Devil Baby Shocks New Yorkers


Picture this: a baby stroller is rolling down the street unattended. Being the concerned good Samaritan that you are, you approach the stroller and peer inside. But instead of a sleeping baby inside, you’re shocked to see a screeching, puking devil baby!

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Skeptics Sound the Alarm Over Google Glass

Google Glass

Advertising and Internet search giant Google is set to roll out the much-hyped Google Glass. If you haven’t heard about Google Glass yet, you will.

The futuristic frames will allow the wearer to, among other things, record your image and your conversations without your permission. Sure, anyone can surreptitiously record or videotape you by using their smart phones, but Google Glass puts this technology literally in your face.

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Former iPad owner posts pictures of ‘thief’ who took his iPad

Stolen iPad pictures

A North Little Rock man is using social media to track down the ‘thief’ who may have stolen his iPad. It shouldn’t be too hard to find the woman: her picture is all over facebook and Twitter, Fox Arkansas reports.

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NY Knicks to Carmelo Anthony: Watch What You Say

Carmelo Anthony high tech mics

NY Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony had no idea his boss was spying on him by deploying high-tech, sensitive microphones to eavesdrop on his conversations.

NBA League sources confirmed to the New York Post that Knicks owner James Dolan ordered two technicians to hold high-tech, sensitive microphones at opposite ends of the Madison Square Garden court to record all conversations by Anthony and the other players around him.

Dolan took action in the wake of Anthony’s one-game suspension following a verbal altercation between Anthony and the Boston Celtics’ star Kevin Garnett that spilled off the court last week.

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Apple Exec Fired Over iPhone 5 Maps App Failure

The Apple executive responsible for the colossal failure of Apple’s new Maps app was fired for reportedly refusing to apologize to Apple’s customers.

Scott Forstall convinced Apple execs to replace Google maps on the new iPhone 5 cell phone with his Apple Maps, which turned out to be a disaster.

Not soon after the iPhone 5 launched, consumers began reporting problems with Apple Maps. Well-known streets and even entire towns were left off of the Maps navigation. The app quickly became a target of late night talk show hosts.

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Apple announces oversized iPhone

Apple shares continue to slide despite today’s announcement of the much-hyped iPad “mini” and the 4th generation iPad. Apple CEO Tim Cook and Sr. VP Phillip Schiller revealed the new gadgets at an Apple event in San Jose, CA.

The iPad mini tablet, which goes on sale Nov. 2, will go head to head with gadgets from Apple rivals Microsoft and Google. The 7.9 in. mini tablet is as light as a pad of paper and thinner than the iPad.

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Celebs Out & About: 50 Cent in Paris

Attention-seeking rapper 50 cent autographed his headphones line at Virgin Megastore Champs-Elysees store in Paris, France on Monday. The surprising thing is how many people showed up to purchase an autographed headphone by 50 Cent. Even he was surprised at the turnout. Click the link to see how popular 50 Cent is in Paris.
Photo: KCS / Splash News

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