Cardi B and Offset

Cardi B responded to rapper Offset's public apology with a cryptic message of her own late Saturday.

The Bronx rapstress is apparently satisfied with Offset's heartfelt plea for her to take him back after he cheating repeatedly while she was pregnant with their daughter, Kulture.

Offset poured his heart out in a video apology that went viral on social media late Friday. The video garnered over 6 million views and 155,000 comments on

In an Instagram Story late Saturday, Cardi responded to her baby daddy in her native Spanish language: "Pensando en ti pensando en mi," which translates roughly to "Thinking of you thinking of me."

Cardi B

The promiscuous rapper celebrated his 27th birthday at a nightclub in West Hollywood early Saturday morning. He was accompanied by his crew of hardlegs. There were no females in sight as he hid his face behind a bejeweled veil that matched his silver embroidered bomber jacket. His neck and wrists were dripping with diamonds.

I'm told his bodyguards made sure no women came within 20 feet of the rapper. Offset is reportedly turning over a new leaf in order to win back his wife. There will be no more random hookups in motel rooms with loose women.

The "Bodak Yellow" raptress shocked her fans when she announced her split from Offset in a video 2 weeks ago after a year of marriage. She said they were no longer together after trying to make their marriage work.

In his heartfelt video Offset stuttered, "I only got one birthday wish, and that's to get my, my, my wife back."

Last night, it didn't appear that Cardi would take her cheating man back. But now fans aren't so sure.


  • the guest

    Her response is perfect. It’s a start. This is a married family and I hope there will not be a divorce. (Praying there is no outside baby because that would be impossible to forgive for me.)

  • ClaireHuxtable

    I wish these people wouldn't publish the nuts & bolts of their relationship for people to critique.
    It would make their relationship a lot easier if 6 million people weren't in it.

  • MrsHBC

    If he has another woman pregnant she should run in the other direction. If he’s out here having unprotected sex he’s putting her at risk. Seems like he wasn’t ready to get married. I hope they come to some terms where they can all be happy.

  • Pamela

    Hear, hear.

  • Chapter29Chick

    Cardi B needs 2 come see me, ill tell her exactly how 2 handle a clown like this. "Get back together? Honey is that wig cutting of ur brain circulation?"

  • Readytochokemothernatureout

    If they can twerk it out fine do it but not on the devil's playground aka social media. We just don't need to know their every thought or mood.

  • Readytochokemothernatureout

    Exactly. I get mad when my family does it, won't you call the subliminal person you're speaking of and squash it via phone call versus Facebook.

  • FukkFolks2018
  • Joy King

    Not gonna lie. That just made me cry.

  • Rhyme and Reason

    While it seems quite sincere, and maybe he has changed, but her life and earnings are going to eclipse his based on what’s going on!

    It’s difficult for most men to really appreciate a BOSS AND RIDE OR DIE CHICK!

    I believe there’s more to his infidelity than this story in the media.

    This media ambush, persistence just means he wants his way, and or he misses not only her, but the lifestyle that comes with it, and it also will help his album sales, on the real side!

    R. kelly’s “When a woman’s fed up”...

    So many of us have walked in her shoes, losing trust can be a deal breaker, or we try it again!

    Cardi should make him wait longer, focus on her life without him, a baby coming, definitely move on!

  • imright

    i hate how all these male celebs are pressuring her to get back with him, like let her breathe & think DAMN??

  • Ms..N

    She should check the CDC stats on Hiv before making a decision! Too many women are putting themselves in harms way just for the sake of a relationship! People don't stop cheating they only cheat smarter!

  • Whirl

    Saw her live stream video after the concert. Her body language says she’s done. I respect her decision if that’s what it is. We have to respect folks boundaries. Walking in on her while she was at work was not cool. Worse it happens everyday in real life. Companies don’t like drama and are quick to get rid of women caught up in baby daddy drama even if it’s no fault of there own. Respect that woman’s decision whatever it is and her boundaries. The public pressure being put upon her is totally not fair and unhealthy.

  • Fire & Ice

    Is this real or is this a industry "Jedi mind trick" like Matthew Knowles called the break-up rumors that swirled around Bey & Jay ??!?

  • what?why

    Great publicity for both of them and he needs the money for all the child support!

  • TMW
  • Well$$Well$$?

    Please. ?? He cheated on her and made a sex tape with another woman months into their relationship...If she takes him back he'll still cheat but will probably be more careful about how he cheats. Cardi runaway. As fast as you can. #oldKanyevoice

  • the guest

    That was so beautiful.

    I love his courting his wife.

    This is not a publicity stunt.

    Her body language speaks real heartbreak.

    I’d forgive him and save my marriage and family.

    On one condition. I would need to confirm if there is an outside baby because I couldn’t live with that. I just couldn’t live with my husband creating a baby outside our marriage. But I don’t judge the forgiveness thresholds of other married women. I just know what I couldn’t handle.

  • Nikki

    So we’re going to skip over the fact that Offset crashed her show last night and she was pissed. Okay. Next time Cardi get a good looking man...ain’t nothing worst than getting played by a troll.

  • the guest


  • Nikki

    He said “I’m sorry bruh” Bruh!!! Ugh.
    Let me get my behind to church.

  • the guest



  • LA

    I watched the whole vid on yt... She told him off he walked off stage like a dog with tail between legs.. A crew moved in to remove the boxes.. She looked super hot, took a sec to get herself together then performed...
    Offset interrupted Cardi B’s Rolling Loud Perform…:

  • the guest

    I have to add. I don’t like this “luh” instead of “love”. He needs to say clearly I LOVE you. I’d want to hear every single accentuated syllable of the word LOVE.

  • the guest

    She’s really punishing him.

  • Decked Out

    This is NOT LOVE. Please don’t try at home.

  • Russiancreme

    Pensado en ti, pensado en me, baby baby-ooooo- baby, baby.

  • Whirl

    Her body language suggests she is done. She look like she has done the math: [1]- caught a case fighting chicks rumored to have had an affair with him; [Plus 1]
    - celebrities like Niki Manji and the public speaking negatively on her as a result of the fight. [Equals 2]- having an open assault case in court which might lead to her being separated from her child if she serves jail time. When a woman’s child comes into question it goes beyond forgiveness. It simply becomes one of those things a woman has a hard time getting pass. This might very well come between her and her child’s happiness and well being. Whelp, we will see what she decides either way. The woman quite literally and figuratively fought for her marriage. What more could anyone expect of her? Maybe she will find an Olivia Pope type person and pay the chicks off. Not sure if the real world works like tv but on the tv shows a settlement for an undisclosed amount is reached in exchange for the defendants declining to testify. No star witness no case. But that’s just tv land. Wishing all the best to her during these difficult times.

  • Michele Williams

    I cannot believe the comments saying take him back. This man constantly cheats disrespects her but she should take him back. It’s always ok for a man to cheat but God forbid a woman does it. Run that man will never change once you take s cheater back they know it will be ok to keep cheating. CardiB is stupid

  • Latisaj

    That's all they really want to do is settle out of court on Cardi dime. Feel bad for her that she would allow all these girls to get under her skin. Yeah most have been hella disrespectful but it's all linked to jeaslously and envy. Hoes just want what you have and will do any and everything for it! Offset you created so much mess for a woman that's trying her best to escape the tribulations of her past way to go dude!

  • Latisaj

    That baby was a hoax the girl said someone hacked her Instagram

  • cleopatra04

    He's a very young man. Many young men these days have it very hard where temptation is concerned. You have instagrams chicks, porn stars and average Becky's constantly making themselves available. We can talk all day about how he's married and he agreed to vows but he did what men have been doing since the beginning of time. Expecting a man with his money and celebrity to be faithful is a little crazy when you think of the society we live in. In no way do I condone his cheating but he's doing what a lot of these men are doing including some who are faithfully unemployed. Loose women have to take some responsibility here. These chicks have no morals and refuse to draw the line at married men. If women stepped up their morals game these men wouldn't be able to find a woman to f**k. We don't hear about Offset and pedophilia, homosexuality and a wide range of other behaviors that some of these married celebrities are involved in. Yes, he messed up but if she wants to take him back she should. She may be the only one who can save him at this point because you best believe a divorce is exactly what Satan wants. People need to understand that the attack is not physical, it is spiritual. They just had a baby, they better stand together and fight, or move on as individuals and lose the war.

  • MRiGOThim

    Cardi B don't believe a word this hip hop NINJA says O_0

  • TMW

    Right, but the girl said she hadn’t slept with Offset since Cardi had the baby, so I just thought she was trying to extend her 15 mins.

  • Rayne

    I still don’t care. You slept with whores galore. I wouldn’t be able to feel him the same. I’m sorry but once you step out on me 1 time that was your second chance. 1. You thought about it. 2. Cause you put action to it. I’m out. Then I’m mad cause of all the young playas I passed up on. Hell no! Bye Craig ??

  • Whirl

    Respectfully- it’s not a woman’s job to save a man

  • Judi Jupiter

    Most men cheat anyway. I said most, not all.. I was raised around nothing but faithful, married men. One divorce in my family. But these men were raised in the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, which had an importance in society on family structure. My aunt and uncle just celebrated their 50th anniversary, and they still have the same googly eyes like they just met yesterday. These days, dudes aren't necessarily challenged, especially here in Atlanta, because there are so many women to choose from. They can have the corporate, the thot, the ratchet all at the same time. Not to mention, some of them have their boyfriends, too. I'm 39, and have given up on actually finding a husband and maybe having a baby, at least here in Atlanta.

  • Judi Jupiter

    That PREP commercial they play down here twenty times a day is crazy. It's like, we know you all are going to be wreckless, so take this medicine to prevent you from getting it. And it's targeted towards the LBGTs. Not one straight person or couple in that ad...

  • Kimocha

    It's not women's responsibility to make sure married men don't cheat on their wives... I'm so sick of people blaming women for these no good men's cheating ways and behavior!... What men need to learn how to do is stop thinking with what's between their legs and learn how to discipline themselves to say "NO"... That's what separates the real men from the boys!

  • ClaireHuxtable

    New Age Family feud.

  • Renee26

    Damn look at the soles on his shoes... Lifts!

    Her faux fur jacket is cute

  • Renee26

    Don't let the sour grapes cause you to give up hope on either of those things

  • Shamwow

    I agree ??.To make matters worse he was messy messy as heck. I’m down for the for better or worse but this was absolutely messy and horrible. I saw a video on one of the hoes page dancing to a Cardi song at a photo shoot. She purposely had it recorded on a part of the song with Cardi saying F your baby father . I was disgusted like hoes

  • Latisaj

    Let him telling they didn't have sex he was only entertaining the thought of it.

  • Latisaj

    Yeah way to much disrespect not even mad when Cardi do sick her pitbulls on them. Offset is certainly not right in this matter but for these women to purposely hurt a woman that's already hurt is some pretty low crap! Theses broads is washed and pathetic!

  • Readytochokemothernatureout


  • R Smith

    Right! But if it was the other way around...nope!

  • Keira

    When you need a bodyguard to keep girls away... sigh

  • Crazy tee

    I get what your saying but I think that cleopatra04 was saying that when this dog a— man that is married comes you’re way don’t give him the time of day...If you know he is a married man and tries to kick it with you say “no” these tricks will still sleep with him anyways...In my opinion the trick does not get a pass...They are both wrong in the situation...If women say no there will be no one for him to cheat with....

  • Kimocha

    Naw... what so called men need to stop doing is stop tryna to cheat so damn much... If they wanna be hoe dogs then they shouldn't "ACT" like they wanna commit to one woman and just be by they damn selves and hoe all TF they want without bringing a whole bunch of kids from a whole bunch of different women into the picture.... Men have been tryna have their cake and eat too for centuries and need to stop the madness!

  • Zeta Aggie

    Goodness gracious, is that what’s deemed an attractive man out there these days? Wowzers! So glad I’m not of this generation lol.

  • Crazy tee

    I never excused the nasty man but we seem to ignore the nasty woman involved...She is wrong as well but I guess you and so many other people who comment seems to think that it’s ok for her to act reckless...I’m wondering if some of these woman on here are living the same reckless lives which can only explain all the excuses

  • Kimocha

    OK then... Sure the chic didn't have to help him cheat...but sorry.. He's the one who was married to Cardi and had more obligations to not cheat on his wife than the chic did... I'm really not tryna go back and forth with you...but like I said... More men need to try being REAL about sex and keep it real with themselves... If they know they can't control their penises then don't be in a committed relationship then... ESPECIALLY a marriage!... Just be a single hoe dog and keep it moving... But MOST of these men DON'T DO THAT!... Instead they decide to cheat and even pay to cheat over and over until they get caught....and been playing this stupid game for centuries and centuries because they think with their penises... People make the most excuses for men and take up for them...but MOST men will try to cheat if they think they can get away with it and that type of mentality don't work in marriages and committed relationships... Men are supposed to be the head of women and the leaders of women... So sorry but it's more of their responsibility to think with their minds not their penises... This goes back to the creation of man when God created Adam and Eve... But Eve ate the apple and Adam blamed Eve for everything ... But even God scolded him bcuz he wasn't supposed to eat the apple too... He was supposed to lead her... Not follow her!... And on that note... I'm done speaking on it!... Good Day!

  • Judge Mental Will

    Oh please of you cheat 10 times you'll cheat 100 times. Move it along...

  • Allihave2say

    "There will be no more random hookups in motel rooms with loose women."
    Until January 2, 2019

  • Keekz

    ????? Right!!

  • Keekz

    ???? Is your comment in regards to his looks or his dare I say....outfit? If both....I concur ??

  • Keekz

    This fool has 5 baby mommas. Sadly/obviously there are a plethora of un-raised woman with daddy issues that want him.

  • Keekz

    Girl, don’t succumb to the propaganda. There are goood men out there.


    The wigs don't look right

  • the guest

    Well, he did say he was sorry for “entertaining”.

  • Blue

    Excellent use of the word plethora. Smile. LOL.

  • Keekz


  • Keekz

    I agree. One’s spouse owes you that duty. Yes, these women shouldn’t knowingly date or screw married men, however, a married man should never put himsel in that position in the first place. IJS

  • BeUtFullSoul

    Wait, hold on...on the second pic up top , whet kind of SHOES does Offset have on??

  • Dowoop

    That's what I came to the comments to find out.

  • Dowoop

    Or the hookups wont be random.

  • Trace da Ace

    I just think she needs time to get more into her career and not worry about him...he needs to sweat for some months....and then...maybe they could have a cordial relationship....because they do have a baby together...but as far as rushing back into the relationship..I don't think she needs to do that because her heart needs time to heal.....

  • Karen Brady

    No ma'am.. do not give up

  • Reina1718

    She likes that Balenciaga lol

  • XoXo

    Third pic...Harpo, who that smoking weed?

  • Maxx

    I LOVE her coat!