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Actor Jay Ellis turned off the comments under his wedding photos on Instagram, days after he tied the knot with Nina Senicar.

Jay's interracial marriage angered his fans who are still upset after Jay and Nina went Instagram official last year.

The "Top Gun: Maverick" star, 40, and Nina, 36, said "I do" during a romantic ceremony in Italy, Vogue reports.

Nina stunned in a custom Dolce & Gabbana off-white, silk gown. The couple's 2-year-old daughter, Nora, was the flower girl. The pandemic forced them to push back their nuptials twice.

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According to Black Enterprise, Jay popped the question in Bali in January 2019.

"We come from two completely different sides of the world, different cultures, and backgrounds, and it was magical to see how all of that got mixed together in such a beautiful and spontaneous way with the people we love the most," Nina said of her wedding day.

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Monica sent her Instagram followers into a frenzy when she posted a video of herself casually laying in bed with a gun.

The R&B singer is laying in a hotel bed watching a TV program on HLN while listening to a man discuss women who are fans of crime shows and serial killer documentaries.

The male voice on the program says:

"All I'm saying is there are women all over the place that watch serial killers documentaries for fun and literally fall asleep to true crime murder podcasts because it helps them to relax. The concept of murder helps her to relax — and you wanna play with her feelings?"

Monica shows her gun on the bed and smirks at the camera as if to say "play with my feelings if you want to."

Monica has a concealed carry permit and her gun is always within reach.

She captioned the video "PDFPWM."

Grammy Award-nominated artist James Fortune guessed that the acronym meant, "Please don't forget to pray with me."

Monica is currently dating incarcerated rapper Corey "C-Murder" Miller. They allegedly got back together after she divorced former NBA star Shannon Brown in 2019.

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Saucy Santana was checked by an Instagram user for saying women need gay men to show them how to rock makeup, fashions and hairstyles.

In a viral video at a Gay Pride event in Dallas on Saturday, Santana said women get their sense of style and fashion from gay men. He added that gay men are the "blueprint" for women.
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However, in a post on Instagram, King Push wrote:

"Saucy Santana, the girls may call the gays for makeup, hair, stylist, etc, but gay men are not the BLUEPRINT.. the gay men imitate the WOMEN most of all. Without the women being the ACTUAL blue print the gay men would have nothing to go off of."

King Push got a lot of pushback from gay men for his personal opinions. In a follow-up post, he wrote:

"Y'all really MAD about my opinion like I GAF! I said what I said and ain't changing on it.. so stay out my DM! Just keep that shit cute cause I'm REALLY on whatever you on!"

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Bhad Bhabie's father questions how she earned $55 million as a social media influencer.

Ira Peskowitz, who is estranged from Bhabie, weighed in after the 19-year-old announced she purchased a mansion with $6 million cash and earned $55 million online.

"Was she groomed? Absolutely. With the way she dressed, the way she acted, everything was sex related and encouraged by people around her," said Peskowitz.

"Who in their right mind thinks 'Ah she's just turned 18 so now it's time to make money on OnlyFans', you don't think of that in a few days there must have been some preparation when she was under 18."

He continued:

"It's not normal to pay to see a barely legal girl explicitly. The sad thing is they treat her like a product. Everyone around her just wants her to make money. She doesn't rap anymore, she doesn't sing, she doesn't go on tour. She sits in her house and she does her OnlyFans."

However, Isaac Hayes III thinks the teenager, born Danielle Bregoli, made a genius decision to leave Instagram where she only has 5 posts.

"She don't care about Instagram no more. But she cares about her following that she has on Instagram," said Hayes.

"She removed all of her [IG] content and is leveraging her following on Instagram to drive them someplace else that she can monetize," Hayes said.

He often criticizes Instagram's algorithms that makes it difficult for followers to see content.

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Russian influencers shared tearful videos on social media before Russia pulled the plug on Instagram early Monday.

Kremlin shut down Instagram at midnight on Monday, March 14, cutting off more than 80 million users. Kremlin made the announcement Friday, after blocking Facebook in the communist country last week.

IG and Facebook are both owned by Mark Zuckerberg's Meta platform.

Russia blocked Instagram after Meta announced Facebook and Instagram users are allowed to post violence against Russia for invading Ukraine.

Google, which owns YouTube, also blocked the video streaming platform in Russia, meaning Russian influencers are deprived of YouTube revenue.

Instagram, TikTok and YouTube are flooded with videos of Russian Instagram influencers crying over lost YouTube and Instagram revenues.

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Popular reality TV star Olga Buzova, who has 23.3 million Instagram followers, cried over the loss of her followers.

"I am not afraid of admitting that I do not want to lose you. I do not know what the future holds," she said.

"I just shared my life, my work and my soul. I did not do this all as a job for me, this is a part of my soul. It feels like a big part of my heart, and my life is being taken away from me."

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Another IG influencer cried, "Do you still think that for me, as an Instagram blogger, this is a source of income? To me, it's just, it's all life, it's the soul. It's the one with which I wake up, fall asleep. F***ing five years in a row."

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In a YouTube video, a Russian Minecraft gamer, with over 1 million YouTube subscribers, sobbed into the camera as snot dribbled from his nose.

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri criticized Kremlin's decision to block Instagram, saying it will "cut off 80 million in Russia from one another, and from the rest of the world as 80 per cent of people in Russia follow an Instagram account outside their country".

"This is wrong," he added.

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Marcus and Diamonique Valentine are expecting their first child since her cancer diagnosis. The Instagram stars revealed the news on their Instagram page, @the_victorious_valentines.

Diamonique was 27 in 2019 when she discovered a lump in her breast. She was diagnosed with Stage 3 triple-negative breast cancer, an aggressive form of cancer.

"It just seemed unreal. It felt like a nightmare," she told CBS News.

With the support of her husband, Marcus, Diamonique endured 16 rounds of chemotherapy and a double mastectomy.

Marcus and Diamonique shared their inspirational story in an exclusive video on PEOPLE's official Twitter page.

Marcus said Diamonique apologized to him for being sick. He responded:

"I said to my wife, 'I was homeless and a high school dropout and you took a chance on the covenant. It would be an honor for me to roll you in a wheelchair. It would be my honor to show your momma and your daddy who thought I was a thug and a punk. It would be an honor for me to show your daddy while you're sick that I meant what I said over 25 years ago with confidence: I ain't going nowhere.'"

She was determined to survive so she and Marcus could bring a new life into the world.

Watch their inspirational video below.


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Raysean Autry, blogger and co-founder of hip-hop website kollegekidd.com, passed away on December 30. Autry reportedly died from complications related to Covid-19. He was 34.

The popular Kollege Kidd Instagram blog amassed over 1.2 million followers.

Autry's twin brother, Rich, who helped run the hip-hop website and Instagram blog, is reportedly hospitalized with Covid-19.

"He passed away on December 29 from Covid pneumonia," his brother PJ Taylor, 29, exclusively told The Sun.

"He had been hospitalized for at least a couple of weeks in Toledo, Ohio. He was 34 years old. We were blindsided by his death. We couldn't even celebrate the holidays. His brother Rich is still in the hospital. They were on the same floor."

Autry's last post on Instagram was dated December 17. Fans flooded the post with tributes to one of their favorite bloggers.

Autry worked as Technical Director and Camera operator for 4 years at WGBU-PBS public station. He graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2020 with a degree in Telecommunications.

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Autry is pictured on graduation day with his brothers Robert (center) and Rich (right).

According to his Linkedin page, Autry and Rich created Kollege Kidd in 2011 to fill a void for unsigned rap talent seeking a space to share their music.

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Fans of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have many questions after spotting what appears to be a baby bottle filled with milk in the corner of Travis's Instagram Story post late Sunday.

"Hi @travisbarker you can't just post a pic of a baby bottle and be like 'Imma just leave this here,'" a fan account captioned a screenshot of the mysterious bottle.

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Reality TV star Kourtney, 42, and drummer Travis, 46, announced their engagement in October after dating for about a year. Kourtney, who has 3 children with ex Scott Disick, is not expecting.

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Kourtney and Travis don't have children young enough to drink out of bottles.

Some IG users assumed that Kourtney's little sister, Kylie, had her baby.

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But if Kylie had her baby it would be a newborn -- too small for a 16 oz baby bottle. It's also doubtful that the baby bottle belongs to Kylie's 3-year-old daughter, Stormi.

Internet sleuths who follow the growing adult baby niche online say the bottle in the IG Story looks like an adult baby bottle.

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Adult baby bottles (pictured) are sold on Amazon, Etsy, and eBay under unassuming names as novelty items or as gag gifts.
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The bottles are also popular with online communities dedicated to "adult babies", "littles" and "regressors" in search of other adult babies, mommies or caregivers to act out their fantasies.

One woman, who calls herself "Motherly," provides instructions on how to make adult baby bottles out of a 16 oz glass jar and parts sold online.

Walmart sells large silicone Y-cut nipples (best flow for an adult) made by "Little Giant Kidz" for $15.40.

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Once again, Beyonce is not following anyone on Instagram. Her husband Jay Z deleted his IG page after just one day.

The 51-year-old rapper caused a minor frenzy when he joined the platform on Tuesday, but, despite amassing more than 2 million followers, his account was disabled.


During his brief time on Instagram, Jay only followed his wife Beyonce and she followed him back.

His first post featured a movie poster promoting the release of new Netflix western movie, The Harder They Fall.

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The film features an all-Black cast, including Idris Elba, Regina King, Jonathan Majors, LaKeith Stanfield, Delroy Lindo, Deon Cole and Damon Wayans Jr.

Jay Z opened up about opening doors for other minorities in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in October.

"I love to be a part of projects that widen the lens. Once it's widened for us, it's widened for Asians. For Mexicans. For everyone.

"[For years], one of the only things on public television was Westerns, every week, and we weren't represented in those at all. In fact, our characters were taken from us. The Lone Ranger was based on one of the characters from this film."

The "99 Problems" rapper serves as a producer for the film - which launched on Netflix this week - and he also produced the movie's soundtrack.


Beyonce's loyal fans say the only person she would ever follow on Instagram is Jesus.

They were wrong.

Jay Z has officially joined Instagram.

The 51-year-old "Dead Presidents" rapper launched his account on the social media platform this week and so far he only follows one page.


Jay - whose profile went live on Tuesday, Nov. 2, already has over 2.2 million followers, including his wife Beyonce. And she is the only person he follows back.

For his first post, the rap star shared a movie poster to promote his new Netflix western The Harder They Fall.

The father-of-5 serves as a producer for the film - which launched on the streaming platform on Wednesday. He also wrote the soundtrack.

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Sources say Jay Z should invest in the Bigen hair dye company since he is their biggest customer.

The rap OG reportedly wears a male unit (lacefront) and uses Bigen to dye his edges gray nearly every week.

They say he wears weave because he's vain and it's easier to conceal his gray hairs.

I guess it's too difficult to ask a narcissist to age gracefully.

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Lil Duval sent a clear message to aspiring female entrepreneurs and side hustlers who flaunt their wealth and material gains on Instagram.

There are an abundance of independently wealthy women on Instagram whose motto is: "Don't depend on a rich man. Become a rich woman."

Women have been doing it for themselves for decades. But social media - particularly Instagram - ushered in a new era of women who show off their wealth to an audience of millions.

Paras Griffin for STARZ

Lil Duval has a message for women who chase dollars instead of men.

On Tuesday, the comedian-turned-rapper tweeted:

"Women been doing a lot of flexing lately which is cool but I don't think most of them fully understand what comes with that. You an easier target to rob."


The Internet was intrigued by Duval's post. Many agreed with his message that women are putting themselves at risk by flossing on social media.

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Britney Spears is taking a well-needed break from social media after announcing her engagement to Sam Asghari, her boyfriend of 5 years.

Britney took to her account on Sunday, Sept. 12, to announce her engagement to longtime boyfriend, Sam.

The mom-of-two assured fans she's not leaving Instagram for good after her account went dark on Tuesday, Sept. 14.

"Don't worry folks... just taking a little break from social media to celebrate my engagement!!!! I'll be back soon."

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Meanwhile, a source tells Page Six, "She's happy and in a great place, and silence can be a powerful thing and a powerful message."

Spears' final Instagram post contained photos of an article titled 'Infusing education with heart', which she captioned:

"I had to repost this so you can see the whole article! Growing up in a world where basically almost everything I did was controlled by someone else... I hope this message gets to people who have been confused or manipulated by a system!

"You're not alone and no... you're not crazy! People need to hear this before it's too late! I've waited 13 years and counting for my freedom! Again... team #FreeBritney you guys f**king kick a**! Love you so much and God bless!"

The pop star rejoiced after her father filed to end his long conservatorship over her last month.

A hearing will be held later this month, according to TMZ.

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Today's Hot or Not hunk is fitness coach and lifestyle motivator Jim Seuh. This gorgeous chocolate bar is CEO of Callus Coaching in France. Book your trip to Paris now ladies!

At 6-foot-7 inches, Jim, real name Djibrii Richard, is the tallest of the handsome Kupe Boys.

He went viral in 2018 after posting a video of him and his three friends doing the "Kupe" dance challenge on social media.

Jim, 29, had a girlfriend in 2018, 35-year-old Ghanian actress Juliet Ibrahim. It isn't clear if they're still dating.

Jim's Instagram page is chocked full of photos of his hairless chest and sinewy muscles.

Ladies, is he Hot or Not?

Check Jim out here: @Instagram.com/jimseuh


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Kid Cudi apparently deleted his Instagram page after Internet trolls harassed him for wearing nail polish.

On Saturday, Cudi posted a selfie to his social media accounts that showed him throwing up a peace sign. The photo revealed two of his fingers were painted with nail polish.

Trolls slammed his choice in nail lacquer and some hurled LGBT+ slurs in the comments.

The 37-year-old Man on the Moon rapper was quick to clap back, telling his followers if they didn't like his nail polish they can "f--k way off."

He also informed his 2.6 million Twitter followers that he turned off his IG comments after blocking dozens of people.

"Turned my comments off on instagram. Seems people really have a problem w me painting my nails. I got tired of blockin so many accounts. I really need u to understand, if u dont like me doin this or anything I do, please dont buy my albums, dont come to my shows. Fuck way off [sic]."

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Cudi, who is heterosexual, was also criticized for wearing a dress on Saturday Night Live back in April.

Born Scott Mescudi, the "Day N' Nite" rapper welcomed a daughter, Vada Mescudi, in 2010. He dated model Jamie Baratta from 2009 to 2012.

He is featured on Kanye West's much-hyped Donda album.

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Rapper Boosie Badazz was kicked off of Instagram again after a slap video he shared went viral.

The scene was shot as part of his "Period" music video featuring fellow rapper DaBaby. The drunkard was hired and Boosie paid him more than $500 to take part in the scene. DaBaby contributed a sizable tip.

Still, the slap looked so violent and authentic that Instagram deactivated Boosie's account for violating its policy.

Boosie's IG was previously shut down after he posted videos of scantily clad women twerking.

Boosie lashed out at Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter.com on Sunday.

"@zuck u just a racist," he tweeted.

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Instagram is owned by Facebook.

Watch the video below.