It looks like Ruby Rose (pictured left) hasn't completely gotten over her ex Jessica Origliasso. The Veronica’s singer accused the "Batwoman" star of harassment and stalking her social media pages.

It all started when Jessica uploaded an Instagram photo that showed her kissing her new gal pal, Kai Carlton, at her sister Lisa Origliasso's wedding earlier this month.

Ruby saw the photo and commented on it. "Congrats," Ruby wrote. "So happy for you both."

But Jessica was not appreciative or amused.

"I have requested you not contact me for over 4 months now," Jessica replied.

"You have been given my grace of being ignored on every other private platform, so the fact that you continue to ignore this here publicly under the guise of wishing me well, is continued harassment."

Ruby replied to the public rebuke from her ex, saying: "That is news to me. Copy that. Good vibes only."

Ruby, 32, is probably having difficulty letting go because Jessica nursed her back to health earlier this year after Ruby underwent painful back surgery.

Ruby and Jessica announced their breakup in April of this year, with Ruby saying they split a few months earlier, which would put the date of their breakup right around the time she had back surgery.

Rose wrote on Instagram at the time. "Break ups are always incredibly hard on the people involved but I can only be grateful for the experiences shared."

Ruby and Jessica met on the set of The Veronicas' music video for "On Your Side" in 2016.

Photos by Gino / BACKGRID

  • Nathan Hastings

    Ruby looks like she smells.

  • Roderick2011

    In white lesbian folks' new......

  • NYTimes#1Bestseller

    Ruby and her girlfriend look a hot ass mess

  • Anika Kelly

    Ruby could stalk me :) #GirlCrush

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Chile probably is hell ... Hell there is someone stalking my azz still .... even on here ... shyts insane .... closed my social media accounts with exception of twitter .... only for news purposes .... stalking is insane .... but I know how to handle these types ..... and quit trying to pretend your me on other sites ..... it's the same demon bytch and tries to reply to me on here ..... shyts sick and twisted .... and backfires every single time .... so sick of the stalking chile ....... be extremely careful on social media ... their are some really sick folks out here .... I will never have a social media account again .... Lesson has been learned .... my life was turned upside down ... by a demon devil wordshipping woman .... and that trollop on here .... recognize that bytch stinch quickly ..... stalking has to be shutdown quickly ..... Sandra if somebody contacts your azz bout me it's that demon bytch ..... I don't email ya ..... so it want come from me ..... this fool is a damn nutbag and you will feel the energy off top with that ...... and that one has a gang of log ins on here ... and it's not that other nutbag that harrassed me ....... a fool but it's okay I keep blocking the trash and have no problem in doing so ..... Be safe folks there are some very evil people in this world ..... as for the bytch ...... I saw you stalking my daughter shyt bytch ...... ya azz keep fawking up and barking up the wrong tree you thirst bucket ... I told you when you came for my daughter your azz will get handed ......

  • Rayne

    That’s a dam shame. They act like they can’t just keep it moving if they don’t agree with what someone says on the innanet. It’s one that keeps replying to me also. That’s crazy!

  • ohdearme

    I never understood all the attention that Ruby garnered, never will. That being said is it that hard to "block" someone if you really don't want to see them or them to see you?

  • Yui

    The Veronicas’ girl in this case isn’t looking too good. She shouldn’t have responded if she was feeling that way. Silence is golden at times like this. Just gather your evidence.

  • leapyearpisces

    From a poster on Rhymeswithsnitch. NOT MY COMMENT - even though I find it interesting .

    Enough of this "public ritual". While it's tragic a young mother, died of heart failure and left her, children suddenly. People die every day. At this point it's becoming creepy. Is the public now required to participate in these Ashkenazi death ritual of celebrities? How much energy are they trying to collect? Sit down please.

    The whole "energy collection" statement is what cause me to pause.

  • morenYAHdelsur

    My thoughts exactly ??

  • Nikki

    In my Mariah Carey voice “I don’t know them”

  • WhoKnew

    It always amazes me how people say they are in love, break up and then 3 months later one or both is in a new relationship. Really? What happened to falling back and giving your heart time to heal and your mind time to clear? Thirsty ass people just can't stand themselves long enough to be alone for a minute. Take a year off from dating or getting into a new relationship. Wow!

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    block them ... probably the same bytch ... she hates happy people ... literally ....

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    precisely why I'm not giving that woman nothing ...... folks have no clue ...... I wish the best to the children and the person that takes care of em .... (Puffy) but chile ... folks need to leave that shyt alone ... there is a reason that lady only messed with wealthy men ... and all the women have died in her fam ... a reason .... but be careful who you lift or send love to .... it is being used for other sinister reason .... and I ain't giving shyt to that woman .... but I wish her children beautiful young ladies the best ... I know this is hard for them ...... I have said before Puffy got a bunch of hexanbeast bytches attached .... he is a good guy though .... he made his bed (freewill) and he must lay in it

  • Rayne

    I am.

  • imright

    ive never heard of either one of them?????

  • morenYAHdelsur

    I’m low key mad at this, but also I low key agree ??????????

    This really has made me incredibly sad.

  • SpillyNillie

    Harpo! Who dese peeples?

  • Simone

    You know her. She (Ruby Rose) was one of the villains in John Wick 2.

  • Peppermint Patty

    B$#@h shit...white girl NONproblems......NEXXXXT!!

  • Coy little wink
  • Coy little wink

    Ruby is the new catwoman

  • MzApple

    Is it me or Ruby not as fine as she use to be. When she was on Orange is the new black I was like that's a fine bihhh.

  • GuestSTAR

    When I first saw Ruby on OITNB, I thought she was drop dead gorge, but she needs to eat something, drink a milkshake once a week.

  • Coy little wink

    She's anorexic looking its not attractive

  • Coy little wink

    I know her from oitnb

  • SmartAtheist


  • Trace da Ace

    I have no earthly idea who in the heck these folks are...for real...I thought they were a part of some grudge porn group or something erotic....IONO...

  • cherrypie
  • leapyearpisces

    Jenie, I had decided...I said my peace this weekend, because for ME, it's about the kids...but I had already said I was done after that....I TRUST YOU, and I trust the person who posted that statement, that is why I said I found it interesting, but if BOTH of you are saying let it go..folks need to take heed.....because I got shat I need to attend to in my OWN house, and not just talking about my physical house. Girl, you have a Happy Thanksgiving. :-)

  • cherrypie

    I stopped reading at "It all started" lol ...Be back later

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    it's toxic bew much love .... focus on your family and the love around it .. not this ..... this is Puffy stuff .... keep that in mind .... it's not your bed .... and happy Thanksgiving bew .... headed to Alabama myself this Thursday ... they cooking a gang of food can't wait ....

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    I dont know who these people are... and it seems I'm not missing much.

  • Skin Deep Beauty


  • Mielle Downey

    What the vagina monologues.

  • leapyearpisces

    I know. I have an "understanding" to a certain degree (we ALL do, even if it is repressed).
    Like I said, the energy collection statement LITERALLY had me shook.

  • Ni Ni

    all the women have died in her fam ... a reason
    Sounds like my fam ?. All the women in my family (maternal) dead too. My mother was shot on my bday when i was 3 and died 3 days later. I've experienced bad luck ever since. I always wonder if i did something in a previous life or whether the ladies in my family was involved in something bad from way back that extends to me ?. Thankfully, i wont be passing this mess on.

  • Ni Ni

    Interesting...I'll have mozy on over there.

  • leapyearpisces

    You have a safe trip, babes. This year I am hosting for the FIRST TIME Thanksgiving at my house, and I was excited at first, but now I got anxiety out the azz, because even though I can cook, I have NEVER EVER cooked a turkey, and I am SKED (LOL), Jenaaayyy (Forest Gump voice). LOL.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Break those chains chile ..... stay focused on the love around you ... much love ... all generational curses can be broken .... no worries stay positive .... Happy Turkey day !!!

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    I've never cooked a turkey either ..... don't be sked chile ..... I haven't cooked a lot of things but I cook a lot .... I sure it will be delicious ........

  • GAPeach

    That Ruby chick looks unhealthy, and her knees are HUGE.

  • Well$$Well$$?

    She's stalking her because she congratulated her on a new relationship? Instead giving Ruby Rose her grace she should've blocked her and kept it moving. I may be biased because I like OITNB but I feel like Jessica is trying to have her moment.?

  • Rere

    I don't know or care about these people

  • disqus_FW7pCIigCY


  • RaginB

    Lesbian relationships be fulla drama lol

  • Pamela

    Just like hetero relationships.

  • Nikki

    John Wick 2???? Didn’t see it.

  • Ni Ni

    Happy Turkey day to you too! ?

  • Calikush

    Ewwww! ?.....with them little twig legs!!!!

  • Calikush

    Like boiled bologna!

  • Toni Toni Toni


  • Trace da Ace

    she all caps...literally....

  • Toni Toni Toni

    Agreed. She used to ooze sex appeal but now.. Umm not so much..

  • T Willis

    2nd yt post of the day. Maybe black celebs aren’t doing anything blog worthy ?????

  • dru and neil

    Just block her if you don’t want her to have access to your social sites. I think the ex likes the attention personally.

  • T Willis

    I thought she looked her best in that John wick sequel

  • T Willis

    I love RWS. They used to have the best comments. Now it’s a desert. Yeah, the comments that she was Diddy’s sacrifice for more fame and sucess?????. Who knows.

  • dru and neil

    I don’t know much about Ruby Rose but I know her ex Jessica, is a member of The Veronica’s, twin sisters (pop singers). Ten years ago I used to like them, worked out to the music all the time, they were like electro pop.. don’t know what they do now.

  • dru and neil

    People compared her to Angelina Jolie, I guess I can see the resemblance.

  • the guest

    That's how you know Jessica is lying. She didn't block her. The comment was innocent and easy to ignore. Or simply reply thanks and move along.

  • the guest


    Jessica is clout chasing by manipulating to make it look like she's being "stalked" by Ruby Rose. If it was just some random ex she wouldn't have brought any attention to the comment.

  • the guest

    Ok, now I remember them.

  • Wildcat34

    Hey Rubie...come stalk me...fine ass!

  • Dowoop


  • Kimberly

    Wait, I don't like women but Ruby Rose is fine af. Had no idea. LOL

  • Renee26

    She could have just blocked her after the break-up if it was that big of a deal geesh...

  • Renee26

    Bingo... Ol horse faced bih trying to tarnish Rose's name

  • Jackie Byrd

    All relationships are full of drama.

  • Jackie Byrd


  • Coy little wink bad

  • TransMichelle

    Two women going through PMS.

  • Kayke


  • leapyearpisces

    First of all, SORRY for your lost. Secondly, if you feel like you have a generational curse looming, in conjunction with PRAYER, and meditation, look up the Uncrossing wash and oil from Art of the Root on Amazon.
    Even if that's not your thing, I highly recommend the Fiery Wall of Protection oil, if nothing else.

  • leapyearpisces

    LOL. We shall see. ;-)

  • leapyearpisces

    Well DAMN! I thought Sandyou for real, not play-play got rid of all the TRUE LOONIES like 4-5 years ago!!!! Nawwwwww, you don't play with folks kids and NOT expect to get handled.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    And that one is handled..... Trust!!!! She will stay clean da fugg back!!!! Trust! So there's that!!!!!

  • Ni Ni

    I been praying reading the bible, raised up in church...going regularly again. I dont practice anything root related because i dont want to open myself up more. I have weird spiritual things happen to me periodically as it is. But, i do like to read up on such things, so i will look up your suggestion anyway. Thanks!

  • leapyearpisces

    I know you got it under control. It's just cyberstalking is ULTRA weird and cringy. You know us, we come from that generation where you have little baby Don King''s in the making (LOL) that would set the locale and time for the fight to go down, and you already KNEW, take demand earrings off and grease that face (LOL). Cyberstalking is socioparhetic behavior, AND it can be more dangerous, but like you said in so many words, NO MORE FEEDING life into the negative for this week, you get to Alabama safe, and pray I can work my magic on Tomas. You know I am boucountry...he is not Tom, he is Tomas. :-).

  • leapyearpisces

    Yes m"am I agree. I don't play with that stuff because you have to know how to counteract if it bounces back.
    That is just the name of the products. The company does not deal in root work ,but yeah, check it out for yourself.
    It sucks being held accountable for ancestors fugg ups.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Chile my shield so on point I don't have to lift a finger ..... but trust that one can't and won't come near me ..... Shield yourself from negativity ... you call in protection ...... she can try and still is ..... IDGAF !! She will stay clean da fugg back ...... especially with some mess dealing with technology .... cyber stalking cat fishing ...... keeping up mess ..... and be all lies and yep we got Kings and Queens to raise .... she gets a FOH !!!! She the Devil !!!!

  • Ni Ni

    Oh ok, sweet!

  • Coffy

    Ruby Rose looks like she stinks.

  • parisjok

    she looks like walking death