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blocked is among the blogs that are affected by annoying self-clicking ads that load on the page and wait 7 seconds before clicking themselves and redirecting the page you are viewing.

Earlier this year, Google announced an update to its Chrome browser that stops malicious ads from redirecting to malware sites.

This is how redirecting ads work: ads load inside an iframe on the blog. The malicious ads click themselves and bust out of the iframe.

Chrome has an iframebuster flag that prevents ads from busting out of an iframe unless you initiate the action by clicking the ad yourself.

This problem mainly affects Android users.

If you are surfing the Internet on an Android phone, simply download the latest version of Google's Chrome browser. If you can't download the updated browser, copy & paste this Chrome flag into your browser and hit GO or SEND.


This fix is for mobile users on Chrome only.

After you click GO or SEND, you will see a page that looks like this:
Tick the down arrow next to "Default" and tick ENABLE, then relaunch the page. It will look like this:
The next time a malicious ad attempts to redirect you, a dialog box will pop up informing you that the redirect was blocked.

Happy surfing!



  • JV

    I prefer Firefox anyway. Plus they also offer Firefox Focus, which blocks all kinds of trackers n' stuff -- great for sites with lots of crap on them.

  •!/us/store/album/84712684 Django the God

    Bust these.

  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond

    Thanks Auntie! That was simple enough.

  • dazja

    Thank you Sandra! I've been looking for tip like this, I owe you one, I'll send you some good lotion so you can get those ashy ankles fixed. Thanks girl!

  • SandraRose

    Thanks Weezie!

  • angrysolo

    thanks for this.. the innanets is getting strange these days...

  • Ni Ni

    Thanks Sandra ?. I updated chrome a couple days ago thinking i had a bug to no avail. I uninstalled & reinstall...same problem. I kept getting redirected to Congratulations You've won something from Walmart? while trying to read this. I had my work pc open just now and was able to copy the address to my phone, followed the steps and boom, my pop ups are being blocked?. I wonder why i couldn't find that work around online.

  • The Goode Queen

    It worked thx

  • zero options

    Well, Ms. Rose, and you'll probably ban me....
    I use ad-blocker....
    Good bye everyone, it's been fun!!

  • Tausha T. W.


    The workaround has been on the net awhile & has been linked to in other blogs.

  • Tausha T. W.

    Sandra, please give us your take on Zuckerburg's testimony. I think he is full of it & he looked like a deer in headlights to me.

  • ?Royalty?

    I'm just gonna do what you are doing. Thank you.?

    *Runs off to playstore*?????

  • starbright9449

    Those only block some ads for me. I still get popups.

  • Malcom Flex

    Ad blocker all day every day. No redirects.

  • SumthinSweeter

    Thanks Sandra!

  • 2telldatruth

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  • chris

    Use the brave browser all this trash is blocked. Google is an ad company.

  • Eboni P.

    Omg this is so nice. I can't tell u how annoying that was becoming

  • Tausha T. W.

    I tried this but I still get redirects.

  • zero options

    Popups from the website?
    Which phone / OS / Browser are you running?
    I'm curious