Jason Browning

A father who walked in on a family friend molesting his 11-year-old son says his son saved the rapist's life.

The enraged father, Jason Browning, beat 18-year-old Jason Frolander to a bloody pulp in his Daytona Beach, Fla. home last week. Browning said he stopped just short of killing Frolander because his son stepped in and stopped the vicious beating.

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Pregnant woman drives minivan into ocean

A pregnant woman dove out of the window of her minivan after driving into the ocean with her 3 children still inside.

The harrowing incident happened at Daytona Beach in Florida. The video, which was captured by a Canadian tourist, shows the black minivan bobbing in the rough sea as bystanders race to save the children.

A bystander can be seen rescuing 2 of the children as a lifeguard battles the waves to save a baby still inside.

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