Photo may have been deleted

Instagram, TMZ

Rap producer LilJuMadeDaBeat denied rumors that claim rapper Tory Lanez heroically defended Megan Thee Stallion.

Lanez was taken into custody and charged with felony weapon possession after a shooting in the Hollywood Hills on Sunday.

Megan, who was in an SUV with Lanez, was shot "multiple times" in the foot, but she initially told police her foot was cut by broken glass.

LilJu came forward to shut down speculation that the rap crooner fired his weapon to help protect Megan during an altercation at a pool party on Sunday.

LilJu tweeted: "I hope y'all don't believe he was defending her! This a bulls**t story."

In a since-deleted tweet, he wrote: "@torylanez count your f***ing days."

LilJu was accused of snitching on Lanez.

Rumors persist that Lanez, who is listed on the booking sheet as 5-3, was in an "entanglement" with Megan, but she rejected him during the party and he shot her.

In a post on her Instagram page, Megan explained she was not arrested. She was driven to the hospital where she was treated for "multiple gunshot wounds."

"I was never arrested. This whole experience was an eye opener and a blessing in disguise. I hate that it took this experience for me to learn how to protect my energy."

She later admitted she was shot once in the foot.

TMZ posted video from the scene that shows police arresting Lanez while Megan, who is naked, sits on the ground. Another woman who was in the SUV with them was not arrested.