer.

Prince Williams/

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Ludacris' longtime manager Chaka Zulu (R) has been arrested on murder charges stemming from a shooting at an Atlanta nightclub on June 26.

WSB-TV reporter Michael Seiden broke the news in a tweet on Saturday.
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Zulu and two other men were shot during a dispute at Apt4b, a Caribbean restaurant and bar Zulu owns in Buckhead.

Police say Zulu exchanged gunfire with another man. During the shootout, a stray bullet from Zulu's gun struck Artez Benton, 23, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Benton's grieving family retained high-powered attorney Steve Sadow.

Zulu, whose real name is Ahmed Obafemi, was hospitalized in critical condition. He was eventually discharged from the hospital and turned himself in to police on September 13.

He was booked into the Fulton County Jail and bonded out the same day.

Prince Williams/WireImage

Zulu is also charged with aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and simple battery, according to jail records.

Prince Williams/WireImage

Mr. Chaka Zulu, a beloved son of the City of Atlanta, is disappointed in the Atlanta Police Department’s decision to bring charges against him surrounding the shooting that occurred in June 2022.

Update: Attorney Gabe Banks, legal counsel for Chaka Zulu, released a statement to Channel 2 Action News:

"A close review of all of the evidence, including the surveillance footage and eyewitness interviews, reveals that Mr. Zulu was attacked and jumped from behind by a gang of at least four (4) individuals (sadly including the decedent) and was forced to defend himself after this gang repeatedly stomped, punched, and kicked him while he was on the ground in a defenseless posture. Mr. Zulu was shot in the back during the shooting and nearly lost his life, and is still recovering from the nearly fatal injuries he sustained that evening.

Mr. Zulu was at his place of business that night and had every right to defend himself. In an attempt to save his life, Mr. Zulu lawfully discharged his weapon in self-defense, a weapon that he is licensed to carry. Mr. Zulu fully cooperated with law enforcement officials and their investigation, and voluntarily turned himself in once he learned of the arrest warrants. Mr. Zulu remains confident that his named will be cleared of all charges through the judicial process. It is not lost on Mr. Zulu that someone lost his life, but had Mr. Zulu not lawfully defended himself, Mr. Zulu would have been killed that night."

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Bravo, South Fulton PD

The employee who shot Kandi Burruss' nephew during an altercation at Blaze Seafood & Steak restaurant on Friday has been arrested.

According to investigators, Harry Darden got into a fight with Chef Melvin Jones and ended up shooting him in the arm before fleeing the scene.

Darden, 41, was taken into custody on Thursday by South Fulton police, Yahoo! News reports.

Darden is charged with aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

The restaurant is owned by "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star and singer Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker.

In unrelated news, Kandi shared her secret for restoring her thinning edges.

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Kandi lost her edges after years of abuse from hair extensions and lacefront wigs.

In a video posted on her IG account, Kandi said, "Time for a hair change. This ponytail has outlasted its welcome! Oh but while we're doing it, can you see these edges? These not the edges that were bought and paid for, these are the edges that are God-given, honey. Ok?"

She added: "These edges are courtesy of Kaleidoscope Miracle Drops. Meaning, not that we stuck 'em on. Meaning that I started using the hair drops and my edges started thickening up. 'Cause it was looking a little scary for a second."

Kaleidoscope Miracle Drops are sold at Sally's Beauty Supply, Walmart, Amazon, and other beauty supply stores.

The ingredients include essential oils, coconut, tea tree, peppermint, leaf extract, ylang ylang, geranium extract, and vitamins A,D,E.

Watch the video below.

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Hialeah PD

A Miami woman named Tupac Shakur was arrested for assaulting an elderly man outside a Hialeah hospital on Tuesday.

According to a police report, obtained by CBS News, the incident happened outside Hialeah Hospital.

Bay Area News via Getty Images

The story went viral because Shakur, 34, shares the same name as iconic rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur who was fatally shot in 1996 at age 25 in Las Vegas.

Police say Shakur, who is homeless, beat an elderly man with a baseball bat while he sat on a bench, WPLG reported.

The victim told police Shakur walked up and began beating him "several times" with the bat around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The elderly man snatched the bat away from her and ran inside the hospital. The woman pursued him inside and told hospital workers she was the one being assaulted.

After reviewing security footage, Hialeah police located Shakur later Tuesday night and arrested her.

The victim suffered several minor injuries but refused medical treatment. He told police he recognized Shakur from previous incidents around the hospital.