Good friends are hard to come by. Rap producer Ye (left) is fortunate to have loyal friends who stand by him during troubling times.

Ye, formerly Kanye West, donned a black ski mask and met up with his pals, Fivio Foreign (2nd from left) and Pu$ha T (right) for lunch after taking a break from recording in Los Angeles.


He was also spotted with Von Dutch designer Tracey Mills (right).

Ye thanked rapper Travis Scott for sending him the address to his daughter Chicago West's 4th birthday party. "I just gotta shout out to Travis Scott for sending me the address and the time," he said in a video on Saturday.


The 44-year-old rapper and fashion mogul was upset that estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, didn't invite him to his youngest daughter's birthday party.

"Yo, I'm so happy right now," Ye says in the Instagram video.

"I just came from Chi's party and I just gotta shout out to Travis Scott for sending me the address and the time, and making sure that I was able to spend that birthday memory with my daughter to be there with the rest of the family."

Ye was annoyed that Kim barred him from her Calabasas home when he tried to visit his children last week.

Kim previously denied blocking her estranged husband from visiting her home or attending their daughter's birthday bash. In leaked video from the event, Ye is seen keeping a comfortable distance from Kim, while laughing it up with friends.

A source told Page Six that Kim was "saddened" by Ye's public statements, after she asked the musician not to show up "unannounced" to their home.

Kim may have been worried for boyfriend Pete Davidson's safety after Ye promised to attack him in his new track, titled "Eazy," which dropped Friday.

In other Ye news, the LAPD would like to speak to the father of four about an alleged assault that took place last week after a fan asked the rapper for an autograph.

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Ye (Kanye West) and his new flame Julia Fox hooked up with ex-NFL star Antonio Brown for dinner at Craig's in West Hollywood on Monday.

Antonio was unable to land another NFL contract after he was let go by the Buccaneers for walking off the job mid-game.


Despite his unemployment status, Antonio was in good spirits as he arrived in an uber to meet with Ye and Julia for dinner.


The troubled wide receiver told TMZ "It probably wasn't necessary or professional," to throw his jersey and pads into the stands as he quit during the third quarter in week 17.


Meanwhile, reality TV star Kim Kardashian is reportedly "cool" with her ex, Ye, dating Julia.

According to TMZ, Kim's got no beef with Ye dating the "Uncut Gems" actress, who is reportedly "a huge fan" of the Kardashian family.

Kim believes the fact that Julia is a fan could be a good sign of things to come in co-parenting with Ye.


According to TMZ, Julia has raved about the Kardashian family in the past, calling herself a "Die-Hard" fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Julia is still married to Peter Artemiev, a Brooklyn-based private pilot, and father to her one-year-old son, Valentino.

Sources close to Kim tell TMZ she's happy to see Ye smiling again. Kim only wants what's best for her ex, and she only wants to see him end up with a good woman who is good to their four kids.


TMZ reports Kim has fully moved on from her marriage with Ye. The 41-year-old mom-of-four spends most of her time with 28-year-old boytoy Pete Davidson -- while an army of nannies watches her kids: North, 8, Saint, 6, Chicago and 2-year-old Psalm back at home in Calabasas.

Kim and Pete spent the holidays in the Bahamas with friends, and before that they rendezvous'd in Palm Springs, and enjoyed private dinners in NYC and L.A.

Friends say Kim is behaving like she's single -- at a time when her minor children need stability and a nurturing mom at home.

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Ye, formerly Kanye West, spent his Saturday at a Los Angeles hotel playing with his children in between dates with new girlfriend Julia Fox.

Ye, 44, was spotted briefly after spending the day with his four kids who were chauffeured to an L.A. hotel to meet with their dad for some quality time.

The children -- North, 8, Saint, 6, Chicago and 2-year-old Psalm -- rarely see their mom, Kim Kardashian, 40, who is off vacationing every week with her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, 28.

Clint Brewer Photography / A.I.M / BACKGRID

Ye's kids were chauffeured in THREE vehicles to the hotel where a bodyguard carried Psalm and escorted Saint into the hotel.

Clint Brewer Photography / A.I.M / BACKGRID

Clint Brewer Photography / A.I.M / BACKGRID

The same security guy was seen bringing in a stack of games and toys including the popular Guess Who and Connect Four games.

Clint Brewer Photography / A.I.M / BACKGRID

3-year-old Chicago West wore cowboy boots for her play date with daddy.

Ye's kids mean the world to him. He was raised by a single mom and he wants to be the best dad to his children.

Clint Brewer Photography / A.I.M / BACKGRID

According to BACKGRID.com, Ye was seen after the playdate hopping into an uber and heading to a design studio on his own where he spent the evening with a team.

Dinner was delivered to the studio and people on his team were seen going in and out.

Clint Brewer Photography / A.I.M / BACKGRID

The rap producer wore his Yeezy GAP jacket and carried a small bottle with a red liquid inside.

Ye changed into clean clothes for the play date, after wearing the same paint splattered jeans for two weeks straight.

BlayzenPhotos / BACKGRID

Rapper Ye, formerly Kanye West, has been officially announced as headliner to replace Travis Scott in the Coachella lineup.

Travis was removed as headliner following the tragedy when 10 people died at his Astroworld Festival in Houston in November.

Variety reports that pop singer Billie Eilish and Swedish House Mafia will headline on Saturday, while Ye headlines Sunday night.


Meanwhile, Ye has been jet-setting around the world before going out on a romantic date with actress Julia Fox. The couple was seen on a date in New York City on Tuesday, before he jetted to Miami solo.

The Coachella music festival has already sold out 125,000 per-day tickets, despite pesky Omicron "cases" surging in America.

The 2020 Coachella was postponed due to Covid-19. It was originally slated to have Travis Scott, Frank Ocean and Rage Against the Machine as headliners.

Meanwhile, friends are concerned that Ye has been wearing the same clothes for days at a time.


He wore the same hoodie, paint splattered jeans and designer work boots on his date with Julia. And he was seen wearing the same ensemble while leaving his hotel the next morning (below).

BlayzenPhotos / BACKGRID

He also wore the same hoodie, jeans and boots when he arrived in Miami on Wednesday (below).


Where he was seen shopping at Balenciaga with his pal, rapper Future Hendrix on Wednesday.


And here he is wearing the same jeans and boots at the DONDA Academy homecoming basketball game along with rapper French Montana (right) in Whittier, CA. way back on December 22.

Friends say Ye is having difficulty getting over estranged wife Kim Kardashian who is spending most of her time with comedian Pete Davidson -- away from her 4 children.

People who are depressed tend to neglect their hygiene and wear the same clothes for days on end.

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A Colorado truck driver's 110-year prison sentence was reduced by Colorado Governor Jared Polis to just 10 years after socialite Kim Kardashian and 5 million others pleaded for clemency.

Rogel Aguilera-Mederos claimed his brakes failed when his semi-trailer truck barreled down a mountain on Interstate 70 near Lakewood, Colorado on April 25, 2019.

Aguilera-Mederos lost control and crashed, causing a 28-car pileup that killed four Colorado residents ranging in age from 24 to 69.

Aguilera-Mederos was arrested and charged with 4 counts of vehicular homicide.

Investigators say he burned out his semi-trailer truck's brakes racing down the mountain and bypassed multiple runaway truck ramps designed to prevent the tragedy that would occur.

Prosecutors say Aguilera-Mederos thought only of saving himself when he plowed into the vehicles.

On Oct. 25, 2021 Aguilera-Mederos was sentenced to 110 years in prison under the state's mandatory statutory minimum law. The judge said his hands were tied when handing down the stiff sentence.

But public outcry from truckers, Kim Kardasian, and 5 million signatures on an online petition convinced the governor to reduce Aguilera-Mederos's life sentence.

Governor Polis commuted the 110-year prison sentence to ten years on Thursday, prompting Aguilera-Mederos to break down sobbing in open court.


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Kim Kardasshian's "mature" 12-year-old nephew, Mason Disick, expressed concern for his 8-year-old cousin, North West, after she went live on TikTok without permission.

Mason was alarmed when North went live on TikTok and filmed Kim lying in bed alone over the weekend.

The Mega Agency / BACKGRID

Mason is the son of Kim's big sister Kourtney Kardashian and her ex Scott Disick (pictured).

The smart boy advised 40-year-old Kim not to let North go live on TikTok without supervision -- after all, she's just a kid.

Kim shared her nephew's thoughtful text messages via her Instagram Stories:

"Hi I don't wanna disrespect North but I don't think she should do the lives unless someone is with her because people are always screen recording and she might tell information that isn't correct and stuff like that, that she will regret."

He added:

"I did the exact same thing as she did I would do the lives and now I regret saying one of the things I said."

The preteen was seemingly referring to the time he went viral for denying reports that Auntie Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott were back together in March 2020.

Mason added:

"Just in case for safety" and "I'd love to talk to her about it. Next time I come over maybe."

Kim was impressed and thanked her nephew for the kind advice.

"I appreciate you looking out and I agree. She felt bad and I don't think she will do it again but it could be good if you talk to her about it."

Kim referred to her nephew as a "king" and she invited him for a sleepover.

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MediaPunch / BACKGRID

Kim Kardashian is celebrating finally passing the "baby bar" exam after 3 failed attempts in 2 years.

The mom-of-four announced her law school aspirations in 2019. But instead of attending law school, Kim took a circuitous route by interning for law firms.

She failed the so-called "baby bar" exam three times before finally passing it on her 4th try.

On Monday, the socialite and reality TV star, 41, revealed that she passed the baby bar exam -- bringing her one step closer to realizing her dream to become a lawyer like her late father, Robert Kardashian Sr.

"OMFGGGG I PASSED THE BABY BAR EXAM!!!! Looking in the mirror, I am really proud of the woman looking back today in the reflection. For anyone who doesn't know my law school journey, know this wasn't easy or handed to me."

"I failed this exam 3 times in 2 years, but I got back up each time and studied harder and tried again until I did it!!! (I did have COVID on the 3rd try w a 104 fever but I'm not making excuses)."

She explained that the baby bar is harder to pass than the actual bar exam.

"I was told by top lawyers that this was a close to impossible journey and harder than the traditional law school route. but it was my only option and it feels so so sooooo good to be here and on my way to achieving my goals."

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Over the weekend, Kim scolded her 8-year-old daughter North West when the youngster went live on TikTok without permission.

"Let's give a house tour," North says as she filmed white Christmas trees and reindeer in her all-white home.

Entering Kim's bedroom -- where Kim is lying in bed alone -- North giggled, "Mom, I'm Live."

"No stop! You're not allowed to," Kardashian can be heard chastising North.

"Ok bye," North says, while continuing to film, as Kim asks her nanny, "Is she really live?" before the video cuts out.

Clint Brewer Photography/ A.I.M / BACKGRID

By Sandra Rose

Pete Davidson's 'Saturday Night Live' cast members aren't convinced his relationship with Kim Kardashian is the real deal.

Kenan Thompson didn't sound convincing when he told PEOPLE he's "happy" for Pete, as long as Pete's happy.

"I mean, you've got to be happy for love, I guess. If it's love! They look like they're having a good time. I'm always happy when he's happy."

SNL writer and cast member Bowen Yang insisted he didn't know "the nature" of Kim and Pete's "friendship" but he thought they were getting along pretty well.

"I don't know what the nature of the friendship is, but it seems like they're having a good time hanging out."

And SNL cast member Chris Redd wrote in a recent Instagram post:

"Pete and Kim? Damn, Pete. Damn! I hope they're happy. They're wearing matching outfits so I think they're on their way. (At least) that's what Instagram told me."

The public is slowly warming to Kim and Pete's May-December relationship which began after Kim hosted SNL last month.

Pete's documented mental health and substance abuse problems make him a good match for Kim, who has a history of dating unstable men.

At 41, the mother-of-four is 13 years older than Pete, who is childless. The 28-year-old comic has a history of failed relationships with starlets and Cougars.

Pichichi / Splash News

Kim's body language looks like she's into Pete as she was into NBA star Kris Humphries.

Some people suspect Kim is using Pete because she's jealous of her sister Kourtney Kardashian's relationship with rocker Travis Barker.

This is what the Internet is saying about Kim & Pete:

"This is also Kim Kardashian we're talking about, it's probably all just a way to keep her name trending. Might have been the same deal with Ariana - and he doesn't mind getting used as long as he's getting p*ssy out of the deal."

"Kim is an attention whore that got made cuz her sister was getting more attention than her for fukking Travis barker."



From this day forth, mega producer Kanye West will be known as simply "Ye."

Ye wore a disguise the morning after attending the wedding of Géraldine Guyot and Alexandre Arnault on Oct. 16, 2021 in Venice. Italy.

According to TMZ, a Los Angeles judge approved Ye's name change application on Monday.

Ye, who filed the application on August 24, said he was making the change for personal reasons.

In a 2018 interview, after he released his album, Ye, he told radio host Big Boy that "ye" was the most commonly used word in the Bible. "Ye" is a an archaic form of "you."

Ye, 44, was born Kanye Omari West on June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gotham/GC Images

Ye and his estranged wife Kim Kardashian were spotted together as she headed to host "Saturday Night Live" in New York City on Oct. 9.

According to Page Six, Ye is dumping all of his assets in an attempt to live a simpler life.

He recently listed his 3,800-acre Wyoming ranch for $11 million -- at a loss. And last week, Kardashian won the $60 million Hidden Hills mansion the two once shared.

Best Image / BACKGRID

Kim Kardashian's 8-year-old daughter North West is already showing signs of narcissism by making fun of her home to upset her mother.

The TV reality star – who has North, Saint, 5, Chicago, three, and Psalm, two, with estranged husband Kanye West – said her eldest child has learned how to hurt her feelings.


Kim claims the child knows one of the easiest ways to hurt her feelings is to mock the "ugly" way she decorates their spacious $60 million mansion.

"Every time I get into some kind of disagreement with my daughter North, she thinks this is a dig to me and she'll say, 'Your house is so ugly. It's all white. Who lives like this?'

"She just thinks it gets to me and it is kind of mean because I like my house."

Mental health experts warn parents to be aware of signs of narcissism in children who have been raised on social media.

Hurtful, vindictive words that are meant to cause emotional pain in adults are typical of children with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).
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Narcissism is the prevailing attitude that a child is superior to others and is entitled to things that she wants.

The narcissistic child is characterized by extreme selfishness and attention-seeking behavior.

Best Image / BACKGRID

According to WENN.com, the former "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star is guilty of offering her children a "good bribe" in order to win their cooperation and affection.

Speaking on the new Ellen Digital series Mom Confessions, she admitted: "My biggest parenting fail is I give in too easily sometimes and bribes. I'm guilty of a good bribe."

But Kim tries her best not to lie to her children.

"I really try not to lie to my kids," she said. "I was doing that at the beginning to try to get them out of the house or to try to go into a playdate or things like that, and I just realized quickly it wasn't going to work for me and I'd rather be honest with my kids."

@TheHapaBlonde / BACKGRID

What are the warning signs of narcissism in children?

1. Attention-seeking behavior

The child seeks attention, but does not express gratitude to the parents for being kind and nice to them.

2. Entitlement

The NPD child believes that she is entitled to have everything she asks for. She believes she is superior and that others (including parents) are beneath her.

3. Unreasonable expectations

The child has high and unreasonable expectations from others. They are opportunists who constantly look for weakness in others to take advantage of them.

4. Inability to maintain friendships

The NPD child finds it difficult to make and maintain friendships. She seeks inappropriate friendships with older children and adults who can provide her with the things she wants.

5. Selfishness

The NPD child is extremely selfish with high levels of self-importance. They are exploitative by nature and are envious of others' achievements.

6. Can't take criticism

The NPD child can't take constructive criticism and is easily insulted. She blame others for her failures.

7. Behaves formally

The narcissistic child behaves formally (too grown) in the presence of adults. She is then praised by adults for being "more mature" than other children.
What causes NPD in children?

1. Narcissistic parents who are self-indulged, detached, or emotionally unresponsive to a child's needs

2. Parents who are too permissive

3. Excessive and constant praising of a child's beauty (you're so pretty; you're so handsome).

4. Too much negative criticism

5. Irrational expectations of a child

6. Excessive abuse (physical and mental)

This has been your Medical Minute.

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