Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall

A loyal reader requested an image of Akeem Joffer, ruler of Zamunda (Eddie Murphy) and his able assistant Semmi (Arsenio Hall) together again 28 years after Coming to America. The 2 comedians reunited at the Hollywood premiere of Murphy;s new movie Mr. Church.

Photos: INFphoto.com

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Shaqueenia Hanna

Shaqueenia Hanna’s family members say jealousy motivated her baby’s father to shoot her 13 times in front of her children.

Hanna, 35, recently broke up with Terrell Robinson, the father of her youngest child.

On Monday, Sept. 5, Hanna wrote on her Facebook page: “ONCE I LEAVE A NIGGA HE ONLY MOTIVATE ME TO [sh*t] ON HIM 4 WASTING MY TIME.”

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Rita Maze

A Montana woman called her husband and police from the trunk of her car after she was abducted at a rest stop off I-15 Tuesday morning.

Rita Maze, pictured with her daughter Rochelle Maze, was on her way home to Great Falls, Montana, after visiting her mother in Helena when she was taken.

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