The horribly disfigured woman above is none other than rap legend Lil Kim. Kim, who is a mere shadow of her form self, performed for the masses at the Winterbeatz Music Festival yesterday in Melbourne, Australia. Rappers Fabolous, 50 Cent, and singer Mario were also on the bill.

(Photos by Graham Denholm/Getty Images AsiaPac)

Good morning! Here's a rare Saturday morning post for you weekend lurkers. Beyonce's sster Solange, 25, performed a DJ set at Merah Club in London yesterday. Is she losing weight? I heard a rumor that if the DJ'ing thing doesn't work out for her she will segue into a career as a fashion model. Good luck with that, Sol!

Puff daddy's 2nd baby mama, Kim Porter, was spotted leaving Trousdale Nightclub in West Hollywood, CA last night. I remember when I photographed Kim's 38th birthday party at Justin's in 2004. Click here to see the pics. Puffy seemed so in love with her. Kim blew out the candles on her cake too quickly and I wasn't able to get the shot. I will never forget the look of disgust on Puffy's face when I missed that shot. He glared at me disapprovingly, then he shook his head slowly and walked away.

Even though I photographed private parties for him and Kim over the years, Puff has never once referred to me by my name. I was always "hey, miss" to him. If Puffy thought you were beneath his status, he made you feel like you were the smallest person in the room. A great man realizes that he is a man among giants, and he treats everyone accordingly. Puff is not that man.

Photos: Splash News Online

Amber Rose switched up her hairstyle this weekend by throwing a curly wig on top of her head because she was bored. What else does she have to do with her time?

I love how this blog refers to amber as a "model," lol. By the way, the pics below show Amber before she gained fame as Kanye West's bald headed beard and constant companion. She wore her naturally curly hair past her shoulders back then.

In the pics below, Amber is posted up with her boo, Tiffany, who once had a thing for trannies.

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On February 6, 1995, the late poet, actor and rapper, Tupac Shakur was sentenced to serve 1½–4½ years in Clinton Correctional Facility in New York for a sexual assault. In one of many letters that Tupac penned to family and friends from his prison cell, he shared his thoughts on someday finding that elusive wife who only existed in his dreams.

In long, run on sentences, Tupac wrote:

"I am forever in search of her. I have been with many married women from wives of powerful drug lords to the wives of broke everyday Joes to the wives of quite a few very famous and rich singers/actors and seeing their wives hungry for someone else has shown me that only by being able to completely satisfy a woman in every way, shape & form can I truly find a happy & trusting faithful relationship."

The day before Tupac was to be sentenced in the sex assault case, he was ambushed by several men who shot him five times and robbed him as he entered the lobby of Quad Recording studios in New York.

In the same letter, written to Sistah Souljah, and later published in the book Tupac: Resurrection; Tupac described his injuries and the aftermath of the shooting:

"My health is fine. I truly feel blessed that other than mentally I have no other scars or lasting problems from my "ordeal". I still have the complete use of every nerve, limb and muscle and more surprisingly I can still make love and have babies after taking a shot to my scrotum!"

Source: urLifeFiles

Remember when lil Tevin Campbell released his bubble gum R&B hit "Tomorrow (A Better You Better Me)" and we all thought he would be the next Michael Jackson? Then he dropped his debut album T.E.V.I.N., which ended all speculation that he was destined to be an icon.

The album did spawn the hit single "Tell Me What You Want Me To Do", which peaked at #1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.

Just when we thought Tevin would be a two-hit wonder, he came roaring back with his followed up album, I'm Ready, which yielded the romantic ballads, "Can We Talk" and "I'm Ready".

It looked like Tevin was well on his way to being an R&B success. But like many others before him, Tevin gave in to the temptations of drugs and alcohol, which ravaged his choir boy looks.

In September 1999, Campbell was arrested for soliciting sex from a male undercover police officer. He pleaded no contest and was ordered to pay a stiff fine and to attend AIDS awareness classes. The court order sparked rumors that he was HIV positive.

Now 34, Campbell is struggling to resurrect his music and acting careers.

Tevin Campbell - Can We Talk (1993)

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Rapper Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, left, and singer Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas of TLC performed onstage during Fox's "American Idol 2011" finale show held at Nokia Theatre LA Live in Los Angeles yesterday. T-Boz's thick appearance prompted a slew of pregnancy rumors on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook last night. T-Boz, 41, suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia and has been in and out of hospitals. In 2009, T-Boz talked about her battle with a brain tumor. T-Boz has a 10-year-old daughter, Chase Anela Rolison, who was fathered by rapper Mack 10.

Photos: Getty Images

According to the NY Post's Page Six, the former manager of singers Akon and Brandy, Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond, is on the lam from the law.

A Federal arrest warrant is out for hip-hop mogul Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond, who manages Brandy, Sean Kingston and Akon. Sources say the warrant was issued last week for the Czar Entertainment chief after he was indicted for alleged involvement in cocaine distribution, and he has yet to be located. A law enforcement official confirmed that a fugitive warrant is out for Rosemond. His lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, said, "Although a federal prosecutor has told me that there is an arrest warrant out, they have refused to provide me with the warrant or a copy of the charges."

Rosemond also managed rapper The Game, singers Groove Theory and Mario Winans, among others. He's most notable for being accused of setting up rapper Tupac Shakur, who was shot multiple times during a botched robbery at a New York recording studio in November 1994. 2Pac survived his wounds only to be assassinated in Las Vegas in September 1996.

Rosemond also made the news in 2005 when G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo was arrested and charged with assault for smacking Rosemond's then 14-year-old son, Lil Henchman.

The lovely Paula Patton attended the 137th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs on behalf of GREY GOOSE on Saturday, May 7. According to Eileen Arias of EA Publicity, Paula was a vision in white wearing a Vivian Westwood dress and the exclusive GREY GOOSE hat. As per the tradition, the hat will be auctioned for a charity of the celebrity's choosing, this year via Paula's new movie 'Jumping The Broom' took in a respectable $13,700,000 which was good for #3 at this weekend's box office.

Singer Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas (Usher's ex) also attended the Kentucky Derby. The 40-year-old beauty is finally beginning to show her age.

Singer Jordin Sparks is enjoying all the attention she's getting after losing all that weight. But why did she look so out of place at this year's Kentucky Derby?

Old Skool rappers Cheryl "Salt" Wray, left, and Sandy "Pepa" Denton graced the red carpet at the Kentucky Derby. According to Splash News, Cheryl is selling her upstate New York McMansion for 2.25 million. No, it hasn't gone into foreclosure, Cheryl and her husband want to downsize to something more economical. "It has been the perfect house for me and my family," said Wray, 47, who shares the estate with her husband Gavin her daughter Cornin, 19 and son Chapele, 11. The 6,000-sqaure foot house lies in a sleepy mews in leafy Melville, New York. "It's a beautiful area, the homes are gorgeous," added the Grammy winner. The "Whatta Man" singer likes to keep fit and the luxurious home also comes with a massive, fully equipped gym as well as a recording studio.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

In the "So what else is new" category, aging rapper Lil Kim went off on her arch rival Nicki Minaj on last night.

Kim, who hosted a party at Velvet Room on Sunday night in Atlanta, went on a sustained Twitter rant, calling Nicki all kinds of "cheap stocking cap glued $10 bag hair wig wearing bitch," among other quotables.

I missed the excitement last night as I was fast asleep in my bed when it all went down. But apparently the whole thing started when one of Nicki's Stans suggested that Kim name her new puppy after the cartoonish "Pink Friday" rapper.

"I would never name her "Shitty Garbaj"!!! My dog is way prettier than that bitch!!!," an irate Kim tweeted back.

Photos by Prince Williams/

Yesterday, a loyal reader requested that I post this video of the reigning rap king Lil Wayne planting a wet one on his "daddy" Baby's lips back in the day.

Many believe that this show of affection between the two close friends was an attempt to start a trend that signifies the thug brotherhood, similar to the greeting that defined the Italian mafia in the 60s and 70s.

Except that the personal greeting between Lil Wayne and Baby backfired badly. Ever aware of the homosexual connotations of such a greeting, none of the hard legs in their tight clique could be persuaded to plant a kiss on the lips of Baby or any other dude -- at least not while cameras were around. So the trend faded quickly.

I thought this post would be a good time to post pics of other rappers bonding with their soul mates. It's always good to see black men showing affection toward each other instead of killing each other.


Thanks to loyal reader Nicole B. for sending this in! She told me I forgot one.

Click Link for More Pics

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The last time singer Lauryn Hill performed live in Atlanta, she left her most loyal fans feeling frustrated and unimpressed.

According to an industry insider who attended the concert for free at Atlanta's Center Stage theater in January, the 35-year-old mother of 5 hit the stage 3 hours late for her advertised 9 p.m. show.

Lauryn promptly confused her fans by announcing that she was tired of "playing the same music night after night." Hill told the shocked audience that she wanted to play something different. She then instructed her band to speed up the music, which rendered her classic hits unrecognizable.

The insider said Hill urged the audience to sing along, saying, "I want crowd participation."

"But nobody could participate because NOBODY knew the music!," said the fan. "Everybody was looking around like 'WHAT SONG IS THIS???'"

"It was new music completely," the frustrated fan continued. "The lyrics were the same, but you had to be on ecstasy to follow the music!"

Well, Lauryn Hill and her road manager, Atlanta's own sexual chocolate, Bumni, heard all the complaints and they want to make it up to enraged Atlanta fans. When Lauryn Hill hits the stage tonight in Atlanta, she promises to be on time and drama free.

Hill tweeted the following message to her followers on yesterday:

Photos by Prince Williams/

Twitter image source: free

From a press release:

(ATLANTA) March 16, 2011 - Season 2 of the popular ATL LIVE ON THE PARK showcase series, hosted by Kenny Burns and founded by Shanti Das and Marlon Nichols, kicked off last night at Park Tavern with R&B veterans Jagged Edge headlining an unforgettable show. As usual, industry VIPs were in the building, including Ludacris, Kelly Price, RL, Jazze Pha, Chaka Zulu, Bryan Michael Cox, Devyne Stephens, Latavia Roberson, Mychael Knight, Takeo Spikes, Real Housewives of Atlanta's Peter Thomas and Lawrence Washington and more.

Newcomers Winston Warrior, Stephani Parker and Xavier Lewis (winner of the Georgia Lottery's All Access Music Search) opened the show before JE hit the stage and thrilled the crowd with classics such as "Let's Get Married," "I Gotta Be" and "Where the Party At." Kelly Price even surprised the audience with an impromptu performance of her single "Tired." ~ Saptosa Foster

Latavia Roberson (formerly of Destiny's Child)

Industry execs Shawn "Tubby" Holiday, left, and Devyne Stephens

Singer RL (formerly of the group Next) and his longtime fiancée

Photos by James Pray


Hip-hop star Nate Dogg, 41, has reportedly passed away after suffering from health issues for several years. Long Beach's Press Telegram was first to report the Long Beach native's death.

While no details have been released as to how the smooth singer -- real name Nathaniel Hale -- died, it has been reported he suffered strokes in both 2007 and 2008.

Nate Dogg was a collaborator with hip-hop megastars including Eminem and Dr. Dre, and he is a founding member of the hip-hop group 213 with Snoop Dogg and Warren G.

Just last week, Warren G tweeted that Nate Dogg was receiving treatment. "For those that dont know awhile back nate had 2 strokes he is in therapy thanks again for your support," he tweeted.

According to my sources inside rapper Diamond's camp, her new facial tattoo is just a lipstick tube.

Diamond's new tattoo caused hysteria across the Internet when she tweeted a pic of what appeared to be a bullet tattooed near her left ear earlier in the week. "It's just lipstick, not a bullet" said my source.

The source went on to say that Diamond, whose last big hit was "Rock Yo Hips", is not following in the footsteps of other mentally challenged rappers who disfigured their faces with large tattoos. "Diamond's tatt is covered by her hair weave," said the source. "It isn't visible to the public until she moves her hair out of the way."

The former Crime Mob member will turn 23 on May 20.

It was the stuff nightmares are made of...

Christopher George Latore Wallace, aka Biggie Smalls and The Notorious BIG, lost his life in a hail of bullets fired by an unknown assailant just moments after leaving the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA, 14 years ago today. He was just 24.

If you were logged on to the social networking site,, late last night then you saw Biggie Smalls' only daughter, T'Yanna Wallace, tweet her touching shout out to her dad.

Others tweeted condolences, photos, videos and private memories of their precious time spent with Biggie before his untimely passing.

Writer dream hampton, one of Biggie's closest friends, did all of that and more:

March 9, 1997
Los Angeles

My phone rings. It is after midnight and I am sleeping. I think it might be Biggie. He always calls late. But it is not. It is someone telling me that Biggie was shot, that he might be dead. I hang up on the person. Someone else calls. They tell me Biggie is indeed dead. I hang up on them too. But I call Puff. His cell phone is turned off. It is never turned off.

I feel the first signs of panic. I call my best friend in L.A. and she makes it to my house in Silver Lake in a matter of minutes. We drive to Cedars Sinai, where she heard he has been taken. In front of the emergency room is the Suburban he’d rented. There is police tape around it and a tightly formed pattern of bullet holes in the passenger dor, where Big would have been sitting.

The panic is real now. I call his best friend Damien. A girl answers the phone, tells me it’s true. Damien is with Faith at her hotel and he’ll meet me at Big’s hotel room. He has to make all the hard phone calls. To Un and L and Kim in New York, to Big’s girl Tiffany in Philly. To Big’s mom.

‘This nigga, who ain’t never hurt nobody,” Damien keeps saying. “I could see if it was one of us.” Cease stares out the window, unable to speak or move. In a few hours he will put his arm through the window and stitches will be required to close the wound. “One fucking bullet.” That’s how it happened. There were no last words. “I been shot mad times—niggas get shot.” Damien sounds as if he were up pacing the room, but he’s sitting on the couch, his head in his hands, exhausted. On his right arm is the psalm that Big had tattooed in the same spot a week earlier.

The hotel room is covered with Big’s clothes. Custom-made Versace, The gator loafers he bought when he came to Detroit. Big’s mother is on her way to the airport in Queens. Un is driving her. T’Yanna’s mother Jan and Mann from the neighborhood are accompanying her on the flight. She hears on the early-morning radio what she would not allow herself to believe when Damien called. The sun is beginnig to rise in Big’s hotel room. Damien needs to sleep but promises he will not, nor will he shower, until “I get my man out this motherfucker.”

When Mrs. Wallace lands at LAX it is scorching. She thinks L.A. is the cruelest, most awful place on the planet. She vows never to return, “except to look my son’s murderer in the face. To ask him ‘Why?’”

“This nigga died from one ass bullet,” Damien keeps repeating as if trying to find logic in the details of the absurd. Cease stares at the rising sun. Damien tilts his head back on the couch, covers his eyes with one arm, and lets his tears flow. “One ass bullet.”

Click the link below to watch dream hampton's rare archival footage of Biggie and his entourage (including hampton) getting kicked out of a 4-star hotel.

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Reality TV stars NeNe Leakes, left, and Hope Hope Dworaczyk (2010 Playmate of the Year), gave former rapper Lil Jon a lift at the "Celebrity Apprentice" Premiere Viewing Party at BLUSH Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas in Las Vegas yesterday.

"Football Wives" star Chanita Foster was also in attendance looking fabulous in Gucci from head to toe. See what a difference a new grade of weave makes?

Former rappers Lil Jon, left, and Flavor Flav bonded at the viewing party last night.

Rapper Young Jeezy, left, posed with Def Jam exec Bu Thiam at the Velvet Room in Tucker, Georgia last night.

Photo by Prince Williams/ and INF PHOTO

Moments after American Idol contestant performed Smokie Norful's mournful plea, "I Need You Now", Smokie's name began trending on the popular social networking website Until last night, many young people had never heard of Smokie or his most popular 2002 hit. Langone's rendition of the song stirred emotions in the hearts of young people who testified their desire to find Jesus in these, their darkest days.

Below is Smokie's live extended version of "I Need You Now".

Rapper Da Brat told that she was the Most Wanted lesbun while she was incarcerated for 3 years in a rural Georgia prison.

As you know, Brat was sentenced to 3 years for beating the living daylights out of a cocktail waitress with a rum bottle at JD’s now defunct Studio 72 nightclub in Decatur.

Da Brat, real name Shawntae Harris, 36, said she did NOT strike up a romance with another female inmate during her time behind bars ... though she insists everyone wanted a shot at her "goodies."

That's probably because her most frequent visitor -- her longtime Bosnian girlfriend (pictured above) -- kept everybody in check. I forget the chick's name, but I'm told she was there front and center during visiting hours putting her goodies on the glass for Da Brat to admire -- this, according to my confidential informant.

I probably could do a little digging into my archives to recover her name -- if I really cared -- which I don't, because she totally ignored my request when I asked her to pour some tea when Da Brat first got locked up a few years ago.

Even though she fit the profile of a ride-or-die chick, my sources tell me there might be a little trouble in paradise.

It seems the bodyguard that Da Brat hired to shadow her girlfriend while Brat was locked up, has been conspicuously missing from the scene for the past 6-8 months. My source said Brat's girlfriend has been solo dolo in the clubs every weekend.

That could mean anything from Da Brat running out of cash to them breaking up and Da Brat no longer needed the bodyguard's services. If you recall, rapper T.I. also hired a bodyguard to keep an eye on his future wife, Tiny, the first time he was locked up in 2009.

We'll find out if they're still together when Da Brat is released from house arrest in 3-6 months, at which time she plans on "making it rain at a club" with Jermaine Dupri's leftover Janet Jackson money.

Photos: Splash News Online and Sandra Rose/ (Da Brat and her gf)

Old as sin rapper/producer Dr. Dre finally released this music video for "I Need a Doctor" today featuring Eminem & Skylar Gray. This is the 2nd single off Dre's much-hyped Detox album that was scheduled to drop decades ago. The song is wack, but the visuals remind me of Kanye West's critically acclaimed "Runaway" mini movie. Dre's raps sounds like he was swigging a 40 ounce and smoking some chronic in the booth. He insults gays in the hopes of sparking controversy that will breathe life into this track. But Dre will need a doctor to bring his career back to life if the rest of the album sounds like this crap.

Thanks: Karen

Singer Aretha Franklin, 68, threw up the Roc sign (or some may say the illuminati sign) while sitting courtside with the Rev. Jesse Jackson during the Miami Heat vs Detroit Pistons game in Auburn Hills, Michigan on Friday (Feb. 11). Franklin is still recuperating from a mysterious surgical procedure that was performed late last year.

Ms. Franklin wore a $530 pair of satin patent toe Lanvin sneakers to match her animal print blouse.

Judging from this photo snapped February 5 at her Bloomfield Hills, Michigan home for JET magazine, it looks like the Queen's rumored gastric bypass surgery was a success!

Rumors swirled in early December that Ms. Franklin underwent gastric bypass, aka weight loss surgery. But then a report surfaced that Franklin was suffering from pancreatic cancer and had less than a year to live. Ms. Franklin vigorously denied that rumor in subsequent interviews.

“I know my fans are concerned. Let them know I am feeling great and coming along," she told JET magazine. At any rate, she looks great! If she did have gastric bypass surgery, it appears to be successful.

Photo: Getty Images, JET magazine and AP

Rapper Eve was spotted looking like a million bucks backstage at the Rebecca Minkoff Show in the Lincoln Center, during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC yesterday. Just the other day I asked a friend if he'd seen Eve around town. He answered, "She's somewhere spending some rich man's money." He may be right. Eve, 32, has managed to parlay her stripper mentality and feminine wiles into personal wealth beyond her wildest dreams.

She's still a private dancer -- dancing for money in mansions and on yachts in the Mediterranean. Eve gets mad respect for accomplishing what so many wannabe video vixens and former strippers are striving for: personal wealth and independence.

And she did it without getting breast implants or butt injections.

Photos: Splash News Online

This short film, directed by David Fincher, for Michael Jackson's dark single "Who Is It" is one of two video versions released in 1993 as part of a promotion for the single. This version never aired in the U.S.

The story goes that Michael wasn't happy with the finished product, because the video made him out to be 'normal' with emotions and everything. So he banned the video from airing in the U.S. A Michael Jackson impersonator played most of his parts because Michael was touring during the filming (that's the impersonator sleeping on the private jet).

The video is about a millionaire who learns his girlfriend leads a double life as a high-priced call girl. The directing is visceral and sensual. It has everything a Michael Jackson fan wants: excitement, beauty, intrigue, mystery, suspense and a little sex.

The entire blogosphere is in an uproar over video of pop icon Prince kicking socialite Kim Kardashian off the stage during his 'Welcome 2 America' concert at Madison Square Garden last night.

According to witnesses, Prince, 52, brought Kim Kardashian, 30, on stage to dance for him. But after noting that she had no rhythm, he showed her the exit, saying "get off the stage."

Why did she even go up onstage if she knew she couldn't bust a move? To be in the spotlight, of course.

A sullen Kardashian was later spotted entering the Darby nightclub in Manhattan where she told friends the incident was the most humiliating of her career.

What career?

The House of Hennessy Remixed kicked off this Super Bowl XLV weekend with legendary rap group Naughty By Nature hosting and performing at a private mansion in Arlington, Texas. The group, still high off their recent performance on David Letterman, performed a medley of hits to a packed house. Sounds were provided by DJ D-Nice, and Susy Castillo from MTV also made an appearance. The party was blessed by performances from Trina, Ray J and the very talented Marsha Ambrosius, who blew the crowd away.

Photos by Emil Horowitz and Jerritt Clark Simmers

Canadian rapper and actor Drake, 24, attended the premiere of his friend Justin Beiber's documentary film Never Say Never in their native Toronto, Canada yesterday. According to Upscale Hype, Drake was dressed in his special edition October’s Very Own x Canada Goose Chilliwack jacket ($900) layered over a grey YMCMB sweatsuit and accessorized with a pair of Air Jordan white/cement retro 3 sneakers, which retail for $150. Drake will be in town tomorrow (Feb. 3) to host Thursday Nights at the Gold Room, the party event where the Industry Elite gather to mingle and network in a groupie-free environment. Call Brick @ (678) 478-0530 to reserve your VIP booth. They're going quickly!

Drake's manager Cortez Bryant, left, is wearing the much-hyped Nike Air Jordan Retro 11 “Cool Grey” sneakers ($175), which caused quite a commotion at retail stores when the shoes were released just in time for Christmas last year.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Okay, Mary J Blige is not exactly a grandmother, but at age 40 she's getting there. The music legend performed live at the Raggamuffin Music Festival at Parramatta Park in Sydney, Australia over the weekend.

Ciara and Keri Hilson can only hope to possess the kind of energy and gifted presence that Miss Mary brings to the stage every night!

I thought only little kids still wore Timberland boots?

According to UpscaleHype:

Jay-Z, minority owner of the New Jersey Nets was spotted sitting courtside as his Nets hosted the Utah Jazz last night at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Jay-Z dressed real casual rocked a Balmain distressed camo hoodie (approx. $694) and a pair of black nubuck Timberland boots ($155). What do you think of his courtside look?