Bruce Jenner

Cross-dresser Bruce Jenner graced the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in a heavily-Photoshopped image shot by famed photog Annie Leibovitz.

The Vanity Fair cover and the accompanying Photoshopped images inside, broke the Internet, as they say.

Bruce also registered a new account on social media platform, racking up 1 million followers in just under 5 hours.

Jenner, 65, appears on the cover in heavy makeup, wearing a cream colored corset and a wig with soft flowing curls. The Vanity Fair cover is embarrassingly campy and sloppy (he needs help learning how to tuck his stuff).

Bruce Jenner

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian was completely unbothered by her stepfather overshadowing her Glamour cover and her pregnancy announcement. She posted the cover on her social media accounts along with the message:

“Caitlyn Jenner for Vanity Fair Annie Leibovitz! How beautiful! Be happy, be proud, live life YOUR way!”

In her Glamour mag interview, Kim discussed undergoing a procedure to scrape her uterus (fibroids? endometrial hyperplasia?) and having sex with husband, Kanye West “500 times a day” in her desperate bid to get pregnant a 2nd time.

“I didn’t know that I was going to be so open,” she said. “But meeting people at my fertility doctor’s office who are going through the same things I’m going through, I thought, ‘Why not share my story?’ It’s been really emotional.”

Maybe the Wests are hoping for a boy this time around?

Having sex multiple times a day at mid month is the best way to ensure your baby is a boy.

According to fertility doctors, fresh sperm (as opposed to old early morning sperm) produces lightening quick male (Y) seed that races to the egg faster than female seed. Unfortunately, male sperma dies off quicker than female sperma if there is no egg to fertilize. The shelf life of all sperm is about 24 hours. But male sperm lives for about 12-18 hours. So if you want a boy, men should masturbate in the morning to purge old seed, then have sex frequently during the day.

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