Method Man

Another week, and yet another set of bathroom mirror peen pics have leaked all over the Internet. This time, the “victim” is Wu Tang Clan rapper Method Man, who has to explain to his mother that he knows she didn’t raise him to be dumb like other rappers, but somebody hacked his cell phone, blah blah blah.

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I’m not sure how old Snoop Dogg’s son is, but I’m sure his age won’t matter to you thirsty Cougars. The young man leaked a photo of his family jewels onto the Internet earlier today. Let’s just say he is very mature for his age. I’m impressed and I don’t even eat meat.

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Joe Budden exposed

A graphic photo exposing rapper Joe Budden‘s little buddy is on the Internet. That must mean a new season of a reality show is about to get underway?

For those of you who don’t know, Budden (along with “video model” girlfriend Tahiry Jose) is a new cast member on season 3 of Love and Hip Hop New York.

The reality TV series, produced by Mona Scott-Young, features returning cast members Erica Mena, pseudo-singer Olivia and her mentor/manager, Rich Dollaz. Cast member Yandy Smith introduces her baby daddy Mendeecees Harris to the show’s viewers.

Newcomers to season 3 include media personality Raqi Thunda, former G.O.O.D. Music rapper Consequence and his baby mama Jen “The Pen” Bayer.

Season 3 of LHHNY premieres on January 7, 2013.

A loyal reader writes:

while he was out in cali we got in that nigga’s phone. now we see why all his girls end up cheating on him. is a family-oriented blog. However, I am publishing this pic because it falls under the category of humorous news. You must be 18 and over to view the pic.

There is no need for you to email me complaining about NSFW photos. You have to make an extra effort to scroll all the way down just to see these pics. So don’t blame me for your curiosity. Please consider your co-workers and your job status before clicking the link!

The following image is NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Proceed at your own risk!

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A loyal reader sent in a link to a graphic, entirely NOT SAFE FOR WORK photo of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Stevie J gripping his impressive wood.

My guess is that this peen pic was released in response to all the rampant rumors about Stevie J preferring to have his prostate tickled by men who dress like women.

There is no need for you to complain in my comments section about me posting NSFW photos. You have to make an extra effort to scroll all the way down just to see these pics. So don’t blame me for your curiosity. Please consider your co-workers and your job status before clicking the link!

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The Internet was buzzing yesterday over the release of a NSFW music video for Icelandic group Sigur Rós’ song “Fjögur Píanó”, featuring Transformers actor Shia LaBeouf in the buff.

In the artsy video, Shia, 26, spends a wild, kinky night with a stripper (played by actress Deena Thomsen) and some butterflies. In the 8-minute video the director serves up two shots of LaBeouf completely naked (so shield your monitor from your co-workers). If you blink you will miss both scenes.

Did I mention this video is Not Safe For Work?

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Miami Jackson hospital released the first photos of Ronald Poppo, the homeless man whose face was savagely mauled last month.

Jackson released two photos showing Poppo walking with assistance.

In addition to having half of his face chewed off by Rudy Eugene, the so-called “Miami Zombie,” Poppo, 65, had two “mysterious” holes in his left chest that doctors say are entry and exit wounds consistent with gunshots.

Eugene was shot multiple times and killed by a Miami police officer who fired an initial shot that failed to stop Eugene’s brutal attack on Poppo.

Poppo is recovering surprisingly well. His left eye is gone, and his right eye is covered with a skin graft to protect his eye since his eyelids were apparently chewed off in the attack. Poppo may be blind in his right eye according to his doctors.


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Kristina Divine was born and raised in Baltimore, MD to Jamaican-born parents. She has been modeling since 2007, and she loves it. Of course with success comes many haters, and Kristina loves them all! She describes herself as a “very shy person,” but she’s a natural in front of the cameras.

“It is as if I am playing a role in a motion picture, and changing characters with every shoot a feeling I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world,” she tells

Although I love modeling my passion is working with children with disabilities like autism. I currently attend Morgan State University and majoring in child psychology. I enjoy sporting events, movies, theater, music, night clubs, and other social gatherings.

I want to say thank you to everyone who supports me in the DMV area, and look forward to seeing me in the top male magazines, videos and other promotions.

Some of the following images are NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Proceed at your own risk!

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New viral video puts a spin on the teen gay “It gets better” campaign.

In the video, guys (and a girl) assure socially awkward teenage boys that a certain part of their anatomy will get bigger. “If there’s one thing that we need to pass along to these young boys in the most difficult point of their lives, it’s this: it’s gonna get bigger.”

Watch the video after the break. Caution: video contains profane language.

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Print and video model Vinese Ross has a body that most women envy, and most men can only dream of. She is all-natural, meaning her curves contain no preservatives or fillers. Having an all-natural body is a plus in the modeling world because there is less potential for “accidents” on the set during grueling photo shoots.

According to, Vinese is a college student who was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Atlanta, GA. She is the perfect combination of Midwest Swing and Southern Bounce that will make heads turn. Her natural curvaceous figure and exotic looks have already created some buzz in the modeling and entertainment industries. Vinese is a humble hard-worker who is not afraid of getting her hands dirty. Determined and positive, this fresh face is willing to do whatever it takes to be successful.

Follow her on Twitter: @vinese_ross

Photo Credits:
Ian Ford
Noire 3000 Photography
Daren Gray

See more photos after the break. WARNING: Some of these photos are NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

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“I’m down to earth and humble,” said rapper Dino “Dappy” Contostavlos of British pop band N-Dubz in a recent interview.

He’s also seriously packin’.

One of our Twitter followers tipped us off to Dappy’s ‘gift’ over the weekend. @Kennoger tweeted:
“This is Dappy from the British pop group N-Dubz trying to prove he’s bigger and better than #CB [Chris Brown].”

Well, judging from the pic that was attached to the tweet, we would say Dappy wins that bet hands down.

Because pride ourselves on being a family-oriented blog, we must tuck the Morning Wood away behind lock and key. You must be registered and over 18 to view the image.

The following image is NOT SAFE FOR WORK

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