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It's a well-known fact that drug dealers don't like to be touched. Dealer-turned-rap mogul Jay-Z is no exception. A video circulating on social media is raising eyebrows because it shows Jay-Z's visceral reaction to being touched by anyone other than his wife or his mistress.

In the video, which was filmed at last week's meeting between NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Jay-Z to announce their new deal, Goodell grabs Jay-Z's arm, causing the aging rapper to recoil - much like an autistic person recoils from hugs. This is what's called a visceral reaction.

A visceral reaction is a physical response (such as fear) to an unexpected action that jolts the system before the conscious mind has time to process it.

A visceral reaction causes the release of adrenaline which prepares the body for a fight or flight response (stay and fight or flee to safety).

The immediate response after a visceral reaction is to laugh it off to release the tension - which is what Jay-Z does after Goodell touched him without permission.

Everyone has a personal space, an imaginary bubble of air around them to keep people at a comfortable distance. When that bubble is unexpectedly invaded, it can cause a sudden visceral reaction like Jay-Z's.

Watch the video below.

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