Laverne Cox and Bralalalala

Two famous transgenders are criticizing the media hype surrounding former Olympian Bruce Jenner, who lived his life as a closeted cross-dresser for decades before emerging for TV fame and profit.

In an editorial on his Tumblr page, uncut Trans actor Laverne Cox, left, responded to editor Ben Shapiro's column knocking Vanity Fair for portraying Jenner as a stereotypical campy 1950s showgirl, while LGBT groups claim gender has no meaning.

Cox acknowledged that the ultimate goal of a trans should not be to portray feminine stereotypes since gender is supposed to be fluid and not fixed.

Cox wrote: "But what I think they meant is that in certain lighting, at certain angles I am able to embody certain cisnormative beauty standards. Now, there are many trans folks because of genetics and/or lack of material access who will never be able to embody these standards."

Uncut Trans singer Bralalalala, right, who appeared in Charlie's Angels and other 1980s TV shows, long before drag was a thing, is among the first to publicly out Jenner as a cross-dresser - not a trans.

"Bruce never lived as a trans woman, in society. What does he know about it, about employment discrimination, loss of wealth fame and family as a result? No revolution there. Bruce used his male identity to establish female fame… Long time closet case cross dressers like Bruce Jenner have no relevance to the acceptance of real trans women."

Cross-dressers are primarily heterosexual married men who wear the intimate clothing of their wives and daughters for sexual gratification.

Cross-dressers don't live as women, which is why many in the trans community protest the media hype surrounding Jenner, who they say is coming out for profit, not to advance trans rights.

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      What's strange is that people are more accepting of trans people than they are of men who cross dress. It's all real confusing. :no:

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      Yeah, it was revealed on KUWTK that even the kids have known for years that BJ was a cross dresser. No wonder Kris had no respect for him. You want your husband to beat that pussy up, not stand in the mirror with your panties on accessorizing. SMH. No judgement at all, but this whole story has me confused for so many different reasons. His cross dressing, his age to change his sex, lying to his families all these years. It's like the one family knew, but he was so embarrassed that he had to run. So he ran to Kris Kardashian and quickly married her.

      Just WOW. I can't wait to see him sashay across the stage to accept his courage award. You know the public awaits. Dennis Rodman can't wait to hit it.

    • Kyle

      So happy there are people out there with the courage to admit publicly what is very obvious about Bruce Jenner - in his attempt to present himself as a transwoman he has inadvertently displayed all the hallmark signs of being a heterosexual male transvestite, or one who cross dresses for both sexual gratification and emotional comfort. What Bruce has not presented as - in terms of what responsible gender professionals in the medical and mental health fields should be looking for - is someone who has struggled with gender dysphoria and is genuinely transsexual/gender. Bruce's younger brother, Bert, died in a car crash years ago after borrowing Bruce's car. Bert lost control of the vehicle and killed his girlfriend along with himself. Bruce has never dealt with this trauma or his feelings of responsibility. So, its no surprise that immediately after causing a four car accident in which a woman lost her life, Bruce almost immediately underwent all but bottom surgical transition to a female. This accident no doubt brought all of Bruce's unresolved feelings and guilt over his brother's death to the forefront of his mind; transitioning was a way to not only gain empathy from the public (something he never enjoyed while a part of the Kardashian franchise where he was the butt of jokes and ridicule) but to separate himself from the male known as Bruce Jenner who already felt guilt over his brother's fatal car accident and who felt he could not emotionally take on board responsibility (especially direct) for yet another vehicular death. Once the acceptance from the public has died down to a hum instead of its current roar and Bruce realizes that changing his gender doesn't mean he's someone else, he will soon grow to loathe the hardened globes attached to his chest and all the obstacles that come along with being a transwoman day after day. Like all hetero transvestites, Bruce makes zero attempt to walk, speak, gesticulate or appear anything approximating a female. All his interests are of the typical het male variety. He's doing what he always did as a cross dresser: wearing a dress, putting on some lipstick and sliding into some pumps. Cross dressers aren't concerned with "passing'" transsexuals are. Bruce will grow weary of the meticulous routine that must be permanently adhered to as a transsexual woman and regret that he didn't have the courage and take the opportunity to introduce the world to life as a transvestite which is every bit as legitimate but vastly different from life as a transsexual. His ego will delay making this realization public but ultimately he'll realize its easier to admit who you really are than to go on living as a transsexual fraud. For reference as to what it is to be genuinely trannsexual/gender, watch I am Jazz, not I am Cait.

    • justbeingnosey

      I agree with you whole-heartedly. I was supportive of Bruce during his Diane Sawyer interview with a couple of minor exceptions with his questionable answers and mannerisms. I chalked that up to nerves. But the more time has passed and just listening and observing, I couldn't agree with you more that Bruce is a crossdresser/transvestite not a transgender. He may have always desired to be a woman, but I don't think he truly has felt or feels like a woman. It seems to me that this is more of Bruce's self loathing and wanting to be someone other than his self. I think he is doing a disservice to this community and is still not living in his truth as he claims. Everything he says sounds so rehearsed and disingenuous. Your thoughts on both car crashes were very insightful, I hadn't thought about that before. You've made several good points and observations.
      Ive never heard of I am Jazz. I will check it out. Thank you!

    • madeline

      Really excellent points and insight. I also believe bruce is bi curious