Funky Dineva

Celebrity blogger Funky Dineva messed around and clicked on a phishing link in an email. A hacker gained control of his Instagram account, changed his password, and changed his username to @DinevaFunky.

Luckily, Dineva was still logged into his Instagram account. He managed to change his password and restore his username. But minutes later, the hacker locked Dineva out of his IG account.

There began Dineva's journey down the Instagram rabbit hole in search of someone who could help him restore his Instagram account.

Funky Dineva

Dineva quickly learned that even a popular blogger with 250K followers wouldn't have much luck with the powers that be at Instagram.

Dineva took to his blog,, to express his frustration over his inability to get his account restored.

"Being a celebrity blogger with over 250k followers, surely one can understand why regaining control of my account is important," he wrote.

Dineva detailed his torturous ordeal with the Instagram Team. He included the numerous photos and identifying info he sent to no avail. Dineva is still locked out of his account.

Meanwhile, the hacker is busy posting spam ads on Dineva's account.

Here's how you can help Funky Dineva get his Instagram back.

Funky Dineva hacked

  • Canary Red™

    yay! A weekend post! ?? thanks SanRo!

  • lovelygamour

    Quentin look serious! f all them wigs. someone he knows probably hacked him. maybe it was jose Hernandez.


    I had all but given up hope!

  • Dontae Smith

    I hacked the account

  • aDingoDrankMyBabies


  • JerseyMom


  • haree

    He doesn't blog no way he puts up bs to get paid and I do mean he a drunk?

  • angrysolo

    Boo Hoo


    Yea I seen that he was locked out..poor Q I hope he figures it out smh

  • Canary Red™

    ? ... I kept rolling the dice?

  • Meme81

    He looks better in the second picture. Good Lord!

  • stanhope

    Miss Dineva lost interest in her column a long time ago.

  • Divame

    Omg I hope he gets it back I luh him

  • Lenina Just Lenina

    Omg u r so dope for sharing this I love you SR ??????????????????????????????????

  • jusstlooking


  • GuestSTAR


  • Bonny

    Glad I don't have Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


    It was jose aka joseline just go to him and demand your ig back!!!

  • Alisa

    You hv to hack into his email to change his password. So his email account was comprised too. Most sites hv the question if you did not req this password change etc.. He could hv hacked his own instagram in order to get control. But regardless if he gets the account back this would happen again. He needs a new email for one and make his password alot stronger than his last. I know he probably had a weak password, but anyone with sense would never click a blind link. His type of work he needs better security not some run of the mill vanilla security. The hacker was not that great what he/she did is hacking 101 and it was someone that he has in his contacts.

  • Alisa

    LOL!! Now this is funny this is a perfect example of "shade"

  • barbeez

    LOL. Lord have mercy. This story is ghetto and I love it. Help Funky Dineva get his Twitter account back. Only in America.

  • barbeez

    Furthermore, who still has an AOL email account. I had to leave them alone years ago after it got hacked.

  • BaybeK8s

    Why is Funky looking like 50 Cent in 'All Things Fall Apart' in the second picture? Must be his non-wig my IG account has been hacked look.


    No shade that's his name like Caitlyn use to be Bruce Joseline use to be Jose

  • Philly Jawn

    Dont no body care

  • Rob

    I agree. I don’t use IG a lot, but every other service emails you to advise you of an email or password change. For an email change it’d go to the prior email. From there you can undo anything you didn’t authorize.

    Do better Instagram — but who still clicks on phishing emails?

  • chappedlippz

    That's exactly why I don't have an IG account.