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Tracy Morgan embarrassed himself on live television when he made a rude gesture towards Philadelphia Sixers point guard Tyrese Maxey.

The NY Knicks tried desperately to close out the series in Game 5 and advance to the 2nd round of the NBA Playoffs on Tuesday night.

But Maxey made a clutch three point shot from near mid-court to tie the game at 97-97 and force overtime in Madison Square Garden.

As Maxey celebrated his shot, Morgan, 55, couldn’t contain his anger. He gave the 23-year-old point guard the middle finger. The gesture disappointed the comedian’s fans who believed Morgan was better than that.

The Sixers won the game 112-106 in overtime, sending the series back to Philadelphia for Game 6 on Thursday. The Sixers hope to force a Game 7 back in New York.

Meanwhile, Morgan was ripped by Sixers fans on social media.

One NBA fan wrote: “This is exactly y i want the knicks to lose. knicks fanbase filled w/deplorables even down to the celebs [sic].”

Another person wrote: “New Yorkers disrespectful on a different level lmao.”

A third person wrote: “He should be mad at his team for choking in the clutch.”