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Philadelphia police have arrested a man in the fatal shooting of a male-to-female (MtF) transgender in North Philadelphia early Sunday morning.

Troy Bailey, 28, initially told police he was a witness to the shooting of a transgender LGBT advocate identified as Michelle "Tamika" Washington, pictured left.

Washington, 40, was pronounced dead from multiple gunshot wounds at 5:43 a.m. Sunday.

Police say Bailey went to the Homicide Unit, claiming he was a witness to the shooting and provided a false description of a suspect.

But another witness later identified Bailey as the suspect in Washington's death, according to NBC 10.

Bailey confessed to shooting Washington in the head at point blank range following a dispute over the sale of a handgun. But police don't believe that was the real motive.

The two were captured on surveillance footage walking together prior to the shooting before 5 a.m. Sunday. Bailey had an extensive criminal history that included sexual assault charges.

Washington, who was born a male, was a well-known transgender rights advocate in Phiily's transgender community.
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Washington's death comes a day after another male-to-female transgender, Muhlaysia Booker, was shot and killed in Dallas, weeks after being assaulted by a mob in a viral video.


Booker, 23, was fatally shot in the 7200 block of Valley Glen Drive around 6:40 a.m. Saturday, according to NBC 5.

Police have no suspects in Booker's death. Booker and Washington are the 5th and 6th MtF transgenders of color to be killed this year. All of the victims were sex workers.

"Tragically, violence continues to disproportionately impact our transgender siblings, especially trans people of color," Mayor Jim Kenney wrote in a statement obtained by NBC 10. "We must speak up when these acts strike our communities and demand an end to the violence and discrimination our transgender siblings face."

  • bemetoo

    Y’all ladies of the night better stop tricking these heterosexual men into sex with men in drag

  • Gamer?? Chick

    It makes me wonder what is the reason behind these Trans killings, are the men so full of anger and disgust after the fact that they kill them or are some of the trans lying. RIP

  • tintin

    yah it's not right and that definitely can set a man off.

  • Rayscoty

    "We must speak up when these acts strike our communities and demand an end to the violence and discrimination our transgender siblings face."

    There be more to these killings. I don't think it's always discrimination and hate crimes..

  • Dowoop

    They were walking together before 5AM and he got killed after 6AM. Betting some hanky panky happened in between.

  • brooklyn23

    I dont believe most of the time they tricking them. I think these hetros arent really hetro males and they have sex knowingly but feel a way after. Maybe they think the dirty secret will remain just that, if they silence the tranny no one will find out theyre are closted homos

  • Dowoop

    I'm going with the latter

  • Lovely1

    I feel like the men are sleeping with them, then becoming upset afterwards. Isn't it weird? RIP

  • brooklyn23

    Dangit I just wrote something like that below

  • Lovely1

    Exactly. I agree.

  • Anunnaki, in A twilight Zone

    I dont agree with taking anyone life, but this mTf stuff need to go under mental illness. And let these folks get serious help. They are not well and should be treated as such. Stop these dr.s from giving these hormones injections , sex reassignment , but of course it revolves around mone, and they dont want it to stop. this foolishness

  • bemetoo

    True but these ladies of the night love to fawk “straight ” men then brag and try to expose them

  • the guest

    These “STRAIGHT” men are having relationships with these trans men to women. Serious secret relationships. Then they are murdering them out of shame or possessiveness or jealousy or passion or bigotry.

    These are Gay Domestic Violence Hate Crimes and they need to start calling these crimes what they are. If these “STRAIGHT” men are having flings and full on relationships with a men living “AS” women then they are in a gay relationship. If they harass, stalk, beat, or kill the partner in such relationship, then they are committing GAY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

    People need to stop shaming the victims to make the criminal predators look less guilty of violent crimes. No one gets carte blanche to beat and kill another human being.

  • iWasteTime

    These "heterosexual" men really aren't and aren't being "tricked"
    You feel a woman up, go to slide it in and you don't feel what you're supposed to it's not a woman, STOP.
    Once you continue on, you can't erase your homosexual act by killing the other person.

  • Guest

    I believe they are sleeping with these men in some cases then are having buyers remorse afterwards.However, I also believe the other half are getting killed because of non disclosure. Many men will become enraged and snap. So yeah, both.

  • Kbellaluvvs

    I more mad at the fact that people believe these men are being tricked...they know

  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs

    Dudes like to have $ex with other dudes just dont want admit to themselves because in their day to day life they bash g@y people but under the cover of night, they LOVE the company of g@y men.

  • bemetoo

    Yes maybe maybe not these days real natural born women look like unclockable trannys and with drugs and alcohol in your system the victims don’t stand a chance

  • Robert lee Bennett OG

    Tons of women prostitutes are killed sometimes it’s just a deranged man or the dude want to get his money back it’s no shock men hookers are also getting killed it’s a dangerous lifestyle

  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs

    What about the mofos who phuck them? If there werent Straight men out here to have $ex with, then the men would really have no reason to change to females

  • Kbellaluvvs

    These men rape and murder kids and we tell the woman she needs to be careful of the company she keeps. These men kill a Transperson and we say Transpeople need to be more truthful...chile

  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs

    95% of dudes KNOW these “chicks” have dycks!

  • Kbellaluvvs

    Welp they better ask if they can see it before they stick it...simple

  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs

    Thats the straight dudes fault! If they cant handle what goes on after the dark, stay home???

  • Elevated Soul

    Many gay men have been programmed to feel it's okay to deceive men into believing they are women.

    People have to remember that many "booty calls" take place after people have been at clubs drinking/or even smoking or taking drugs.I realize there are exceptions to this rule but in many cases, people are compromised due to being inebriated....The photo of the man above is very convincing. I'm sure that many women would clock him in person but men are not that observant especially if the man has his deception game down...

    If a straight man find out that he has slept with a man and in many cases, the man may have just sucked his dyck BUT that is deception and it's tantamount to rape. Gays need to grasp that DECEPTION may get you killed.Women are out here here doing this too.

  • Bree

    I'm wondering if there was any deception in any of these murders. It's one thing for a person to die because of sickness or disease but taking another person's life. It saddens me to read about any senseless behavior. But that's the world we live in. You take a life and then lie about it. Some things are just not worth it. You win some, you lose some, but you live to see another day!

  • Witch

    Black men killing each other at high epidemic levels. I don't hate trans I just hate the chemicals and the hormones being put into the air and water , food , etc causing men to think they don't like women . Please research ATRAZINE that's just 1 chemical out of many that are manipulating the masses causing men to be gay and the women. The effects of these chemicals can be passed down generationally even from the pregnant mother to the baby.

  • Witch

    "I'm wondering if there was any deception in any of these murders."

    Hopefully that's not said about you when you are harmed

  • Chocolate

    Are trans’ murder rates similar to women sex workers? That is the common denominator I see when reading about deadly crimes against them, that they are prostitutes..which is a very dangerous profession for all.
    Along with their very high propensity for drama and “reading” people, exposing not just dL men but the deepest darkest secrets of others.
    Muhlaysia posted on fb that her mom had herpes..some ppl can and will react violently to being exposed or lied on in the grandiose fashion that is a part of their culture. .
    I’d like more detailed data on incidences before I totally buy they are murdered more than others just because they are trans.
    Now trans, while exposing ppl, lying about being trans, a hooker and super messy, yes- I’d agree.
    But anyone with those attributes will be at higher risk of someone killing them, especially with how fast garbage spreads on social media and how weak ppl have gotten in terms of being able to take being ridiculed.

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Exactly.... Folk get killed everyday... For callous/WRECKLESS BEHAVIOUR and lifestyle... Tryna make the fact that TRANSGENDERS are targets and to try and manipulate the black community into this fight be dating they are BLACK is another way to control. FOH! They lived that life sand got treated as such. You mess with yeah it gets in your eyes... Play with fire you get burnt!

  • Chocolate

    I’ll look it up. It has to be something, bc the number of gay black men has grown to be disproportionate to the population. And that’s only the ones who are being counted.

  • Skin Deep Beauty


  • n1kk1a

    I agree. Also, how did you get your font like that?

  • Renee26

    Right... He been in and outta jail. He probably was a lover and killed Michelle for a personal reason.

  • Dahl

    Killing another human being is wrong and this is yet another sad, tragic story.

    My question is slightly off topic. if mtf trans persons are women - according to their definition - then how are the men that sleep with them gay? That’s what I don’t understand: unless he’s married and committing adultery, why “expose” a man that has sex with a transgendered “woman”? It seems trans people want to play both sides “I’m a woman like any other woman,” but also, “I had sex with ol’ boy, he’s really gay.” Not saying that’s what happened in this case, but it’s been reported many times and seems

  • Patricia

    true. i constantly have to remind myself that for all the crazy stuff we see with kids being trafficked and women selling themselves on corners and these trans men sex workers everywhere, there is a HUGE market for this mess.

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    What???? What about the gay men that don't where drag but are having sex with other men?? Men can have sex with men and have been. I know PLENTY OF GAY MEN THAT ARE PERPLEXED AT THE FACT THAT MEN ARE WEARING WOMEN GARB AND TAKING HORMONES WALKING AROUND HERE WITH 5 o clock shadows and lipstics and wigs. FOH!

  • Witch

    Its a pesticide and it's all in our drinking water, etc.

  • Patricia

    ?the freaks come out at night?

  • jazmine

    They know, the hood find out and they be embarrassed. Trannys know dangerous it is to do that. Almost all of them include that info in their bios on SM


    "I DIDN'T KNOW" people still fall for that? ???

  • Anunnaki, in A twilight Zone

    I agree with this statement as well

  • Meme

    Initially I didn't grasp what you where saying but yes I get your argument

  • Vegas1989


  • Brown & Proud

    I wonder if he is Theo Baileys fam, they resemble ea other a lil. I used to love me some Trife da god! He never did blow up like I thought he was going to.

  • Oretta Grace Smith

    I will Never Comprehend why Others Are Concerned about what Others do with Their Body Parts!!! GOD gave you yours, Leave other people's body parts the hell alone. Are others that damn threaten? I even hear Children bullying other children with the word they don't know, Stop It. Take care of your damn self!!!

  • My Thoughts

    Unless they have had reassignment surgery, they still have their original genitals making them essentially a person in drag regardless.

  • Shenanigans1

    Right just leave people the hell alone!

  • Dahl

    I know that, you know that. But what I’m saying is, some of them argue they are female because they feel female, regardless of their genitalia. But at the same time will out someone as gay for sleeping with them.

  • Renee26

    Natural women threaten to expose affairs with taken men too...but in these cases it's the shame that's attached to it. The trans person doesn't have to say, "Imma tell everybody you're gay," just threatening to let people know they're involved makes the DL men feel a deeper shame than an out gay man would...or a hetero male being threatened by a hetero woman.

    It's the self hate factor on the exposed persons side that makes it a big deal. JMO

  • the guest


  • MRiGOThim

    Trans ladies stop messing with these undercover men or do not expose them once you've had them plz :(

  • Topic Influencer

    Stop lying. Moral of the story. Both parties. Men who are DL. Men who dress as women. Its simple. Stop lying. This was senseless.

  • dontgetblocked

    Let's see. If they were at home, minding their own business...not selling and buying illegal person wouldn't be dead and the other going to prison. I chill at home and obey the law...hence I'm alive and free!

  • dontgetblocked

    They do it a lot. They're asking for trouble.

  • imright

    i read Booker initiated the fight with that man in the viral video and they ended up jumping him & thats what was circulated. i also read Booker was into outing DL men. not saying he deserved death but his hands werent exactly clean

  • AveIvy

    Where did you read that Muhlaysia was outing DL men?

  • MNjumpoffacliff

    So dang sad.....however people live don't pay our bills.

  • Allihave2say

    Perhaps it was God's won words that cause the people to condemn and care about what other people do with their bodies.
    Leviticus 18 and 20
    18:22 "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination."
    If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them." Chapter 20 verse 13

    Romans 1:26-27[edit]

    “ For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet

  • Allihave2say

    There's an element of illogical thinking and delusion that guides these types of thinking. Homosexuality and Transgenderism used to be in the DSM as a mental illness.

  • Oretta Grace Smith

    They need to Use "GOD'S Words" to condemn Their Own Sins!!! Who Can throw a rock!!! GOD Didn't Put a Sinner over Judging and Abusing Others.

  • Banka

    Buying and selling handguns at 5am, hmmm, something smells a little fishy..!!

  • sunni_daze

    Ain't nothing open at 5:43 am on a Saturday but legs and wallets. This is so f'd up, ol' boy probably hooked up with the victim and then felt some sort of rage after. Maybe he was gonna out dude.

  • sunni_daze

    Badussy you mean?

  • missarewa

    Stop with the senseless killings. Leave people alone with their beliefs and choices, whether it be what gender they choose to live as or what they choose not to support. And that goes both ways.

  • Trentaye

    RIP to both my Trans sisters. Black lives ONLY matter to black people when those lives are CISGENDER and HETEROSEXUAL. Black LGBTQ, we only have ourselves.

  • Trace da Ace heart breaks over sad that folks who only want to live their best lives...are gunned down...and for what??? Because they are "different"??? We really need to take a step back and look at how we treat our own....regardless of their sexual orientation or what gender they prefer to this racial climate....we need to take care of and protect each other....PERIOD!

  • Trentaye

    Your White Jesus fantasies don't apply to me... I'm atheist. Stop thinking your cult is the sky above everyone and everything. Christianity is an umbrella you need to hold solely OVER YOUR OWN HEAD.

  • Greatgrape37

    There is no white Jesus sweetie...

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    They have to learn to choose a better caliber friends and associates. Until then these kind of things will continue to happen

  • Raquel

    All this is a mess. I don't have time for this. lol

    Bottom line: be honest with your sh*t. If you want to change yourself up because you believe that is what you're supposed to be, then tell people that sh*t straight up if you feel it's getting serious. When you play with people's mind, feelings, and sexuality, you NEVER know who you're dealing with and what they are capable of.

    That's all I got.

  • Robert lee Bennett OG

    Chemicals in the water and women keeping men away from their sons Hell yeh black will be the new gay

  • Trentaye

    Good question. Many Trans women put a value and a premium on hetero normality. For them to acknowledge the men that are interested in them are anything but straight lessens the value they have on themselves. There are several trans women who are tops and penetrate the sexual partners they call "heterosexual". As a gay man, I consider any man who is interested in Trans women sexually bi-sexual @ best. Most men who are into Trans women, are interested because of the peen; which is not heterosexual behavior. It comes down to hierarchy politics; the Whiter and the Straighter you are in American society, the more value you're deemed to have.


    The prostitute serial killer on the Westcoast murdered black women for decades before getting caught. Hopefully they get justice.

  • Allihave2say

    What we need to hold over your head is a book and reading comprehension.

  • Chocolate

    I just had a debate with a man all in his feelings about me saying women aren’t doing a good job raising sons alone.
    He proved my point and didn’t even know it.

  • Robert lee Bennett OG

    most male under 40 are raised by their moms so just look at how they have turned out most women talking about a. Man have done them wrong that man was raised by a woman

  • Chocolate

    Yes, I’ve noticed that too.
    They have to see the same patterns we’s delusional to argue that this is working

  • Robert lee Bennett OG

    Well you have a whole lot of women delusional... and it’s all a set up. The government offer women a lottery to run the man off and put him on child support... I have seen it time and time again once the chick get pregnant she turn to a whole norther person she know she have the full weight of the law and courts behind her... hell I see them trying to make it work out better with the street dude with no job because they know they will get no support but when a man have a job the turn to a witch so he can leave and they put him on child support.... like a old man told me these women know they are destroying the black famliy but they look at as if they getting there’s so what

  • Chocolate

    Yep. Delusional men, too. Water seeks its own level...goofies aren’t goofies by themselves ?????

  • Blue

    So y’all telling me that’s not a throwback pic of Taraji P. Henson?