Photo may have been deleted

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is still being held hostage in Dubai for nonpayment of an unknown debt.

Boxer Gervonta “Tank” Davis first broke the news that Mayweather was being held captive in Dubai.

Davis said Mayweather should “go live” on Instagram to prove he’s not in Dubai.

Photo may have been deleted

Photo may have been deleted

50 Cent commented on the report in a social media post according to

“Oh nah, this sh*t is real. @gervontaa would not say no sh*t like that if it wasn’t official. Me and Champ be beefing, but he my brother. I got some money if he need it!”

Photo may have been deleted

Apparently, Mayweather was fronted an insane amount of cash at a “casino”. But he promptly lost all the money gambling.

As of now, there are no legal casinos in Dubai. So it must have been a private casino.

Mayweather’s private jet is reportedly surrounded by police, and his money is no good at the Dubai airport.

According to boxing promoter Rick Glaser, Mayweather is free to move around Dubai — he just can’t leave the country until he pays what he owes.

Glaser updated his X/Twitter followers on Mayweather’s situation on Monday.

“Just got off the phone with my guy in Dubai, he told me that #Floyd #Mayweather is definitely being held by the Government court system there as he owes a substantial amount of money in Dubai. They take indebtedness over there very seriously. Was told the debt is #unassociated with #Boxing. Floyd’s desperately trying to work things out, to no avail so far. So @Gervontaa #TankDavis is correct that Floyd’s being held there!!!”

A “substantial amount of money” is likely in the hundreds of millions of dollars range. One thing we do know is Dubai is notorious for holding Americans captive if they owe any amount of money.

The news media here has been suspiciously quiet about the Mayweather rumors.

So far, the White House has not commented on the reports either.