Wendell Brown and son

Former Ball State football player Wendell Brown has languished in a Chinese jail for over 500 days, and his parents are still waiting for answers from the U.S. government. Brown, 32, was arrested after a bar fight in 2016. Surveillance video shows Brown defending himself as bottles were being thrown at him.

Brown stood trial over 6 months ago. He is still waiting for the judge to render her verdict or release him on bond. Strangely, the judge has visited Brown in jail several times to check on his well-being.

The former CFL player spends his days reading and writing letters home to his family.

In one letter the Detroit native said his Chinese attorney advised him to plead guilty and serve a 2-year sentence. But Brown is suspicious of the advice.

"If they refuse to release me and I'm saying I'm innocent, I know saying guilty won't free me! If they keep an innocent man this long, how long will they keep a guilty man!"

"It is just unfair," said Brown's mother, Antionette Brown-King. "And it is clearly wrong to have a man sit that long (with) no answer. It is devastating to us all."

Brown-King has previously stated she would gladly give credit to President Trump if he appealed to the Chinese government on her son's behalf.

"It seemed like we were getting somewhere, seven months ago," said Travon King, Wendell's step-father. "It is hard to explain, really, seeing my wife fight every night for her son, calling the Chinese embassy."

The State Department has assured the family that Brown is not forgotton.

In February, Mrs. King traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with representatives from the US State Department and the Chinese Embassy.

She was encouraged that the government red tape is slowly unraveling. But Brown's step-father is frustrated with the delay.

"What is the hold up," Travon said. "That is what I want to know."

The State Department released a statement on the case saying:

"The Department of State takes seriously its obligation to assist US citizens arrested abroad. The US Consulate in Chengdu, China has been providing consular assistance including monthly consular visits to Mr. Brown since he was detained. We continue to monitor his case closely. We last visited him on January 19, 2018."

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    Judge came to ask him "how does that Golden Retriever taste?"

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    That's so fawk up

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    Didn't they tear down a Black Panther statue in Korea?

    They not going to let n***as flex over there.

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    He's on the white rice program.

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    This is precisely why I have no desire to visit communist countries and or Asian / Muslim countries. Have you watched locked up Abroad? 90 % percent of people are locked up in these type of places with no hope...

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    Wakanda forever.

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    NO!!!!! LOL!


    Trump done pissed off the Chinese government so good luck with that.. I heard Chinese jails are nothing nice.

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    Trump as we know had nothing to do with the other players getting released!

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    The Shade Django!

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    today's Google is of Maya Angelou.

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    This n***a like "please man, please let me a shrimp fried rice."

    Judge: We read your letters


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    Locked Up Abroad ain't no joke!!!

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    And it's not even real rice. The Chinese produce plastic rice for consumption...

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    LOLLOLLOL!!!! Django is on a roll!!!!!!!

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    I saw that. And while I loved me some Mama Maya, it should have been maybe a split screen of her and Dr. King. I know she was birthed today but its also the 50th anniversary of his death.

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    I would never go to an Asian country even with a rifle pointed at my head.

    I will continue taking my chances with these wicked Europeans.

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    I forgot about this guy... Such a shame... Ima have to share this on FB and IG. With Trump in office and relations strained between our two countries this poor guy may rot for years...

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    My bf binge watched the whole season 1 when they re-added it to Netflix not too long ago. LISTEN that show is SCARY

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    I think there is a piece missing from this story. They just don’t take someone and leave them sitting in prison just like that. Folks gotta be careful when you travel to other countries cause they’ll loc us up and throw away the key which is what happened here.

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    Damn, he's been in since 2016. I'm shocked Obama didn't get him out.

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    Other countries' prison, police and judicial system works in different ways than ours does so....I totally think something like this could happen for no reason...SMH

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    Judge is checking in to make sure their organs are ok.

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    If Wendell had a white parent, he would have been out of that Chinese prison years ago. And Trump will not be going to head to head with China for a 100% black young man.

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    It happens all the time. Sometimes other countries like to make an example of an American.

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    Yes it is. Will lock you up in those countries for nothing and forever. Concrete beds, food buckets of slop. Those prisons are insane.

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    EVIL. lol

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    “If they refuse to release me and I’m saying I’m innocent, I know saying guilty won’t free me! If they keep an innocent man this long, how long will they keep a guilty man!”

    THANK GOD he is wise. I hope he stays wise and strong. He is 100% right about this.

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    given racism /discrimination around the world, we are targets. Any situation we are in whether guilty or innocence (or just protecting ourselves), the ball is NEVER in our court. ???

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    Why wont Trump help him!!! I bet he will say Thank you!!!! hmmmmm......

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    Wakanda is on my bucket list of places to visit. Lol

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    And the world is a minefield for the Black Man. Whereas others may need to think twice, black men need to research and pray about a matter.....even the smallest things. Sure, white folks have been locked up by other countries BUT the question is, IS THE US GON FIGHT TO GET A BM BACK LIKE THEY WOULD A WM?????

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    sadly... he's gonna be sitting for a long while if not forever. unless he can be used as a bargaining tool or as a means to bolster someone's own ego or agenda which we all know who that someone would be, nothing will change. but hopefully I am proven wrong sooner than later.

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    Let this be a lesson......dont play them US games overseas thinking shit is sweet

    Also...remember we are in an ACTIVE TRADE WAR WITH CHINA....there are no favors going on right now

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    Yeah. He is lucky he wasn't in N. Korea.

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    I have no sympathy for people that go to racist countries like "China" and then end up in their jails lol. he should be glad it's only 2 years. Keep your ass in America, Canada or UK

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    I thought it was Winnie Mandela

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    Those teeth though ??

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    Keep telling yourself that but one thing for sure is that: Obama didn't lift a finger to get Wendell Brown out of prison.

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    Thank you Miss Rose for keeping this story alive.

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    They released the Ball brother thieving ass this man should be home by now...

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    You've never seen Locked Up Abroad huh

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    He's Soooo yummy

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    Some of those stories make me want to keep my ass at home.

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    Real scary!

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    lol you sound stupid... First off, America is a racist country. Secondly, it says if he pleads guilty then he will serve 2 years. He hasn't done that...

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    A white boy on a trip with friends for school I believe. He was arressar for tearing down a banner . When he was returned to the US. he was never the same and died a short while later. I don't remember if it China or Korea.

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    Or to secretly enjoy his frustration and torment.

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    Yea America is racist too lol.... But atleast you have civil rights here, you dont have that in china lol

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    This saddens me...prayers up for a expedited victory.

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    I love egg foo yung and orange chicken, but beyond that, I don't f!#k with Asians. I don't like or trust them and I will NEVER set foot in their motherland! They typically chase after me because they think I'm European, but when I start quizzing them about their feelings about black people, their true colors come out.

    I know some people will disagree with me, but I don't understand why a black person would visit an Asian country. I mean... look at the way they behave when you shop in their stores.

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    Chile, I bet they stuffing all kinda egg rolls up in this man smdh 0_o

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    The odds of having it happen in the US are infinitely greater than those living abroad--even in 'communist' & Asian countries. Have any of you actually BEEN to an Asian and/or Communist country? Please educate yourselves. Go to YT, look up videos about black people living in China and other communist countries, either for school, teaching opportunities or other employment opportunities. Black people, we came from the East, there is no invisible electric fence around the western hemisphere that keeps you from traveling East. Or maybe there is one--but only in your mind. Mr. Brown's is an unfortunate situation but we have to ask WHY he has been sitting in a Chinese prison for this long when China is supposedly on the US most-favored trading partners list? He could have stayed in the US to be railroaded into prison for basically nothing. I agree too there is something else going on behind the scenes with this man's case that isn't being reported. And on a visit to Indonesia, I was told that there were some (white) Australians a few years back who were smuggling drugs in and they executed their a$$es--even though Australian authorities tried to intervene on their behalf. So yeah, the general rule is--if you are up to no good then keep your butt in the US or at least stay out of countries that don't play--maybe Africa needs to get more serious about all the foreign pedos and criminals flooding that continent--but as far as I'm concerned, I won't let fear keep me from traveling--this PLANET was black people's first and is ours to explore. Step out of your comfort zone or should I say white people's comfort zone. They got most of us still thinking like slaves and scared to leave the plantation.

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    Probably. I guess Cointelpro is outsourcing to other allied nations now? You probably are more right than you know cuz it's been proven that the US govt/military is experimenting on US prisoners--including those in Gitmo (which NOBODY even mentions anymore--interesting..), so it's absolutely possible.

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    Civil Rights?Ha.Ha.There's nothing Civil or Right about America.

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    This is sad. Why were people throwing bottles at him in the first place?

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    Newsflash, I don't think the UK is fond of black folks either. . .ie Haiti's history (and present state)


    You really asking that question??????? he a black man in china!!!!!

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    dont change the subject hair hatter.

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    wow this is crazy!!!

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    thats a damn shame!!!! Them Ball kids did not get that treatment...hell they were detained to they fancy upscale hotel rooms....yet this man has been in there for over a year, and for what??? This is a true instance of how fucked up the system is....I will be praying for him....hell I watch Locked up Abroad...and them jails in foreign countries make USA jails look like 5-Star resorts!!!

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    hair hatter?

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    Shot up. This article is about China.... Get an education and learn how to stay on topic.

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  • gail jones


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    More ppl need to be sent to China ?? jail!

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    I was being totally serious too. I would not be surprised at all. I heard of that ish in Gitmo smh..yeah.. prison is a petri dish for scientist.

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    Yup. I'm thinking it could've been set-up.

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    Bet I eat sleep and ish with my passport on me